When GenYs are financially sound, they also are likely to be socially sound, contends Jared Cahill, CEO of On Your Way (OYW) of Dallas, a reward-based web program that helps credit unions attract, engage, educate and retain Generation Y (ages 18-32) members. The program focused on the online education of less-than-financially savvy young adults by On Your Way, “a company that is doing well by doing good,” Kabani said. Kabani (in photo), who has been labeled “Dallas’ Digital Dynamo,” travels the world talking about social and technology trends. Asked by Kabani to distinguish credit unions from banks, Cahill responded: “They have distinct advantages. On Your Way partnered in January with MoneyU of Rockville, MD, an award-winning financial game, to help improve the financial skills and well-being of credit unions’ GenY members. Credit unions can now cost-effectively offer the online, game-based MoneyU course to their GenY members and member-prospects in a variety of packages available through On Your Way. The attractive pricing from MoneyU allows credit unions to generate fee income on the course. Kabani and Cahill (seen at left) agreed that too many young adults – “through no fault of their own” – are not learning in school, at home or even in college how to effectively handle their money in these economically challenging times. MoneyU presents in simulations the financial decisions and tasks relevant to GenYs, he explained.
With widgets and simulations, users develop skills in just six to eight hours that would take 30 hours in a traditional classroom. The marketing firm offers targeted direct mail campaigns and opt-in e-mail educational and lifestyle messages that take only minutes to read or view.
On Your Way’s credit union co-branded websites provide attractive, straightforward, just-in-time articles and videos tailored to the needs and circumstances of GenY. MoneyU was developed expressly for GenYs by Griffin Enterprises, with outstanding, independently-validated results. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. GoodRelations is a standardized vocabulary (also known as "schema", "data dictionary", or "ontology") for product, price, store, and company data that can (1) be embedded into existing static and dynamic Web pages and that (2) can be processed by other computers. This Agent-Promise-Object Principle can be found across most industries and is the foundation of the generic power of GoodRelations.
The main difference between using GoodRelations in microdata and in RDFa is that you use just the local part of a property identifier (e.g. Note 1: When GoodRelations is used in microdata syntax, URLs used with the itemid attribute are to be handled according to the WHATWG HTML5 rules. Note 2: When GoodRelations markup is ported from RDFa to microdata syntax, itemid values holding an IRI or containing backslash characters may result in a different identifier than the equivalent resource from RDFa.
Identity based on itemid: Two items with the same itemid represent the same conceptual entity and must be merged by GoodRelations processors. References to itemid: An itemprop property having an absolute or relative URL as its value is referring to the conceptual entity whose itemid resolves to this URL, same as if the entity was defined within the scope of this property. Implicit typing: Where the range of a property is a single GoodRelations type, it is not required to specify this type explicitly as the itemtype within the microdata markup. Full URIs for properties: If the full URI for a GoodRelations property is provided on an item with a GoodRelations type, it is treated as equivalent to a property named with just the local part. Unsupported properties shall be ignored while parsing, unless they have an absolute URL outside of the GoodRelations namespace, e.g. If the type of the value isn't valid according to the range of the property, that value is ignored. If a mandatory property is missing from an item, then the item is invalid and is to be ignored.
If you parse GoodRelations data from microdata syntax in order to generate a RDF representation, the URIs for all properties should be built by directly attaching the local part of a property (e.g.
All GoodRelations properties have global identifiers within the vocabulary, even if they are applicable to multiple types.
Multiple values should be represented by multiple triples with the same subject and predicate in RDF, not using an RDF collection. The following UML class diagram illustrates the interplay between the GoodRelations language elements.Please note that UML class diagrams are only approximations of OWL ontologies and microdata vocabularies. An instance of this class represents the legal agent making (or seeking) a particular offering. A business entity type is a conceptual entity representing the legal form, the size, the main line of business, the position in the value chain, or any combination thereof, of a gr:BusinessEntity. Licenses and other proprietary specifications of access rights are also instances of this class. Examples: Delivery by direct download is free of charge worldwide, delivery by UPS to Germany is 10 Euros per order, delivery by mail within the US is 5 Euros per order.
The total amount of this charge is specified as a float value of the gr:hasCurrencyValue property. A delivery method is a standardized procedure for transferring the product or service to the destination of fulfilment chosen by the customer. If you want to create a high performance website for your firm that consistently generates leads, consider hiring a professional copywriter.
I'm pleased to say I'll be in the United States next month for the DevNexus 2016 conference that is taking place in Atlanta, GA.
One of my experiments over the weekend was to do a fast roundup of my productivity articles. I also wanted it to be more visual, I wanted thumbnails of each articles, so that I could flip through very quickly. Uber tells the story behind the design and implementation of their scalable datastore using MySQL. In the age of disruption incumbents with decades of history get swept away by startups at an alarming rate. I found that that the similarities between Judo and Business strategy allow us to apply the Judo principles to become a Product Samurai.
There are people who learn by reading (carry on doing so), people who learn by listening and observing (see the video registration) and people who learn by experiencing (sign up here).
At some point contact is inevitable, but a good disruptor will have chosen a vantage point. Perhaps the best possible example of this is the a€?puppy ploya€? that Apple pulled with the music industry in the early days of iTunes. A little bit closer to home, Ia€™ve seen first hand how a major eCommerce platform brokered deals with numerous brands. My favourite category of throwing techniques (Nage Waza) are the Sutemi, or in English a€?sacrifice throwsa€?. If you manage to take the battle to uncontested grounds and have destroyed your opponenta€™s balance, his strength will work against him.
Why did Internet only news agencies like nu.nl scored a dominant position in the mobile space? Ita€™s a relentless search to find unmet market needs, operating under the radar until you find market-fit. Following through fast means scalable architecture principlesA and an organization that can respond to change. Finally: if you are not prepared to sacrifice your current product for one that addresses the customers need better someone else will do it for you. In his book a€?Thinking, Fast and Slowa€?, Daniel Kahneman explains the most common thinking biases and fallacies. Before we continue I need to explain a few basic concepts: fast and slow thinking, heuristics, biases and fallacies.
