Purpose: You’re tired and stressed — finding good retail sales people is tough, and hiring the wrong retail sales people costs time, money and your reputation. There are two tests available — one for commission-based retail sales, and the other for non-commission retail sales positions. What the Reports Give You: Graphical display of areas covered (see chart), an explanation of the sales aptitude test results and cash handling math score, and suggested interview questions. Difficult but we are still here and probably in a stronger position than previous to the crisis. How do you see demand changing, for example in room sizes, personalisation, fixtures & fittings, and other product characteristics?
Modern design (not too modern and keep some of the mediterranean touch!!) open plan kitchens, personalisation very important – our clients can choose fixtures, fittings and floors up to certain dates. Prime locations with amenities and ideally beach in walking distance on the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Mallorca are areas where prices are steadily increasing.
Sites which have been launched over the past 12 – 18 month and are built in phases are steadily going up phase after phase. Many know about the Spanish property glut, and might think you are mad to be building more. Some Russian buyers have purchased having the Golden Visa in mind – but it has not had an important impact for our business. I think all the good properties are sold and most of the properties they offer now are left overs.
We, a UK Plc., would not make the effort and take the risk to buy land in the 3 regions we operate in if we would not believe in the market. We, TW, definitely are on the way to recovery.We have survived the past 6 years and are now in the consolidation period. Spanish Property Insight for market intelligence, data, news and analysis of the Spanish property market, plus guides to buying, owning, and selling property in Spain. In analyzing promotional emails sent during the holiday season, we found that the placement of the manufacturer’s brand name at the beginning of the subject line significantly improved the rate at which consumers opened messages. A marketer’s typical monthly routine is to come up with a topic, write the content, put it into a design (or template), and send. For example, a fishing equipment manufacturer sending an informational email could feature an in-depth interview with a sponsored pro who recently won the Bass Master Classic. While some emails combine promotional and informational messages, we think an email is generally perceived as one or the other by consumers.
With holidays at hand, Greg Squires and I wanted to run promotional emails for a group of Shopatron manufacturers, optimize subject lines (based on results), resend, and share what we learned about subject lines in promotional emails. We reached out to clients and learned that some manufacturers wanted to run less aggressive promotions than others. Free shipping is the Honda Accord of eCommerce promotions: unspectacular, ubiquitous, and reliable. But could we get “regular price” promotional emails to produce enough opens and conversions to try a few ideas on optimizing subject lines? Most of the names in the email lists came from consumers who had purchased at a manufacturer’s online store and had opted to receive email.

For the Regular Price group, we brainstormed for subject line wording that would create an impulse in consumers to open the emails.
Knowing that our theory could easily be wrong, we created two subsets within the Regular Price group. The Free Shipping group, expected to generate higher rates of opens than the Regular Price group, was also divided into two similar subsets.
For Free Shipping emails, overall open performance was, as expected, better than the Regular Price emails. When looking at conversions to purchases, the various combinations converted to sales at nearly the same rate.
To get the most emails opened, it is best to place the brand name at the beginning of the subject line, and to include a free shipping offer. Still, our analysis of subject lines indicates that a promotional email, even without a discount or a free shipping offer, can produce reasonably good results. Thank you to International Playthings, Hog Wild, Ravensburger, Creativity for Kids, Schylling, and Scalextric for their participation and advice. Shopatron launched the Email Marketing Club, EMC, in March 2007, making it easier for manufacturers to market with email and save money by pooling buying power. Marc Pritchard, the Sales & Marketing Director of Taylor Wimpey Espana, talks about the business, and gives us his views on the market. The market has become much more international over the past 3 years with clients from northern, eastern and central Europe, Russia, and the middle east. If so, what would you say to people who think it’s mad to buy off-plan in Spain today, given the glut of property and the problems many off-plan buyers had in the boom? I can only speak for Taylor Wimpey – buy off plan because you will get a brand new property, with the latest specifications, modern design, possibility to bespoke your new home with all the legal and bank guarantees you would expect from a well established and professional company!
However you probably will get a better deal if you decide to speak to your bank in the UK or most other European countries and, if possible, re-mortgage the property you own there. Always use an independent lawyer to do legal checks on your behalf before buying property in Spain.
The process usually begins by answering a simple question: Should this month’s email be informational or promotional? A promotional email, on the other hand, might offer a rod and reel combination at a 25% discount for a limited time.
If done well, an information email should also produce measurable results in sales (and pay for itself). The point where the consumer forms his or her impression of an email is, naturally, at the subject line. A handful of clients wanted to run free shipping promotions, while others wanted to try promoting products at regular prices (with no discount or special offer). Would it be possible to promote products at regular prices and get results near what we would see with free shipping promotional emails? In a product promotional email, the content is product-related: pictures, descriptions, and prices. Based on the manufacturer’s instructions to run or not run a free shipping promotion, we put the lists of email addresses into one of two groups, which for the purposes of this study, we called Free Shipping and Regular Price.

The challenge, as stated earlier, was that there was no special reason for consumers to open the email, nothing to create a sense of urgency. The first subset (Brand Name at Beginning) would receive email with the brand name at the front of each subject line.
We wanted to see if the brand name or the reference to free shipping at the beginning of the subject line had more power.
With Free Shipping as a powerful phrase, we were somewhat surprised to see the Free Shipping emails with brand name at the beginning of the subject line perform the best. Free Shipping emails, for a similar number of emails sent, generated twice as much actual revenue, due to the average tickets of those sales being higher. Our online personality test helps you choose retail sales candidates who have retail skills and the persuasiveness, money-motivation, customer service attitude, and willingness to go the extra mile to produce solid results.
I think we will see a steady increase in volumes and prices – but I do believe it’s very much down to location of the properties. Consistency helps the marketer allocate resources in a predictable way, and consumers learn to expect it. Promotional email, though, focuses more specifically on maximizing revenue or increasing sales volume of a specific product. With the advice of each participating manufacturer, we selected two products for each email. Schylling with free shipping offer (left) and Hog Wild with products offered at regular price (right).
Our conclusion, in theory, was that the brand name itself, from which they had already purchased, would be the most powerful word we could use.
The second subset (Brand Name at End) would receive the opposite, with the brand name at the end of the subject line. Our online marketing team helps manufacturers get started with EMC and develop long-term effective email campaign strategies. Provide leadership, sales marketing: ticket sales floor activities level marketing roles here. Retail sales candidates who are able to convey positive attitudes about your company to customers, are not easily annoyed by difficult customers and are motivated to work hard, even putting up with difficult work hours.
But if you look at the Costa del Sol and Mallorca there is still only very little activity. Because we were going to test subject lines across multiple brands, we created a neutral design. Making your foot in my marketing research, competitor analysis, brand marketing particularly.

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