One of the handful of mobile games to make it onto this list, The Simpsons: Tapped Out deserves a spot because of its ridiculously addictive farming gameplay and gorgeous hi-definition 2D graphics. This pugilistic powerhouse swept us off of our feet and became our reigning king of infinite runners. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the Wii's swan songs and also one of the best RPGs available on the console. Not only was this Trials game amazing, as most of the games in the series are, but now you could play in Excite Bike-like multiplayer. Two rules for this little contest: no overlap allowed between lists, and games are ranked from worst to best. This game is insanely addictive, and, looking at my Steam library right now, I’ve apparently sunk more than 30 hours into it. Vault hunters team up to kill stuff, score loot and engage with some of the year’s best NPCs. This PlayStation Network exclusive is a gorgeous voyage in storytelling, art direction, music and originality. I can’t remember the last time a video game left an impression on me quite like The Walking Dead. The story is minimalist to the same degree as the old games that influenced it, but for those willing to unravel it, there’s an interesting plot about free will there to find. Dragon’s Dogma, a surprising new IP coming in at the end of a console cycle, has a slightly different take when compared to most fantasy titles, putting a strong emphasis on large-scale boss battles and intense, deep combat.
The game’s story is minimal, but it, along with a strong localization effort from Capcom and some truly atmospheric quests, helped build a world that should stand up to a few sequels. Even in a world where the West dominates sales and pushes the industry walls further than ever before, we should not forget that Japan still has the ability to turn a ridiculous idea into a wonderful little video game. Humans have vanished from the Earth, leaving the wildlife to roam the streets of a ruined Tokyo, each species vying for the top link on the food chain through evolution from generation to generation. Of our twelve choices, five are entirely new franchises, four are classic series given new life after lying dormant for quite some time, one is a successful comic book adaptation into a new idea. Dishonored finds a happy ground between what gamers see as original and what the casual fans see as approachable. Bethesda wants to be a bigger player in the publishing market and after a few failed attempts, they’ve finally found an original franchise worth sticking to.
Not to mention the combat is the best the series had seen yet, BioWare finally managing to make the final push into action game territory. There is no question that the first-person genre dominates the video game industry these days. Both EA and 2K Games took a stab at reinventing classic strategy franchises as first-person shooters with Syndicate and XCOM, respectively.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is not only 2012’s most fun and rewarding game for me, but it also proves there is plenty of space on the market for other genres besides shooters. Joey Davidson has been a diehard gamer ever since his dad brought home the family’s NES and a copy of Paperboy. Murder Mystery, The Mad Murderer’s primary competition, is also hanging tough – even moving up to third place in July – with a combined total of 3.6 million play sessions. Guest Defense, ROBLOX’s Top Model, Reason 2 Die, 2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon, and Armored Patrol all found ways to make it to the summer top 15 lists. The Mad Murderer may get the most visits and, because of the volume of players, the most total playtime, but it actually doesn’t have the highest average playtime of the bunch. What you can extract from this information is that successful games command a lot of time from players, and there are many opportunities for developers to make it big — no single genre is a recipe for success or disaster. Facebook Twitter RedditAs the sun sets on the year 2008, we look at the best games of the year. Come on by and ask us to show you our favorites… I bet you won’t be able to beat Paul! With the end of the school year and E3 just around the corner, it’s time to take a look ahead at titles to keep an eye out over the next few months. So there you have it, 10 games and 10 reasons to be excited about what the next few months hold for gaming.
What started out as Homer destroying the town of Springfield via a nuclear blast, turned into one of the most popular freemium games in the market. We had no idea what to expect from Rocketcat Games' fist-fueled adventure, but we sure as hell liked it.
Crashmo is the sequel to 2011's surprise downloadable hit, Pushmo, and it brings something new to the addictive puzzler -- gravity! We might even say that this platformer blurs the line between fun and punishment, giving us a gaming experience that we like to call 'funishment'! Rather than select 12 games and rank them from better to best, we decided to each pick our top four games of the year. It features top-down gameplay and tasks players with getting from one end of each sector to the next while fighting off pirates, boarding rebel scout ships and rescuing NPCs from certain doom. The music, the aesthetics and the relentlessly difficult formula all call back to an almost lost age in gaming. FTL is beautiful, from top to bottom. Gearbox deserves a pat on the back for understanding where Borderlands fell short and delivering on this miscues with their first sequel.
