One of our destination experts will get in touch with you to understand your requirement exactly. Enter your contact details and we will plan the best holiday suiting all your requirements. To obtain trademark protection in India, an application for an India trademark have to be filed before the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks (CGPDTM). In India, national filing with Indian authority is the only way to get trademark protection.
An applicant needs a local address for service in India, or an Indian representative to file the India trademark. The duration of an India trademark registration is 10 years from the date of registration and can be renewed for periods of 10 years. An owner has to use a registered India trademark in India within 5 years from the registration date. Trademark Registration India services provided by TMPsearchers are guaranteed to match the best in the industry and guaranteed to be lowest cost Trademark Registration services in India. To protect your trade name or brand name or Logo you have to file an application for trade mark registration. However, the R within a circle mark ® can be used only after the trademark is registered.
Before filing an application for trademark registration, a search of the existing trademarks should be done to identify any similar trademark already filed. Name, age, Father's name, address, nationality, contact numbers of the authorized signatory (in case of a corporate). If the applicant is a partnership firm, Name, address, nationality, contact numbers of all the partners must be given. Description of good or services and whether the mark is already in use or proposed to be used.
Our charges are for the trademark application and process for trademark registration does not include any third party opposition to your trademark application. We will receive within the next 3 days your trademark application number allotted to your trademark application.
Expect three to six months to pass before the office takes up your application for trademark registration for an initial review and then they will send an Examination Report for Trademark Registration within the first six to nine months of filing. We will file a response to office action and ask for a personal oral hearing before the Registrar of Trademarks within one month of the office action on your application for Trademark Registration. Expect another nine months to fifteen months to pass before the oral hearing opportunity is scheduled by the Trademark office. If No Trademark opposition is filed the trademark application will be automatically granted and the certificate of Trademark Registration will be sent to us in Months 30 to 36 by the office.
If trademark opposition is filed the application for trademark registration is converted in to a Trademark opposition case and it is treated as a contested case and separate procedures and separate charges apply.
So until the end of 24 months from now you are not going to have any trademark opposition from any one.
The moment an application for trademark registration is filed you can put TM on the top right hand corner of your mark and market your goods.
When a Trademark is Examined by the Trademark Examiner the following sections of the Trademark Act are considered.
Provided that a trade mark shall not be refused registration if before the date of application for registration it has acquired a distinctive character as a result of the use made of it or is a well-known trade mark.
For the purposes of this section, the nature of goods or services in relation to which the trade mark is used or proposed to be used shall not be a ground for refusal of registration. In the case of honest concurrent use or of other special circumstances which in the opinion of the Registrar, make it proper so to do, he may permit the registration by more than one proprietor of the trade marks which are identical or similar (whether any such trade mark is already registered or not) in respect of the same or similar goods or services, subject to such conditions and limitations, if any, as the Registrar may think fit to impose.
Provided that where the applicant or any of the joint applicants does not carry on business in India, the application shall be filed in the office of the Trade Marks Registry within whose territorial limits the place mentioned in the address for service in India as disclosed in the application, is situate. In addition to these sections used by the Tradmark Registry you must also be careful about committing a Trademark Infringement by using a mark in commerce. Trademark should not be a misspelled version of the existing Trademark of any goods or services.
Trade Name of a company should not be identical with or similar to a Registered Trademark for the same type of goods or If the Registered Trademark is a Well Known Trademark for any type of goods or services.
You can understand the amount of training and knowledge needed to do a professional Trademark Search.
It would be very difficult for anyone who is not aware of the case law on the subject matter of Trademark Registration to do Trademark Search. TMPsearchers provide International Trademark registration services for its clients in US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Uk, European Community, China, Mauritius, South Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia and Japan and other countries. India Patent Registrations In India the Patent Registration is done under the Indian patent act 1970. We provide Patentability, Novelty , Freedom To Use, State Of The Art, Validity And Patent Portfolio Assessment of competitors and comprehensive IP audit. Patent Pending status is obtained by filing a provisional patent application which also gets you the priority date for the invention.
A complete specification contained in a non – provisional application has to be filed within 12 months of filing of the provisional application. Our Patent Drawings have been accepted by both USPTO and PCT International Search Authorities in earlier applications.
We ensure that the drawings which also form an important part of the patent applications are upto the international standards and meet the requirements of the rules set forth by the USPTO or WIPO while filing the applications.
A non-provisional application requires a detailed description of the invention,claims,an oath or declaration,any drawings to better explain the invention together with the associated forms including Invention Disclosure Statements with supporting documents and the filing fee. By filing for a >PCT Patent Application,also known as International Patent Application the inventor can claim the same filing date as in the country of first filing and protect his invention in all countries which have acceded to the PCt.
The filing of a PCT Patent Application simplifies the process of patent filing in multiple countries. TMPSearchers retains licensed India Patent Agents and Attorneys and provides assistance in India specific Patent Services.