There is one huge problem: we make all kinds of mistakes when it comes to using these systems. Often, when people ask a seemingly simple or short question, such as "is testing finished yet?", they mean something different entirely. Putting in the mental effort to understand that a simple question can actually be about something else, asking questions to find outA what the other person truly means and crafting your answer to really help them,A is hard work. Most of the thinking errors I will cover in this series are biases, but it is good to know the difference between fallacy and bias.
Since testing is a profession that relies heavily on cognition, mental judgement and we are only human, ita€™s no wonder that we make mistakes. In this blog series I hope to shed some light on a number of biases and fallacies and what harm or good they can do in testing. WithA today's blazingly fast hardware, our capacity to "make things slow" continues to amaze me.
A notable difference between gprof and zprof is that where gprof measures CPUA time, where zprof measures wall clock time. When you're dealing with parallelism, perhaps you canA first use zprof and then only xtrace the function you know is a bottleneck.
If we assume there's no parallelism going on, we can visualize our zsh scriptA profile using kcachegrind. The main lesson:A combining tools that were not originally intended to be used together can produce powerful results. As you might expect since this is a talk by Amazon that Amazon services are always front and center as the solution to any problem. Scalability and redundancy are not two separate concepts, you can often do both at the same time.
Today, Ia€™m happy to announce several key additions to our big data services in Azure, including the General Availability of HDInsight on Linux, as well as the introduction of our new Azure Data Lake and Language services. When you choose to create your timetables automatically, you will get compact and working timetables in just a few minutes. Class-teacher scheduling: Secondary and primary schools are examples of institutions where students are organised in "classes". Course scheduling: In course scheduling, the system helps you determine the day and time for each section of each course.
Student scheduling (Student sectioning): Student scheduling normally occurs after the timetables have already been created. Teacher assignment: Normally, each teacher in a school has a number of different courses that the teacher could be assigned to teach.
Classroom assignment: Classroom assignment normally takes place after the timetable has been fixed. Note that you can always evaluate the possibilities of the production version of Mimosa with the help of its two freely downloadable versions - size-limited Mimosa Small School Edition and time-limited Mimosa Trial Version. Mimosa contains a rich set of scheduling features for all environments, for schools, universities, colleges, organisations and companies.
Mimosa contains also various optimisation tools for different purposes and also several report templates to print and publish your timetables.
Scheduling tools do not need to be web based, but the schedules that are created certainly do need to be on the web for easy access for staff and students from any device. Albania, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Lesotho, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, The Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Each file can contain over 8000 resources and events or courses, enabling to create about 300,000 timetables.
Each file permits handling of up to 255 weeks, over 8000 events and resources and you can simultaneously view and edit the contents of up to 240 timetables on screen.
The quantity, quality and economic problems we face as a result of our use of water are complex but, at least one of the causes of these problems is easy to manage - the way we waste water. In Canada, 90% of the population lives in a narrow southern band, while 60% of our water supply flows north to the Arctic Circle. Our growing population, and our growing thirst for water, are being concentrated in expanding metropolitan areas, and are forcing water regulators and policy makers to find ways to stretch available supplies even further. Increasing pollution of surface and groundwater is further reducing the supplies of readily available, clean water. Because our water use almost always leads to some degree of deterioration in water quality, the less water we withdraw, the less we upset the natural balance of our aquatic ecosystems. Finally, financing by municipal governments for the treatment of water supplies and wastewater is becoming increasingly constrained. We can, however, make a significant contribution to solving these problems by reducing unnecessary levels of water use.
Thermal power generation includes both conventional and nuclear power generating plants, which withdrew slightly more than 63% of the total water intake in 1991. Mining use, including metal mining, non-metal mining, and the extraction of coal, accounted for 1% of all water withdrawals in 1991.
Municipal governments across Canada are beginning to take action to manage the demand for water, instead of seeking new sources of supply.
While many communities have access to an abundant water supply, the costs of the infrastructure that provides homes and industry with water and sewer services are straining the available municipal financial resources. By infrastructure, we mean the water treatment plants that purify our water, the water mains in the ground that transport water, and the towers and reservoirs that store water. Experts are predicting a growing problem involving municipal water and sewer infrastructure in Canada. An increasing number of Canadian municipalities are considering water conservation as the key to keeping expansion needs to a minimum. Communities with older systems in need of extensive repairs or replacement face the most difficult problems. The problem of stressed treatment systems is not restricted to communities with piped water and sewer systems.
For both urban and rural communities, water conservation can extend the life of this over stressed infrastructure. Tied to price increases, metered households generally show reductions in water-use of 20% or more, with the greatest savings occurring during the summer months, when water use is usually much higher due to frequency of lawn watering, car washing and other outdoor uses. Raising the price has reduced water use in some jurisdictions, but it must be accompanied by a well articulated public education program that informs the consumer what to expect.
In addition to water supply and infrastructure issues, water quality is a problem in many Canadian communities. For the roughly 25% of the Canadian population served by private wells and septic disposal systems, the news is not much better.
Septic treatment systems associated with these developments can stress the environment in a number of other ways. The irony in all of this is that water quality impacts from overloaded or poorly maintained and operated municipal and private sewage disposal systems are the number one preventable type of pollution in Canada. Following a few common sense rules, it should be possible to safeguard your water supply while extending the life of your sewage disposal system, regardless of whether you live in the country or in the city.
Think carefully about the quantities of wastewater your household or business produces, as well as the quality of the wastewater. Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge rather than letting your tap run to get cold water when you want a drink.
More than 50% of the water applied to lawns and gardens is lost due to evaporation, or run-off because of overwatering.
A toilet that continues to run after flushing, if the leak is large enough, can waste up to 200 000 litres of water in a single year!
Toilet leaks are often due to a flush valve or flapper valve that isn't sitting properly in the valve seat, bent or misaligned flush valve lift wires, or a corroded valve seat.
