AltaVista is constantly one of the largest search engines on the web, in terms of pages indexed. Ask Jeeves is a human-powered search service that aims to direct you to the exact page that answers your query. Excite is one of the most popular search services on the web and it offers a medium-sized index and integrates non-web material such as company information and sports scores into its results, when appropriate. Google, the largest search engine in the web, they're the leading provider of results and a recent stats search engine optimization they serve 85% search results, they make heavy use of link popularity as a primary optimization way to rank sites.
Google supplies the search results for lycos, hotbot, aol, askjeeves, teoma, netscape, iwon and yahoo search engines.
Backed by US television network CBS, iWon has a directory of sites generated automatically by Inktomi, which also provides its more traditional crawler-based results. Lycos started out as a search engine, depending on listings that came from spidering the web. MSN is a LookSmart-powered directory of web sites, with secondary results that come from AltaVista. Netscape Search's results come mainly from the Open Directory and Netscape's own "Smart Browsing" database, which does a superb job of listing "official" sites.
It supplies search results to lycos, hotbot, aol, google, teoma, netscape, iwon, altavista search engines. Excite Lite is the WebCrawler which has the smallest index of any major search engine on the web.
Yahoo, the most popular search service and has a well-deserved reputation for helping people find information easily. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the continual process of optimizing your websites in order to make them search engine friendly, thus getting higher rankings in search results.
Search Engine Optimization Strategies can get your site ranking higher on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!.
SEO drives traffic to your website, which translates into increased website visitors which further leads to more business enquiries. By the examples above, we have clearly established that Search Engine Optimization or Google SEO is essential for every company trying to get customers from all corners of the world.
The above infographic clearly demonstrates that SEO is an integral component of any Digital Marketing Program.
Search Engine Optimization starts with setting up the right Website for your business which is rich in keywords important both for the business and for the search engines. There are numerous SEO Agencies around the world providing SEO services, but as a business owner you should make sure the SEO agency you choose for your Digital Marketing activites has the capabilities and experience required to handle your SEO project.
If you are really serious about SEO for your website and you are not getting expected results, then it would be a good idea to get in touch with us. Within Six months of Launching the Industrial Valve Store's website, we were able to get 1st Page Google Results for the client for 4 of their main products - Butterfly Valves, Globe Valves, Diverter Valves and Gate Valves. The client wanted boutique owners searching for fabric online to find and send enquiries to their store. The above examples are a testament as to how Auxano has been partnering with Businesses to run their Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns which involves Search Engine Optimized and Responsive Website. As we have already understood SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results.
Search Engine Optimization SEO is a complex topic to address for your website, especially when you consider all the information and factors you need to incorporate in your web-design for effective SEO.
This is the analysis phase where all the keywords are analysed for proper absorption into your website content.
Keyword Research - In-depth keyword & market research helps in preparing a robust SEO strategy that allows us to provide realistic projections and forecasts of opportunities available within your target market. Search Engine Friendly Website Development - Also called OnSite SEO, we analyse your website's structure, internal architecture & other key elements that are tracked and weighted within the search engines algorithms to provide recommendations for improved search relevancy & accuracy in targeting your product keywords. Creating Content - The backbone of any marketing campaign is compelling content and our team of creative writers, designers & developers have helped many business brands get talked about in mainstream media, to industry leading publications and blogs.
Link Building Methods - Link Building is extremely important for search engine rankings online. Google's Latest Search Engine Algorithms have started focusing more and more on unique content - be it the text content or graphical image content. We boost Google Search results rankings with tactics that outlast trends, using the entire search engine page to build your brand, while helping customers find exactly what they need. SEO Expertise: We cover everything search-related, from consumer understanding, technical analysis and high-level strategy to content creation and link building.
On-Page SEO tactics for highest quality content backed by Off-Page SEO of network of quality backlinks.
Designing SEO Optimized Websites Complete Range of SEO Services from Auxano for all B2B and B2C Businesses. Auxano has many SEO Experts helping many Companies setting up their SEO Campaigns including SEO optimized websites with Great Content and Quality Backlinks.
