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Avon is the founder of modern direct selling and the acknowledged world leader in cosmetics, fragrances and toiletries. Amway offers consumer products and business opportunities in more than 80 countries and territories worldwide through more than 3 million distributors. Herbalife is a global nutrition company that sells nutritional supplements and weight-management and personal-care products. Natura is a direct sales company in the cosmetics, personal hygiene and perfumery sector, committed to the quality of relationships, innovation and constant improvement of its products and services based on a sustainable development model of business. Vorwerk is a 129-year-old, family-owned, German-based company that has been focusing on the direct sales channel since 1930.
Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash with the goal of helping women achieve personal growth and financial success. Tupperware is a global direct seller of innovative, premium products across multiple brands and categories through an independent salesforce. Nu Skin demonstrates its tradition of innovation through its comprehensive anti-aging product portfolio, independent business opportunity and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Without further ramble, here’s the top 25 companies based on trends, projected longevity and sales. In 2011, the company sold for $650 million and Stonecipher’s vision really panned out well (7), making them top 25-worthy if legal services is your thing.
FLP may not be the wealthiest MLM on this list, but they deserve a spot because of their long-term dedication to the aloe vera plant and products made from it. Few MLMs display such product dedication and integrity as FLP. There aren’t many utility companies on this list but ACN has made a successful run of selling telecommunications and energy contracts via MLM for over 20 years now. Either way, we’ve seen this company evolve over time and that makes them a 1%-er in the network marketing space. No other MLM’s come close to nailing the younger market minus Wake Up Now and Vemma, both of which went under earlier in 2015. This MLM makes the list out of sheer originality and lightening-fast growth. Why follow fleeting trends when you can start your own? Over three decades selling skincare products, soon Arbonne will be up there with Mary Kay in terms of ancient relics still pushing lotions. Huge success here, with annual sales topping $350 million.
Their science is tight, management is blue chip, and products are continually renewed and upgraded for new generations. Arbonne represents the best of what other science MLMs should hope to be. Wickless, scented candles are blowing up, in case your older sister hasn’t told you already.
The Meridian, Idaho-based company competes with doTERRA for the most word-of-mouth marketing award (and perhaps the most likely to spam your Facebook timeline award), but their $537 million in annual sales are beastmode. They promote themselves as healthy, exciting, and powerful, but I feel their identity gets confusing with their products ranging from food products and anti-aging skin products.
They don’t have the sponsorships like Advocare, but maybe that can be used to say they pay out more to distributors? Their science is acclaimed as top-tier, and considering they launched in 2011, they’re one of the new-wave darlings that are more innovative and hip than the more reputable companies (Nu Skin, ahem) in their space. They were cited as the #1 fastest growing Direct Selling Association company on the Inc 500 in 2014 and poached Vemma’s golden child Alex Morton months before Vemma went under in 2015.
Many of Empower Network’s original leaders have returned in late 2015, and founder Dave Wood still enthralls a cult discipleship from spotty Google Hangouts in his Costa Rica mansion. Users swear by the oils, and for whatever reason, people (and not just people in Utah) are strangely passionate about telling their friends about them. Arguably the hottest network marketing company in the world, doTERRA is a spin-off from Young Living, although they’d hate to hear it that way. You know the drill: Multi level marketing (or network marketing) is direct selling with the opportunity to recruit and make commissions on multiple levels. Network marketing companies have good intentions, and a lot of companies do awesome stuff, like the top 25 companies above. It gets scary for MLM companies when most of its sales are coming from new recruits and not from outside consumers. When an MLM stresses recruitment over product sales to outsiders, it stops worrying about whether its products are in demand.
Most of us have a shameless aunt peddling nutritional shakes with before and after photos on her Facebook wall. In 2014, there were over 18 million people in the US alone involved in some form of MLM (19). Yet, I still left because I didn’t like making money when most of my downline was failing. Am I pretending to like these overpriced products to disguise the truth, which is that I’m selling an opportunity to make money, whereby statistics say that almost no one is? Was also doing empower network but unfortunately i couldn’t get any one to join my team and it was four months before i quit. Happy you enjoyed the article – it took me (with a help of a researcher) 30+ hours haha. Your comment and it’s militant nature are the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I believe the doTERRA culture is founded upon. Nobody really wins when you have to resort to bashing and name-calling to try to get your point across…We will succeed in spreading the word of essential oils and doTERRA by proving how great of a company we are and how well OUR products work. To be clear, I think MLM is better than working at the bank, especially if you find one that offers products you’d be using anyways.
I disagree with that jeremy i would recommend MLM over working a Corporate 9 t0 5 $300 weekly paycheck job anyday. I originally got into network marketing because I was persuaded by my sponsor and convinced it was the only way to get what I want in life.
