I’ll kick off this blogpost with a confession—I’m not, and have never been, a sales person.
Each year, we were given a quota of candy bars we had to sell to friends and neighbors to support school programs. When I joined the Customer Success Team at WordStream, my client portfolio included tons of small digital agencies.
So, I embarked on a quest to find a strategy that small agencies, who are not sales-oriented, can use to build their client base.
Before I share this secret-sauce with you, I should point out that the goal of the program is to land a “big fish” account. By starting with a highly qualified audience, you can build a following of people who are in the marketing space that will engage with the content that you share. Once you’ve selected the types of businesses you want to focus on, get to know the ins and outs of their industry. Now that you’ve souped up your online presence and identified whom you wish to target, it’s time for them to get to know you and your brand. Take the time to bling out your profile so prospects can get a good sense of your skills and expertise. Now, you may be wondering, how on earth can you convince these strangers to connect with you? As it turns out, Larry knows a little something about writing persuasive LinkedIn messages. Not only do you, personally, need to get in front of your target audience on LinkedIn, you also need to familiarize them with your brand. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, you can finally begin reaching out to your prospects for a sales conversation. Since your first attempt is the one most likely to yield a conversation, you’ll want need to be prepared from the get-go. As they answer these questions, your prospect will paint a picture of the challenges they’re facing and give you a clear idea of their goals.
As a general rule of thumb, I recommend giving low-quality prospects a minimum of three unanswered touches before abandoning your sales efforts. Regardless of your level of sales prowess, prospects are bound to raise objections during these conversations.
If you prospect a larger account only to be told to check back, keep that organization on your radar. Bermuda Triangle is among those places in the world which are yet to discover by the humans. The death of Princess Diana (a notable figure in British Royal family) also left many conspiracy theories as the visible picture of her death couldn’t be accepted by many theorists. Moon landing was also among those topics that remained in discussion for years only for the authenticity of this claim that the man has landed to the moon. The origin of AIDS is yet a controversial topic for the world and we have heard and learned about numerous conspiracy theories about this topic so far that claim the origination of AIDS.
Social Security can prop you up during you retirement years, but many people feel intimidated by the program. I remember my siblings and me donning our uniforms on Saturday afternoons, strapping huge boxes of candy bars around our necks, and hitting the streets to peddle the candy. During our consulting calls, I started to realize that more of their questions were focused on sales than PPC strategy. Small agencies don’t have the time to dedicate to sell services to a bazillion tiny advertisers—instead, you should be focusing this manpower on actually managing your existing clients’ accounts. First things first, you’ll need to create a couple pieces of amazing content to prove that you are, indeed, an expert in the field.

As they favorite, retweet and reply to your tweets, you’ll gain exposure to their followers, which could even further boost your follower count.
Start by connecting with key prospects on LinkedIn—but first, be sure that your profile looks better than my dad’s.
Be sure to include your AdWords and Bing certifications, in-depth work history and recommendations from colleagues and existing clients. Turn to Larry Kim’s not-so-secret formula for writing irresistible LinkedIn connection requests, which is founded on the principle of the 5 P’s. Unfortunately, this step will require some tenacity; it can be tough to connect with your targets.
As soon as external events like a new funding round, new market entry, or leadership change occur, follow up with information on how what you have to offer can help navigate that change. People generally love spending a lot of their precious times in reading such theories in books as well as online.
It may also happen sometime that the trail is not that visible to you especially if the sky is very clear that day. There are many who believe that these Protocols are actually an anti-Jewish literary forgery that actually unfolds a well-planned Jewish plot to dominate the world. They believe she was killed with Dodi Fayed in a road car accident in 1997 when both were in intention to get rid of photographers in Paris. Many believe (according to conspiracy theorists) that the man never landed on moon on July 20, 1969 but in fact it was a drama designed and played by NASA with the help of some other notable American organizations. This film deliberately covered the theory related to global warming which is yet a controversial topic to many at the moment. But two of such theories are widely accepted by majority of people and experts, therefore are considered more authentic.
Kennedy assassination is the topic which is covered with a lot of conspiracy theories, only for the sake of space.
When I was a kid, I went to a parochial school where the nuns attempted to cultivate our sales skills early-on (or they were just dead set on running successful fundraisers). Unfailingly, an hour or two later, we’d arrive home with empty boxes, not because we’d sold our quota successfully, because we’d given up and just passed the chocolates out to anyone who wanted them. The reality was, these people were highly skilled marketers—they could work wonders in client accounts.
They may even have an entire team dedicated to amplifying their online presence, nominating them for industry awards and boosting their social followings.
To keep costs low, limit your ads to show to a highly-targeted audience using tailored audiences. For example, if you decide to target e-commerce retailers, it’s critical that you’re well-versed in Google Shopping.
You can even boost your Skills & Endorsements section by asking colleagues to endorse you more frequently, in exchange for endorsements from you! According to Larry, if your message is polite, pertinent, personalized, professional and praiseful, the recipient just can’t turn it down.
Instead, you want to get your brand in front of people who are likely to be decision makers for their paid search efforts. According to InsightSquared, the average connect rate is just under 16% for the first contact attempt.
No one wants to pick up the phone and get accosted by an over-rehearsed, gimmicky “elevator pitch.” Instead, be an active listener. All you need to do is show them how your services can bridge the gap from “A” to “B” in “C” amount of time! For those of us who aren’t super sales inclined, continuing to call someone who hasn’t responded to our first message feels invasive.

And finally, I recommend relentlessly pursuing your very best prospects until you are able to connect with them. To see the most common objections we encounter (and how we combat them), check out Margot’s post, Does Google AdWords Work? When she’s able to take a break from paid search, you’ll find her practicing her hula-hooping skills or planning her next trip to Latin America. Definitely not worth giving up when you know someone could be a really good fit :) thanks for commenting! There are numerous investigations that have proved this conspiracy theory as a hoax and plagiarism. I actually mean that though people know about this place but in fact nothing is much known about its mysteries that have happened to many aircrafts, airplanes and ships tried to pass through this triangle. Many theorists believe that this accident was actually a planned accident and both were intentionally killed because British Royal family never wanted to further progress this scandal. Moon landing is yet a controversial topic in which NASA claims Neil Armstrong was the first person landed there. Channel Four broadcast this documentary to be viewed by British viewers on August 12, 1990.
Many believe (as mentioned in one theory) that AIDS is the result of a biological weapon created and used by Pentagon only in intention to lower population in United States in the lower-class citizens. Since then, a lot of speculation has been written and observed in this topic by the people and researchers. This American president was riding in Dallas, Texas in a motorcade when someone shot him to death. If you can score just a few big spenders, you can focus the majority of your time to doing what you love—managing paid search.
You, too, need a stellar online reputation if you want to compete with these mega-agencies.
You can even take this one step further and get to know exciting new betas that are pertinent to them. I wrote each of them thoughtful messages (that included all 5 P’s) and, sure enough, it worked. If they do respond and say that they’re not interested at this time, ask permission to get in touch again later down the line. Many theorists believe that a cocktail of biological as well as chemical agents are deliberately sprayed by the jets that make this trail. They suddenly and yet mysteriously got disappeared and we still want to know anything about them.
There is a long list of reasons has been made by William Gray for the global warming hysteria. People still have divergent views about Roswell UFO theories on what actually happened there. Though initially Harvey Oswald was recognized as the culprit behind this murder but majority of conspiracy theories didn’t believe it. President along with other notable personalities in his administration deliberately allowed terrorists to make these attacks successful, just in intention to expand their local and foreign policies, expand the police state and militarization support from general public.

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