In this article, I share with you the start of my post-processing workflow for pretty much all of the photos I take. Another of those little known features that Adobe snuck into Lightroom one night, in the dark of night.
So no matter which side you lean on or promote, I will help you to decide in which direction to go. I recently saw and photographed what appears to be a Baikal Wagtail (Motacilla alba-or-not baicalensis) in Germany. In an age where iPhones are shooting stellar images and high quality DSLRs are coming down in price, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for food photographers to make a living as professionals.
Adobe rolled out another update to Lightroom Mobile, and it’s a good one — it includes a few workflow that reduces the number of taps it takes to get images from your Camera Roll into Lightroom for editing. Well, at least it is on the KelbyOne Facebook page, where each Friday, we post a quick photography, Lightroom or Photoshop tip (either from me, or one from some of our awesome instructors), and they’re all just 1-minute each (or less). Photo Recipes: Fashion Lighting with Scott Kelby The Photo Recipes series continues with a focus on fashion lighting! If you do your portrait retouching in Lightroom, this technique (and little tip) could make a big difference. On this tutorial we will create abstract photo artwork of a girl portrait with disintegration effect on it. Saw a lot of folks complaining about gaps when they paint and though I'd do a video to show why, and how to fix it fast. Hi gang and happy Friday (real quick, watch that short 1-min video trailer above just to get you in the mood, then pick up right here). The February (2016) exhibit  of my photography works continues at the Adams County Arts Council (ACAC) through the remainder of the month. I've written several times on the blog about cameras, sensor dust, and cleaning your SLR.  You can review those here, here, and here (5 Ways to Clean, 5 Times to Clean, and 5 Ways to Avoid Dust).
Pennsylvania's Dauphin County hosts numerous places to visit, including not only the family-favorite Hersheypark, but also the Hotel Hershey and the very impressive Founders Hall at the Milton Hershey School. Hanover (Pennsylvania) sits roughly between historic Gettysburg and the larger city of York, five miles north of the Mason-Dixon line. The highly-visited town of Gettysburg (Adams County, Pennsylvania) had several attempts at a tourist train line, under names including the Gettysburg Scenic Rail Tours, the Gettysburg Passenger Service and the Pioneer Lines Scenic Railroad.
In a big setback for India, Italy is becoming a major roadblock in the nation's entry into an elite missile technology group called Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). With the signing of Apache attack helicopters deal with US' Boeing, Indian Air Force is all set to get the much needed boost to its firepower. Microphotography is magical because it takes us into a smaller universe of vibrant colors, exquisite details and extraordinary patterns that can literally take your breath away. Every year between July and August, you can watch the Perseids meteor shower in the night sky. LUMU – Smartphone Light Meter for your DSLR – Review Introduction Simplest explanation what is a light meter can be found on Wikipedia off course. Keeping on pace with my last post regarding external flash units, I’ve decided to show you one of my “do-it-yourself” (DIY) projects: building an external flash bracket. A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk to first year photography students at James Cook University.
I’m mostly using Lightroom for 90% of my post-processing and very rarely do I go into Photoshop for some extra stuff. The technique of blurring the background to emphasize a subject in the foreground has been used by photographers for decades, and by painters and other visual artists for hundreds of years. Now thanks to the proliferation of digital cameras this phenomenon has exploded in recent times. Join Scott Kelby as he takes you through three different fashion lighting setups, from start to finish, to show you everything you need to know to recreate these fantastic looks. We will learn to create disintegration effect in a handy and practical technique, adorn the photo with stunning lighning and then complete it with color adjustment. You will begin by creating the pattern for the liquid and then you will use a font made of circles, as a recipient for your liquid.
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a fantasy underwater scene, place a girl in the dreamscape, then complete it with some bubbles.
These actions let you transform ordinary photos into awesome graphics suitable for websites, mobile apps, backgrounds and more.
My first response is to change their point of view - often suggesting to look locally, from the perspective of a tourist.

