Ditch PowerPoint and try these free tools, which could make your next speech much snazzier.
More has been written about the art of the presentation than could ever be covered here, but one thing that usually accompanies your co-workers' demos are PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint wasn't always a Microsoft product—it was originally called Presenter and created for Macs. I believe the biggest reason for this boom in presentation software is because the browser has become so much more powerful than before. As mentioned above, Prezi is pouring money and effort into speeding up their rate of adoption and trying to steal customers from PowerPoint.
My guess is that Prezi will stay on the same path and continue this marketing push throughout 2014, aiming specifically at the education and conference market.
Okay, putting yourself up there among the top threes is maybe a bit cocky (hey, it’s our blog!). Just recently we released a set of features that takes SlideDog to a whole new level, enabling SlideDog users to interact with the audience and engage them like never before. Apple announced in late 2013 that all new Mac and iOS devices will get the iWork office suite for free. The project of merging a presentation sharing platform and editing software with a proven sales platform might result in a game changing monster that sets a new standard for business and sales presentations.
I saw a piece of software with a feature that allowed you to edit a speaker and her presentation deck just by toggling between them in real time — you could choose one or the other or split screen. For stunning presentations that you can also put on-line Flash is by far the best presentation technology on the market.
If you want to make your presentations fly then you will need a way of easily editing images – for example to adjust the colours, or make images transparent. NXPowerLite can compress files by as much as 75%, making them easier to use, store and share. If you want to make professional looking graphs and charts in PowerPoint then you will find the PowerPlugs Charts pretty hard to beat. We missed off DirectorMX, which is similar to flash but runs from the desktop or CD rather than a browser. I’m a novice trying to put together a presentation for 2 weddings and a graduation coming up in my family PHEW ! Is there any software program that is easy to use that will allow audio, video, animation ect. You missin it all, u hv worked with Microsoft Onenote…It is bad on Tutorials n Presentations.
I’ve been experimenting with Prezi for presenting to an audience of around 600 regularly. It’s Flash based with all the good and bad of that (mostly good from my perspective). People keep telling me that powerpoint is no good and that I should switch to something else. I was just browsing for related posts for my project research and I ended up stumbling upon this. Prezi is good particularly for presenting dense text content (the zoom in feature allows you to focus on specific points). I am convinced you can’t make a presentation with PowerPoint that even comes close to how awesome you can make one with Keynote. I am looking for software that allows anonymous participation from all in a meeting through text or a twitter like feed during the meeting. If you want to tell a story and keep folk focused on one point at a time with some nice ‘wow’ factor Prezi is a great tool! TweetScoop.itIf you need to make presentations online or offline a presentation software might be really helpful. Even Google has its own Google Presentations software that you can open for free with your Google account. There are a wide range of uses for business presentation software, from creating eLearning tutorials to showcasing online training prototypes.
Business presentation software tools give you the ability to display your eLearning content in a professional manner, so that you can accurately reflect your brand image and wow both potential clients and online learners.

Slideshark allows you to share PowerPoint files with your eLearning team, and present them to your audience on a wide range of devices.
If you’re looking for a great, although not completely for free, animation creation tool to add a touch of humor to your business presentations, look no further than GoAnimate. Wink is the ideal tool for tutorials and business presentations, especially when it comes to software and app walkthroughs. In addition to a catchy name, Zoho Show is a versatile business presentation software that is packed with useful tools. SlideDog relies on a play list format that allows you to upload documents, images, videos, and presentations into the tool, then shift them around in the playlist to create a new business presentation. Emaze is an online business presentation software tool that features 3D templates, auto-save support, and HTML compatibility, which is a major selling point for mobile learning developers trying to avoid Flash. If you own a computer equipped with Windows, chances are that you already have a version of this business presentation software. This is Microsoft’s free alternative to PowerPoint, which features a web-based creation tool that you can use to design and post business presentations and slideshows to any website.
Make sure your work looks professionally done, whether you’re working on a proposal for your boss, making a photo slideshow for a special event or creating visuals for a worship service.
The name was changed for legal reasons in 1987, the same year Microsoft bought the company behind it and created its Graphics Business Unit.
Young start-ups and established players are eating away at their ~90% market cap, and each day a new species of the slide-tool animal kingdom is discovered.
New web technologies, free and open source libraries and more powerful devices have made it possible to rapidly create advanced web applications that can do nearly the same as PowerPoint. And do the new players pose any real threat to PowerPoint, the king of the SlideShow Throne? But we do have great ambitions for 2014 and we do believe we can make a difference in the presentation software market. You can now easily add live polls, ask the audience for feedback, share slides online and remote control SlideDog from your mobile phone.
Keynote, the iWork presentation software that is now included with all new OS X Mavericks machines, will be a natural choice for many Mac presenters in 2014.
My guess is that they will return with full force in 2014 as the integration of the two products are complete.
You can add videos with commentaries to each slide and present the slides in a non-linear way!
It reduces file sizes more significantly than zip compression and removes the need to unzip.
I am a photographer and I would like to be able to creat a photo presentation on a disk to hand to customers but with the restrictions that the presentation could not be hacked (misuse of photos) and could not be printed from screen (Ctrl P).
It incorporates cross-platform online accessibility with a simplistic and beautiful design for presentations.
Using smart phones as the main source for the incoming feed that will be Fed into the presentation. However, you can also make attractive presentations without any presentation software and just making it by yourself using other alternative ways. If you are very familiar with PowerPoint you just need to add new slides and then press F5 to run your presentation. There many free alternatives to PowerPoint that you can also use instead of the official Microsoft PowerPoint software.
With Zoho Presentations on the cloud you can run and broadcast presentations online to make live meeting share possible or remote presentations. In this article, I’ll highlight the 10 top free business presentation software options that you may want to consider, especially if you are working with a tight Learning & Development budget. However, there are times when business presentation software may be out of your price range, but you still need to create an amazing tutorial, slideshow, or eLearning course prototype.
Some of its notable features include: view tracking, web broadcasting, slide annotations, and a presenter mode. It’s packed with a variety of features, including: pre-made themes, props, characters, and an easy to use drag-and-drop tool that makes eLearning video creation a breeze. It’s a top notch screen capture tool, but you can also integrate annotation boxes and titles.

