Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Are you current on what digital trends are working for your property and what trends are on their way out? Google commissioned a marketing research company to conduct a travel-tracking study to better understand the role of the internet in making travel related decisions. Search engines are the most popular online planning sources for travelers, particularly among leisure travelers. Search engines are among the most popular online planning sources for travelers, particularly among leisure travelers.
Google’s local 3-pack, a small map view which lists the three most relevant local businesses, now displays at the top of 93% of all location-based searches. A great user experience overall is perhaps the most important aspect of SEO, and unique content has been central to SEO and the user experience since day one.
Once the customer moves down the decision-making funnel, at the “planning”, “comparing” and “transaction” stages, studies have shown that review sites have the most influence. If you’re not using a tech tool to help you out, online reputation management can easily take up your whole day. You don’t have the time to manage multi-channel marketing campaigns to maximize your bottom line- WE DO!
The new platform about trends, digital marketing tools and future possibilities for marketing in the automotive industry. The marketing profession has changed more in the past two years than over the past four decades.  And it is digital marketing technology that is responsible for it. As an automotive marketer it could not go unnoticed for you this year: autonomous driving was on the agendas everywhere. Skoda announced this week a new brand identity for their dealers, maybe they can get it right. Without a doubt the trends in this top 5 of 2013 are a part of tendencies, that will continue in 2014. This entry was posted in Trends and tagged 2013, autonomous driving, EV, mobile marketing, Social Media, trends by Huib Stad.
With new platforms of communication being created every day, effective marketing strategies are always evolving and changing.
The Internet of Things allows multiple aspects of life to be connected through digital devices, mainly mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. The huge amount of data available will give marketers a direction to find out what their potential targets are and how they can orient their marketing strategies to be more effective.
Social media has given each individual great power on influencing products and service is social media. Over the last year, the retail industry has made major strides toward economic recovery and technological innovations have strongly contributed to its comeback.
It’s clear that retail marketing is ahead of the game in terms of understanding what customers want and how unconventional approaches can help them get it.
MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boca Raton and New York, NY, is one of Florida’s top creative ad agencies. This entry was posted on Friday, May 3rd, 2013 at 9:01 am and is filed under General, Retail Marketing. Top 10 worldwide Marketing trends 2013by Sonja van den BoschTop 10 worldwide Marketing trends 2013 At this time of the year I love reading all the marketing and consumer trend spotting reports for the upcoming year. New York agency JWT specialises in trend spotting and releases a very comprehensive report every year. In a world that is becoming less and less private, because of social media, people are longing for more and more privacy again. With people more and more sharing their opinions online and people getting more accustomed to searching for testimonials online, brand advocates become even more important for business. With online shopping becoming more mainstream thanks to mobile technology, businesses need to get increasingly creative about how and where they sell their products. Engagement of the senses (sounds, lights or smells) become more and more important in products and experiences, because of the vast amount of people living in a virtual world.
Consumers surveyed in the US and UK were open to use their smartphone as a digital wallet, 64% were willing to use it to track aspects of health and 48% to use it as a key.

More and more data gathering and analysis will be done, which then results in more targeted marketing messages.
As we are living in a super-stress era and stress gets more widely recognised as a medical concern, products and services that reduce stress are in demand.
This trend goes against the go-go mentality and shows that adults need time to play and have time to recharge the batteries if they want to grow and be creative. THOUGHTS FROM THE HEARTInspirational marketing is about being true to yourself, being aligned with your core values and doing something you truly believe in and are passionate about. Trade Intelligence,Gain valuable business insights from our searchable database of thousands of articles and reports.
Let RezStream’s Digital Marketing Manager, Liz, walk you through today’s digital marketing trends and how to apply them successfully at your property. For small hotels especially this is of great benefit, because not all small hotels have the budget for marketing and branding.
In whatever marketing discipline you are, the pace of change in technology and marketing will continue to increase. Every major manufacturer now has an electric or a plug in electric car in its line up or has it at least announced something electric. One of these is that Generation Y (Millennials) doesn’t seem to enjoy purchasing and owning things. So we decided to create a list of some of the trends that marketers should look out for this year in order to make your content reach a wider audience.
The increasing demand for instant services through mobile devices invites the ICT industry to become the key players of the game. The correct usage and interpretation of data will help marketers to establish a loyal relationship with customers so that they can provide what the customers need at the right time and right place. Today’s technology has given this method a wider reach through instant communication on social media and each individual is given more say on the quality of service and products.
Consumers and companies have the ability to provide, receive and look for immediate feedback. A Shift Toward Shoppable Media – In 2013, watch for the rise of shoppable media, which is the industry term for video or print vehicles that engage and encourage the consumer to make an immediate purchase via various technologies. Innovations in In-Store Technology – The popularity and ease of online shopping have led retailers to update their stores with technological conveniences like tablets, interactive panels, and digital signage. The Power of a Physical Presence – Just as brick-and-mortar stores have been upping their game to compete against their online rivals, major online retailers have started testing temporary physical locations. Whether their efforts are more tangible or technological, the retail industry seems poised to prosper in 2013. Our 360° integrated approach uses just the right mix of traditional and digital marketing to reach your retail marketing goals. Although the marketing trends don’t dramatically change from year to year, they’ll evolve and sharpen or can be used in a different way. Will we be able to sit in restaurants again and really enjoy without the distractions of mobile devices???
I believe that every business should start their marketing plan with a brand advocate strategy as a first step.
This trend is turning the retail world upside down, but I believe that every business should at least ask the question whether there is an opportunity for them to sell something online as well. This will be a very interesting trend to watch, as I find it already amazing how mobile devices in general have changed our communication habits. As an example British retailer Tesco started including beer coupons to its first-time buyers of nappies. The key will be to make the technology invisible and design it around the consumer needs for a seamless integration into the person’s life. I love this trend and try to live without a watch during holidays and the weekends, which feels great (when it happens). And in the summer, normally a somewhat lame period in the car industry for making big announcements, the PR departments of a.o.
Consumers are always looking for faster and better service, and they are seeking active interaction – human marketing.
Despite globalization, the demand of services have become more localized and regionalized, which translates to convenience for customers.

