GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
Whether you capture photographs from your Windows Phone or a stand-alone digital camera, there will be times when a photo editor will come in handy from your Windows 10 computer.
While there is a host of photo editors available on the Windows Phone side of the coin, this roundup is focusing on the photo editors available for Windows 10. If we have overlooked your favorite Windows photo editing app, sound off below in the comments. Fhotoroom is a popular Windows Phone photo editor and is also a pretty solid Windows 10 photo editor. You can share your photos with one of the fastest growing communities of photo enthusiast or if you prefer, simply use Fhotoroom to fine-tune your images.
Editing tools are extensive and include your basic editing tools (exposure, saturation, contrast, cropping, etc.).
Then there is the Pro Tools that helps set Fhotoroom apart from other Windows photo editors.
Adobe is a leader in digital photography editing software and, personally, Adobe's Photoshop Elements is my primary photo editor from my Windows 10 computer. Photoshop Express for Windows 10 has the ability to edit existing photos stored on your computer, edit images stored on Adobe's Revel cloud storage and edit photos captured from your devices camera (where applicable).
You can make adjustments to your images manually or tap the Auto-Fix button and let Photoshop Express make the necessary adjustments.
The collage generator has three different modes; template collage, photo stitching and shuffle collage.
The free style feature provides you with a blank canvass and you position your images to your liking.
The main page for PhotoFunia will highlight the newest effects and display a category listing of the effects. Once you have selected an effect you can use an existing image or capture a new image to use (that is if you are using a device with a camera).
While PhotoFunia can help you build some rather creative images, it can also save you on storage space.
While PhotoFunia may not be capable of being your daily photo editor, it is still a fun photo app to have on your Windows device. Photo Editing software are becoming more common in now-a-days because the editing of photos from any event are considered to be essential before sharing to others. The trend of sharing photos on social media accounts like instagram, twitter and facebook is uprising in last decade for which people want to share their every special event with their social friends and buddies. Photo Studio is powerful image processing software for photographers of any kind and level which stand among the best photo editing software because of its reliability and image processing efficiency.
Photolightning is another best and easiest photo editing software both for home and business use which is quite easy-to-use and customer friendly software having dozens of editing tools to make photos more attractive and elegant. PhotoImpression is an image manager by ArcSoft for Mac OS X and Windows which is considered to be one of best photo editing software. Cyberlink Photo director Ultra offers different editing options such as selection, color management, background removal and shape tools along with skin smoother, teeth whitener and red eye remover to look more beautiful and attractive.
Acdsee Photo Editor is best choice to edit photos look like users always envisioned by applying effects and filters, object layers effortlessly, quickly remove photo flaws, and through more advanced edits the quality and eminence of the photos can be enhanced. Corel Photo Impact is one of best photo editing software which include complete photo editing packages such as editing tools, effects, and ready-made elements for creations.
Xara Photo and Graphic Designer allows the advanced photo handling through its revolutionary features including integrated photo tool, photo manipulation, creative effects, panoramas, intelligent scaling while other exclusive tool are 3D extrude, blend, transparency and feathering. The faster, easy-to-use and intuitive photo editing experience with Serif Photo plus which have everything to make the photos more stunning and finest ever. The raster graphics editor is simplest photo editing software which allows users to create, edit, organize and share images; the successor of Adobe Photoshop LE is among the best photo editing software.
Broaden your photo-editing toolset with a collection of photo software and enjoy great experience of photo editing by making them more good-looking and creative with Corel Paint shop Pro which is one of best photo editing software. How cool is it that we live in a day and age where anyone and everyone can be a photographer? Photo editing is a common job, almost every person have some interest in editing its own photos. 9: Pinta Pinta is another good photo editor you must know about, you can edit your photos in Pinta easily with simple steps.