It only lasts two or three hours, but the trip is wonderful. Journey will stand as one of the most memorable games from this era in the medium, and its impact will hopefully be felt for years to come.
While other games try to contextualize their violence, Hotline Miami does the opposite, first offering only the scantest of reasons for the main character to kill, and then having that character questioned as to whether he has any idea why he’s turning all these buildings into pixelated Jackson Pollock paintings. Those first shots of Max—with his hair having migrated off his head and onto his neck—really worried me, along with the move from New York to Brazil and the loss of the series’ iconic comic book cutscenes. The combat stays exciting all the way through the game, and the system makes switching classes fun instead of frustrating. It’s a ridiculous set-up that works on all levels, built with a classic arcade mentality in mind where progression is measured through self-improvement and incremental stat bonuses.
Sure, there are multimillion dollar projects which might have been “technically” better video games than Tokyo Jungle, but at the end of the year, I’m still loading up my save file and leveling up my Golden Retrievers, while a large majority of the mass market appeal AAA games have found their way onto my shelves, most likely to never be played again. If you look beyond the AAA releases of the year, you’ll find 2012 was a wonderful time for originality, contrary to popular belief, and none better summed that up than Dishonored.
It’s a first person experience which can be played both as a straightforward game or an experimental toy-box of fun abilities for bringing all kinds of death on poor city guardsman. The rewards they took on the risk of Dishonored will pay back ten fold down the road, and gambling on a new franchise like it proves once again to be a wise investment more publishers should take the time with. Less interesting party members and fetch quest missions took it one step too far from the original vision, and yes, the final mission coming up way short of the standard its predecessor had set. Popular characters making the ultimate sacrifice, bodies piling up in refugee camps, Reapers laying waste to entire worlds, and every single second of the thrilling Tunchaka mission. BioWare is also still supporting the excellent multiplayer portion of the game with frequent DLC packs and bi-monthly weekend events. Modern warfare shooters fly off the shelves in record numbers, and even RPGs have gamers staring down the ironsights.

The only difference is EA continued with their plan and Syndicate tanked, while 2K Games listened to gamer outrage and adjusted their strategy, turning to a top notch strategy developer to create one of the best and most accessible strategy games in years.
With school on hiatus for a large segment of our community, we see more gamers playing, more builders building, and more developers making games. Different Town of ROBLOXia, despite its own somewhat unassuming name, stayed firmly in second place in both June and July. All of these games are worth noting because they feature similarly entertaining yet wildly different gameplay mechanics.
With the advent of Developer Stats, game creators can now see a more telling measure of how engaging their game is.
Reason 2 Die kept players for an average of 23 minutes per play session, while Armored Patrol almost reached 25 minutes per session, which was, according to our small sample on August 2nd, the most engaging game of the bunch.
I appreciate that you guys at Roblox try to show off the less popular games but they’re always big amazing builds. Though originally scheduled to hit the stores in October 2007, Grand Theft Auto IV was finally released in late April this year. From the time the PlayStation 3 was launched, most of the gamers were waiting for just one game. Gears Of War for the Xbox 360 was released nearly at the same time as the PS3 and Wii were launched. If Xbox 360 had Gears Of War, two years ago, Sony too had Resistance: Fall Of Man for the PS3. Microsoft is hated for the dreaded red ring of death but then you have to accept it that they have got the best marketing team as well as Cliff Bleszinski and Peter Molyneux.
If Nintendo’s motto was to get casual to attract the non-core gamers, then it seems that maxim rubbed of on Sony too, sort of. It’s been nearly two years since the three consoles, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 have been released. When COD 4 was announced, fans were shocked to know that they were taking the series into the future. Yes, it is 2008 and we still have PC exclusives, which apparently could turn out to be a great thing! The survival horror genre is pretty big and Capcom has been ruling it since the day they churned out the first Resident Evil game some twelve years ago. Also, do tell us in via the comment box which games would make it to your list of the top 10 games of 2008?
She gets us all to log into Game Center so she can laugh excitedly when she overtakes our high scores!
With a slew of new releases coming, some a few days after school ends, there are plenty to look forward to and open your wallet for. If people thought 2011 was busy year for games, then clearly they have not seen anything yet.