TMPSearchers is the Only Website that offers Automated Free Patent Alerts for the patents filed by your competitors or in your technical discipline and published in the Patent Office Journal.
The procedure for filing a Pct National Phase Application together with the fees and forms required are stated in a detailed way in India Patent Act and India Patent Rules. At the copyright registration office indexes of register and the copyright register is kept for public at all reasonable times be open to inspection,and any person shall be entitled to take copies of,or make extracts from,such register or indexes on payment of such fee and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed under the copyright act. The author or publisher or the owner of or other person interested in the copyright,any work may make an application in the prescribed form accompanied by the prescribed fee to the Registrar of Copyrights for entering particulars of the work in the Register of Copyrights. A domain Dispute resolution complaint can be filed when any one tries to obtain a domain name which is identical to your domain name or where the domain name is identical to your Trademark.
Government Office is receiving 2,00,000 TradeMark Applications every year,  29,00,000+ total trademark applications at present.
Trademarks in India are registered under the Trademark Act, 1999 by the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. TradeMark Registration provides statutory right to the trademark owner protect their trademark.
A trademark is a visual symbol which may be a word to indicate the source of the goods, a signature, name, device, label, numerals, or combination of colors used, or services, or other articles of commerce to distinguish it from other similar goods or service originating from another. A trademark search is a review of various information, including trademark databases, and occasionally commercial and marketplace resources, typically designed to determine whether a particular trademark is available for (a) use without risk of infringement of the rights of a prior user or registrant, and (b) registration, referring to the criteria for registrable trademarks under local laws.
It is highly recommended to conduct a trademark search before filing for a trademark registration application to ensure that there is not a prior existing mark similar to yours that could prevent your mark obtaining registration. Once it is found out that the proposed trademark does not conflict with any other trademarks available at the Registry, a trademark application is filed at the Trademark Office.  Now the Trademark application can be filed for more than one class of goods in one application.
After filing, Trade Marks Registry will then examine the mark to ensure it meets the requirements for registration in India.
If the Registrar objects or wants fulfillment of certain conditions, a Response is sought from the Applicant.
When the Trademark is advertised in the Trademark Journal, then third party can oppose the registration of the Trademark within the 3 months from the date of the Trademark journal made available to the public. A person who has used the same or a similar Trademark prior to the client, but who has not sought registration of the Trademark.
If there are no oppositions within 4 months from the date of advertisement in the Trade Marks Journal, then the trademark registration certificate will issue. The registered trade mark continues to enjoy all the rights which vest in an unregistered trade mark.
An International trademark (Madrid system) is possible because India is not a member of international trademark system (Madrid system). After filing the application, the authority will start the examination for the India trademark application. If the India trademark has not been used for 5 consecutive years, the trademark may be subject to cancelation. We guarantee the that we provide the best quality of the work and employ highly trained and Experienced Attorneys, Paralegals and consultants to handle your Application for Trademark Registration. You can start using the TM mark in the top right hand corner of your trade mark as soon as the application for Trademark Registration is filed. If there are similar trademarks already filed, the Trade Mark registry will not approve your application. If the Office Issues a Negative Examination Report we have to file a Response to Examination Report, possibly an Amendment to the application and a supporting affidavit by the applicant and we also have to attend a Hearing before the Office.
The fee under Step II would be charged if there is a need when the examination report is received from the office ( 4 to 8 Months). We will scan it and send it to you along with the link where you can see the status of the progress in your case. When we present our arguments the Registrar of Trade Marks will direct the application for Trademark Registration to be amended or require some other proof provided before he directs the application for Trademark Registration to be advertised in the Trade Marks Office Journal for public notice and possible Trademark opposition. A period of 4 months is available to third parties to oppose your application for Trademark Registration. Fee is charged for the Trademark Oppositions are significant since about 100 Attorney hours are needed to handle an Trademark opposition. TM in India signifies that you have applied for the trademark registration and the same is under consideration of the Trademarks Office. In addition to these basic principles of Law there are a very large number of cases which provide additional insight in to the requirements for a positive search and you can understand why doing a thorough search is needed before finalizing your mark.
It is not just a question of looking at a free database to see if identical words are present for identical goods or otherwise but requires a significant expertise in this specific branch of Law. We have associate law firms in about 60 countries of the world and we can ensure that your get international trademark Registration in many countries of the world.
The registration can be done with the help of a patent attorney,authorized by the Indian patent office.
We use multiple databases to provide a comprehensive search report that includes chemical structure search and analysis and gene sequence searches. Please see India Drawing Requirements,PCT Drawing Requirements and USPTO Drawing Requirements. The requirements for a provisional and non-provisional application vary depending upon the nation in which they are being filed.
PCT involves two phases,the International Phase and the entry to National Phase in the designated countries. We prepare and assist to file applications for our clients either as PCT patent applications (National Phase) or as Convention applications or as a complete specification contained in a Non Provisional Patent Application.
