Instead of releasing a standalone video app, this update expands the usability of the Instagram app. With your video recorded, filter applied, and cover frame selected, sharing the video is the same as sharing a photo.
Right now it doesn't look like you can tag people in video like you can with photos, but this may be a possible update in the future. This update puts both social networks head to head again, but Facebook was smarter by releasing identical updates for both Android and iOS simultaneously, instead of Vine releasing a very basic version for Android compared to iOS. Ever since Instagram unveiled video uploading last month, I have been desperate to upload videos that I have previously recorded on my iphone, as well as videos from other cameras and ones that I have edited. The original idea for this project came from a Google Search I did yesterday and a post on TechEnvy which used Quicktime Pro. Open Instagram and record a video that is approximately as long as the custom video that you want to upload. Also, you cannot choose a still frame from your custom video, meaning that you must choose a still frame from the video you record in Instagram. Type in the description for the video and select the services you want to upload it to as well (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, etc). Double Click on your iPhone and you will have options such as User Applications, App File Sharing, General Storage etc. Make sure you MUTE the audio for the Instagram clip, otherwise you will have whatever audio you shot with your iPhone interfering with your custom video audio. If you are using a 1080p video file, you will notice that it is far bigger than the 640 x 640 clip size that Instagram allows. If you want to set the scale lower you can, but be prepared for black bars at the top and bottom of the clip. Now adjust the length of your clip so it matches the length of the clip you shot with your iPhone.
Maximize iFunbox and drag your new video file into the Video folder so it replaces the original video file. I guessed about this idea few weaks earlier and was encouraged to recorded a small Tilt-Shift timelapse video near my house like an example. After some hard working days I finally made tutorial about how made how to make it to look good after changing resolution and of cause how to upload your video to Instagram.
I tried your method, However during the selection of the video format (Step Fifteen), the system did not have a Quick time format for selection. Arg I have no idea on how to download adobe pro, all it will let me do is some cloud thing… HELP! This is rewarding tutorial and i consider to recommended it.Thanks for sharing this great info here. It took hot photo-sharing startup Instagram just three months to reach its first million users, and a little more than a month after that to post its second million.
But while Instagram may sound like an instant success, the product has come a long way since its first iteration, a feature-laden app called Burbn that lacked a simple value proposition.
Here I am going to share two methods that allow you to Upload Pictures to Instagram directly from your Computer. First of all download Gramblr application from their website by clicking here and install it on your computer.

Edit your photo if required and re-size it to the new dimensions of 650 X 650 pixels. Remember that the image should be in JPG format. Select the picture which you want to add to your instagram account and click on the Upload Button. Its done, gramblr will give you the direct link to your newly uploaded photo and you will also be able to share it on Facebook and Twitter. If you already know about Bluestacks Emulator for android then uploading Photos to Instagram from Computer using Blue Stacks will not be a problem at all. Run bluestacks application and search for Instagram on Google Play Store using bluestacks & install it.
Now you can use Instagram , edit & upload Pictures just as one can do using Smartphones. So these are two methods which I use to Upload Photos on my Instagram Account using Computer. We launched a new version of younity today that allows you to post photos from your PC or Mac directly to Instagram. It seems that the folks over at Instagram are always pushing out something new for their filter loving followers, and today they’ve launched the 3rd version of their app, Instagram 3.0.
The first time you use the new version of Instagram, you’ll be given an overview of what Photo Map is, and then you’ll be shown all of your geo-tagged photos, which Instagram will ask you to either approve or deny for use on your Photo Map. I'm a creative 22 year old from Pennsylvania, who's passionate about art, design, music, and technology.
The new update has already been praised by the app's millions of users, as it makes it easier to include different sized photos on your feed.
If you open a photo in Instagram it will still appear as a default square size, but a format button will now appear above the camera roll, allowing you to choose between squared or full-size images.
The news comes following research conducted by Instagram, which revealed that 20 per cent of uploaded photos had to be modified to fit into the square frame, with many users turning to a third-party app to resize images.
However, that's not to say the app plans to abandon its trademark square format any time soon.
While Twitter's Vine supports 6 seconds of video recording, Video on Instagram allows up to 15 seconds. Both iOS and Android are receiving the update at the same time today, but iOS is getting one exclusive feature: Cinema stabilization, which will stabilize video shaking. After you launch the app and your feed has refreshed, you will see the Instagram photo icon. Unlike the photo filters, the video filters are a little harder to differentiate from each other, but this will probably depend a lot on the recorded video.
This includes to personalise ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. I had to download adobe creative cloud but the adobe premiere pro is not coming up as an app option for me to download! Yes, photo-sharing is a simple concept, but Instagram is more so an elegantly executed idea, with huge potential.
For those who don’t know, Bluestacks is basically an android emulator that allows you to run android applications on PC. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

Not much has changed in the overall look of Instagram, since they set out to make your preexisting Instagram photos easier to find. Instead of having to hit “show more,” users are now greeted with a little loading animation while they wait for more photos to load in. Like other applications that map out geo-tagged photos, photos get grouped together the closer they are as you zoom out on the map.
The new upload page is a lot cleaner than the previous version, and features better looking sharing switches as well.
While no one can say for sure, I’d love to see them roll out an iPad client (since the Android app already scales to the tablet screen size) and an online client. The people behind the photo filtering app have introduced a major change – users will no longer be restricted to a square shape when taking photos. The rest of the process remains the same, whether you want to add filters, include a caption or share it on other social media websites including Twitter and Facebook. Before posting a message please check it is correct: comments with no mistakes are more likely to be published. While 9 more seconds doesn't seem like a big difference, creative users will appreciate the extra time. It's easy to tell that Cinema stabilization was implemented on iOS because of standardized devices. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners.
I really don't know much about computers but could follow instructions and would appreciate any help! I have gotten stuck at step nine for some reason and I was not seeing the New Sequence dialog box. You can apply cool effects to your photos directly using this application & that’s why people are just loving It. So, one can also install instagram application using bluestacks & use it on PC just like on smartphones. The maps interface is really clean and well done, and it actually reminds me of the maps interface that Apple will be rolling out with iOS 6. Scrolling through my Instagram feed has become something I do in my pastime, and I’d love to have more devices that I can do that on. It is available for android & IPhone users and one can easily get it from Google Play Store. While I’m not really one to geo-tag my online photos, I can definitely see the appeal, especially when traveling. Instagram has already make it possible to view and comment on specific photos via the browser, they just need to add in support for full-profiles and the actual photo feed.
After it's uploaded into your feed, all you have to do is tap on the cover frame for the video to play.
So, in this article I will tell you How to post Photos on Instagram using your Desktop Computer or Laptop.

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