Factor in all of the great holiday-themed updates and you've got a title that will keep the masses tapping for a while. And honestly, when you have a game with lazer-breathing raptors, a demented dwarf that fights bees, and huge fists made of rocks, what's not to like? That's right, you have to factor in dropping blocks when you move objects around to help Mallo solve puzzles. Adventurers could barely take two steps without being killed by a slow-moving bat or being impaled by wall spikes, but the feeling of accomplishment that came from making it to the exit made all of the headaches worth it. The story might seem like your typical JRPG fare, but it handles everything with style and panache. This title gave us even cooler towers, more badass toys, and maps that kept us tapping for ages. This added team member could lay down blocks to help their friends or to stun enemies, bringing a whole new dimension of fun to the game. That meant that I produced a top 11 of 2011 that really only captured my favorite games of the year. The DLC has been wonderful so far, and I fully anticipate a few more romps through this violent world in 2013. It plays with the idea of what it is to be a warrior in today’s political climate, where you control Walker, a highly trained, smart soldier who wants to do what’s right but is only one man with a small crew, trapped in radio blackout caused by massive sandstorms, working with limited intelligence. But, in taking away so many of the things that made Max what he was and putting him in a new, unfamiliar environment, Rockstar highlighted the core of the most beat-up man in gaming, even playing with gaming tropes, using them to get into Max’s head. In fact, it was enough for me to not only finish the game once, but twice over, including the massive post-game dungeon that really highlights just how well the real-time combat works. BioWare’s vision of a galaxy on the brink of catastrophe could not have been realized any clearer.
It’s also become a bastion for reviving any old franchise into a guns blazing shooter, a trend that has irked the fans of other genres, especially strategy games. His success is part business savvy, part content updates that revitalize the game just as soon as you think it’s going to slip, and largely a game that’s exciting and gratifying. Work at a Pizza Place continued its revival, while Boys Vs Girls Island Wars and Beach House Roleplay had strong showings. From wave survival and fashion shows to military vehicle warfare and humans-versus-zombies, these games cover a huge range of gameplay – yet all of them have found legitimate success on ROBLOX. We selected six games from the top 15 summer charts, representing a large swath of genres, and dug into their average playtime on Saturday, August 2nd to see what types of games hold players’ attention the best.
Though a small number of titles were delayed to 2009, a huge amount of games hit the shelves. The game got phenomenal reception and some even went on to compare GTA IV to the Godfather movies of yore. The shooter proved to be very popular with the Xbox 360 gamers (as Microsoft and Epic Games had anticipated). Just like Microsoft, Sony chose to release the sequel to the first person shooter in November this year.
Back in September this year, Crytek and Electronic Arts teamed up and launched Crysis: Warhead.
In case you do not know what titles to spend your time playing, this list should help narrow it down.
This is the de facto game for the average college student, due to how much content is packed into the game as a way of compensating for the lack of change in game mechanics. The next entry sends players to another island, with inhabitants that seem to have lost touch with the rest of the world, and the player caught in the middle of all them.
The newest ancestor in this game is Connor Kenway, a half-English, half-Mohawk living in Valley Forge with his mother’s Mohawk tribe, but an outcast from both worlds.
The characters available will be series veterans Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield, along with newcomer Jake Muller.
Instead, players will fill the role of War’s brother, Death, who is one his own mission to discover who framed his brother for the events of the first game.
For “Max Payne 3,” Rockstar takes the titular character out of the dark streets of New York City and drops him in the gang-infested streets of Sao Paolo, Brazil.

While the game will retain the same squad focused game play in both single and multiplayer, the period of time allows for the use of new weapons and gadgets that the military may be developing right now.
Now, it is time to return to the planet Pandora in “Borderlands 2.” Set some time after the events of the first game, players now have a new set of characters to pick from for single player or co-op mayhem. Players take the role of Booker Dewitt as he explores the city in search of a mysterious and powerful woman named Elizabeth to take her away from Colombia. But now it's all come down to this moment -- when we crown the games that left the biggest marks on us during the year. This little title can have you rearranging blocks for hours on end, with little regard for anything else, which is why it deserves a place on our 25 Best Games of 2012 list. Mark of the Ninja was a slick, 2D indie game that had us sneaking around like harbingers of death waiting in the shadows.
The lone protagonist, capable of extreme violence, too, recalls Ryan Gosling’s character in a way.
Over time, it becomes clear that Walker may not be as fit a soldier as he initially appears.