Retrofit means adapting or replacing an older water-using fixture or appliance with one of the many water-efficient devices now on the market. There are many toilet adaptations you can install in the tank of an existing toilet to reduce the amount of water used in a flush cycle.
The water displacement devices familiar to most people are the plastic bags or bottles filled with water which are suspended inside the toilet tank. There are essentially two types of alternative flush devices: early-closure and dual-flush.
While all of the above toilet adaptations appear to work as intended when first installed, their performance may vary considerably, depending on the toilet design.
If you decide that it is time for a toilet replacement in your home or business, you are well on your way to significant water savings that you can bank on over the life of the toilet.
Depending on your preference for finish and appearance, you can select a serviceable low-flow showerhead starting at around ten dollars.
Beware of the type of showerheads that produce such a fine mist that the water is quite cool by the time it reaches your feet. Sprinklers that lay water down in a flat pattern are better than oscillating sprinklers which lose as much as 50% of what they disperse through evaporation. Finally, consider a low-maintenance landscape - one which requires little more water than nature provides.
The most significant savings of course, come from a reduction in lawn area and switching from exotic plant forms to native species which require less water. Many of the suggestions made for reducing water use in the home have wider application, both in the workplace, and in the community at large. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Click here to access a website that presents multiple concepts that may be helpful to you.
A variety of approaches should be used, and different possibilities explored and analysed, before deciding on the most suitable solution.
A complete proposal is developed based upon the research and the designer’s personal ideas. Overview - Our environment surrounds us with thousands of products that are the end result of a designer's work. You must use a minimum of 10 different mechanical and physical properties in the assignment. A draw program goes a step further - it is composed of separate entities or objects, such as circles, lines, etc. Please note: Your design will be considered incomplete until questions a through g above are answered and the file is saved under "IBDT Documents" on your H: drive! You will see that designers and engineers don't guess in order to find solutions to a problem.
Product 2 should be a moderately-priced, time-saving device that allows you to perform some task efficiently. Product 3 should be an object with a complex shape and one that is capable of being recycled.
Product 4 should be a device that allows consumers to perform a certain task with a higher degree of safety than if the product were not used. Only 26 years old, the University of Texas graduate is CEO of The Marketing Zen Group of Dallas and author of “The Zen of Social Media Marketing,” an area in which many credit unions are eager to gain traction. The self-paced course covers such essential financial skills as understanding a cardholder agreement, comparing car loans and eliminating debt. Empirical outcomes show that 80% of MoneyU learners flunk the pretest, but 98% pass the post-test, he noted. The material is branded to each credit union, and maintenance typically takes less than 30 minutes a week by a credit union staffer. Fresh daily content is branded exclusively and individually to credit unions in 37 states and Canada, with assets of $24 million to $2 billion. This increases the visibility of your products and services in the latest generation of search engines, recommender systems, and other novel applications. For examples, tools, and other developer resources, click on the menu items on top of this page.
It allows you to use the same vocabulary for offering a camcorder as for a manicure service or for the disposal of used cars. If the itemid attribute is missing or if resolving it fails, the respective item will have no global identifier.
Where two items with the same itemid have values for the same property, these must be merged if the property can take multiple values.
This indicates the recommended range for the number of occurrences of this property for the same item. If that item appears as the value for a property, then it is removed from that set of values. From the ontological point of view, business entity types are mostly roles that a business entity has in the market.
A delivery charge specification is characterized by (1) a monetary amount per order, specified as a literal value of type float in combination with a currency, (2) the delivery method, (3) the target country or region, and (4) whether this charge includes local sales taxes, namely VAT. Delivery methods are characterized by the means of transportation used, and by the organization or group that is the contracting party for the sending gr:BusinessEntity (this is important, since the contracted party may subcontract the fulfilment to smaller, regional businesses).

As you can see in the sitemap graphics above, typical professional services firms feature fewer pages, mostly explaining who they are and what they do. Link Building – Well written content that educates your target audience is much more likely to be shared.
Page Indexing – Every time you publish a blog post, you are adding a new web page to your site.
Thought Leadership – Prospects are much more likely to take action on your site (for instance, contact you for a proposal) if they trust you. In addition to a number of talks about software architecture, I'll also be running my popular "The Art of Visualising Software Architecture" workshop. There’s nothing a con artist likes better than exploiting the sense of unease we feel when it appears that the world as we know it is about to change. If something is happening, people will snap and tweet about it, Instagram and Facebook are reserved for bigger events that are worth mentioning, snapchat and Twitter are for more day to day activities and therefore get used much more often.
Uber took that path of many others in writing an entire layer on top of MySQL to create the database that best fits their use case. One of the key things that make Judo great is that it can be learned, and it can be taught. Upon reaching a deeper level of understanding of what works and what doesna€™t he created his philosophy based on the rule of a€?maximum effect with minimal efforta€?. With no past to hang on to, startups are free to pivot and take technology, processes and tools from the best offerings and combine them to a new technique.
This will go against the advice of your marketing director who will tell you to make a€?as much noise as possiblea€?.
By the time Dell became noticed they had a well-oiled distribution network in place and were able to scale quickly, whereas the competition still relied on brick and mortar partners. Once we have gripped our opponent we are trying to destroy their balance whilst strengthening our own. By emphasizing that downloadable music was not really their business (it only represented 1 or 2%) and was highly unprofitable (due to illegal sources like Napster and Kazaa) did Apple obtain the position it still holds today, and became the dominant music platform. Sure, there is a kickback involved, but it prevents your competitors from opening their own store.
In these techniques you typically sacrifice your position so you can leverage the power of your opponent. Though we focused on Apps, the real question was: a€?what is the heart of theA branda€? How can we be a better news agency than ABC, BBC, CNN etc.? It took Coca Cola 15 years to respond to the larger Pepsi bottle due its investment in their iconic bottle. Because the incumbents were too reluctant to cannibalize their investments in dead tree technology. You can apply typical Lean startup techniques like Wizard of Oz, landing pages orA product bootcamp. As an incumbent, watch out for disruptors that destroy your balance; typically by running a nice of your business for you that will become strategic in the future. Facebook's new live video streaming services present a fascinating use case for designing streaming service in global distribution and massive scale.
