If you are a regular computer user then there must have been so many occasions when you feel like to listen to some good music or watch different videos or you may also feel to watch movies. The very following list of the top ten best PC media players starts with the media player named as Winamp at the number tenth place. Developed by the RealNetworks, the media player at the number eighth place in this list is Real Player. K Multimedia player which is known by the name of KM player is at the number fifth place in this list. The Window Media Player is at the number fourth place in this list which shows the top ten best PC media players.
CyberLink PowerDVD is the PC media player at the number third place in this list which shows the top ten best PC media players.
The Media Player Classic is at the number second place in the list which shows the top ten best PC media players. We sent panel members an initial list of players, and they could nominate three additional people. We told the panel that their scores should take into account their opinion of each player's overall skill and their performance in 2015. As a whole though, no johns, Leffen has won many more notable tournaments, especially those with the other big 5 present and has more wins on Armada than anyone else. In all honesty, I've just gotten mad at how the melee community keeps getting mad at every other competitive game under the sun. Meanwhile, ultra has actual character variety in the top 10 best players (and it's reflected on the top 8 of stacked tournaments) and only two of them have a pocket elena. For this kind of work there is always the need to have a good media player which should be capable enough to play different kinds of audio as well as the video files. This media player was first released on 21st April 1997 and from then on it is among the best media players. This media player was first released in the month of April 1995 and since then it has been launched with slightly modification in each new issues. This media player supports almost all the file formats which are used by people all over the world and so it quite popular.

This media player has the capability of playing all the video as well as the audio file formats and so it has a very large people using this media player. This media player was developed by the tech giant named as Microsoft and is the media player which is probably used in the largest scale. This media player is available for the Windows operating system and is developed by the CyberLink.
The panel did a great job of voting on the nominees and giving us a strong list in the end. He only lost to him twice, and only when he was like 80% (since he was going through his depression state with Melee and is playing with no fire). It's based on the entire year, with recent results possibly having some weight on how each member voted.
His wins over Leffen this year were all flukes and he never really wins any sort of majors.
In the following list we have gathered information about the top ten such PC media players.
At this moment this media player is available for the Windows, Android, Mac OS X, Unix and Linux operating system. Jet Audio Player was first launched in the year 1997 and since then there has been many updates done to this shareware so that it can be better than the rest media players. This media player belongs to the Gretech Corporation and is extremely popular in the South Korea. This media player is an excellent way to watch video file or listen to audio files and also for viewing the pictures. It was first released in the year 1996 and has been satisfying the various needs of the people since then.
At first this media player was released for the first time on 29th May 2003 and is developed using the C++ programming language. The interface of this media payer is so eye catching that you will love when you use it and will want to continue with the same.
These have been listed according to different specification which makes them well ahead of the other.

Nullsoft is the company which developed Winamp at the first place but now it has been taken over by the AOL. Quick Time Player has been designed in such a way that it can handle all the formats of the audio and video files without any difficulty. Real Player is available in different languages and is a perfect PC media player and will satisfy all your need regarding it. Jet Audio Players is available in as many as 11 languages and is available for the Windows and Android operating system. It was first released on 1st October 2002 and has been designed to support many leading language used in different parts of the world. This media player is only available for the Windows operating system and its size is also very small.
This media player is available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and BeOS operating systems. Some of the good features of Jet Audio Players are CD ripping, metadata reading, sound recording and amazing interface. It is only available for the Windows operating system and has support for the English, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Japanese language.
There is the language support of as many as 53 languages and is capable enough to play any type of video files. With the passing years many new features along with support for various languages has been added to this media player and so it is the perfect option if you are in a search of a PC media payers. Since the very meaning of gom is bear in the Korean language so it has been given the symbol of bear’s paw. Available in support for the various languages, this light size media player has all the required functions needed to play each video and audio file. Some of the other good features of VLC Media Player are compression of audio and video files, different skins and file formats.

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