Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) today announced it has begun issuing a redesigned, more secure Certificate of Naturalization (Form N-550) as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the integrity of the immigration system. Citizen Flow Chart If Inside United States Flow Chart If Outside United States Removal of Conditions for Spouse of U.S. In many instances, a Certificate of Naturalization is accepted as a valid form of identification.Q2.
The redesigned certificate features the naturalization candidate’s digitized photo and signature embedded into the base document. The naturalization candidate’s digitized photo and signature are embedded in the security-enhanced certificate.
Additionally, USCIS will use a more secure printing process, making it more tamper-proof.Q4.

USCIS offices in Atlanta, Denver and Baltimore will begin to utilize the automated production process this week, including digitizing photos and signatures on all certificates. Following the agency-wide transition to the new document, will all new citizens receive redesigned naturalization certificates with digitized photos?A5. Preparing for the Same Sex Marriage Visa Electronc Border Searches How Many Photographs Are Included In An Adjustment of Status Application? While all new citizens will receive the redesigned, security-enhanced certificate, certain, limited categories of naturalization candidates, including overseas military and homebound candidates, will receive documents with hard-copy photos affixed to their certificates.Q6. The issuance of the redesigned Certificate of Naturalization will not impact Application for Naturalization (N-400) processing times. USCIS Application Support Centers (ASCs) will still require applicants to submit their fingerprints and two hard-copy photos.

NYC immigration lawyer assisting with K-1 fiancee visas, EB 1-A Extraordinary Abilities Visa, EB 1-2 Outstanding Researchers and Professors Visa, and all other visas, green cards, naturalization and citizenship. If ASCs will capture digital photos of N-400 applicants, why must applicants still provide hard-copy photos?A8.
Gafner Law Firm is a full service NYC immigration law firm serving clients in Manhattan, Staten Island, Brookyln, the Bronx, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County, Yonkers, Astoria, Greenpoint, Murray Hill, Bushwick, Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Brownsville, Corona, Harlem, SoHo, Tribeca, Longwood, Hunts Point, Flatbush, Brooklyn Heights, Wall Street, Jersey City and from throughout the world.
USCIS intends to digitize its other citizenship-related certificates, but no completion dates have been set.Q10.

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