Gurus, Gods, and Geeks, I know this is more of a Photoshop technique, however, is it possible to yield HDR *high dynamic rage* photo editing results using FW?Never attached a picture before, so here goes. Hi Zach,Your question reminds me of a talk I had years ago with a photographer and avid Fireworks user who said he does HDR photography with Fireworks. Note each HDR program has different settings so there is no way to replicate the same results for each image. Please use the link  below to download all 5 RAW exposures for you to use as test example if you don’t have your own bracketed photos.
EasyHDR (Final Thoughts) – This is the software that I am currently using for the majority of my HDR images. Photomatix Pro HDR Software (Final Thoughts) – Photomatix is a great all around program for creating HDR images. HDR Projects 4 (Final Thoughts) – A very impressive HDR software at first glance but after doing the sample images it still has room for improvement. Oloneo HDR Software (Final Thoughts) – This is a professional program for producing HDR photos. SNS-HDR Software (Final Thoughts) – This is the other HDR program I use for more realistic result so I definitely recommend it. HDR Darkroom (Final Thoughts) – Nice program I like the result of the final image I did using the initial exposure, in JPG mode of course. So far this one took the longest to install, which means it’s going to be jam pack full of features! Luminance HDR Software (Final Thoughts) – For some one looking for something free to play around with this program produces some nice looking natural HDR images.
Corel is a well known software company that has produce great software like VideoStudio, Painter and WordPerfect. Picturenaut is a free HDR program and it was one of the first HDR software that I use back in 2008. Picturenaut HDR Software (Final Thoughts) – I think this is a great program worth trying out. If you are filming something that does not require the camera to move, we reccommend using AC power so that your batteries remain charged for times when you need them!
There is generally no need to use the Power button on the Sony HDR-XR500V Hard Disk Drive Camcorder.
Directly above the mode button is the photo button, which allows you to take still images when in photo mode. To ensure that you can view and edit your videos, you should switch to standard definition (SD), unless you are very certain that you have the hardware and software to work with the HD format. NoteYou may need to download and install audio drivers on your computer prior to retrieving media.
TipAlways copy anything that you need from the camera before doing any editing work (and certainly before returning it to us!). Once connected, you can browse to the device on your computer and copy your files to another device. Last week, AMD hosted its first RTG (Radeon Technology Group) tech conference in Sonoma, California since restructuring the company to give discrete graphics more independence. SDR on the left, HDR on the rightNot every Rec2020 display is going to qualify as an HDR display, but there should be some overlap between the two capabilities on both consumer monitors and upcoming 4K HDTVs.
Please fix these annoying banner ads covering half the screen since they stick to the page header. I understand ads are important for you, but please dont let them cover the screen, Thank You! And without Javascript enabled, nothing on this page is working any more, except for the footer. I am guessing this is a measure against adblockers, which i can understand, but it is starting to harm us readers. Not that I mind some ads, but that Taboola click-bait bullshit that takes up 50% of total page content on every website really needs to be purged from the Earth. Looks like this site is actively sabotaging uBlock by blocking the stylesheet injected by uBlock with Javascript.
Which is why any advertiser that becomes annoying is added to my Hosts File to flat block em.
There is a specific script targeting uBlock users, but it doesn’t matter, that script (or ones alike) is no longer going to work against the next version. I also use a different set of exposure for each program to get a better feel for each HDR Software. So instead of trying to get the HDR image to look similar I took the liberty of processing each HDR image to what I felt represents the image best. I’ve been using Aurora HDR since the begining of 2016 and I love the natural look that it produces. It has gone through many different versions and is now one of the best and easiest software to use for producing beautiful HDR images.