6: My Paint My Paint is also a well known simple and easy photo editor for you if you have some photos for editing. 5: Digikam Here is another good photo editing software, which can help you making your photos like awesomeness.
4: Stoik Imagic This is another good photo editing software with all of the best editing tools which you need for professional editing, the software is very easy to use and simple. 3: Irfan View This software is very popular software as photo viewer but it also give you all the best photo editing options, which you can use to create amazing pictures. 2: Photo Pos Photo Pos is also a very popular photo editing software, which you can use for professional editing of photos.
So, this is the list of Top 10 Free Photo Editing Software for free download, this list will help you a lot if you are professional photo editor.
It can be used as a simple paint program, a photo-retouching program, an online batch-processing system, a mass production image renderer, or an image-format converter. It has an array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and colour adjustments. These editors can help you fine-tune your image or customize it with special effects filters.
We are excluding any programs available from third party vendors such as Photoshop Elements and spotlighting the editors offered through the Windows Store. Described as a Photography Experience Platform, Fhotoroom is part photo editor and part photo sharing network.
The editing aspect can handle file sizes up to 41MP files with full EXIF and GPS metadata support.
These Pro Tools include HDR conversion, tilt shift, Tiny Planets conversion, color splash, filter brush and more.
It has a relatively small footprint with regards to storage space (22MB) but a huge footprint with regards to features. Adobe's Photoshop Express is a lighter option that is well suited for mobile devices where storage space may be limited. Additional add-on components are available through in-app purchase for noise reduction tools and additional effects filters. If memory space is at a premium (say with a Windows 10 tablet) Photoshop Express has a small footprint of 10MBs. Fotor takes more of an all-in-one approach with both a healthy photo editor and collage creator rolled into one app. Here you can adjust the basics (exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, etc.) as well as crop your images, add effects filters, add borders and add text boxes. Compared to the other two Windows 10 photo editors in this roundup, I would place Fotor's editor, with regards to capabilities, somewhere between Photoshop Express and Fhotoroom. The template collage is fairly straightforward in that you choose your images and Fotor populates a collage frame with them. While you might think photo stitching is a tool for building panoramic images, it is more of a film strip creator. Some templates will require you to crop your image before blending your image with the effect.
You load the core app, which is about 2MB's in size, and the templates are downloaded as needed, applied and all that is left is the final image. It will not take up much room and will provide you with the means to create some unique photos. Amzer’s hybrid warrior case makes a great addition to your phone as it will help protect from drops and dings during daily use.
There are number of best photo editing software are available in market which have been among the most popular for taking special effects, automatically lights and enhance image quality. It has few fundamental and precise tools that offer various ways to edit image in different manners with respect to what actually required by users. Photoligtning has optional functions and features such as fix redeye, crop, brightness, contrast, color balance, sharpen colors and saturation effects. The edit option in Photo Impression process photo is different ways such as cropping, adding text, adjusting layering, enhancing, retouching, and adding special effects so that image are ready to share to others. Using body shape tool the tone and shape of photos can be adjusted while other standard editing capabilities include creative filters, texture and color to images, shadow adjustment, cloning tools to help remove spots or blemishes adding it to best editing photo software. This software stand among the best photo editing software which is complete package to edit photos for both home and professional users having comprehensive tools for managing, viewing, developing, editing and publishing the photos in more exclusive and customized manner.

With a wide variety of textures, frames, effects, animations, and brushes are available to make attractive and efficient photos to share with others on social media network. It is perfect photo composition tool through which brightness, contrast, sharpen, blur, saturation and temperature of photos can be adjusted in quite well manner making it one of best photo editing software. The cropping is now much easier, perfect image creation with use of advanced tools to remove blemishes, unwanted lines, wrinkles and other skin flaws which can be smoothly fixed with this software. It has several useful and practical features which considered being best for both home and business users to make images more attractive and eye-catching. The height of creativity with comprehensive tools of design, frame, edit the photos Corel Paint shop Pro is considered to be complete package to process photos while additional and exclusive features made it more customized and advanced photo editing software among other pro version available for use. No longer do you need to spend a ton of money to take amazing photos – all you need is a smart phone and a little know-how! It has the ability to edit select parts of the photo, which is a necessity when lightening a picture without overexposing the whole thing.
The editing tools that come built into your iPhone Photos app have a surprising amount of options and flexibility. This is not just a hobby, photo editing is also a professional job and many online earners are also earning a lot of many through this work. This software is also free to download, Pinta have a lot of photos effects in it for your photos. Paint Star is also free to download and you can download it by clicking on the title above.
Photos Pos also have some best photo effects which you can use to give your pictures a different look. Automatic Level and Contrast adjustment is an option, Much of the editing can be done via the various tools in the toolbar.
It has a full-screen mode that provides access to EXIF information, thumbnail browser and major functionalities via hidden toolbars that pop up when your mouse touches the four edges of the screen. If you are interested in chatting it up about Windows Phone photo apps, jump over to our Windows Central Photography Lounge.
Edited images can be saved directly to your hard drive, shared on Fhotoroom's social network or shared using the Windows universal picker.
You also have a tilt-shift tool and thirteen preset scenes that can be applied to your photos. A wide variety of special effects, artistic filters, color schemes and text tools, frames, enhancement features are built-in to enhance image excellence. Photo Lightning also allows text and paint the photo along with whiten effect and background change to photos for fully revision of photos.
The advanced features of this photo editing software include layers, paintbrush cloning, color picking, and magic select which made it easier for users to add colors in different sections of photos. Corel Photo Impact is considered as best alternative to several advanced photo editing software which has been significantly used by various people mostly for business purpose. One of best photo editing software Serif Photo plus is best for revitalizing old photos and enhancing low-light photos to take best results. Adobe Systems developed is compatible for both operating systems including Microsoft windows and Mac making it more reliable and consistent.
Since beautiful photos are such a huge part of social media these days, we put together a list of our favorite photo editing tools from a couple different categories. Photo editing software does not mean that you can only edit photos on them, all type of designing like, wallpaper designing, logo designing, icon designing and other designing is also done through these photo editors. It is also designed to be augmented with plug-ins and extensions to greatly expand capabilities.
Other features include a high-quality magnifier and a musical slideshow with 150+ transitional effects, and there are lossless JPEG transitions, drop shadow effects, image annotation, scanner support, histogram and more.
There are several in-app purchase opportunities to choose from the will open up Fhotoroom's editing abilities further. There is a ton of flexibility in the edits you can make and the filters are lovely – C1 is a personal favorite!
It supports all major graphic formats including BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, WMF, ICO and TGA.

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