I recently had the opportunity to attend one of the world’s biggest packaging shows (Interpack) and see first hand why it was such an important show for so many businesses. Taking place every three years, Interpack covers all 17 halls of the Dusseldorf Messe and runs for six days, drawing over 160,000 visitors, thousands of exhibitors and the world’s trade media.
You would expect to find major equipment manufacturers selling machinery used in the packaging process, but alongside them were companies representing the dozens of packaging sub-sectors, from films, labelling, retail, paper, card, rolled aluminium, automation, logistics, distribution, food manufacturing and more.
Each of these has its own micro market with trade shows and trade media covering all areas of the world, but rather than being scared away, they elected to invest in Interpack for a number of reasons.
Rather than attending lots of small shows, as might be your strategy, why not consider going large and heading for where the majority of the people go, staying true to the objectives of your business, targeting the right people with the right message at the right time in the right place. Flicking through the uploads on Slideshare, it’s clear the assembled throng in Texas are getting through a lot over the last few days.
For those who might not be familiar, South by SouthWest is a creative showcase that until recently was better known the arts – film and music. Sadly not for me, with advance tickets costing anything between $450-$750 for the five day Interactive stream alone. A little lighter, and with useful advice for when we attend any large scale trade show, is Abby Covert’s short animated deck offering tips to noobs (for Brits read newbies) attending SXSW for the first time.
Finally, a deck from Lynne Johnson giving a useful look ahead at the latest developments in Augmented Reality (AR). I’d love to hear from any UK marketers that made it out to SXSW and whether they thought the event was worthwhile? Trade show organisers have probably had to work harder than anyone else during the recession.
But done well, with appropriate consideration given to pre-event traffic generation, trade shows can be your most profitable marketing mix tool. I tackled this very issue in a recent post following my experience at the Total Packaging show in Birmingham. From a metrics perspective, there is a lot that you can do to measure the effectiveness of attending an exhibition. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it will give your trade show planning greater clarity and focus.
I recently had occasion to attend a trade show in Birmingham, visiting a client who was exhibiting their wares and I also used it as an opportunity to research the particular sector and to talk to some of the leading players. I deliberately picked the second day to maximise time with influencers and decision makers on stands (they would simply have been too busy on day one). Trying to spin this experience (and fourteen years of managing trade show attendance) into some positives, here is my take on getting the most from trade show attendance.
Gartner Group cites that a one percent increase in client retention rate can actually go up by as much as eight percent.
There are endless ways to capitalize on social media marketing and that number is just going to keep going up.
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There is a direct link between the factors influencing price setting and a company’s marketing strategy. Is the company entering a new market and hoping to attract customers’ attention and gain acceptance? Is the company seeking to maximize the market opportunity by addressing all portions of the available market?
Is the market so far away that the company wants to minimize the administrative and operational costs of selling? Flexible, or variable, pricing involves offering identical products to different customers in the market at different prices.
Another group, such as middle-income earners, may be more concerned about getting value for money.
How high a price is depends on a customer’s bargaining ability, which in turn depends on the level of competition. By addressing all possible market sectors, companies can maximize returns on their export investment and market position within a specified period. Flexible pricing to a distribution network requires particular caution. The company’s distributors may hear of this practice and resources may be tied up in extended bargaining for the lowest prices. There is also a natural inclination to divert supplies of the product from the lower to the higher priced territories. Companies using static or uniform pricing offer the same price to all customers. Benefits of this strategy include the ease of administration and the customer goodwill created by such a policy.

The main disadvantage is that a rigid uniform pricing policy can easily be matched or undercut by competitors. The penetration strategy aims to capture market share by initially offering customers a low price.
The target market becomes familiar with the product, accepts it, and ultimately comes to rely on it. For example, the very first Japanese goods to enter North America several decades ago were offered at extremely low prices.
Once the Japanese were established in the North American marketplace, however, they began to emphasize superior quality.
The success of this strategy can be seen in consumer electronics, where Japanese and Asian manufacturers now dominate the North American marketplace.
Other Asian countries quickly imitated the Japanese strategy and, in some cases, overtook the Japanese.
