This among the coolest sharing services for photos that eases the way you share pictures in a hassle-free and fun manner.
This free of charge photo altering software is provided by Google to make your photos appear amazing.
This is the globe’s primary picture-blogging, social network site that has global cultural experience.
This web-based photograph sharing service allows you share and upload your images through utilization of four different options. This image-sharing site enables you upload pictures as well as videos and sharing them with people. This site incorporates Ultra Flash slideshow Gallery Maker that eases upload of pictures and enhancing the images. This is a simple to exploit photo sharing site comes incorporates Photoswarm feature which enables you create customized photo albums, store and share them safely. By Westwood Virtual Associates Leave a Comment The most successful businesses in the world all rely on strong teamwork. At the time of this writing, Google Drive provides about double what Dropbox does for the same price. These ten online collaboration tools will make managing any kind of virtual team a whole lot easier.
Internet Marketing PuzzleThere are 5 Key Pieces to the Internet Marketing Puzzle.  It’s why we came up with the internet marketing package, which addresses each key piece to the puzzle. Thanks Kyle – For similar topics and discussions, I would consider using Google or another search engine to find relative content. Absolutely, I’d be honored and grateful if you share this with your Twitter group, thank you.
To share a file with your friends, it’s a good idea to upload it to a file sharing website and tell your friends the download URL of it.
WeTransfer is a decent file sharing system that lets you send large files( maximum: 2GB ) to your friends online, no registration required. DropBox is the most popular online file backup and sync service, it can also be used to publish and share files with anyone. SendSpace enables to upload and share files anonymously, no registration required, it has a clean and easy to use user interface. SkyDrive is an online hard drive provided by Microsoft, any files inside it can be shared with other people. The registered users could upload files with FTP programs, or upload files from remote servers.
Yandex is the largest search portal in Russia, Yandex disk is a free file storage service that lets you store and share files online with your computer or mobile device( iPhone, iPad, Android ).
Ubuntu One is an online cloud storage that enables to host your files online, optionally, it allows to share files and folders online with anybody.
MediaFire is a free cloud storage for everybody, it provides each registered user 50GB of storage space, you can host any type of file and share it via a link or email. 4shared is a popular file hosting and sharing website that lets you store your files, video, music, images, books, games and archives in the cloud and access them anywhere. Amazon CloudDrive offers each users 5GB of free online storage to store and share documents, photos, videos, etc.
RapidShare offers free users unlimited storage space, and allows to upload data of any file size. RapidShare will transfer you files with the SSL connection, which will encrypt your data with the AES_256_CBC encryption. After registration, you can upload files from your computer or a remote server by specifying their URLs.
Zippyshare is a free file hosting and sharing service, with it users could upload, share and download any file online without sign up.

With this free file sharing application, you can share large files up to 400MB online with ease.
With RyuShare you can upload files up to 400MB and share them on other websites without need to register. Yet another file sharing website that enables to sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and upload up to 50 files of any type at a time.
Looking for online whiteboards for collaborative drawing, collaborative writing or just for fun? Twiddla is an easy to use web collaborative tool, which lets you collaborate on drawings and projects with friends and colleagues respectively, Twiddla interface is the best among  the other online whiteboard tools we tried, for businesses the PRO version provides numerous features that were found missing in other tools, however it was also the costliest starting at $14 per month. Dabbleboard is a famous free online collaborative drawing website that lets you share and edit drawings with your friends in real time, for professionals Dabbleboard PRO version starts at $8 per month. Scrbl is yet another online whiteboard drawing service, the website is still in beta and there was something missing in Skrbl, it just didn’t tick.
Okay enough of Collaborative Drawing, want to have some fun with Online Whiteboard, head over to OMGPOP Draw my thing , its a fun multiplayer game in which you have to guess the objects drawn by other users in real time.