That is why customer interaction is an important component of personalization and it matters more than ever.
The transparency of social media allows people to experience and judge the product or service, while allowing the businesses to interact with consumers authentically. In an age where an excess of information are being processed all the time, people seldom have the desire to even dedicate thirty seconds on reading or watching ads. The growing consumption of online videos and the recent ubiquity of mobile technology has attributed to bringing shoppable media into the mainstream.
Some retailers are expediting the checkout experience by allowing shoppers to use their mobile phones to instantly scan their items and pay at self-serve kiosks. These physical stores let online retailers provide a showroom experience designed to let consumers browse in-store and then buy online. While some industries may fare better in print and others online, we strive to create a balanced approach, where traditional and digital marketing efforts support each other and your message is tailored to the medium.
As a business it is always good to know about these trends and use them to your best advantage. New dads don’t have time to go the pub, so Tesco figured that this target market needs to buy their beer at the supermarket. Volvo, Nissan, BMW, Tesla and Mercedes, were battling for the claim that their brand will be the first to bring autonomous driving to the market. We favor the huge choice in Spotify and a monthly subscription fee over owning a CD album collection.
We are looking at the ICT and marketing sectors to become more intertwined in the near future to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s world. Instead of adjusting their needs, consumers are more likely to have their say in choosing a service that suits them, and tailoring and providing choices for customers will be the key to success. Marketers should dedicate more resources towards listening to the voice of customers, interacting with customers and transforming them into ambassadors. That is why it is crucial to present content in a way that sticks out a mile – images, GIFs, and short videos are perhaps the most effective way to do so. Major brands like Target and Asos have recently used shoppable media for their retail marketing promotions and their executives believe that it’s the future of video as consumer engagement becomes increasingly important to the overall shopping experience and final sale.
Other retailers are adding kiosks that let consumers purchase products not available in-store and installing e-signs that allow for changing prices remotely. Many see these temporary shops as a worthwhile way to display their products and give customers a more sensory shopping experience while carrying low inventories and investing less in real estate.
Our core capabilities include print advertising, branding, logo design, creative, digital marketing, media planning and buying, radio and TV advertising, retail customer relationship management, loyalty programs, Web design and development, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO. I like this trend, bring on the balance between exercising, enjoying healthy & nice food, spending quality time with friends and family, working hard and relaxation.
VW draw some attention to itself with US CEO Jonathan Browning announcing that autonomous will remain something for a minority.
2013 was the year in which we saw some tipping point for this trend in the automotive industry.
The customers want to know that they are interacting with real people who care about their experience instead of a brand that is too grandeur to put focus on the individuals. Leveraging the characteristics of each social media platform to appeal to their users will generate effective results. Finally, a few have started using state-of-the-art tracking technology that prompts the play of product videos when consumers reach for a particular product. Despite the fact that e-commerce has been thriving for many years, a whopping 90 percent of sales still occur in physical store locations. However, what is common is that an increasing amount of social platforms are either gaining popularity or changing their approach in providing succinct content that is fast to process – a hint that marketers should pay close attention towards.
For instance Snapp car expanded fast, Greenwheels was bought by a VW importer and is expenading to the rest of Europe, Daimler has it stake in the succesful Car2go, Toyota announced a car specially designed for car sharing – the i-road.
Nissan experimented with the proposition that if you buy a Leaf EV, you can use an SUV for your vacation.

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