Bunny finally spoke and said, “I’m really sorry, but I told Maria and Tom I’d watch their little girl tonight…and so I can’t stay here long…(too-long pause)…but I wanted to come see you!” The “but I wanted to come see you!” part was the worst acting I’ve seen since Ashton Kutcher. That night, I sent my e-friend an e-mail, telling her how I felt and how I wished her the best. She responded the next morning with a text that simply said, “I’m sorry”. She asked me what she owed me for it, and I quizzically looked at her and said, “Nothing, I got it”.

She looked like a stranger to me…bordering on a-stranger-who-flips-you-off-in-traffic status.
We were friends, after all — and since I think friends are worth their weight in gold, I was glad to see Bunny increased her stock value by showing up. Her face looked full of several different thoughts at once, but I ignored it (either by choice or denial, I’m still not sure) and said, “So…what’s new?” As I saw she struggled for an answer, I realized I was all bubbly with smiles and she was…not.

In all seriousness, I was relieved that the fact we hadn’t gotten together sooner wasn’t because she didn’t want to — so I could stop taking this situation personally.

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