Max himself, unbeknownst to those of us playing Max Payne 2, was there, present and aware, for all those kills, all those pills. Max Payne 3 is here to remind us that when it comes to games heavy with slow-mo bullets, this series is the cream of the crop. Not only did we set a record for engagement time in July (with more than 65 million total hours logged), but in both June and July more than 12 individual games amassed one million+ play sessions. The gaming populous of ROBLOX has a wide variety of tastes, and just about any kind of multiplayer game can have a happy home in ROBLOXia. Everyone in roblox is just to stupid to realize it and now The Mad Murderer is the top game! The games that hit the shelves, some of them lived up to the expectations, while some turned out to be duds. The action game was released for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 initially and the PC version was launched earlier this month. Well, Resistance 2 released a few weeks ago and the PS3 gamers obliged as the game has gone on to sell lots and lots of copies.
The game was developed by Media Molecule but many chose to call it more of a platform rather than a game.
Call Of Duty: World At War was released in November this year and quickly became a favorite of the Call Of Duty fans. Well, 2008 saw them release Dead Space, a survival horror game for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the PC platforms.
Treyarch, the B studio behind the “Call of Duty” games set outside of the “Modern Warfare” universe, is developing this year’s entry.
The game will have three main areas to explore: Boston, New York City and the Frontier, an area of woods and hills were most exploration is done.
While giving players these three perspectives, the game also brings the franchise into modern times with better controls and mechanics, including the simple addition of moving when shooting.
Death then travels to a place called the Nether Realms, a place between Heaven and Hell, to call in some favors and discover the truth. The game is looking to keep noir feel of the originals, with Max narrating his journey through Sao Paolo as a private security provider.
Instead, 343 Studios have taken up the mantle of making the next installment in this franchise.
While the looting and leveling up have remained somewhat the same, there will be a greater emphasis on gun manufacturers, with the goal of each maker’s guns to feel different from their competitors. The game goes back to the guided openness of the first game, with players exploring a level in search of new weapons and tonics to survive not only the warring inhabitants, but the machines and creatures that roam the sky city as well, hunting Booker and Elizabeth as they try to escape. While it may not be as celebrated as Skyrim, this massive game gave us the freedom to explore a beautifully rendered world and fight in seamless ways that mixed all kinds of play styles. It’s engaging without glorifying war, something so many other war games can’t help but do.
The pounding soundtrack by HEALTH and the Tony Scott-style direction round the game out to make Max Payne 3 some of Rockstar’s best work this generation. On top of that, players logged more than 130 million play sessions across all games in July.
A controversy did surround the platformer when it was going to be released but Sony sorted it out and now LittleBigPlanet has gone on to sell more than a million copies.
The third person shooter was critically acclaimed for the gameplay and the gamers too loved the Ishimura, the Necromorphs and Isaac Clarke as well as the weapons.
The belief with Treyarch’s next entry is that it will be a direct sequel to their 2010 release, “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” which put players in the boots of a Cold War era, CIA agent.
Ubisoft has worked on constructing a world where the people inhabiting it are the real center of attention, not just the next mission the player has to do.
The player will also get a chance to interact with historical figures like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, but must refuse to take sides with either the Red Coats or Patriots. While the game keeps some of the staples of the original, like bullet time and painkiller, it brings it to a modern, fast-paced design to keep the players engaged. So plan your strike when “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier” is released May 22 for 360, PS3 and PC. This next game is also to be the first in a new trilogy of Halo games coming from 343 Studios, which they have dubbed the “Reclaimer Trilogy.” Along with refined controls, popular multiplayer and a fresh visual overhaul, there is plenty to look forward to this fall. That, along with a suite of new abilities with each character gives even more incentive for players to jump back. With another potential Game of the Year waiting thanks to this game, it is hard not to be excited about the possibilities.
The other possibility kicked around is a “Call of Duty” set in the future, creating a brand new universe for the studio to explore. Death fills the role of a finesse character, relying on his agility and speed rather than the brute force approach for War. Jump back into action with Chief and Cortana when “Halo 4” is released November 6 for Xbox 360.
Though many are still calling the game a disappointment, we feel Spore has provided gamers with an enthralling experience. One way or another is ready to answer the call for a ninth time when “Call of Duty 9” is released Nov. So witness Death’s journey when “Darksiders II” is released in August for 360, PS3 and Wii U.

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