Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In the old fashion days, if a business wanted to market their brand, they had very limited choices. While some companies are having the consumer in charge of the photography, other brands are experimenting with their reaction to it. In celebration of the 30th anniversary of their line the “G-Shock”, Casio recently held an event in New York City in which people were encouraged to upload photographs of themselves wearing their Casio watches. As the lines between reality and the virtual are being blurred – experiential marketing has evolved into a much larger and more exciting space.
In July, London’s Heathrow Airport developed a futuristic type of travel system for its passengers to enter the airport from the parking area. The meat company had a brilliant idea to market their new product “Butcher Thick Cut Bacon,” when they decided to send comedian Josh Sankey across the country with bacon as his only form of cash.
Oreo created a campaign on Pinterest called the “Daily Twist” in which Oreo lovers carved the cookie into various shapes, took a pic, and pinned it to the wall.
South Africans love soccer, and there is probably nothing they like more, than having control over the game.
Brianna first began writing professionally as a tech writer for an environmental testing firm and later for a digital media company.
The whisky company Ballantine is running an experiential campaign in Switzerland’s Zurich Airport.
Behr offered a campaign called “Paint Your Place” where users could upload a photo of their homes and virtually “paint” them different shades of color that Behr offered. It is proven that successful campaigns of this sort are able to cut through the clutter of everyday life by resonating with the behaviors and emotions of the audience at hand. He was given a truck with 3,000 pounds of the stuff and asked to barter for all of his needs with it.

In one of the best, and well-played, experiential marketing examples, Carling Black Label ran a campaign where they placed unique codes in all of their bottles that prompted consumers to vote for their players and relevant positions via USSD.
Coke Zero’s game is called “Lifecycle,” and is a means of drumming up excitement for the film “Tron,” by promising to help the user become a “Tron Light Cycle.” In essence, all the application seems to be doing is tracking your every move via GPS.
Basically, customers face an intelligent kiosk that “reads” several factors about the person, like their clothing, body stance, and behavior in general.
Recently, Red Bull held a unique concert at the London Eye that involved recreating various “club experiences” from the past and present inside of each capsule.
They ran a two-week campaign that featured an interactive digital billboard, and they placed it at a local shopping center in Kent. Social media was tied in when people around the country were encouraged to use Twitter or Facebook to offer trades to Josh for a tender cut of his delectable treats.
What was brilliant is that on the final day, they teamed with 360i creatives (an agency actually responsible for a lot of campaigns on this list), and created a glass office in Times Square.
The company empowered people to become the coach for a day for two main South African teams, the Kaiser Chiefs and the Orlando Pirates. Experiential marketing has been used in social media now to converge a consumer “experience” with a brand. Users could also browse their catalogues, enter names, or even visit their “Inspiration Library,” (the latter still being part of the site today). Even if you could not make the event, Red Bull streamed it live and claimed it was one of the largest of its kind ever. The pod also engages travelers with information about the various Marriott hotels and their amenities.
Otherwise known as relationship marketing, it is a way to connect a customer to a brand emotionally, through a live event or stunt. The campaign seems to be over, but many are still buzzing about the fun, yet helpful activity that seemed to really boost the paint brand.

The event was promoted weeks in advance on social media platforms, and generated more than 3,000 photos. The event was also supported by the app GigDropper which provides users with the exclusive location of underground club scenes.
As soon as this occurred, brand ambassadors would emerge to reward them with the flavor they had won.
The excitement for the campaign was so ramped he was even able to barter for NASCAR tickets, a concert, and a bacon tattoo. As a result of the successful experiential marketing campaign, they received over 450% growth on their Facebook page alone.
Here are the top ten ways that companies have merged experiential marketing with a social media platform.
The entire campaign is targeted at having the whiskey brand make a presence in airports, and it’s working. This is an example of innovative experiential marketing ideas that are useful across a number of industries, such as fashion and beauty. Each color represents a different type of hotel in the brand, and you can bet Marriott is paying attention to what passengers choose which color pod. Perhaps the best of all, however, was when he convinced the mayor of Cedar City, Utah to change the name to “Sizzle City” for one day.
It is a brilliant form of masking advertising and marketing analysis through a unique customer experience.

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