2014 was a big year for wearable technology with the release of Samsung Gear, the growing popularity of Fitbit and the iWatch announcement from Apple. Wearable technology will be an incredible source of consumer data in the coming years since wearable technology has the ability to capture what we see, hear and feel through biorhythmic responses. Facebook Atlas will be changing the way marketers will be able to target consumers with advertising online. According to an Edison research study, over 39 million Americans listen to podcasts each month. Next step: For advertising opportunities, you could email the advertising department of a podcast aggregator app such as Stitcher Radio. Maribel Lopez, author of?Right Time Experiences, says that we should watch for “contextual integrations” between our smart phone apps in 2015.
Next step: Think about how you can deliver value to your target market through a smartphone app. In 2015 we’re going to see even more sophistication in the ability to not only collect consumer data and analyze past consumer behaviour, but also to predict future consumer behaviour. A 2013-2014 partnership between Unilever and Google showed the potential of predicting consumer trends before they actually happen.
Next Step: Get in touch with Google’s sales department (honestly!) They have entire departments set up to help small and big businesses reach their target markets. The most effective marketers will need to have a “beyond the basics” understanding of how software can help them deliver the right message to the right consumer at exactly the right time. Simply put, marketers of the future will have to understand how software and technology works. It’s always a bit of a guessing how Google’s algorithm updates will affect search engine marketing but here’s one prediction you can count on: quality content will continue to be king.
Next step: Marketers should build their content plans to aim to solve a problem for or entertain their target market.
Facebook is trying improve the Facebook users’ News Feed experience by changing the algorithm to emphasize personal updates and updates with links to articles, while lessening the emphasis of organic promotional updates from businesses. Since Facebook is still the largest and most active of all the social media networks, marketers can expect this new trend to set the tone for the social media space as whole. Next Step: If you’re a business, start planning to put money into the “social media sponsored content and ad spend” section of your marketing budget if you haven’t already done so.
Social Media Marketing Canada is a LinkedIn group that focuses on news, tips, and trends as it relates to social media. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Hello today I want to talk about a digital marketing campaign specialized towards the topshop brand. Im sure many of you know what Topshop is, but for those of you who don’t, topshop is a womens retail clothing store that was founded in England and currently has over 400 stores in the world, around 300 of them being in the UK. Currently the brand has 4 stand alone stores in the United States, located in new York, Chicago, los Angeles, and Las Vegas.
The target audience for this marketing campaign since topshop is a clothing brand geared specifically towards women, are young female adults from the ages 17-27. The only ways to accomplish this steep task is to utilize the tools that are already at hand. The relationship between businesses and their consumers has changed in recent years because of the way our society is moving forward technologically.
A way to interest and bring in new customers, the company should begin a online styling contest where every first week of the month users are encouraged to put together an outfit using new and old items from the online store and then submitting them to the company. One thing that top shop has going in their favor, is that they have a long list of celebrity shoppers.
The budget for this campaign is going to seem heavy but after the breakdown and what the company is getting out of it it wont seem like a large matter. Top shop has all the necessary tools to become a leading retail store in not only just in the UK but in the US and all over the globe.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Whether I'm presenting or simply attending, I always enjoy the networking and training at top digital marketing conferences.
UPDATE: Yes, I know the title and header image say "12" conferences - and that there are, in fact, 13 listed - but no blog post about can't-miss digital marketing conferences would be complete without mentioning Call to Action Conference (details of which were only just recently announced), so we've updated this post. The SES (Search Engine Strategies) is a series I've attended for years and it's grown into a premiere digital marketing resource. Of course, digital marketing needed an event specifically for content marketing, the discipline and tactic that's absolutely exploded over the past two years. Content Marketing World delivers in a big way, with brand marketers presenting over 80 sessions on content strategy, integration, measurement and more.
HeroConf 2016 events in Philadelphia (April 25-27) and London (October 24-26) are THE PPC conferences for serious search marketers. The dates for HubSpot's late-2016 INBOUND conference have already been announced and it's one I wouldn't miss for the world! Marketo conferences are always interesting--they've expanded from small, intimate city-specific events to an entire summit spanning three days at the MGM in Las Vegas. MozCon, coming up this year from September 14-16 in Seattle, is unique in that they hand-pick their speakers. WordStream's Helen Edwards (left), Larry Kim, Navah Hopkins, Mark Irvine, and Erin Sagin (right) at Pubcon 2015.
Search Engine Journal (SEJ) recently announced their second round of digital marketing conferences in the U.S. One of my absolute favorite conference series, MarketingLand's SMX, has been around since I founded my own business in 2007. Social Media Marketing World by Social Media Examiner is a fantastic and massive conference (with 3,000 attendees last year) happening in San Diego April 17-19.