A wonderful opening celebration for the three current shows was held on the evening of February 5th.Shown below are thumbnail versions of two panoramas of the exhibit.
While the lines were ultimately not successful, remnants remained in 2013, when these photographs were captured.
And being a TC is time consuming, so I won't get bored.I wish all of my readers and informants all the best in the future. 6 Merlin Mk1 are still to be delivered as part of the 25-year Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme (MCSP), awarded in January 2006 to Lockheed Martin UK.The MCSP’s objective is to provide a long-term sustainment and improvement of the ASW capability of the helicopters and gradually transform them into multi-role platforms. A part of the Apache deal was signed with Boeing for the helicopter and the other with the US government, under Foreign Military Sales route, for its weapons, radars and electronic warfare suites. This year it’s supposed to peak on the night of August 13, so any night this week you should be able to see a good amount of meteors streaking across the sky. First of all I am not one of those Photographers that reach out for a light meter for every single occasion, probably most of professional photographers doesn’t do it either.
Having the majority of my lenses fitted with the same quick-release plates, this flash bracket mounts to all of them with ease and full versatility.
Sometimes it’s easy to identify it later by looking through a bird book, and sometimes not so much. It was a really fun couple of hours where I got to talk a little about my niche area of photography as well as answer lots of questions.I spoke quite a bit about the business of photography, mainly because I believe that the technical side of our art is pretty easy to get a handle on. It was a chance to hopefully give them a little bit of insight into the workings of the small niche of photography that I work in - namely that of travel editorial and stock photography with a smattering of commercial work here and there.One of the questions I received was something along the lines of do I take lots of images to flesh out an idea before taking the final shot. To be honest I can't really remember what I talked about but I do remember I won a brand new Walkman and a very expensive Bizenyaki pottery vase s it must have been pretty good. Being an expert means you are more trustworthy, what you say and what you do carries more weight, and people can have deeper confidence in your knowledge. Throughout the tutorial, you’ll learn techniques that will help you create better matte paintings and photo manipulations. Pro Version If you like these Photoshop actions, you’ll want to consider the pro version which includes all 20 effects and support for Photoshop Elements 11+.
No portion of the artist's works or statements may be used, downloaded, reproduced using any means, copied, or transferred electronically, without prior written permission from the artist.
While there are many that I'm sure are worthwhile that I've not listed here, this list includes places that I can personally recommend from experience. The AH-64 Apache is a multi-role combat helicopter and is used by the US Army among other international defence forces. If so, click on that image to see the full version, using the horizontal scroll bar to pan in either direction. Right, now that that is out of the way I guess we can come to the conclusion that for any of us reading this on a computer, laptop or tablet who has the financial ability to leave the place where we live, well that makes us travellers. It takes time but the overriding concept is pretty simple.The business side of things is different though.
There are many photographers out there nowadays running (attempting to run?) their own business, that really have no business being in business in the first place. And I'm not necessarily thinking about producing mind-blowing, knock your socks off images every time. And that gives us some responsibilities.Here in Australia at the moment there is a lot of demonising of peoples from other countries, religions or backgrounds. I believe the market helps sort out the photographic wanna-bes from the truly gifted artists.
Because thinking that I had to do that with every press of the shutter would be too stressful.You should use the camera first and foremost as a way of expressing how you feel about something.
It's easy to cast dispersions about another people or country when you don't know them as indivuduals, which is why I've always believed that travelling and really immersing yourself in another culture is vitally important for everybody.I found this recently whilst in Barcelona with my family. It's mostly a lot of rhetoric and hyped up political clap-trap designed to fool those who don't know any better. Produce enough crappy work and you'll soon get a reputation that will make it hard to get new customers.Being bad at the business side of things doesn't work that way unfortunately. I have to admit I found it hard to photograph there because every time I pulled my camera out some kind local would warn me to put it away lest it get stolen.
