Rockit Science Agency was selected to assist with the modernization of the Navy’s internal brand strategies and brand identity integration. Rockit Science Agency is an awesome Branding, Advertising, Interactive Website Design and Public Relations agency based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana serving clients across the United States. One of our long-term clients, True MD Medical Spa approached us about revamping their showcase sales and services brochure to be more complimentary to their overall brand.
From there, we began gathering information from the previous brochure as well as from the staff at True MD to get a clear picture of what needed to be included. A decision was made to use stacked pages inside the brochure to allow the reader to pinpoint the service they were interested in, yet still view all the service areas provided by the clinic.
The brochure encompasses the overall True MD brand and utilizes the eye-catching metallic lettering present on most of True MD’s print pieces.
According to WIKIPEDIA, Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. If you ask me what my most favorite part of my job is, I would answer with just that… Typography.
A public display of affection (sometimes abbreviated PDA) is the physical demonstration of affection for another person while in the view of others.
Percept Brand Design is a successful creative agency in Sydney, specialising in strategic graphic design and branding that achieves best results for our clients. Percept believe in effective design and that choosing the right design agency as your creative services partner will give your business the competitive edge.
Delivering more than an average graphic design company, Percept is a full-service creative agency in Sydney with a focus on strategic design solutions.
We are a passionate team of professionals, who take branding seriously without taking ourselves too seriously and wea€™re always looking for like minded clients - large or small. Percept strive for client satisfaction through genuine partnership, experienced advice, great service and high quality creative solutions.
Among the leading branding and creative agencies in Sydney, Percept offer strategic design solutions and high quality graphic design services for a client-base all over Australia and throughout the world.
We listen to our clienta€™s desired outcomes, research, understand and devise the most appropriate design strategy.

Our design agencya€™s mission is to improve our clienta€™s business by understanding their objectives and delivering results above expectation. DDW worked with Shock Top to create an unexpected design that literally breaks out from the traditional seal. Developing an irreverent iconic character with the 'shock of wheat' mohawk was pivotal tolaunching these award winning Belgian-style wheat ales. We used our excellent word-crafting skills to create copy that clearly explained who True MD is and what services they provide.
In addition, the inserts could be easily updated and replaced as True MD continues to expand their range of services. The stepped pages clearly display the service categories while each page explains the services True MD provides using text and images. Courtney Philpot, who has an amazing eye for fashion needed alittle help with her company image.
A huge wall mural will be plastered throughout the Highland Park Family Ministries Building.
Holding hands or kissing in public are commonly considered to be unobjectionable forms of public displays of affection; however, what is considered objectionable depends on the context.
Springer-Peterson Roofing and Sheet Metal is one of our newest clients and we are thrilled that they took our advice and let us update their corporate image. We offer creative visual communication across a spectrum of executions, including: branding, corporate identity, graphic design for print, press advertising, marketing collateral, packaging, websites and digital design. So please browse through our website to discover who we are and see if wea€™re a good fit for your brand design requirements.
Our objective on every project, whatever the budget, is to build your business in both profile and profit. Our experienced creative team then develop the most effective solution to improve the perception of the company, brand or product within its target market. Our aim is to provide outstanding service and effective creative solutions that not only earn return custom, but compel our clients to recommend us to others. These sessionable Shock Top recloseable aluminum bottle cans marks Anheuser-Busch's commitment in the craft beer scene with uniquely sized bottle cans for portability and outdoor events.

Targeting consumers seekingunfiltered craft beer qualities, The Wedgehead Rage continues: Live Life Unfiltered! Our goal for the brochure was to streamline the information provided, complement their overall brand image, and design a shell that implemented inserts. We compiled all of this information and began pulling various brand elements from other True MD collateral.
After perfecting the design, we sent the brochures to be printed by one of our trusted printers.
Overall, the brochure is something both Nice Branding Agency and True MD Medical Spa can be proud of! This is something we gave you a sneek peak at a few weeks ago but are now able to unveil the piece in its full glory.
The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading (line spacing), adjusting the spaces between groups of letters (tracking) and adjusting the space between pairs of letters (kerning).
The thicker aluminum can keeps the beer colder, while the design helps it stand out from the crowd. Throughout the Agency’s extensive brand process an identity was selected that was fierce, powerful, and provided soldiers a sense historical unity.
These inserts would contain the information that was ever-changing and could be easily updated and reprinted for a minimal cost, extending the overall life of the newly created brochure. The website is launched and this completes an entire identity redesign for Peachee Construction. We created a logo, business card, gift certificate and marketing piece, all tied together by a cohesive look.
The United States NAVY was extremely pleased with the efficient and effective process Rockit Science Agency applied to this project. It’s a finger lickin’ good BBQ joint that serves up everything from pulled pork to fried pickles!

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