2015 brought about some major changes and updates in the digital marketing world leaving us excited to see what’s to come in 2016. Back in April, Google confirmed that it would be making a major update to its mobile search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites. As we head into 2016, mobile devices are becoming responsible for a growing share of website traffic.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the 360i Client Summit in NYC where I was able to listen to brands discuss the current state of digital marketing within the context of their company. Atlas is a technology that allows advertisers to target ads to consumers based on their interests and “likes” rather than their browsing history. You can listen to a podcast when you’re doing something else like cleaning your house, walking the dog, or driving. Now the most popular podcasts are professionally produced shows just like traditional radio shows. Tell them about your target market and ask for their advice regarding which podcasts will most likely reach your target market. Said differently, contextual integrations mean that the apps on our smart phones will begin to connect and work together. You could create an app for your target market that informs or entertains them, or you could get in touch with the owners of the mobile apps that your target market uses to explore advertising opportunities. Google and Unilever processed the information from Google search queries related to “hair” to find out what hair-related trends were going to be the most popular in the coming year.
He is fascinated by anything related to sales, marketing & social media, and is the founder of the Social Media Marketing Canada group on LinkedIn. The company in recent years thanks to the advances made in technology and the start of online stores has been able to expand to over 37 different countries across all continents.
The reason for this is because that age reflects the steady amount of consumers that topshops brand appeals to. Social Media, store contests and utilizing already established well know figure relationships will be key.
With the emphasis shifting more towards social media, it has now become more pertinent than ever for companies to begin interacting with their customers.
After the week is over a 3 week voting process begins where people can come and vote on which outfits they like the most, there would be 10 winners, first place would win either a piece of clothing from the outfit they styled or gift card of some amount and the other 9 winners would win a certain gift card amount also. One way to get their brand out to people is to emphasize these relationships using social media sites like twitter or Instagram.
The heaviest cost is paying out the agency for maintaining, keeping up to date, planning and executing the campaign for an entire year. While it may seem like a costly plan, these are some ideas that may work to help the company figure out where their target audiences is are located and which places their stores would do well. We're a super active industry and probably blog, tweetchat, Hangout and otherwise get together online than most others, but there's still nothing better than the in-person meetings of the minds digital marketing conferences offer.
Now with SES, ClickZ and Search Engine Watch Connect events each catering to different audiences and spanning the globe, you have your choice of intensive one-day workshops, inspirational keynotes from big name speakers like Google's Avinash Kaushik and Randi Zuckerberg, and in-depth sessions with experienced practitioners. Conversion Conference takes its top quality design, optimization and analytics teachings to London in October and Berlin in November, as well. It's a conference for businesses of all sizes, but not for the faint of heart--with over 1,500 sessions in this week-long, supercharged conference (Sept 15-18 in San Francisco), you need to go at it with a plan. The depth of knowledge and experience both speakers and attendees bring to this event is incredible, but I also love the atmosphere.
In fact, you'll recognize a lot of the speakers from the pages of Inc., as many staff and columnists will be in attendance from May 17-19 in Las Vegas.
Expect a ton of networking, in-depth digital marketing content, and quite a bit of flash if you can make it May 9-12. Rather than soliciting speaking pitches, they seek out top performing practitioners, up and comers, and even a few chosen by their online community.
Keynotes from speakers like Matt Cutts, Malcolm Gladwell, Tony Hsieh and Satya Nadella are a huge draw, but most former attendees would agree you go to PubCon for the incredible networking.
Prepare to be wowed by insights from industry leaders like Will Critchlow and Wil Reynolds. In that time, I've watched it grow into an insanely informative series that kicks off in Silicon Valley in March with SMX West and visits Paris, London and Munich in spring and early summer. Huge names speak at this premiere social conference created by one of the world's best social media resources--think Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Michael Stelzner and more. Refreshed every 24 hours, Discover brings a live feed of sponsored stories and advertisements. Snapchat is making moves for the new year, slowly working toward proving to marketers that their investment is worth it. Despite all of the hype, mobile friendly and mobile unfriendly sites did not see much immediate change.
Moments, represented by a lightening bolt tab, is a collection of top Tweets, news, and more. A day does not go by where a start-up is conceived, a new platform is released, or two companies merge their technologies to better serve their clients. In watching these presentations, the common thread to success is that brands are using digital platforms to listen to their customers, learn their habits and quirks, and be there for them when the customer needs them the most. Data-driven storytelling – Marketers are beginning to find new ways to take what data they have and craft a personalized story unique to each prospect. The use of APIs – I like to think of an API as a bridge that allows two disparate pieces of technology to communicate in the same language. Brands are publishers – More than ever, brands have a strong ability to control how they are represented in the public eye. This stat has steadily increased each year over the past 6 years and will continue to rise for a few of the following reasons.
Podcasts give everyone the opportunity to turn mundane time into productive “learning time” or “entertainment time”. As millions of more listeners continue to download podcasts, it will increase the marketing opportunities in 2015. Once they knew the trends, Unilever had video bloggers create instructional films about those trends. You’ll likely find out about innovations in marketing software from these media channels first.
Short content is original and concise and offers value to readers, not search engines”[x] reminded the bloggers at Copypress. In our society today in order to gain and continue growing your consumer base you need to let the people come to you through engaging and eye catching content.

