Tags: debut, os x, record tools, advanced, record screen, record, recording device, add text to, free software. Jing is a screen recording application, snapshots or as swf supporting both osx and windows. The following is a brief guide on how to use Recorder on to record displayed on the screen. After installing and running the software, you can see the main interface of Recorder on as below.

Easy Recorder for provides world-class screen recording technology that allows users to instantly record anything and everything that is displayed on your screen, your activities, PowerPoint slides, webpages, DVD, product demos.
I am looking for a product (like the Pinacle Nano USB stick for Windows), where i can watch TV on my.
W8Soft to Picture for is multifunctional picture software to batch extract pictures from various. Record from a webcam, device, screen of your entire or a selected portion save recorded to avi, flv, wmv and more file formats.

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