I loved the book so much Ia€™ve read it twice and Ia€™ll tell anyone who wants to listen to read it too.
I will conclude this first post with a list of the biases and fallacies that I will cover in this series. Fast thinking, called a€?System 1 thinkinga€? in the book, is the thinking you do on autopilot.
In my context, if the Product Owner would ask me a€?is testing finished yet?a€?, for me it translates to: a€?do you think the quality of our product is good enough to be released? When you are an experienced tester, you have a huge toolbox of heuristics that help you during testing. You cannot get rid of all your biases, that would defy human nature, but in the context of testing ita€™s a great idea to challenge yourself: which biases and fallacies are actually hurting my testing activities? For example, on my system, there is a noticeable delay between the moment a terminal window is opened, and the moment the command prompt actually shows up. It would be fairly useless to profile zsh in this way, because it probably spends most of its time waiting for invoked commands to return.
Using xtrace, each commandA that zsh executes is also printed to file descriptor 3 using a special prompt which can be customized with the PS4A environment variable to include things like the current timestamp.
This tool is intended to visualize the call graphs produced by valgrind's callgrind tool, but since the file format used is fairly simpleA we can write a small toolA to convert our xtrace output. That would be a good addition to the talk as that is one of the major criticisms of AWS solutions. And, of course, you can always choose what to optimise and how, and you can combine the automatic and manual tasks any way you like. Mimosa keeps you safe from making common mistakes: you get useful hints and answers to what-if questions, and you can open relevant help topics directly from Mimosa or take a look at the tutorials on our website. With the licensed, commercial version of Mimosa, updating the tool takes place free of charge. Mimosa lets you copy information easily to and from other applications with the help of your computer's Clipboard and text file conversion tools. The same version of Mimosa runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows, from Windows 98 to Windows 10, and it is also currently used by many of our clients on Mac OS and Linux, with the help of the most popular emulators.
With Mimosa, you can manage up to 300,000 timetables, 30 slots in a day of a 7-day week, 255 terms or weeks, and over 8000 entries in a single small file. Our quest for high quality drives us to make sure that you can carry out all your tasks with efficiency and ease, even when there is a large number of menu options to choose from. In some schools, courses can be offered in more than one section (that is, different instructors may offer the same course at different times). Teacher assignment helps you to assign teachers to courses all the while making sure that teachers are satisfied with the results, all of the required courses are covered, and conflicts are avoided.
Each course section must be assigned to a specific classroom, and the restrictions of capacity, location, preference, and special equipment need to be taken into consideration. Mimosa has its own menu selections also for special cases like Personalised timetables, Block scheduling, Intake scheduling and Cycling timetables. In most cases, you need to use only a fraction of the available tools, but if your scheduling task becomes more complicated, you will find also other available techniques useful. Scheduling is considered something of a "black art" and is usually only performed by a few individuals in the organisation so there is very little to be gained by offering it as a web service.
Mimosa can create all the timetables and web reports you could possibly need, ready for upload to your web servers.
It is so flexible that the same version of Mimosa is applied in all kinds of schools, from kindergartens to universities and from primary schools to vocational schools and colleges. With little change to the way we do things now, or the equipment we use, we can reduce water consumption in the home, and in business, by 40% or more.
And, the less we upset the ecosystem, the less we have to spend to restore the water quality to an acceptable standard for public use. These are called withdrawal uses and, although important to our daily lives, they have tended to be assigned a low value.
Food and beverage, chemicals, paper and allied products, and mineral fuels were the main industrial users.
Water is used primarily for irrigation, with Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan accounting for 95% of all irrigation demand. Water is used by the mining industry to separate ore from rock, to cool drills, to wash the ore during production, and to carry away unwanted material. Demand management, incorporating water efficient applications, is rapidly gaining popularity as a low cost, effective way to get more service out of existing systems, thus delaying or deferring the need for constructing new works.
In 1991, the value of this investment was estimated to be worth over 100 billion dollars, of which a significant amount is deteriorating with age.
With all levels of government adopting policies of realistic water pricing and user pay principles, many municipalities have instituted full cost pricing to recover the total cost of providing both water and sewer services - including the costs of financing the replacement of older systems and the upgrading of overloaded treatment plants. Over the past 25 years, there has been a substantial migration of urban dwellers to the countryside.
What's new is the metering of the return flow to the sewer system, particularly as it relates to the industrial sector.
As a consequence, the residential sector represents a logical target for demand management activities. In most cases, if unaccounted for water in a municipal system exceeds 10 to 15% (Figure 2), a leak detection and repair program is cost-effective. A 1994 study of rate structures by Environment Canada showed that 46% of the population was under a flat rate structure (a fixed charge regardless of the amount of water used).
These systems were originally designed for houses that were widely separated from their nearest neighbour, such as farmhouses and the occasional rural residence. They are often allowed in less than satisfactory soil conditions and are seldom maintained properly.
In other words, once we have a pollution problem, we may be only a step away from a water supply problem. Do you make it a habit of discarding solvents, cleaners and related chemicals down your drains? Based on the three rules of water conservation - reduce, repair and retrofit - a typical household can reduce water consumption by 35% or more, with or no effect on lifestyle. Most hardware stores will have faucet repair kits with illustrations showing how to replace a washer. As the name implies, these devices displace several litres of water, saving an equivalent amount during each flush.
It can disintegrate inside the toilet tank, leading to excessive leakage at the flapper valve and may even be heavy enough to actually crack the tank.
And, stay away from so-called flow restrictors that are inserted inside your existing showerhead.
While lawns require a lot of water, much of this water is wasted - lost due to overwatering and evaporation (see Reduce).