What I realized after thinking about this a while, is that all of the top network marketing leaders have one thing in common…they position themselves as leaders right away.
Have you ever noticed that almost every 6 figure network marketing leader also a top trainer?

So a lot of you are probably asking…”How do we go from representative to…trainer??” The best way to develop yourself as a trainer is to copy what other trainers and leaders are teaching. Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it till you make it?” I am not saying “fake your success.” NO WAY!
No matter how many people you personally recruit; let me say that again…NO MATTER HOW MANY people you personally recruit on a weekly basis, you must have a method to get your reps started right. As soon as a distributor enrolls in your business, schedule a 15-20 minute, personal one-on-one meeting with them over the phone in front of their computer and train them on all the basics on the checklist; company back-office, product training etc.
The end of the checklist should have a game plan where the new distributor writes down a list of at least the first 15 people in their warm market they want to expose the business to properly before they do anything else. This system will help your new distributor get started right away, no matter what skill level they may have. This is a point that I can not stress enough…the people that are going to be the most successful in this business and the top network marketing leaders are the people who take their free-time and soak up all the training they can get. This entry was posted by Patricia Evans on March 9, 2012 at 8:40 pm, and is filed under Uncategorized. Avon’s well-known product lines include Avon Color, Anew, Skin So Soft™, Advance Techniques Hair Care and Avon Naturals and mark™.
Top-selling brands for Amway are NUTRILITE vitamin, mineral and dietary supplements, ARTISTRY skin care and color cosmetics, and eSpring water treatment systems. Its products have been developed by scientists, physicians and nutrition experts, including Nobel laureate in medicine Louis Ignarro, Ph.D.
The company’s skincare and color cosmetics products are sold in more than 35 countries around the world. Product brands and categories include design-centric preparation, storage and serving solutions for the kitchen and home as well as beauty and personal-care products. The company’s scientific leadership in both skin care and nutrition has established it as a premier anti-aging company, evidenced in its unique ageLOC® science that addresses aging at its source. The company helps put women in touch with their ideal of beauty and self-fulfillment by empowering and strengthening women to change their lives.
Mary Kay has been hanging in the beauty world for a half century and they’re still considered visionary.
Shaklee vitamins were invented a hundred years ago, and their products get all the big gigs. Everest with the first American ever to make the climb without supplemental oxygen and powered the first recorded dogsled expedition to the North Pole.
In 2013 their revenue was $700 million (8) and until the 2015 GOP election got underway, they boasted Donald Trump as a spokesman. Amway is so universally recognized it’s become a household word and a synonym for pyramid scheme at the same time. Aaron Gordon blossoms into a poor-mans Blake Griffen, and the Amway Center gets more runs on TNT and ESPN. Overwhelming-positive product reviews on Amazon, a solid comp plan and strong sales make this a top-10 lock for 2016. They’re the only digital MLM that has stayed relevant the last few years, with MLSP, MOBE and Dubli all fading into obscurity. With his powerful endorsement alongside Crossfit champions, MLB pitchers, bodybuilders and collegiate coaches, the product-centric sports science MLM offers stable financing and the best branding in network marketing. MLM companies, since they rely on low-barrier-of entry and untrained distributors to recruit and train new salespeople, aren’t picky about who joins. Social media gives an annoying even playing field for network marketers to heave their deals all over Instagram and Facebook. In fact, luring 20-somethings has become the modus operandi of many newer MLM companies (see: Wake Up Now, Vemma). Although I agree college is overrated and Vemma shouldn’t have been shut down (where do you draw the line?), you can see where Vemma messed up.
The New York Post reported on some of the nutrition clubs in the metro NY area (there are around 3,000 in that area alone) (17).
Like Synara Brown (18), who makes $300,000 per year while taking care of her three children. In fact, I was a 1%-er in an MLM a few years ago, although this was 100% done through blogging. If company longevity was the only factor, yes, Mary Kay and Avon would have faired much better.
Direct sales is a hard business, especially if you’re not passionately using the product daily.
I currently work with an MLM and love it, but I definitely can see why MLM’s would have flaws. We sell all natural health and weight loss supplements, including our signature product, Plexus Slim aka The Pink Drink.
Over the past few days, I have been brainstorming this question, “Why is it that the top network marketing leaders are truly so successful and what are some of the traits that they all have, that make them so profitable?” Most network marketing leaders, including myself, do things on a day to day basis, which unfortunately, other distributors in the industry are just are not doing, period.
Not only that, top earners and network marketing leaders, know that they are leaders and embrace it fully.
Training is one of the most important things that will set you apart from the pack and brand you as a leader. Read blog posts of top leaders, attend webinars by people that are already having success in the industry, watch endless training videos AND THEN IMMEDIATELY teach your team what you have just learned. BUT, when you are developing as a network marketing leader and also developing your training skills, the best approach to immediately position yourself as a leader is to…watch, read, learn and then immediately take that same training and pass it right on to your team.