We’ve just put together the initial Beta for a genuinely real-time, simple, collaborative online whiteboard (ie. Just 1-click to create a new whiteboard with a unique URL, then just share the unique URL to work collaboratively and in real-time — simple! They are really all just working for the 1% and their only qualification is complete moral bankruptcy.
The information on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Here is a different list for photographers who desire to show their task online as well as earn money by trading them. DotPhoto allows you develop your personal photo site, trade your photos to others, share mobile pictures through Pictavision and order custom upload among others. It supports over 22 million users across 200 countries because it provides fun and simple way of expression via online photo blogs or photo diaries.
This site provides a simple way of sharing your pictures together with printing services for interested individuals. You are able to register free of charge and host your pictures and even share them through mobile phone, IM and email. This is an acknowledged online picture-sharing website endowed with striking features as well as easy to exploit design. You are able to select from batch upload for IE on Windows and Macintosh, Drag and Drop in Windows, batch upload in other systems like Linux, Netscape etc, batch upload in OS X & OS 9. In case you don’t need display of the gallery and needs the host to connect your pictures to bulleting board or forum quickly free of charge, then Imageshack presents itself as the ideal place to share and upload your images.
Tinypic allows you edit and resize your photos then share the photos in EBay, Orkut, Myspace and send through email or message boards.
This software allows users develop their flash slideshow as well as flash movies in few minutes. It allows you to create multiple projects, track milestones, assign to dos, see daily progress, communicate through discussions and more. These mindmaps can then be shared with other people on your team, who can also edit and add to those mindmaps. It aims to provide much of the same functionality as Dropbox, as well as contain all your Google Docs files. Whether you’re running a two-person business or a business with hundreds of staff, the tools available here can help you streamline your processes and increase productivity.
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Additionally, one may even deploy on premise RHUB online screen sharing appliances in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings, desktop screen sharing etc. Today we will mention some great Collaborative online tools which you can use to share, edit drawings and collaborate writing with friends in real time. No Spam.Click on confirmation link in email for activation, check spam folder if not in mailbox.
Through the user-friendly interface, and fully computerized RSS feeds, users are able to synchronies pictures on their blogs as well as communities. Moreover, you are able to edit the uploaded photos through the richly featured photo editor.
The online album hosting site has cool features such as Photo and Gallery Flash Maker that lets you upload and share images easily. In today’s virtual world however, a team can be as diverse as a group of people from Poland, New York, India and London all working together.
The moment you make any changes to that document, the changes will be reflected on the other person’s screen.
The prize announcements are handled by one person, the updates by another and the personality by yet another person. Unfortunately logmein’s free version is limited for professional use and pro version is a bit high priced. These websites are the best out there, basic functionality is free and will suffice for most users, if you are a professional or want to use these collaborative online softwares for your businesses, there are PRO versions of whiteboards with additional features available at a monthly subscription.
Besides you are never confined to uploading photos through PCs or lappys because Photobucket incorporates adaptable uploading features as well as enhanced mobile alternatives. Moreover, you are able to find the one that is finest for you using the provided comparison chart. Whether you have virtual staff, outsourced staff or just co-workers who work from home, having the right tools makes all the difference. You can literally take notes in a document and have those notes appear in real time halfway around the world.
You don’t have to worry about sending files to others or backing anything up – It’s all done for you. That’s why I started to use Techinlilne which is a perfect pro and cost-effective alternative.
Moreover, you are able to recover pictures from other site though file sharing protocol client, sending directly from personal mobile phone or email the picture.
Apart from this, Flickr incorporates picture editing tolls for editing pictures in hassle-free manner.
Having great online collaboration and document sharing tools will enable you to all work together and eliminated wasted time.
All you need to do is upload the file and YouSendIt will send the other person a link with your file in it. If you’re looking for a versatile tool to communicate with the rest of your virtual team, Skype is often the best answer. For example, the person responsible for the prize can upload tweets about what the prizes are without sending them. The person responsible for the personality can look over the announcements and rewrite them to make sure they’re in line with the brand.

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