Drip irrigation systems which apply water only to the roots zone are the most efficient - and the most expensive - alternative. A cistern, which captures and stores rainwater, can be used as a source of irrigation water.
In general, lawn areas should not exceed what is useful for play and social activities, and should be limited to the backyard where the family spends the majority of its time. The municipal water and sewer department gets a break on the amount of water it has to pump to our homes and businesses and on the amount of wastewater it has to treat in sewage treatment plants.
It can reduce water diverted and the pollution loadings on our lakes and rivers by reducing the volumes of wastewater which we have to treat. What are two examples of radical or cutting-edge design in automobiles in the 21st century? What was unique about Preston Tucker's vision of his new automobile design for the 21st century? In your opinion, what would have needed to happen for the Ampicar to have become an innovation?
In what ways did the failed Aerocar have a positive impact on car technology that followed?
If the rocket belt had been successful in its development, what impacts could this have had on our society today?
Your presentation should place significant emphasis on the impact of this technology on society.
You must describe the stage that this product or innovation is at in the product life cycle. Include a title screen with your topic, your name(s), IB Design Tech Year 1, and the date on it.
After presenting, please submit any presentation notes or outlines you have worked from to Mr.
CAD programs differ from painting and drawing programs in that the ability to work to a high degree of precision is an essential part of the program.
If the picture shows a person and a building, there is no logical distinction between them - its just an array of colored dots that you can manipulate with painting tools. It may provide facilities to group these into "car" and "building", but the final result is still an image described in terms of its appearance on paper, rather than by mathematical definition. A car or building can be drawn as if it were life-size, and later configured and scaled for printing on paper at any desired scale. Being able to have a set of drawings which already have been set up with the proper borders, title boxes, schedules, and any other pertinent information can save hours of layout and lettering time. CAD programs often have built in tools which give the operator the capabilities of saving a great deal of time. Photographic quality presentation drawings may be produced quickly and easily from CAD designs. You should begin the design process by writing a list of at least 4 specifications for your design.
What are two design procedures you followed to make certain your waste can design was safe for the end user? What are two design procedures you followed to make certain your waste can design was useful for the end user? What are two design procedures you followed to make certain your waste can design was durable for the end user?
Select a shipping container that you will use to package and transport your waste container design.
Identify those steps that should be targeted for elimination or improvement of the process. Find a graphic or diagram that outlines the basic procedure that was used to form the product. Develop an interview form that may be used to collect free response data from the target user group. Working as a full design team, develop a design brief (driven by the needs determined from the survey) that presents an initial design concept with loose constraints. Create a Word file titled Target User Demographics and list the demographics of your intended customer base. Collect, interpret, and use anthropometric data from the class for the design of the handle. Select materials for each part of the final product (choosing from timber, metals, ceramics, plastics, textiles, and composites.) Materials should be selected according to their required performance characteristics. Develop and present (as a design team) your PowerPoint that introduces your design to the class.
Your presentation should give the name of the invention and the names of all members of the design team on the first slide. Your presentation should present the specifications that were followed in development of the product.
Your presentation should show multiple viewpoints of the solids model and closeups of specific design details.
Use the PowerPoint picture cropping tool to remove unnecessary elements from the screen captures. Note that microdata requires that all items with a global identifier must have a type specified. If the property cannot take multiple values, the value for that property from the first item within the document must be used. However, it is good practice to provide the type explicitly and necessary if you want to assign a global identifier to the item. Business entity types are important for specifying eligible customers, since a gr:Offering is often valid only for business entities of a certain size, legal structure, or role in the value chain. A lead generating website often has many more pages covering specific topics, services and ideas in depth.
If have a thick library of relevant material, you are building that trust and setting yourself up as experts in your field.
If you dig below the surface however, you will find that some sites (the high performers) actually have hundreds or thousands of specialized pages. What Zach Bjornson needs to do is process large amounts scientific data as fast as possible, which means reading data into memory as fast as possible.
Related to the (free) book with the same name, this hands-on workshop is about improving communication and specifically software architecture diagrams.
To illustrate just how powerful it is and what the three core principles are I asked my 9-year-old daughter to give a demonstration. If they do not operate on the principle of a€?maximum effect with minimal efforta€? they will die.
This will indeed attract more people, but also tell your opponent exactly what you are doing. As history repeats itself, a small company from Finland did the same thing with streaming, rather than owning the music. By now they have become the dominant player, and their partners have come to rely on their digital partner to run the shop for them. Virgin Air does not fly out of major airports, therewith circumventing the enormous investment that other airlines have made. By the time they could and wanted to produce larger bottles, Pepsi had become the second largest brand. In the context of testing: when someone comes up to you and says a€?is testing finished yet?a€?, you might be tempted to answer a€?noa€? or a€?yesa€?, while this is more a type of question that cannot be answered with a yes or no. HDInsight on Linux enables even broader support for Hadoop ecosystem partners to run in HDInsight providing you even greater choice of preferred tools and applications for running Hadoop workloads. When you create timetables manually, Mimosa always guides you on how you can schedule, remove, move the lectures in timetables.
You can create timetables either automatically, or interactively, and in any order you like. Free email and phone support is also available, and you are welcome to join our discussion forums whenever you want to get in touch with other users.
You can contact us anytime if you have ideas for the improvement of certain features in Mimosa, or suggestions for new features to be added.
It works equally well for schools, universities, colleges and other academic institutions, as well as different organisations and companies. If you wish to create your own reports and layouts from the information in Mimosa, just copy it to your spreadsheet for editing. Adjustability also entails that you can change the fonts and colours and change the appearance of the web reports according to your preferences.
You can find the timetable optimisation tools easily and use them to create a good starting point for all your scheduling work, fill the gaps in any previous schedules, or get suggestions on how to improve students' course selections. Student scheduling is needed to help you decide which students should be placed in each section to minimise student conflicts and balance section sizes. The timetables can also be exported to your favourite calendar applications and your mobile device. As a standalone application Mimosa can offer a much higher level of performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of a web service.
