First of all you need a software that is available for Windows and MAC that enables you to run mobile apps on PC. I am assuming that you have installed bluestacks and then installed Instagram by using bluestacks on PC.
You need to install a file manager app on bluestacks in order to browse files inside bluestacks. This is simplest way that you can use to upload photos from computer to instagram by using bluestacks. The second method uses the same OI file manager with bluestacks but you need to make changes in your Windows registry.
Create a new DWORD Value by right-clicking on the blank space and selecting New > DWORD Value.
The folders will be available inside sdcard > windows from the File Manager sdcard > bstfolder.

Now in Instagram, when you choose Photo Gallery, now you have two options: Gallery and OI File Manager. The short clips (watch below) shows Rihanna closely filming a speaker dock which an iPod that is playing "Higher" is placed on. Back to the “Higher” previews, it may only be 30 seconds but I’m already loving "Higher" more than “Four Five Seconds”. Do you want to use Instagram with your laptop webcam to take picture of yourself and upload it to Instagram? For that you need some sort of shared folder in PC to copy photos into that opened Instagram in bluestacks can access. Android apps running inside BlueStacks can also use OI File Manager to access PC directories.
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I mean, I too was shocked when I first heard "Four Five Seconds", as I never imagined Rihanna would release a super stripped-down song as her lead single, but with time I ended up liking the song, and now that we know that Rihanna's forthcoming Kanye West executive-produced album is going to be all about this stripped-down genre I have gotten used to the idea and now I’m really open-minded about Rihanna doing this kind of music. I’m going to fully support her because a) it’s Rihanna, b) I’m kind of digging this style on her now, c) it’s going to help her improve her vocals and d) the follow-up will definitely have to be a 'catchy' one again as I doubt her label will let her release two albums of this same genre consecutively.
The Navy leader uploaded to Instagram on Thursday, March 5th, a two 15-second previews of a brand new song from her upcoming eighth studio album, known by many as "R8", titled "Higher". In the following demonstration, we will use Instagram on PC and take a picture by using webcam and upload it on Instagram and then we will upload pictures from PC to Instagram.

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