City of Steam is a browser-based, free-to play online RPG set in an industrial world poised to rediscover the mythic forces that shaped its history.The nations and people of the World Machine, pushing heroes and villains alike toward a dangerous secret that could change everything. New dev journal up and running, Coding just released a to-do list during the post-Alpha period.
The end of Alpha is still a bit hazy, but we’ve all showered, slept and de-caffeinated now (a little, at least). With a more readable infrastructure, a lot of old functionalities have been migrated to a new client. Camera collision-detection has been reworked for the dungeons to allow for better camera angles during combat. We’ve also been working a lot on the combat feeling and control scheme for smoother battles. Unity Web Player is a small tool that allows you to view and play the latest Unity created games and view blazing 3D content right in your browser.

Unity is a multiplatform game development tool that allows you to build rich 3D games as standalone or to play on the web. Check out some exciting changes and improvements that will be made for Beta and tell us your thoughts.
We’ve sifted through the ticket system and forums for all the bug reports and issues that were noted.
Basically, the entire client code has been refactored, which in my mind is like a coding spring cleaning. This has increased the framerate by 15-20fps, so it will help the game perform much better on low-end machines.
All other logos are for demonstration purposes only and are owned by their respective copyright holders. Now the whole point of Alpha was to have you delightful folk test the game, shake it up a little and see what breaks.

With an optimized streaming pipeline, players should now be able to enter the game faster as well. We can also tell you that new features for PvP and the Guild System are also being developed, but not too many details yet, need to leave some surprises! In late 2013, Google announced a plan to deprecate support for NPAPI plugins (such as our Unity Web.
The Unity Web Player enables you to view blazing 3D content created with Unity directly in your browser, and autoupdates as necessary. Unity Web Player e um plugin para navegadores que lhes permitira executar aplicacoes e games em terceira dimensao desenvolvidos com a ferramenta Unity.

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