Presenting evidence effectively in a trial will always be full of its challenges, but using state-of-the-art trial presentation technology helps litigators present their cases with confidence.
The LexisNexis team surveyed a wide spectrum of legal professionals – law firm partners, associates, litigation support professionals and librarians – in order to better understand their experiences with presenting trial evidence in general and with trial presentation technology in particular. This was the second most prevalent concern in the survey, cited by 43 percent of legal professionals. More than 29 percent of survey respondents indicated they were challenged by the lack of time or resources to properly implement a trial presentation software solution. One in five expressed concern about issues with their presentation software working correctly during trials. Roughly 20 percent also identified the challenge of connecting to important devices during presentations. To download a free white paper based on the results of this survey click here: The Top 5 Trial-Presentation Software Challenges – and How to Overcome Them. Attorney Michael Kelleher is a partner at Cogent Legal, an Oakland, Calif.-based firm that develops litigation graphics, provides courtroom technology support and consults on trial strategy to help attorneys prepare and present their cases. TweetScoop.itIf you need to make presentations online or offline a presentation software might be really helpful. Even Google has its own Google Presentations software that you can open for free with your Google account. Mangope told The Star that it a€?is assumed that there was a mechanical problem, which led to the accident.
Ask a symphony musician what the difference is between a conductor and a chimpanzee, and the musician will likely tell you that some chimpanzees have been shown to be able to communicate with humans.
ASIMO's deft and repetitive hand will conduct "Impossible Dream" from "Man of La Mancha" for a youth music program in Detroit, which includes famed cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
After the intermission, Yo-Yo Ma will be replaced by an out-of-balance washing machine with a bow stuck in the agitator. Robot Central is part of SciVestor a€“ a research network for science-investors and science-businesses in the areas of life extension, artificial intelligence, robotics, and nanotechnology.
Ray Renteria is co-founder and Research Director of SciVestor where he authors the weblog Robot Central and directs robotics industry research. Stanford University took home the prize with their Volkswagen Touareg "Stanley" at the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. Bob Stuart is an automation engineer at a "Seed and Technology" company named Beck's Hybrids.
Obviously, Bob proceeded to modify Jackie by giving him two arms, cupped hands, and a day's worth of code to toss nothing-but-net free throws. Professor Rodney Brooks described a metric that might be used to determine when a robot can be considered alive. The university announced in June the development of an anthropomorphic robot named CB2 designed to mimic the appearance and behavior of a toddler.

WIRED NextFest is a four-day festival of innovative products and technologies that are transforming our world. DARPA Urban Challenge in which autonomous vehicles navigate through a simulated urban environment to meet various objectives. Challenge vehicles may be equipped to receive and process electronic position-determination signals (such as GPS) that are openly or commercially available to all teams.
Any violation (even the attempted) will be published and result in exclusion from the event.
However on the first day there is a inspection of the tracks (all participants; by foot only, no robots or vehicles) where you can use cameras, GPS, etc.
If during the Grand Challenge of '05 we had been allowed to walk the course (and it was less than 5 miles) we could have dropped GPS waypoints in interesting areas to identify obstacles or best paths. As for ELROB - I have no clue what they're trying to accomplish if they allow remote-control navigation. I am certainly going to try to make it to the Urban Challenge this year but I won't be competing. The guy who wrote the article in the EE Times was a bit proud of "his boys," the contestants, and overemphasized (and in some cases inaccurately stated) some things.
The purpose of this platform is to support research and education goals in human-robot interaction, teaming, and social learning. The face has 15 degrees of freedom with actuators that control its gaze, eyebrows, eyelids and mandible. The head has perceptual sensors such as an Active IR CCD camera, four microphones for sound localization, and a speaker for speech synthesis. The sharing of knowledge through social interactions from humans to robots is called Socially Situated Robot Learning (SSRL) which is an endeavor for this MDS project. This project is funded in part by an ONR DURIP Award 'Mobile, Desterous, Social Robots to Support Complex Human-Robot Teamwork in Uncertain Environments', Award Number N00014-06-0516.
With 3750 lbs of armaments, a top speed of 300 mph, and the ability to circle the battlefield at 50,000 ft and stay aloft for 16 hours, the new squadron of Reaper unmanned aircraft recently deployed to Afghanistan unleash a new breed of hell on the conflict. Clearly firepower and military might can be applied to get 'r done, but what are the ethical implications of an increasingly risk-less (and perhaps autonomous) military? NAVEODTECHDIV is the single service manager for Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) and purchases EOD robots for the Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines. Foster-Miller, Inc., is a technology and product development company with an international reputation for delivering innovative products and systems that perform under the most demanding conditions. Modern litigation software excels at keeping evidence in order, but many litigation teams do not have the experience in using the organizational features of the software. One of the key reasons for this is that jurors and judges are likely accustomed to television, movies, and the Internet, which deliver high-quality and fast-moving information tailored to their individual interests.
Ironically, the use of trial presentation software can actually save both time and money in the long run because it reduces the need for manual time-intensive, paper-based alternatives.

However, you can also make attractive presentations without any presentation software and just making it by yourself using other alternative ways.
If you are very familiar with PowerPoint you just need to add new slides and then press F5 to run your presentation. There many free alternatives to PowerPoint that you can also use instead of the official Microsoft PowerPoint software.
With Zoho Presentations on the cloud you can run and broadcast presentations online to make live meeting share possible or remote presentations.
It offers the ability to control popular applications from mobile phone or handheld computer through a user interface similar to that on a portable media player. Each will not only be required to demonstrate complex navigational and problem solving skills, but they will also be required to understand rules of the road.
Stanley was the first in history to successfully navigate through miles of desert terrain, avoiding pitfalls that killed all but five other competitors. It is bringing together some of the greatest minds and technologies in the world in order to force the advancement of autonomous transportation. This year's NextFest in Los Angeles features more than 160 interactive exhibits from leading scientists and researchers around the world.
Rodney Brooks wrote a paper in 1991 called Intelligence Without Reason that describes the notion of "Situatedness" as a requirement to emerge intelligence within a robot.
Read on to learn more about Salling Clicker, and why we know you are going to want it for Windows or Mac OS X.
As difficult as '05 Grand Challenge was, it was could be boiled down to a basic obstacle avoidance problem.
We civilians have got better things to do with our time than to drive to and from work every day. Experience the future of communication, design, entertainment, exploration, health, play, robots, transportation, security, and green living.
When a robot approached another robot to pass, the DARPA chase vehicle would send a command to the slowpoke and tell it to yield the road to the robot behind him.
They went nuts!) Anyway, the point is that back in my day, we were given a file of GPS coordinates to which the robots had to drive one at a time.
Along the way, the 'bots had to be smart enough to avoid obstacles and be built durably enough to withstand the kinds of things you'd expect in mountainous desert--a good transmission, puncture resistant tires, lots of gas, and so on. When something tricky came up like a robot wanting to pass, a human intervened and effectively made the forward vehicle an obstacle to the robot behind it.

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