We also prepare responses to Non-Final rejections and closely follow case law in US and India. Since India acceded to the PCT in 1998 the extent of Patent Information made available online haS increased dramatically. By copyright registration your original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematograph films,and sound recordings could be protected from unauthorized translation or reproduction. By way of copyright Registration your original literary,dramatic,musical and artistic works, cinematograph films,and sound recordings were protected from unauthorized translation or reproduction.

The Register of Copyrights shall be prima facie evidence of the particulars entered therein and documents purporting to be copies of any entries therein,or extracts there from certified by the Registrar of Copyrights and sealed with the seal of the Copyright Office shall be admissible in evidence in all courts without further proof or production of the original. On receipt of application in respect of any work under from the owner or the author of the original literary,dramatic,musical and artistic works,cinematograph films,and sound recordings,the Registrar of Copyrights may,after holding such inquiry as he may deem fit,enter the particulars of the work in the Register of Copyrights. We hereby specifically state that we are not connected with the IP office of India in any way whatsoever. Data mining and presentation of information collected from various database searches is the service provided. Only Government work in public domain is republished here for easier and better accessibility and for research purposes as free information to the public. Any registered trademark or under process trademark can be opposition to your trademark application. An application with priority rights shall be filed within 6 months from the date of initial grant of the registration application of the mark in other country.
Examination currently occurs around 8-10 months after filing the application, however it is possible to request an expedited examination by paying extra government fees.
After the filing of the Response, if the same is accepted, the Trademark proceeds for publication in the Trademark Journal. Once registered a trademark will be valid for 10 years thereafter it can be renewed for another 10 years upon paying the government fees.
By registration the proprietor of an unregistered trade mark is converted into proprietor of the registered trade mark. These examinations include a formality examination, a distinctiveness examination and a search for prior registered India trademarks. We are retained by more than 1000 clients in 20 countries of the world and we have obtained hundreds of Trademark Registration certificates for our clients. Hence it is important to search all the existing trademarks filed with and available in the trademark database of the Trade Marks Registry. We have to file separate Trademark application for goods and services falling in different Trademark classification.
Your trademark application is likely to be updated to the database within one month and then you can follow online the progress in your case.
We cover all the needs of our clients beginning from Trademark Registration Search, Filing of Application for Trademark Registration, Trademark oppositions and Appeals. Remember having a positive Trademark Search Report enables you to take decide in a comfortable and confident way whether your application for Trademark Registration is likely to succeed or be objected to by the office or be opposed by others. The provisional application needs the preferred title of the invention,substantial disclosure of the invention by way of a written description and at least one drawing along with the names of the Inventors and applicant. Once the application containing the complete specification has been filed it is published after 18 months from the filing date.
We also provides copies of India patent Specifications for granted patents for a nominal fee. We also provide Litigation Support services including Case Law Research and preparing Law Memos.
Copyright office has a register in which the copyright is entered the names or titles of works and the names and addresses of authors,publishers and owners of copyright.
In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! An appropriate mark which passes all examinations will be published in the Trademarks Journal for opposition purpose. Once a positive Trade Mark search report is obtained, you may apply for your trademark registration. While there cannot be a guarantee that the Trademark Examiner would not object on one ground or another or a competitor would not file a Trademark Opposition against your application for Trademark Registration, it would certainly enable you to predict whether in such event of contest, you are likely to win or not. Alternately a non-provisional application may also be filed to obtain the status of Patent Pending. We assist our clients in filing both provisional and non-provisional applications for the patents. We provide Comprehensive India Trademark Search facility where we conduct a search in the India Trademark Registry covering India Trademark Database that includes all Registered Trademarks already issued with certificates of Trademark Registration and Pending Applications for Trademark Registration whether they are published in the official journal or unpublished.
This low cost paid comprehensive India Trademark Search is conducted in the database of trademarks and service marks that are registered and advertised before acceptance in the Trade mark Journal published by the Trade Mark Registry. Our claim drafting is specifically meant to comply with the requirements of 35 USC 102,35 USC 103 and 35 USC 112.
Please see our India Trade Mark classification page to know to which class your goods or services may belong to.
The claim writing and specification writing is the heart of the patent document and the claims have to be drafted as per the prevalent rules to get adequate protection for the invention. A good representative can assist you to fulfill legal requirements and will raise the chances of a successful registration. We provide India Trademark Registration services and we have experienced India Trademark Attorneys in our panel of consultants. We advise our clients on all aspects relating to patent registration,patent infringement,patentability,patent mapping,patent landscaping,patent alerts and patent invalidation.
We offer Patent Registration Services worldwide and our services are available at affordable prices. Our Low-Cost India Trademark Watch service enables you to utilize our service wherein we watch for any mark conflicting with your trademarks advertised in the India Trademark Journal of India and notify you in time so you can file Trademark Opposition to such marks. In addition we also conduct Trade Mark Enforcement actions and assist to prevent Trade Mark Infringement of your trademarks in India.

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