Direct mail marketing is creating flyers, leaflets or letters and sending them to your clients. All of the above methods have a place in marketing, for example utilising a professional leaflet distribution agency in your local market can actually give you a big influx of clients in that local area. Refine your list of prospects until you have the name, email, address and contact information of your prospects. Direct marketing allows companies to get into personal touch with their potential customers. Representatives of the company call up potential customer’s numbers and present them their marketing pitch (offer). Brochures and catalogues of companies are sent to home and business addresses using the mail. I was reading The Wall Street Journal one morning about food makers using mobile games to market to children. So, I thought I would use that article as inspiration for an example to teach a quick marketing 101 lesson on the three types of competitors you must account for when marketing your product or service. A direct competitor is a€?someone that offers the same products, with the same end game,a€? Paul said.
A direct competitor is probably what most commonly comes to mind when you think of the word a€?competition.a€? When I was a communications consultant, I used to work with the competitive sales office of an IT company. Spacely Games Example: The Magic Tree House series of childrena€™s books is a replacement competitor for Spacely Games. Of course, Ia€™m being a little idealistic assuming the average 8-year-old in 2012 is really considering reading a book instead of playing a mobile game, but thata€™s my end point.
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Content marketing fulfills customers’ needs for relevant information at every step of the purchase process.
While marketers understand customers’ need to gather information before they purchase, many underestimate the value of providing content to support product usage and how cost effectively content marketing can encourage repeat sales and promote brand advocacy.
Here’s how marketers’ objectives align with customer needs and the information they seek during the buying cycle.
To help create effective content marketing, here are seven types of information customers actively seek.
As a marketer, it’s critical to provide prospects with the information they need to make their purchase decision. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass.
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Seth Godin, one of the worlds leading marketers talks about permission marketing vs interruption marketing and why permission marketing is so much more effective that the latter, especially for start-up or medium sized businesses. If you are a web design agency, then chances are you are looking at small to medium sized businesses that are looking to improve their online presence.
Also ensure these individuals will have the money to pay you for your services, there is nothing worse than finding the perfect prospect that wants to pay you ?30 for your website design services, it’s painful! It is involved in nearly all the stages of product development starting from where the needs of the target market are sensed through research.

The benefit of this kind of marketing is that you get to know your customer’s views first hand. You can also add product pictures to the emails to increase authenticity and also to give the customer more options to make a decision.
The one huge advantage this method is that the company gets to know customer feedback instantly.
It struck me that content marketing has a major effect on how some companies, especially publishers and media companies, must regard their competition. For the sake of this blog post, our company is Spacely Games, and we make mobile games aimed at children. Director of Finance & Operations, MECLABS, who has recently conducted competitive research here at MECLABS. They also make games aimed at children, and seek to derive revenue directly from those games. While it derives revenue from selling soft pretzels and not software, it produces a free mobile game called a€?SuperPretzel Factorya€? as part of its content marketing that children could choose to play instead of the paid offerings from Spacely Games.
Essentially, if children have a free hour in their day, they can either decide to download a game or to read a book. You have to be a bit of an anthropologist and really study your customers to determine what they consider as replacement competition for your products and services. I was a manager of a large retail store and generally spent most of my time focused on the direct competitors.
This is why over 90% of marketers expect content marketing to increase during the next year based on results from an eConsultancy-Outbrain report. Many businesses undervalue the need to offer potential shoppers in-depth content about their products; often posting just the information they’ve received from their suppliers.
Until your prospect gets all of her questions answered, it’s hard to get her to put her money down, regardless of whether it’s a new article of clothing or a multi-million dollar system.  This is what Marcus Sheridan refers to as the secret sauce. If your product lends itself to a community, it can be a great way to respond to prospect questions and provide information that helps close your sale. For businesses that are in the fashion and home decorating categories, it’s helpful to show them how to use your products and combine them. Help your customers use your product better by giving them the recipe or pattern to create their own masterpieces. For example you can create a personalised mail, with the clients name, personalised information and manually send and follow these up. In this article we are gonna look at how you can utilise direct marketing for a web design business.
These people don’t have the knowledge or the time to do it themselves, but they have the money to pay you for your services. I prefer direct mailing with physical letters, as people seem to have a good reaction to receiving a letter with their name on, and as a result the open rates are higher! Instead allow people to contact you back and create a personalised mail before they even meet you! The final process of course is to make the product the accessible to target market and attract them towards it.
However, at times direct marketing types like telemarketing may be considered as evading the privacy of clients which can create a negative image for the brand.

However, does a major influencer on that purchase decision (in this case, the parent) consider a book to be a replacement competitor?
To this end, it’s useful to use photographs and videos to give customers a 360° view of your product. This applies to a wide range of products and target markets including food products like King Arthur’s Flour and Kraftfoods and to many yarn companies like Lion Brand that create special patterns to use with their products. While many marketers are afraid of what they’ll find out about their offering, understand that if you don’t offer this information prospects will get it elsewhere. The next option is semi-personalised mail, these are generally seen when you receive a letter with your name on but there is nothing related to your business, business type or anything to do with what you need or why they contacted you individually.
Telemarketing can at times be annoying for customers when done at inappropriate times or when they are busy. Email is a one way communication method and it is hard to gauge the customer response that you can do in telemarketing.
Salesmen should have the abilities to persuade others to purchase their product so that sales are larger. So we must interview customers, listen to their social media conversations, and understand macro trends to gain an understanding of what choices they are really making. It would be very hard to figure out who the replacement competitors are, but if companies were able to they would get a huge advantage over their competitors. From a content perspective, think photographs and videos or, depending on where you’re located, have in-store events. For many prospects, reviews qualify products – what’s bad for one person is good for another.
Finally is the spammy mass mailings, that you probably receive on a weekly or maybe even daily basis. Actionable Marketing Tactic: If you don’t have a community or plans to create one, ask your current customers for input as to the type of information that they found useful. Additionally, where appropriate, link to the specific product details to make it easy to purchase and make it easy to download the specifics.
Just as the name suggests, this marketing technique includes contacting the potential customer directly through different marketing means. To this end develop a marketing persona.  If you’re still not sure, then ask them what they need to know. Building a list of questions helps ensure that you cover all of the information that’s needed and enables marketers to get support from other areas of the business. Another example: knitting magazines do trunk shows to show readers what the patterns look like in real life.
For example, Kraft not only uses the brand name in the recipe but also includes a small logo in the shopping list.
Our step by step guide explains in detail the concept of direct marketing and its different types.

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