However in recent months this list has increased, and titles that can be purchased via Steam or Games for Windows Live (or even from physical retailers) can be played by two or more players using gamepads (such as an Xbox 360 or PS3 Sixaxis controller).
Finding a list of such titles shouldn’t be difficult – but for some reason this long-overlooked benefit of PC gaming hasn’t been promoted. Anyone who doesn’t own a console but has a particularly powerful PC would be a potential Windows multiplayer gamer.
These titles come from a variety of genres, so while you might find one game isn’t entirely suitable for you and your friends or family, another game could be perfect. Before getting started and inviting your friends around for some PC-based multiplayer party gaming, sort a few things out. Similarly make sure you have drivers installed for all of the game controllers you’re planning to use, and where necessary the correct profiles for those devices. That’s a great selection of multiplayer games for Windows that covers racing, soccer and athletics, not to mention online gaming, RPGs and strategy titles!

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While it is easy to find online multiplayer titles for Games for Windows, there are only a few titles that feature simultaneous or split-screen multiplayer. The reason for this is simple – veteran PC gamers have for too long been involved in LAN parties and made the inevitable move online. If you have a good selection of friends that enjoy gaming then there are several top gaming titles that you can enjoy on PC to take advantage of multiplayer game functionality. You might try driving games, soccer games, RPGs or even some retro gaming – as a general rule, the majority of multiplayer games on Windows are sports related.

If your PC and TV screen can be connected (your PC might have a HDMI output which should get you started) then you might want to take advantage of this, otherwise make sure your gaming area is tidy and uncluttered, particularly around your PC monitor. Also prepare sufficient seating for your fellow gamers – you don’t want cried of “foul!” when they find they have to stand while you’re sitting! Here at DeviceMAG we take technology very serious, no matter if it’s a small gadget or a new device on the market.

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