Additionally, the Mimosa Web Add-on applications facilitate integration of your timetable data with your other web-based management systems and provide your students with the tools they need to create their own personal timetables, register for courses and keep their calendars up-to-date with the latest schedule changes. Simply stated, water conservation means doing the same with less, by using water more efficiently or reducing where appropriate, in order to protect the resource now, and for the future. These pages outline the role of water conservation in addressing problems related to water use and water quality. For example, just what would the average consumer be willing to pay to swim in a clean lake or for a chance to catch fish in a clean, unpolluted river?
Since the majority of irrigation water evaporates, only a small fraction is returned to its source. The benefits of water efficient techniques apply equally well to rural, private wells and septic disposal systems, as they do to central water and sewer systems in the city. Higher municipal costs, in turn, mean higher water - and sewer - bills for all consumers.
City-bred water using habits and attitudes are, in many instances, lowering the water table.
Case studies show that including sewage treatment in rate calculations generates greater water savings. Depending on the nature of the water efficiency program developed, each household can reduce water use from 10 to 40%.

Even something as simple as rinsing dishes in the kitchen creates wastewater that is contaminated to some degree. Of the remaining urban population, 11% were served by individual septic tanks, and 7% (over 1.5 million people) discharged from sewers directly to the environment. Yet, today, in many parts of the country, individual private wells are being installed in subdivisions at suburban densities.
They are also unable to treat many household cleaners and chemicals which, when flushed down the drain or toilet, often impair or kill the bacterium needed to make the system work (The same applies in urban systems). And, one of the ways to enhance the treatment process is to limit the amounts of wastewater entering the wastewater stream. If you do, you may be introducing substances that are toxic to the bacterium and other organisms that play a vital role in the treatment of sewage. Because water saved is water that does not end up in the wastewater stream requiring treatment. Then we need to decide on what to do to reduce the amount of water we use, either by eliminating wasteful practices and habits, or by improving the efficiency of our water using fixtures and devices. To find out if your toilet is leaking, put two or three drops of food colouring in the tank at the back of the toilet.
To get at the valve seat, which surrounds the outlet hole at the bottom of the tank, you must first empty the tank.
Retrofitting offers considerable water saving potential in the home and business, so this issue in the Freshwater Series is devoting considerable space to it. Their main attraction is their low cost (under $10.00 per set) and the fact that they are easy to distribute and install for example, as part of a wider municipally-sponsored retrofit program. In both cases, they close the flush valve or flapper after the tank is only partially emptied. If you discover that it becomes necessary to double flush the toilet, something is in need of adjustment or replacement.
A properly designed low-flow showerhead can reduce that flow by half and still provide proper shower performance.
The advantage of the shut-off button is that it allows you to be really water efficient if you so choose, by being able to interrupt the flow, while you lather up or shampoo, and then resume at the same flow rate and temperature. They look like a small plastic washer and can produce a fierce, stinging spray pattern which may significantly reduce the enjoyment of taking a shower. Water conservation can extend the useful life of municipal water supply and treatment plants, and will benefit the operating efficiency - and life expectancy - of private septic disposal systems. This can help to protect our drinking water and the ecological balance in sensitive aquatic ecosystems.
Useful measurements (dimensions) may be obtained from the CAD drawing and they should properly correspond to the real world object, if the drawing was created correctly. For instance, if the operator is working on a drawing which has sixty detailed sprinkler heads distributed across a ceiling, it becomes very time consuming to draw every head one at a time. For this, typical address standards (vCard) and location data (geo, WGS84) can be attached.
The more links you have to your site, the higher your search engine authority will be (more links = more traffic).
If you write posts using keywords that your audience is searching for, they will find you in Google (or Bing, or Yahoo). These pages, if well written and accompanies by calls to action, can attract hundreds of qualified leads and inquiries. So, he made benchmark using Google's new multi-cloud PerfKitBenchmarker, to figure out which cloud was best for the job.
We'll talk about UML and some anti-patterns of "boxes and lines" diagrams, but the real focus is on my "C4 model" and some lightweight techniques for communicating software architecture. At first it was very slow growth, but because we were in the market talking to our members who had issues with the service, we could get those things fixed, and we learned faster. The mechanisms that should have prevented this outcome have broken down, and as a result there’s no longer much reason to think Bitcoin can actually be better than the existing financial system. There is still a chance for incumbents, and that is to out innovate your opponent and to do so you have absorb some disruption DNA yourself. If you close your eyes you can hear them pitch: a€?ita€™s only a few percent of your business, and ita€™s like radio, does radio effect your business?a€?. Ita€™s a classical example of keeping your enemies so close, that they cannot leverage their strength. WhatsApp reached a 10 billion messages in 2 years; you dona€™t have Coca Colaa€™s luxury anymore.
Thata€™s right, a book that by itself has nothing to do with testing, taught me most about it. For example, you use system 2 when you have to calculate (in your head) the answer to 234 x 33 (as opposed to 2 x 3, which you do with System 1).
If you want to be obnoxious you can say testing is never finished, but a more realistic conversation about this topic would be based around risk, in my opinion. You might start to trust your heuristic judgement a little too much, but you can't use a hammer for everything, right?
Every person brings his or her unique perspective (with biases) to the table and this will result in more information about the application under test. Both Linux and Windows clusters in HDInsight are built on the same standard Hadoop distribution and offer the same set of rich capabilities. Making changes to the scheduling information or to the constraints even after the schedules are finished is simple with the help of Mimosa.
We will try our best to fulfil your needs and requirements, if they are technically possible and in the scope of Mimosa. You can easily set up the application for your special scheduling needs, or make use of the default templates and sample files. It is easy to add your own notes and information for administrative needs, - and also hide these from published reports.
This guarantees maximum performance, reliability, and easy maintenance - combined with a low one-time price.
