JotForm is a free online form builder which helps you create online forms without writing a single line of code. I produced a food safety form that is designed to assess risk at certain steps of a food production process. On completing the form online it works without difficulty however, when submitting the form by e-mail many elements of the form are excluded which is a major problem. Any urgent help would be greatly appreciated, the form details are shown below and a screen shot of what is actually received. 2) On "Form Builder", disableA the "Hide Empty Fields on Emails" option in the "Properties".
To better explain the procedure, let me work on a demo based on a clone of your form and get back to you. Hi,Massive thanks for your help on this.There is another way if I could figure out how to print the form to a file rather than e-mail it.

Upon searching the internet (googling) I found this free online toolA to convert PDFs to Word documents and several others were returned in my search results. Wifi thin client touch screen,windows xp embedded thin client,pc terminalWifi thin client touch screen,windows xp embedded thin client,pc terminalI. The Pechanga Buffet is an all new dining adventure that awaits the hungry. The completely remodeled Pechanga Buffet features an all new menu with 250 fresh items and action stations. Come in for the Authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine with the right balance of western dining favorites. Springfest celebrates the warm days and cool evenings of Temecula Valley in March, April and May. Since you didn't make some of your fields required, this option hides the empty fields on email submissions and PDF format of submissions.
In other words, they don't contain form controls like text boxes, drop downs, radio buttons, check boxes and so on.

All the text fields appear just fine when the form is being filled in but are not inlcuded in the email, if I print it or print it to PDF then its fine, but I need to embedd it in a word document and so I need it in text or rich text. Would this procedure of converting the PDF into a Word document and then merging it with another Word document work for you?
From a new glass exterior, to the revamped menu, the new extended food stations include seafood, Asian selections, grilled and BBQ items, roasted and rotisserie foods, American comfort items, Mexican and Latin specialties, Italian and Mediterranean foods, an expanded salad bar and wide variety of mixed salads and desserts. Guests will immediately notice the new multiple action stations, where custom ordered pastas, sushi, seafood, BBQ and grilled meats, pizza and flatbreads, carving stations and desserts will bring a unique interactive element to each visit. Now, assuming you would only want each of them shown in the email if it is visible at the time ofA the form's submission, you would need to have a separate notification for each such text element.

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