One thing that I spend a lot of time on in my business is really helping all of the new people that join get plugged into our system and get them producing right away. This checklist should also have more advanced tips on how to approach recruiting and what they can do right away to sponsor their first 5 distributors.
Position yourself around the top leaders offline and online and literally learn everything you can, so that you, can become that “guru” that people look up to  one day!
Belcorp’s Beauty Consultants offer beauty and lifestyle products through three distinctive brands: L’bel, Esika and Cyzone.

If you’re wanting to pledge your allegiance to a wellness company, they merit consideration. You gotta salute their Red-Bull-esque marketing efforts, but they’re in a very, very crowded space. They’re dazzlingly-sweaty workout DVDs sold via network marketing thanks to BeachBody.
They’re making big moves, stunting in the MLM space with $500 million in annual sales. This company gets major, major points for not promoting 3-way calls or prospecting people in church parking lots. After only five years in business, they broke ground on a $60 million headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This part openly addresses these flaws and might get universally panned by MLM sponsors, but I’d keep reading. The skincare market isn’t begging for 50,000 reps to spam Facebook with another skin cream.
The FTC reported in their district court document that Vemma’s US sales were 86% derived from affiliates.
Another company kept re-launching their flagship blogging platform under names like Viral Blogging System, Blog Beast and Kalatu (see Empower Network).
Like another H&M rapper spitting regurgitated lines about popping mollys, the company fades into obscurity. That’s precisely what got Vemma into trouble (they were shut down by the FTC in August, 2015). They were grossly exaggerating the chance of success to new recruits, while pressuring students with BMW leases and offering $9,600 per year towards paying back student loans.
I never knew anyone before they signed up, so I avoided 3-way calls, home meetings, spamming my Facebook friends and approaching well-dressed people at Trader Joe’s.
You see too many people who join thinking it will be a get rich quick scheme and don’t actually care about the product or their customers.
Obviously I put a lot of blood sweat and tears into my previous job,so I’m not expecting to make my millions in a couple years in mlm, but I like the (do it in your own time) idea.
Mlm is a people’s business and that means that it IS the interaction with each other that strengthens working together. In 2014 Plexus Worldwide was featured in Success From Home Magazine, a highly regarded publication    in the Direct Selling industry.
The sad thing is, is that these “little things” we do as network marketing leaders are so simple and easy to do, yet the only thing that is holding most people back from leadership, is actually their decision to become a leader. Whenever a new person is assessing your business opportunity they are actually asking themselves in their head…”Can I be successful in this AND can this person bring me to where I want to go in this business?” I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten phone calls where a representative had already been exposed to my exact business before by a number of different people in fact, but they decide to work with me because they know that they can get the training they need to succeed. Eventually, you will be able to create your own voice and style of training, but everyone needs to start somewhere.
As most network marketing leaders know, there’s nothing worse than have someone join your business and then not getting trained and started properly right away. KG is a global group that includes JAFRA Cosmetics, which reported sales volume of nearly $600 million (USD).
Product’s are perceived as natural and chem-free, which people love to tout nowadays. Success also comes in the form of approval from Warren Buffet, whose Berkshire Hathaway acquired the company in 2002 (13). But, with low-barrier-of-entry comes fast expansion, and eventually the focus shifts from product sales to recruiting. With many multi-level-marketing companies, the supply is primarily generated by new sign-ups. Genuine lasts and is successful, companies like Avon and Mary Kay have been around for generations because people love their products. Boggles the mind the Sucess Doterra deserves note for and yet you slather drooling accolades to Young Living undeserved.
I have experienced more than a product, I have been able to share the gift of health and the gift of the business itself. 99% are talking to their families or friends (not scalable, shameless) or spamming people on Facebook (not scalable, shameless).
I have been an RN for 23 years and I feel more free and excited to share about health than ever. Then because of my love for them, people started coming to me for education and asking where they could get oils. Taylor (15) reveals that more than half of all new recruits will drop out in less than a year. I believe when we look at really loving people where they are and actually caring, success will come and not the other way around.
LegalShield (formerly PrePaid Legal) provides just that and they’ve been at it for over 40 years. Networking is not for everyone… but where else can you invest for such a small amount and have all the other aspects of business done for you and all you have to do is go get customers and recruit more customer finders and have no ceiling on being paid for that. But I’m growing this business because I truly believe in the products and use them every single day. So I’m believing that Doterra is succeeding because its selling a product that works and that users and word-of-mouth drive the business in the long run.
Got so passionate I qualified as a beautician and onto other certificates then I discovered essential oils..

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