Instead of external databases, Mimosa relies on its own efficient engine that is based on fast integer arithmetic calculations and it performs demanding scheduling tasks quickly and reliably. For several years, thousands of institutions all over the world have used Mimosa to schedule their timetables. Mimosa can be installed on any computer in your organisation and can be distributed from your IT servers (if you have a Site Licence) to those users that actually need it. Without a steady supply of clean, fresh water, all life, including human, would cease to exist. Using water wisely will reduce pollution and health risks, lower water costs, and extend the useful life of existing supply and waste treatment facilities.
But, our population increased by only 5% over the same period, dramatically illustrating the growth in our thirsty lifestyles. And, the flood of wastewater produced is stressing the soil's ability to treat septic effluent adequately. An increasing number of municipalities are applying sewer surcharges to residential water bills.
The primary danger here is that too many wells may pump too much water for the aquifer to sustain itself.
Again, water conservation is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce the volume of wastewater flows and improve water quality.
This, in turn, reduces municipal pumping and treatment costs and frees up monies that can be used for infrastructure renewal and replacement and protection of supply sources. This is accomplished by turning off the inlet tap under the tank and flushing the toilet, making sure to keep depressing the flush lever until no more water drains out of the tank. Their main disadvantage is that they tend to leak over time by slipping out of adjustment and can slip free and interfere with the moving parts inside the toilet tank, if not routinely checked. Their chief disadvantage is that they don't save as much water as other devices and, if they are not installed carefully, they can interfere with the proper operation of the toilet. Remember that double flushing defeats the purpose of your water conservation efforts and is costing you money. Don't bother retrofitting the tap in the utility sink; it is intended to provide large volumes of water quickly, for example, for cleaning or washing, such that low flows will only inconvenience the user.
For the average household, reductions in water use as high as 35% or more are feasible, just by following the steps outlined in this issue in the Freshwater Series. With a CAD package the operator can draw the head once and then "copy, array, mirror, or offset" as needed. To be able to take a drawing , change a line or two, and have it updated in 10 to fifteen minutes, versus manually re-drawing an entire drawing, or "smudging" up a drawing with erasures, has become more important as the need for fast accurate results has increased.
This occurs when you start out to flow just a certain process and then end up flowcharting multiple processes! Is a 10,000-foot level flowchart needed (something that could be seen from an airplane) or do you need one that is from a 100-foot level (the view from the top of a building)? Note that the location of the business entity is not necessarily the location from which the product or service is being available (e.g. The region or regions to which this charge applies is specified using the gr:eligibleRegions property, which uses ISO 3166-1 and ISO 3166-2 codes.
Lead generating websites typically pull in the majority of their traffic to content pages, not the home page. Typically the incumbents have the capital, equipment, skills, market knowledge, channels and people, still choose not to leverage. A head on attack on the core product of an established player is usually met with great resistance, as a disruptor I cannot hope to win that battle. Before I read the book I wasna€™t aware of all the biases and fallacies that are out there.
Mimosa steers you clear of errors, and you it is easy to keep track of what happens in all the other timetables when changes are made to one of them. You can define the needed resource types and calendar schema according to your special requirements.
Working in close cooperation with our clients has helped us develop Mimosa into what it is today - a rich and robust toolbox for even the most demanding scheduling needs. Mimosa allows users to work independently and then merge their files together over the network. As the readily available supplies of fresh water are being used up, we begin to see that there are real limits to how much water we can count on.
And, after it has been used, the quality of the water that is returned is often diminished, which has a negative impact on both the environment and recreational instream uses. More disturbing is the evidence of over two million septic tank systems in Canada, up to 30% of which are failing due to pour construction and inadequate maintenance.
These facilities are never 100% effective, which means that some water quality deterioration remains after the treatment process. Less wastewater in the sewage treatment plant also means that the plant has a better chance of doing the job it was intended to do. Then, holding the valve out of the way, sand the corroded or warped valve seat smooth with a piece of emery cloth, if, however, the leak is around the base of the toilet where it sits on the floor, call a professional. This same drawing "block" or "part" could also be "inserted" into other drawings so that it need never be drawn again. You still need a strategy and stick to your product vision, but be prepared to sacrifice in order to reach that. They had invested in different areas and by creating a photo driven news experience they would be hindered by sunk cost. Sure, I noticed that projects always finished late and wondered why people were so big on planning when it never happened that way, but I didna€™t know why people kept believing in their excel sheets.
But if I happen to be in a foul mood, I have an option to just say "yes", and that would have been my system 1 answering. If you choose not to schedule your timetables manually and without using the optimisation tools, the revolutionary possibility to undo and redo actions up to 2,000 times makes scheduling just that much more enjoyable. It is also easy to set bookings to slots and terms, lock selected courses or events, and block terms to prevent unwanted scheduling results. Your survey must collect survey information from at least 20 people, 10 of whom may not be class members. Why pinpoint the shortcomings in your competitora€™s product when you cannot outpace them in development (yet)? This feature is used in many institutions where several departments have their own courses and events, but have some common teachers and rooms. The system 1 thinking is the reason we are thriving today as a species (it helped us escape from dangerous situations, for example).
I will provide sources where I think theya€™re necessary, but the point of this series is to take you on a journey that is for the most part personal. N-series will also have VM configurations featuring the latest M60 which was recently announced by NVidia. Ambari provides the ability to customize configuration settings of your Hadoop cluster while giving you a unified view of the performance and state of your cluster and providing monitoring and alerting within the HDInsight cluster. With support for M60, Azure becomes the first hyperscale cloud provider to bring the capabilities of NVidiaa€™s Quadro High End Graphics Support to the cloud.
In addition, N-series combines GPU capabilities with the superfast RDMA interconnect so you can run multi-machine, multi-GPU workloads such as Deep Learning and Skype Translator Training. For example, the policy might be that all web applications should be protected by a web application firewall.