Currently I use EasyHDR and Aurora for the majority of my work but I still use Photomatix for my more artsy images and commercial real estate work. I really enjoy using Photomatix because it has four different tone mapping methods that I use to produce different looks. Available for both MAC and Windows computers it is simple and easy to get started working with HDR images. I loaded my first set of 5 exposures from and it handle it and produced a very clean image. But note that if you plan on heavy post processing your HDR images afterwards you might run into some limitations. Loading the exposures require you having to browse for the image so there is no drag and drop feature like most of the other HDR programs. The final result of the HDR image is not really my cup of tea but definitely worth a shot for those who want to produce more realistic HDR image.
I was pretty excited to see what kind of HDR program they were able to incorporate into their photo editing software PaintShop Pro. It might take some time for most people especially HDR beginners but I think it is worth downloading.
Still it’s a little awkward to use compared to the other HDR programs but it creates very nice looking HDR images.
You may have trouble playing the High Definition format on your computer, and editing this format is currently slow and challenging on all but the most advanced editing machines. From this menu, you can connect the HDR-XR500V to your computer by choosing the USB Connect option that has a picture of a short cylinder beside it. For a full list of more advanced features and specifications, please see the full Operating Guide for this camera. The company laid out its plans for graphics technology in 2016, including new FreeSync options and support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) monitors.Current monitors and displays are only capable of reproducing a fraction of the luminance the human eye can perceive.
Also, your widget section on the left covers the footer once one scrolls to the bottom of the page. The program is full of options with many different features that make it easy to produce a very unique look. I love it so much that I switched from Windows to Mac just so I can add it to my daily HDR workflow. I am currently using EasyHDR and Aurora as my main software for creating HDR photos because of the quality image it produces. Detail Enhancer method would have to be my favorite and it’s probably the one that most people associate with when they think of HDR. The Lightroom Plugin that comes with it is a plus for any photographer who uses Lightroom in their workflow. I was really impressed by the way it handle the highlights from the coconut tree photo, very natural and clean results. At first I thought there was no drag and drop feature but after playing around I manage to drag and drop my exposure into the small menu on the top right side.
Producing creative and artist photos might be a little difficult but for a realistic look this program is perfect. The only thing I don’t like, and this is due to my workflow, is that it doesn’t have a drag and drop feature. After some fiddling around I created my first HDR image and somehow manage to crash the program.
Yes this is a full photo editing program not just a software for creating HDR images which is actually good and bad at the same time. As for the HDR features, I think the results are good and the HDR images are very natural and colorful. If you don’t want to waste time I won’t recommend using it since I personally feel that the dynamic range results achieved is comparable to a single RAW.
I had doubt at first that it would open my first batch of 5 RAW files but it didn’t have a problem.
To charge the battery, attach the AC Adapter to the DC IN jack in the lower left corner of the camera. Once you are done, press the END button and follow the onscreen instructions to remove the camera from your computer. Back then, internally rendered HDR was mapped back to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) for output to a conventional display. I highly recommend that you download any software and try it yourself. When it comes to HDR I have a specific workflow and look but that doesn’t mean my workflow or look will work for you. I also found it can produce very natural looking HDR images simply by clicking the reset button to bring the settings to zero. Contast Optimizer would have to be my next favorite tone mapping method because it produces very natural looking HDR images. I was able to export from Lightroom to HDR Projects 4 without any problems and the results were very good.
I say this because most of the images that I run through SNS-HDR, I usually skip Photoshop and go straight into Lightroom.

I had to sit there for a few seconds to figure out how to use it but I realized it was easier than it looks.
I am a drag and drop guy so if a HDR program doesn’t have drag and drop, you won’t see me using it.
Installation was a breeze however don’t click too fast on the trial version because it has one of those add browser toolbars that get installed by default. It seems to produce some noise with its HDR images but you can probably take that out using the photo editing features.
There is also a Power button located on the side of the camera, beneath the LCD panel--this is used if you need to turn the camera off while the screen is open.
If you had recorded to a memory stick (not supplied with the HDR-XR500V), you would choose the other USB Connect option. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Ziff Davis, LLC. The third tone mapping method is Tone Compressor and I use this to produce deep rich colors and a more natural looking image.
I can’t really explain it you’ll have to look at the samples or better yet download it and try it yourself.
But note that Dynamic-Photo can align the image for you which is what I had to do to merge the photo correctly.
My first thoughts after scrolling through the list of presets is that this program was designed for natural looking HDR.
Keep in mind that current 4K displays are typically 8-bit panels — this chart is a chart of future compatibility with upcoming high-end displays.
I think all it needs is a spot healing tool (for all you newbies this would be a tool to remove unwanted objects). The fourth method is Exposure Fusion and this is the method I use for my commercial real estate work.
There are a lot of options and controls for adjustments however I found it painful to use on my 4K UHD monitor because the interface was very small.
I did not see an option to handle ghosting so that might become a problem if you have any moving subjects. The initial controls are a little awkward but should be easy enough after some getting use to.
After installation I found it a little overwhelming because the software is trying to everything. The diagram below shows a number of color space standards used in various applications and fields. It handles my newest RAW files from my Samsung just fine but my older CR2 files from my Canon needed to be exported from Lightroom to produce a better quality image.
Tone mapping setting appears to be very easy to use and looks like there is a lot of options to choose from.
This could be due to the RAW files being used so I processed the image again using JPG and the magenta cast seem to have gone away. Picturenaut crashed twice while I was using it but I think it was due to me going too fast for it to handle.
The outer horseshoe is known as the chromaticity diagram — those are all the colors that a human with normal color vision can perceive. It seems the key to getting the best results with this program is to covert your images to a 16bit TIF file before merging the exposures in the software. The innermost triangle with the purple dot at the top is the SRGB color space that both Blu-ray and Windows use by default.
The only downside is that it’s MAC only but for MAC folks that’s a good thing because you got the best HDR software available! Lucky for me Lightroom does this automatically when the plugin is used to export to EasyHDR. The only problem I have is that it takes a few minutes to get to the tone mapping part especially when processing 5 or more RAW exposures.
Boosting the settings for a more surreal look only can be very interesting but it doesn’t have the punch that I’m use to.
So to try and resolve this issue I converted the 3 RAW files into a JPG file and reprocessed the image. I played around with JPG instead of RAW to see if there was any difference and the results were pretty much the same. The P3 standard is smaller, at just 53.6%, but still represents a substantial upgrade over SRGB.

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