You can continue working at a loss until your savings run out, and even then people will be happy to pay you peanuts for your hard work.I told the students to think of their business as an exclusive club. Shot off quickly from the roof of a passing bus it's a bit blurry, slightly noisy and not likely to make it to 500 Pix's image of the day, or the hour for that matter.

When you travel and come directly into contact with foreign cultures and peoples you get to form your own opinions first-hand, without the filter of somebody else telling you what you should believe.But photography then gives you the chance to be one of those filters, or influencers. Late night cafes with tungsten lighting, locals walking nonchalantly through what seemed to me to be an amazing place.
Yet photographers seem to like acquiescing to these requests for cheap work at the drop of a hat. And I think it is very important to do so, because you need to tell a complete story of your travel. In the days of film you would have to hold a slideshow, or pass around the family album, and would at most reach those in your family and close circle of friends.
One student even raised that eternal fear that if they quoted a price that the client didn't agree to, that client would find another photographer.Let them! It's all fine and dandy to wander around and only take photos on a tripod with mirror lock-up when the light is beautiful and the conditions are co-operating, but realistically how often does that happen? Let somebody else make a loss on that job whilst you bust a hump to find clients who like and respect what you do, and are willing to pay good money for it. If you can afford your own rates chances are you're not charging enough!Know and understand the value of your work to your customer. Not many I'm willing to bet.So use your camera to flesh out your ideas and feelings about the places you visit. How much money do they stand to make when they use your fantastic photographs to help them increase their bottom line? Sure you need to get some amazing images or else you won't be satisfied as a photographer, as an artist.
Immediately you might be thinking of the usual travel cliches - Cable Beach in Broome with the camels walking along, sunrise at the Taj Mahal, neon signs of Tokyo.
Yes you should definitely photograph those things, one because they're wonderful to see and experience, and two because they are truly wonderful examples of this amazing planet. But if you stop there you've missed the most important bit.And for me the most important bits are the bits and pieces on the way to those destinations. The street on the way to the Taj Mahal where ordinary people live ordinary lives that are so different from our own. Where shops sell trinkets and foods that you have never seen before, but the locals consider a part of their everyday life. Where grandparents hug their grandchildren, just like in your home town, only whilst wearing a sari, or a kimono (rare these days I know!), or a conical hat. The more money they stand to make the more money you can charge.So don't be afraid to say no. Not because they are trying to impress you, the visitor to their land, but because it is a part of their culture, their way of life.
And to them it is nothing out of the ordinary.Only by showing what to us is extraordinary, but in the light of ordinariness, can we contribute to the breaking down of cultural barriers.
By showing those who don't have the opportunity to travel, that we are all basically the same, we stop these idiot politicians and mass media dimwits from trying to shape us all into their view of how the world should be.So by all means photograph the cliches, but also take time to photograph ordinary life. Show them how much money they stand to make by using high quality photography, and how much they stand to lose by using crappy imagery.
Your job is to convince them that you can provide photographs that will have value far beyond and above what it will cost them in assignment fees.So what are those fees?
In this amazingly inter-connected world (again a first and second world phenomenon I know) we have the opportunity to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves. To say, this is how incredible this planet is and how wonderful the people who live in it are. To show that we're all in this with each other and the big,wide world is a beautiful place full of wonderful people that are just like you and I and deserving of all the respect and understanding that we seem to sometimes only show those from our close-knit social group.In short travel photographers can, and should be, the true voice for cultural understanding and compassion.
Together we can drown out the scaremongering politicians and headline chasing mass media which seeks to highlight our differences in order to promote xenophobia, rather than highlighting our similarities to promote compassion and understanding.
Your job is to get as much money as you can whilst your client's job is to get it for as cheaply as they can. Don't forget to include a profit for the business so that you can upgrade equipment etc and things will go smoothly.The main point is to know what you need to charge to make the amount of money you deem necessary and refuse to work for anyone who can't afford it.

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