If so, the Azure Security Center will automatically detect when web apps you host in Azure dona€™t have a web application firewall configured, and provide a quick and direct workflow to get a firewall from one of our partners deployed and configured: Of course, even with the best possible protection in place, attackers will still try to compromise systems. To address this problem and adopt an a€?assume breacha€? mindset, the Azure Security Center uses advanced analytics, including machine learning, along with Microsofta€™s global threat intelligence network to look for and alert on attacks. In order to be able to dive deep into all of this data, and process it in different ways, you can now use our Azure Data Lake capabilities a€“ which are 3 services that make big data easy. Signals are automatically collected from your Azure resources, the network, and integrated security partner solutions and analyzed to identify cyber-attacks that might otherwise go undetected. Should an incident occur, security alerts offer insights into the attack and suggest ways to remediate and recover quickly. Security data and alerts can also be piped to existing Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) systems your organization has already purchased and is using on-premises. Azure Data Lake Store Azure Data Lake Store is a hyper-scale HDFS repository designed specifically for big data analytics workloads in the cloud. Azure Data Lake Store solves the big data challenges of volume, variety, and velocity by enabling you to store data of any type, at any size, and process it at any scale. Many more businesses are poised to benefit from IoT by connecting their devices to collect and analyze untapped data with remote monitoring or predictive maintenance solutions.
Azure Data Lake Store can support near real-time scenarios such as the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as throughput-intensive analytics on huge data volumes. In working with customers, we have seen that getting started on IoT projects can be a daunting task starting with connecting existing devices, determining the right technology partner to work with and scaling an IoT project from proof of concept to broad deployment.
The Azure Data Lake Store also supports a variety of computation workloads by removing many of the restrictions constraining traditional analytics infrastructure like the pre-definition of schema and the creation of multiple data silos. Once located in the Azure Data Lake Store, Hadoop-based engines such as Azure HDInsight can easily mine the data to discover new insights. Today we support remote monitoring, and soon we will be delivering support for predictive maintenance and asset management solutions.
At Any Scale: You can scale throughput to meet the demands of your analytic systems including the high throughput needed to analyze exabytes of data. In addition, it is built to handle high volumes of small writes at low latency making it optimal for near real-time scenarios like website analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT). HDFS Compatible: It works out-of-the-box with the Hadoop ecosystem including other Azure Data Lake services such as HDInsight. Fully Integrated with Azure Active Directory: Azure Data Lake Store is integrated with Azure Active Directory for identity and access management over all of your data. Azure Data Lake Analytics with U-SQL The new Azure Data Lake Analytics service makes it much easier to create and manage big data jobs. The first set of partners include Beaglebone, Freescale, Intel, Raspberry Pi, Resin.io, Seeed and Texas Instruments.
Built on YARN and years of experience running analytics pipelines for Office 365, XBox Live, Windows and Bing, the Azure Data Lake Analytics service is the most productive way to get insights from big data. You can get started in the Azure management portal, querying across data in blobs, Azure Data Lake Store, and Azure SQL DB. By simply moving a slider, you can scale up as much computing power as youa€™d like to run your data transformation jobs.
Azure IoT Hub offers reliable device-to-cloud and cloud-to-device hyper-scale messaging, enables secure communications using per-device security credentials and access control, and includes device libraries for the most popular languages and platforms.
The application back end is then able to individually whitelist and blacklist each device, enabling complete control over device access. Inside Microsoft, developers have been using this combination in order to be productive operating on massive data sets of many exabytes of scale, processing mission critical data pipelines.
Extensive set of device libraries: Azure IoT device SDKs are available and supported for a variety of languages and platforms such as C, C#, Java, and JavaScript. In addition to providing an easy to use experience in the Azure management portal, we are delivering a rich set of tools in Visual Studio for debugging and optimizing your U-SQL jobs. This lets you play back and analyze your big data jobs, understanding bottlenecks and opportunities to improve both performance and efficiency, so that you can pay only for the resources you need and continually tune your operations.
Announcing the new Azure Container Service a€™Wea€™ve been working with Docker to integrate Docker containers with both Azure and Windows Server for some time.
This week we announced the new Azure Container Service which leverages the popular Apache Mesos project to deliver a customer proven orchestration solution for applications delivered as Docker containers. The container management software running on these clusters is open source, and in addition to the application portability offered by tooling such as Docker and Docker Compose, you will be able to leverage portable container orchestration and management tooling such as Marathon, Chronos and Docker Swarm.
I have a feeling that the old approach of developing something was replaced with just using & configuring + design an original theme. Of course times were reduced by using Drupal with some modules, but what about using agile to custom develop something original? I would like to hear more about exactly how the diagram above applies, things like how you can tackle all those overlapping tasks at the same time and how big a team would need to be to execute it properly. I’m not trying to bash, just understand how you could say to your client that the new site is better, more usable etc.
You eschew documentation in your post, but in your comment and in the Manifesto, documentation is key. Agile is a great approach to managing projects, but it’s definitely not the WIld-West. The client approval and amendments of the design alone takes several weeks in most of our projects …?!
And another week to program the complete individualized CMS fields, templates, JavaScript, and so on?
How many developers did you have working simultaneous on this, if I may ask?Avangelist Jun 24 2011Very insightful read particularly to how your time boxes work.For me, I believe that incorporating agile systems into projects where there is a site of this type, what I would call a marketing site is very simple. Watson Jun 24 2011Lets be real, Agile is a developers excuse for making things up as they go. Some may say well you were doing it wrong then… I give you this illustration then, How effective is it when the horse, cart and driver are all going down the street side by side. Good stuff.Actually, I think agile is a process, and an endless and micro-iterative one at that. The remaining 20% are forever part of what should be the ongoing evolution of an internet based property. Once The Why is understood (at an 80% or more level of confidence) then move on to The What.
Shifting the emphasis to The Why not only leads to swifter agreement but then there is also proper context for The What.The unfortunate part of asking why is that you are greeted with an above average number of glossy-eyed stares.
There a plenty of sites where the wants were met and the business needs missed.SMH Jun 24 2011I like it. But I assume this works for large budget projects and all design And programming is completed in house. Apples and orangesa€¦ —We just did our first blitz-build with a client where we were building some pretty nifty functionality.

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