Stupeflix is a brilliant online video editing tool that helps you make videos by using images, soundtrack, flash and text. To export the video on your computer or your social networking account, click on “Export” button. One small correction- you don’t have to make an account or sign in to use the video editor. You can make video or you could upload images and videos by clicking on “Add images & videos” button.

If your Facebook, Picasa or Flickr profile has some memorable pictures and you want to make a video out of them then you can directly upload them using this service. You can add more images, add soundtrack from your computer, add text to the video and do much more. However, it’s completely free to do so, and if you do, you can save all your videos to view later! It automatically adds amazing effects to your photographs which make it look unique and wonderful.

You’ll have to pay for high quality and high definition video downloads, but the prices are affordable.

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