International trade agreements prohibit the sale of goods at prices that are lower than the costs of production and delivery. If they wish to avoid costly litigation, companies pursuing a strategy of penetration pricing should exercise caution.
With a price-skimming strategy, the company charges a high price in an attempt to maximize returns on a new product before competition materializes.
For example, the developers of a new technology (a more powerful computer, a new way of recording sound or video) will have incurred significant R&D costs that they will want to recover as quickly as possible. They will also want to get whatever returns they can from their innovation before competitors figure out how to imitate it. Because they have not incurred those R&D costs, imitators can easily offer the product at a lower price and still make a profit. Where demand is uncertain, high prices can establish an initial fix on the level of demand and then be reduced later as appropriate. Companies need to think carefully about how long they have to pursue their strategy and what market position, if any, they hope to be able to maintain once competition appears. Being the innovator that first brought the product to market may ultimately be less appealing than being the quality or the low-cost provider to mass markets. About Latest Posts Ewan RoyContent Marketing Specialist at Forum for International Trade Training (FITT)I'm a Content Marketing Specialist for the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT). You raise profile by swimming with bigger, more established fish and casting your net wider.
Attending the major show might cost more, but the media will be in attendance and looking for new product and new application stories. You can create and develop relationships with the media, increasing the likelihood of greater exposure further down the line.
The real draw of the exhibition environment is in the live trial and live demonstration of product.
Target major contractors you want to introduce yourself to before the show (especially useful if you are a parts supplier). More recently the technology and digital marketing crowd have come together and formed an interesting stream at the event. But here are my top three picks from the unofficial SXSW presentation channel (email subscribers and RSS readers will need to visit the blog page for this one). The expenditure in this area is often the first thing scrapped in a marketing budget review as extravagant. Working through the following thought process throws up things to consider and the metrics to be employed to measure them. They are an expensive, time consuming and resource draining element of the annual plan but done well, can energize or re-energize a tired sales force, a disinterested distributor network, or disengaged customer base. I think more and more people are attending shows as a delegate, opting to go about their information and contract trawl in a much more clearly defined, but guerrilla, manner. It became quickly apparent to me that many of the exhibitors were experiencing poor levels of traffic and interest. Take space only and design a stand that reflects the importance of the market to your business.
Brief your stand personnel on what to plug, how to act, and ensure they are always mindful of looking open, engaging & interested. Whether or not you have completed a strategic plan for 2014 here are some questions that can help you better address your marketing efforts and think ahead.
Once you know who your best clients are, you can begin to map out ways to find more of them. An important part of your marketing plan is addressing client retention – and you’ll get a better payoff then just looking at customer acquisition. Eighty-four percent of marketers who are not succeeding in content marketing haven’t documented their strategy. You may need to invest a little bit, or you may be able to utilize something like Google Analytics. Presencia de productos HUS y Competencia Registro de ventas por clientes Registro de abastecedor de la zona Semanalmente se emiten reportes gerenciales considerando: Clientes visitados vs impactados (Efectividad diaria) Presencia de HUS antes y despues de la visita de la patrulla Huggies (Presencia ganada con la patrulla) Presencia numerica de HUS y la Competencia Nivel de cobertura de los abastecedores de la zona.
Presencia de productos HUS y Competencia Registro de abastecedor de la zona Semanalmente se emiten reportes gerenciales considerando: Clientes visitados vs impactados (Efectividad diaria) Presencia de HUS antes y despues de la visita de la patrulla Huggies (Presencia ganada con la patrulla) Presencia numerica de HUS y la Competencia Nivel de cobertura de los abastecedores de la zona. 2,000 personas Muestreo de 1,200 Panales y entrega de Volantes Carrera de Bebes Gateadores: Exposicion de Marca Desarrollan la motricidad del Nino, participaron 700 ninos Exposicion de Marca en el segmento CD del Mercado, asistieron aprox. If the company wants customers to view its products as luxury or quality goods, it should price accordingly.
If so, it should charge whatever the market will bear before competitors drive down prices.