Auxano was established with the aim of providing superior graphics designs and web marketing solutions for our customers worldwide.
We are very happy to invite you in the world of web design and web marketing company in India-ahmedabad. SEO- search engine optimization this tools used for increasing net traffic through visibility in all leading and reputed search engines, this is help us in optimization of each and every web pages to achieve good position in search engines, all engines has its own behavior so first off all we have to understand behavior of search engine after then we can market properly for our web pages.
Title tag Optimization : We will do your website title tag optimization on main key words preferred by client. Description : We will do optimization for your business description so your buyers are clearly read your business line with short and sweet language. ALT Tag : We will write your Images description so Googlebot can read your images and it will show in images search option. Keyword Research : Up to 125 keywords will be researched, similar to your products range widely used by your buyers on net.
Keyword Selection : we will select right key words with primary and secondary based key words bank like pharma machine, pharmaceutical machines etc. Search Engine Friendly Web Design Analysis : we will do clean HTML code and approve it with www. Crawler Accessibility Conformity : We make sure that your web site conforms with search engine friendly guidelines to ensure that optimized all pages are consideration with googleboat norms.
Content Development : We will manage search engine and costumers friendly content so any one can understand what we are going to sell out our products or service on net. Manual Search engines Submissions : we will submit your website by manual to the leading search engines and directories. Monthly Search Engine Ranking Monitoring and Reporting : Your search engine positions will be monitored and reported to you on a monthly basis, we will provide you Google analytics report as per costumers demand.
Competitors web site analysis : We will do your competitors web sites analysis what they are using content and key words density.
Setting up an attractive, user-friendly website is only the first step to making an impact. Many automated link-building programs will only link you to spammy websites that don't really add any value to your website.

The system only automates repetitive and non-subjective SEO work and leaves quality control and content optimization to the able hands of SEO specialists who are experienced in planning and executing effective SEO and internet marketing campaigns. In addition to automation, one of the greatest advantages of Local Search Positioning is seamless integration.
Local Search Positioning streamlines repetitive SEO tasks to help increase your productivity and put you ahead in the numbers game (page ranks, ratings, and web traffic). The better your site answers specific questions, the more likely traffic will be sent to your site. If a person repeats a search after being directed to your site, it lets the search engine know that your site did not answer their question. Each page of every website is designated with a Page Authority.  The algorithm used to determine Page Authority is kept secret but many inferences and educated guesses can be made. PageRank is passed from one site to another through outgoing links.  To a website owner these backlinks are one of the best ways to increase traffic to their site. Search engines prefer that websites are organized well in order to facilitate crawling and browsing. ORIGINAL CONTENT – Duplicated and repeated content is usually ignored and sometimes penalized.
Keywords – The words and phrases repeated on your site tell search engines what your site is about. XML Sitemaps – Provide search engines with a type of road map that helps them index your site. Google defines a keyword as a significant word or phrase relevant to the web page or document in question.
Buying links and other Black Hat techniques only serve to damage your credibility with search engines and will cost you traffic in the long run. Industry related sites pass more PageRank than unrelated sites.  For the example above, one backlink from a veterinarian site is better than many backlinks from restaurants. The full version is expensive, but perhaps the best for small business is to take advantage of their 30 Day Free Trial and cancel before incurring any costs.
ABD Promotions is the premiere solution for website design, blog design and Ecommerce sites. Locations ServedLocated in Gilroy, CA we proudly provide face-to-face services in San Jose, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Hollister areas. Refer a Friend and receive $50 upon completion of their website.Request a QuoteLooking for a new website or changes to your existing site? Its comprehensive coverage as well as wide range of power searching commands makes it a particular favorite among researchers. If it fails to find a match in its own database, then it will give matching web pages from various search engines. Excite was launched in late 1995 and it grew quickly in prominence and consumed 2 of its competitors, Magellan in July 1996, and WebCrawler in Nov.