The key for this contest would be to once again utlize social media sites especially sites like Instagram and twitter. The store currently has a partnership with former super model Kate moss, and has been seen being worn heavily by various celebrities like, Taylor swift, Kate Bosworth, Katy perry, Blake Lively and many more.
The second biggest budget is for the PPC advertising needed to further spread the brand using various websites .
The cost of this campaign doesn’t come close to the loss the company would go through if stores were opened and then closed because of bad sales. Decide in advance what you want to accomplish while you're in the presence of leaders likeTravis Kalanick, Marc Benioff and Satya Nadella. HeroConf events are typically around 300 attendees with 4 keynotes and 40 breakout sessions, so it's one of the smaller, more intimate and hands-on conferences around. This is one of the largest digital marketing events happening right now, with pretty much unlimited networking opportunities, both organized and informal.
If you're in need of proven strategies to help your business thrive and grow this year, Inc. On top of those quality sessions, there's ample opportunity to meet new people and network, both at organized events like MozCrawl and MozCon Ignite, and less formally during breaks and meal times. Plan to spend a week in Las Vegas in the fall for this four-day deep dive (October 10-13) into all things digital and come rested--last year there were an overwhelming nine tracks to choose from! It's at a really nice venue--the beautiful Harvard Medical School auditorium--and has a more intimate networking environment.
My two favorite events in this series though are SMX Advanced in Seattle, in the summer, and SMX East in New York City in the fall (and not only because it's the closest to Boston). This conference gives you a choice of over 100 different workshops, often led by representatives from top brands like Disney, Cisco, Marriott and IBM.
The feature makes it easy to stay on top of social trends and happenings all over the world. The digital space is exponentially growing and creating new ideas to help companies solve complex problems.
Each one of these trends allows brands to digitally enhance the connection they have with their customer, ultimately creating a strong emotional connection to the brand, growing loyalty and increasing profit. Instead of sending generic or slightly personalized content, marketers are digging deep into their data insights to form a narrative engaging with the right person, on the right device at the moment they care. Marina MacDonald, CMO of Red Roof Inn, noticed a huge opportunity for weather related flight cancellations. Whether it is digital, social, ecommerce, search, display, or marketing automation, marketers are publishers. Please contact us with any feedback or questions about Digital Marketing Suite or IgnitionOne. This makes it difficult for marketers to track the interests of consumers”[ii], Amit Chowdry of Forbes explains. The company has to really step up their marketing to get their name out to the many US consumers that aren’t actually aware of their brand. If the company markets their various celeb relaitonships it is sure to catch the attention of the fanbases these various celebs are followed by. The next cost is allocated towards maintaining, revamping and successfully launching the companies social media accounts in a way that further brings in customers yet doesn’t alienate the ones that were around before. It also doesn’t come close to the missed opportunity the company would go through if they passed up on the opportunity to expand their stores in a way that allowed consumers to recognize the brand.
It's brought to you by Hanapin Marketing, the same brilliant crew responsible for PPCHero, so you know the quality of content is going to be top shelf.
You can be pretty sure the Wizard of Moz, Rand Fishkin, social smartie Jennifer Sable Lopez, and marketing mad hatter Dr.
They've also added a specialized social media marketing event called Social Pro, which will take place in Seattle on June 20-21 at the Bell Harbor Convention Center.
As a marketer, digital marketing can be exhausting, confusing and leave you asking yourself, “where do I begin?” In my opinion, the best way to evaluate these vendors is by aligning your top three strategic objectives to the top trends in digital marketing to narrow down your pick-list. Ellen Stone, EVP Marketing at Bravo and Oxygen Media, further explained how storytelling can be used with transmedia to evolve or shape the story. When a flight was cancelled, consumers were turning to their smartphones to book a near-by hotel. In a presentation by The Huffington Post, it was mentioned that we have “60X more content from brands in our newsfeeds today than just 2 years ago.” Brands are beginning to recognize significant value in producing informative, timely and educational content for their target audience.
Using this information, Unilever started a YouTube channel called?All Things Hair?featuring popular video bloggers.
It is also important to utilize things like online ads on websites like google, to further expand your consumer reach.
PPC and Social Media are crucial to this campaign considering these are the two tools that will be needed to help further spread around the news about the massive contest that the company will be going through, which has its own budget considering the prices needed for the winners.Other advertising besides PPC is essential too, like mobile marketing and email advertisiments, these things need money to be funded as well. Topshop is already a leading retailer in the UK there is no reason they cant be one in the US as well.
For example, on their show Top Chef, they drive consumers from TV to digital as a way to vote back on their favorite chef who was eliminated, thus using digital as a means to shape their TV show.
Red Roof Inn created an API with weather-data and local flight cancellations to place higher bids in search engines in areas where flights were cancelled due to weather. This thought-leadership positions the brand as an expert on the topic, while continuing to deepen the relationship with their customer in a way where the brand can narrative extremely personalized and relevant content to their customers. Consumers saw them at the top of the search engine and Red Roof Inn was only paying a fraction of the cost in media spend.
This directly resulted in at 375% conversion rate and a 60% lift in bookings simply because platforms were communicating more effectively with each other.

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