Ever since Instagram unveiled video uploading last month, I have been desperate to upload videos that I have previously recorded on my iphone, as well as videos from other cameras and ones that I have edited.
The original idea for this project came from a Google Search I did yesterday and a post on TechEnvy which used Quicktime Pro. Open Instagram and record a video that is approximately as long as the custom video that you want to upload. Also, you cannot choose a still frame from your custom video, meaning that you must choose a still frame from the video you record in Instagram. Type in the description for the video and select the services you want to upload it to as well (Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, etc). Double Click on your iPhone and you will have options such as User Applications, App File Sharing, General Storage etc. Make sure you MUTE the audio for the Instagram clip, otherwise you will have whatever audio you shot with your iPhone interfering with your custom video audio. If you are using a 1080p video file, you will notice that it is far bigger than the 640 x 640 clip size that Instagram allows.

If you want to set the scale lower you can, but be prepared for black bars at the top and bottom of the clip. Now adjust the length of your clip so it matches the length of the clip you shot with your iPhone. Maximize iFunbox and drag your new video file into the Video folder so it replaces the original video file. I guessed about this idea few weaks earlier and was encouraged to recorded a small Tilt-Shift timelapse video near my house like an example. After some hard working days I finally made tutorial about how made how to make it to look good after changing resolution and of cause how to upload your video to Instagram.
I tried your method, However during the selection of the video format (Step Fifteen), the system did not have a Quick time format for selection.
Arg I have no idea on how to download adobe pro, all it will let me do is some cloud thing… HELP! This is rewarding tutorial and i consider to recommended it.Thanks for sharing this great info here.

Posando de modelo, Neymar brinca em rede socialEm 15 de fevereiro de 2013 as 12h20Craque santista posta foto no Instagram. I had to download adobe creative cloud but the adobe premiere pro is not coming up as an app option for me to download! I really don't know much about computers but could follow instructions and would appreciate any help! I have gotten stuck at step nine for some reason and I was not seeing the New Sequence dialog box.

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