It was the first search engine to break the 200 million web page index milestone and consistently has one of the largest indexes of the web. It offers portal features such as personalization and free e-mail, along with the search capabilities of the former Infoseek search service, which has now been folded into Go. Google also has a huge index of the web and provides a few results to Yahoo and Netscape Search.
In most cases, HotBot's first page of results comes from the Inktomi, which is also used by other services.
Additionally to being a stand-alone service, LookSmart provides directory results to MSN Search, Excite and heaps of other partners. The small index means WebCrawler is not the place to go when seeking obscure or unusual material. Higher Google Rankings through organic SEO automatically translate to increased enquiries for your Business. When you rank in the top 10 results of Google for the products and services you offer, the customers are automatically re-directed to your SEO Optimized websites. Now, every good company in the business of manufacturing or trading best quality coffee machines would vie for the top slot in the Google Top 10. Additionally, you could implement a local SEO service which will target consumers only in a select geograhical area.
With the same marketing revenue allocation, businesses can now target more focussed customers looking out for their products. Through a well-structured Digital Marketing Campaign involving Website Design and Development, we can target the Search Keywords important for your Business.
The Search Engine Optimization Budget then gets allocated to maintaining the exisiting keywords and adding new product keywords as and when they become viable. We have been developing SEO optimized websites for our clients in many locations around the world. Our SEO experts will perform a code validation and clean up to ensure that the code is search engine friendly and standards compliant. Without any good results to showcase your strenghts and abilities, any SEO Agency cannot claim to be the leader in this field.
They wanted to showcase their products in the international market and came to us to promote their website by performing a thorough Search Engine Optimization Campaign involving Analysis, On-Page and Off-Page Optimizations. Once Auxano successfully delivered their website SEO, they started receiving calls and visits from potential customers leading to 60-70% increase in their revenues.
Simply said, SEO or search engine optimization are some 'techniques' which are required to list your website in top results of google.
SEO is an iterative process that can be divided broadly into three main focus areas: Analysis, On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimizations.
These search keywords help us to define who your target audience is and what that audience is looking for on the web. We also lead the way for our customers when it comes to capturing their target keywords and developing their SEO Optimized website. We start with the Keywords you would like to target for your website and estimate their Search Engine potential. We advise on all aspects of Seach Engine Optimizations, from site development to robots.txt file and sitemap. It's often not given the level of expertise & time it deserves, but link building is still the fundamental signal used within serach engine scoring. Infographics can easily present large amounts of important data about your business in a very compact and concise manner. This essentially means there is less focus on keyword saturation and more focus on whether or not the written content is actually relevant to the search keywords. Auxano has been influencing digital marketing trends with elegance and character throughout the world.
These search terms are the keywords and key phrases that will be used to market your web site. For an online business to succeed, it needs visibility and recognition in search engines (both local and international), which serve as the main source of targeted traffic.
Local Search Positioning connects you to a network of highly relevant websites in your local area and beyond, all of which are properly categorized for easy link building between like businesses.

Local Search Positioning's formula combines machine automation and human monitoring, which equates to high search engine rankings that last.
Imagine having the power to automatically build inbound and reciprocal links and generate high quality content without modifying your website's existing content! Searchers will find out that Go consistently provides quality results in response to lots of general and broad searches, thanks to its ESP search algorithm. Inktomi provides LookSmart with search results whenever a search fails to find a match from among LookSmart's reviews. The main listings for Lycos come from the Open Directory project (ODP), and then secondary results come from spidering the web.
MSN Search also offers a unique way for Internet Explorer 5 users to save previous searches.
But, some people may feel that by having indexed fewer pages, WebCrawler provides less overwhelming results in reply to general searches. It is the largest human-compiled guide to the web optimization, employing about 150 editors in an effort to classify the web.
SEO is the Digital Marketing initiative of getting direct traffic from the "free" "organic" and "natural" search results on search engines.