In essence, the seller positions the product differently, pointing out different sources of value to different groups of customers.

It may be possible to charge this group a high price by positioning the product as an imported luxury item.
The company would use mid-range pricing and position the product as offering quality or durability.
With static pricing, there is no possibility of capturing every part of the market continuum. The company foresees that larger market share will enable it to achieve greater economies of scale.
In addition, as marginal competitors are forced out because they cannot match the low price, the original producer faces less competition. Then the company can slowly increase price and generate higher profits over time.
In the 1950s and 1960s, “Made in Japan” was a byword for cheap and often shoddy merchandise. Since costing is often inexact, considerable controversy can arise over what should be charged. The disadvantage is that the higher the pricing, the more attractive the opportunity will appear to competitors.
Enhance your knowledge and credibility with the leading international trade training and certification experts.
My background is in writing and research, and I am passionate about communicating new ideas and telling stories that matter to you. From pop up iPad stores to interviews with heavyweight marketing and business alumni, SXSW is now an important stop on the technology marketing circuit. This isn’t a surprise given most companies attending trade shows fail to manage their attendance properly from the outset.
The lion’s share of your new business still comes through word of mouth, endorsement and personal selling, so it makes sense to be right in the heart of any gathering of your clients and customers. In these recessionary times, I’ve deliberately kept to the tangible lead generation focused activities. Having a Total Project Cost will allow you to start to consider cost per enquiry and allows you to start to work out how many enquiries (and convertible orders) are required to cover the investment of attending. Plug in your rough order value and calculate how many orders will be needed to cover this cost and then ideally turn a profit. Allocate enquiries to each element of pre-show marketing (personal sales call, invite, email, visit to site, online registration).
Some times it is important to attend a trade show to build or protect profile and reputation. Most were quick to bemoan the show, its organisers, their promotion methods, and the decline of UK trade shows in general.
Surprisingly obvious, but despite waning interest, how many companies (yours included) persist with certain shows in a bid to keep up appearances?
Don’t be so vague as to have a simple enquiries target – cut it by product, sector, customer type, geographical market or sales rep. If the UK packaging sector is your number one sector, reflect it by having a corner stand open on 2-3 sides, some good height and visual branding, hospitality space and on stand promotions and Meet the Expert type events. Like in any other walk of life, they can give you a great spot next to the seminar hall, near the entrance or near the coffee bar, advance notice and deals on showguide advertising, ad banners on the website and in promotional emails, and opportunities to join the conference program.
There really is nothing worse than the two suited guys clogging the stand, talking to each other or tapping into a laptop.
Yes, it’s a tough sell, especially if PR is not one of your strong suits, but by getting editors warmed up to you as a business and what you do, it makes it easier to get releases placed in the future and can help you position yourself as an expert when they write features about the things you excel at. Figure out what it is you need to be tracking – are you looking to increase your online presence or your new customer rate? You may have a lot more questions to answer before the plan is finalized but you’ve got to start somewhere. Si nos compra HUGGIES le vamos a Instalar un Exhibidor que va a permitir que sus clientes vean que Ud.
This means that its costs of production will come down, thereby opening up the margin for profit. Those that are in a position to do this must watch that they do not price so low that they violate a country’s antidumping laws. They are not ruthless about why they are attending and what they want to get out of the show. The rules of high impact PR apply throughout, so ‘new’ always works best and attracts the most interest.
This gives you a minimum of four ways to set lead generation metrics, and informs what you should do next to promote your attendance at the show, to who, and by who. In this instance, arrange meetings with trade publishers and editors in advance and set a metric on that, reviewable 3 months and 6 months after the show in terms of PR coverage.
Worryingly, few accepted their role in promoting their own attendance at the show and too many stand personnel were quick to offer sweeping statements without really ascertaining who I was or what I was interested in. Everyone knows word of mouth and referral are the best, and easiest routes to new business.
Stage an event or give a presentation within the trade show and use the sign up to this as a metric. Add it to your website, stationery, advertising, emails, press releases, invoices, statements etc. Above all, set up a specific Internet landing page and employ Google Analytics to give you a thorough assessment of this.

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