You get 5GB of storage space per user with the free version, and can export and import any of your PowerPoint files with ease. It also features live polling, so you won’t have to worry about receiving the feedback you need to fine tune your online presentations, and is compatible with many other presentation software apps. The templates make it a must-have for eLearning professionals who need to create a professional looking presentation, but simply do not have the time or graphic design experience.
You have the opportunity to add screen captions, video animations, and screen recordings to your presentation, then use the integrated Codec feature to produce high quality, compressed files that don’t occupy an abundance of bandwidth. It is a freeware editing tool that gives you the power to upload your images, audio narrations, videos, and music, then combine them to create an amazing and professional presentation.
If you discover that you’ve made an error after publishing the presentation, PowerPoint Web offers you the opportunity to make modifications directly from the website that is storing the video.
So, why not take the time to explore each of the options and discover which one is best for your next eLearning project. Microsoft's version came out with Windows 3.0 in 1990, and the business world has never been the same. Even if they try to force people into using their software, like Prezi did at the latest SXSW conferences. Even though Microsoft and others are also in on this sponsorship, it’s Prezi that are getting the headlines on TechCrunch.
All this can be enabled from within the app itself, and to this day we haven’t seen any competitors that can match our combination of seamless presentation playback and interactive audience features. Keynote itself isn’t revolutionary or packed with lots of interesting features that sets it apart from its competitors, but it has a nice user interface, comes with beautiful slide templates and has over the years proven to be a good alternative to PowerPoint. All work is created on a web browser and it is so easy to use to create the best animated presentations!
This is when it’s time to explore all of the free business presentation software tools that are available. You are able to upload any of your PowerPoint files directly to the Google Drive, edit them, and then export your presentation as PPT or PDF file, which makes it great for offline learners. The tool also boasts an impressive media library that you can use to make your online presentations even more engaging.
Wink features a Windows-based user interface that allows you to drag and drop interactions into your online presentations and convert them into Flash output, add audio narrations, and compress your files for frustration-free viewing.
The program boasts a broad range of creation and editing tools, including photo editing software, and you can broadcast your presentation directly from the dashboard. Windows Movie Maker also allows you to export your presentations to YouTube and other video sharing sites. As a matter of fact, you may want to add a few to your development toolbox to suit your diverse development needs. Read the article 10 Creative Online Presentation Ideas For eLearning Professionals to learn new ways to enhance your next eLearning experience. Instead of creating our own proprietary format, we aim to be the presentation player that you cannot live without.
We found that it was not fully compatible with all of the animation settings but was a good way to put a presentation online. In fact, even if you have the extra money to spend, you may want to still opt for these feature-rich and versatile business presentation software tools.
For example, one platform may be ideal for prototype presentations, while another is perfect for engaging tutorials. Apart from OpenOffice Impress [which I already have] can someone point me to a better, free, downloadable version? Prezi doesn’t use slides, it uses an enormous canvas that will be leaving your audience in awe. Include shapes, tables, links, and comments into your slides, and collaborate with your eLearning team by sharing the eLearning project in the Drive.

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