By having an innovative and highly effective SEO strategy can catapult your business website into the top 10 SERPs. This is especially useful for Marketing Restaurants, Cafes, Doctors, Lawyers and many other location based products or services. Search Engine Optimization is an important part of this Digital Marketing Budgetary Allocations. A basic evaluation of your website can point out the leaks and weak-points that can be addressed to get your webpages to the top of search result rankings. Auxano has proven to be hitting the nail on the head everytime with all of it's complex projects. Additionally, their brand is now well recognized and respected in the market enabling them to take the lead in introducing many new fabrics through their website.
We advise clients what content they will need to create, and how that content should be written and visual elements presented. Then based on those keywords, we provide an alternate list of keywords that can provide higher visibilty and traffic to your site.
Today 'link building' encompasses content marketing, social media marketing & outreach to get people talking about your unique content and brand. We can easily help bussinesses to generate high-quality content that uses appropriate, relevant and highly targetted keywords and important synonyms for those keywords. Auxano has been at the forefront of technology, innovation and design of new marketing styles. It is not enough for a website to be user-friendlya€”it also needs to be search engine-friendly so as to attract more visitors, and eventually turn them into paying customers. The system manages more than 4 million quality links from over 30,000 unique client websites, many of which are established Canadian businesses that have been with Local Search Positioning for nearly a decade.
This initially free supplemental tool gives you that power and more, as you upgrade to our paid service. Our system doesn't only boost your ratings the first day then leave your site hanging afterwards. 1998, and the company pledged that any person would be able to use information from the directory through an open license arrangement. WebCrawler opened to the public on April 20, 1994 and it was started as a research project at the University of Washington.
Once your site starts showing up in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), your business can benefit from the huge deluge of customers visiting your site for important information about your products.
A company producing or marketing smartphones would easily gain an estimated traffic of atleast 10% (i.e 350,000 visitors monthly) of that traffic by being just in the Top 10 Result Pages (SERPs) of that important keyword in Google.
This global recognition would not just get a sizeable traffic of highly focussed visitors looking for coffee machines, but would also establish your brand as one of the marquee brands providing 'coffee machines' to your valued customers. On the other hand, a manufacturer of coffee machines would like to target the entire world in their SEO strategy as they could easily get enquiries for their coffee machines from customers in all countries of the world. As per latest studies, SEO should ideally be allocated 8% of the Company's Total Marketing Budget. We understand that people in different geographies tend to search for the same product using different keyword combinations and our Keyword Research helps to identify and later target all those strategic keyword combinations.
Creating Unique Content that everyone would like to link to can prove amazing for link building for SEO. Our SEO strategy aims to focus more on uniquely created content rather than the keywords themselves. We motivate you to include your thoughts and business ideals on your website while at the same time molding those ideas into relevant Search Terms thus augmenting the site SEO rankings. Auxano has been instrumental in the creation of business models that permit a quick response to rapidly changing digital marketing needs. Local Search Positioning can help your website become more search engine friendly, providing you with an advanced system that automates redundant search engine marketing tasks like link-building and keyword-generation while maintaining SEO quality through human monitoring. We help you build a solid SEO campaign that will take care of your search engine rankings even as SEO trends change. It was owned by Digital, then run by Compaq, then spun off into a separate company which is at present controlled by CMGI. 1996, was backed by Reader's Digest for about a year, and then company executives bought back control of the India service.
Sites are involuntarily listed in these guides using technology from WiseWire, a company Lycos acquired in early 1998.
America Online purchased it in March 1995 and was the online service's preferred search engine until Nov. We boost SEO results with organic tactics that outlast trends, using your website to build your brand, while helping you to target customers in finding exactly what they need. We can help you increase your website traffic thereby leading to increased leads by targetting the organic search results for your group of selected and high potential keywords. Today, Auxano offers you a vision of your company style and fashion to reflect the company image, created for you as well as with you. We help you establish quality links from relevant businesses, generate quality content, and maintain your position in SERPs. Lycos and AOL Search also make heavy use of Open Directory data, whereas AltaVista and HotBot prominently feature Open Directory categories in their results pages. If a search fails to find a match in Yahoo's own listings, then matches from Google are shown.
1998, Lycos acquired the competing HotBot search service, which continues to be run independently.

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