Looking to make a name for you business on social media, but don’t have the money in your budget for advertising?
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. August 29, 2011 By Tim At PowerUP Social Media we are committed to making social media really work for real estate professionals.
Reducing the average time you spend sitting to less than three hours per day could increase your life expectancy by two years. Even if people meet the current recommendation of 30 minutes of physical activity 3 times week are likely to experience significant adverse metabolic and health effects from prolonged sitting. An analysis of 18 studies showed that people who sat for the longest periods of time were twice as likely to have diabetes or heart disease, compared to those who sat the least.
I don’t know about you, but I never thought we would see the day when sitting would be a contributing factor to chronic disease.
Put printers a short walking distance away from your work or study space instead of right next to it. Replace desk chairs with stability balls — or use a standing desk to get rid of the chair entirely to burn more calories while working.
It was my goal recently to attend more LinkedIn webinars and teleseminars to learn more about this mysterious network.
LinkedIn is a search engine and has a ton of authority on Google and other popular search engines. Likely if you Google your name and you have a LinkedIn profile, it will show up on the first page of Google. It is also possible to import your WordPress blog feed to your profile by searching for the WordPress application. It is possible to write, target, and start your ad in minutes, pay by clicks or impressions and get started with as little as US $50. Invitations can also be sent to your LinkedIn network, which will give you an opportunity to meet face to face if they decide to attend.
Recommendations are one of the unique features of LinkedIn that sets it apart from other social media networks. There are many options from the likes of Snapchat, to Instagram, and Facebook, so how do you choose the right platform? Select those that offer the best potential for reaching your ideal audience and broadcast the type of media best suited for your company. As Gary Vaynerchuk, co- founder and chief executive of VaynerMedia, says “Facebook is a must. But figuring that out is hard enough, how do you measure your time on social media to make it a cost and time effective tool for your business? This entry was posted in Blog, Business Tips, Increasing Your Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Technology by The Small Business Authority.
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The Small Business Authority brand has been established to provide real-time state-of-the-art content and business services in order to become the definitive destination for small business owners across the United States.
Your Tech Support staff has always gone above and beyond to address hosting issues and solve problems. Great and reliable service with friendly and technical support keeps me coming back and recommending you guys again and again.
I have had excellent customer service with Newtek for over 7 years and although my web developer wanted to host my new site I was loathe to leave your company.
I say that for two reasons: 1) Social media is FREE marketing and every real estate professional should be utilizing it. I was a contractor and worked for other contractors who had business relationships with large websites.
The best way to be welcomed in reddit is to simply participate and enjoy the content while you’re at it.

My husband returned home from work and after we chatted about our day’s activities he caught my attention by dropping this on me. Sitting has actually joined smoking and obesity as an important risk factor for chronic disease. My husband and I hike, snowshoe, I run a few 5K races each year and can be found at the gym 3 times a week.
His recent study at the University of South Carolina looked at adult men and their risk of dying from heart disease. Recumbent bikes and utilizing exercise balls as a desk chair, do help to increase calorie burn and blood flow while decreasing spinal stress. As mentioned before, even standing as tall as possible for a few minutes can make a huge difference. Most people believe that it’s too hard to make connections, and therefore use it more as a resume site.
Be sure to optimize your LinkedIn profile as soon as possible before your next client enters your main keyword(s) and finds your competition. Be sure to leverage the power of LinkedIn by using your professional brand to put a face to your business. The best feature is the ability to view at a glance all of your network’s upcoming events. Then I remember that professionals really enjoy networking, so I really shouldn’t be so surprised. What better way to really market your business than by having your colleagues and clients share your expertise?
Often times a business is passed down through the family and in those cases, their marketing may be a little archaic.
The process can be quite overwhelming and very time consuming, but no matter the platform, the question to ask is: Are your customers there? Newtek, have been a customer for almost 10 years, really does an awesome job and always a pleasure to deal with. It’s not everyday someone can feel good about their experience and be a satisfied customer.
The PowerUP team traveled to San Diego for the FortuneBuilders Info Empire Event in San Diego. In fact, we want to teach you tips and tools that will make you more efficient and successful with social media.
My speciality was in user curated voting websites.When I first got into the industry, Digg was the place to be. I just read an article (or actually part of an article) that discusses exactly the marketing aspect and Reddit's filter, etc.
The community operates like a beehive—poke them with the wrong stick and you’ll get stung pretty bad. I have, in the past, worked at jobs that kept me moving(remodeling and resale, carpentry and working at animal hospitals),but now, due to an illness, sitting is what I do most. Now you can share your thoughts and insights on your blog on your professional home, LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn is a professional site, there is less likelihood of views from random people; rather, more from people interested in business-related information. An event can be created if you have an interest in going to an event or will be an attendee.
As an event planner geek, it rocks my world to promote business events online just like I do in my personal hemisphere. Techniques used 50 years ago to market a product will not work in this new age of technology. If you are on Twitter, posting a few times in the day is good enough to expose people to your brand and not be overwhelming. We were surrounded by some of the brightest minds in real estate and social media for three straight days. If a piece of content hit the front page of Digg, it stood the possibility of receiving millions of views in a matter of hours.

The content your brand delivers is more important than your brand itself, along with perfect timing and luck coupled with being informative and humorous.
The more we sit, the less we want to move and the greater detrimental impact to our health. I will try some of your suggestions, like sitting on an exercise ball, so thank you for opening eyes to this health issue. However, STARTING a group is a great way to have access to email and stay in touch with your group as it grows.
Social media and e-commerce plays a huge part in the amount of people one can reach and if you aren’t utilizing these platforms, then you are definitely missing out on becoming more successful.
It might even be worth wild to hire a social media specialist if people are trying to reach out to you via social media but no one is responding. Clients loved the power of the front page of Digg and paid nicely if their content was successfully pushed or promoted there.After Digg made some poor site changes and lost an incredible amount of its user base to reddit, clients no longer requested Digg promotion.
For all of us who have no option but to find ourselves stuck at a desk all day providing for our families, this deserves a bit of attention. It does take some focused effort to grow your group but a great place to start is to invite your current network. Twitter is an open cocktail party, so you have permission to talk to customers even if they’re not talking about you. The simple act of standing as tall as possible for a minute or two will help break the pattern of sitting. As the people from your network join your group, this is visible to their networks’ news feeds which can potentially pique new interest. And Snapchat, if you’re a very cool brand like skateboard shop or a cold- press juice shop.” It is important to know your product and who you are realistically selling to.
The 10% Rule"It's perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it's not okay to be a website with a reddit account." - reddit’s self promotion pageYou can’t utilize reddit like some people utilize Facebook pages or Twitter accounts. If they see that you have submitted more than 10% of your contributions from one source, they may ban your account. Seriously.The kicker is, when they ban your account, you will not know that you’re using a banned account.
They pretend to let you submit new links, but they don’t really let you submit new links.They take self-promotion very seriously and have many protections in place to guard against people gaming or abusing their community. Be active in the communityIn addition to following the 10% rule, you need to become an active part of related reddit communities. There are thousands of different “subreddits” or categories, which are communities based around different topics. Due to the popularity of reddit, there is a subreddit for just about everything.Each subreddit has its own set of rules and guidelines.
These will be posted on the right sidebar of the subreddit page:It is very important that you follow the rules at every subreddit that you frequent. If you break one of these rules, you probably will receive a warning or have your submitted link removed.Reddit advises users to, “Give feedback to others, talk about issues that interest you, and be a good member of the community. If you want success, you will need to spend time with the reddit communities that are relevant to your content.3. Don’t promote your submitted linksWhen you submit a link to reddit, you must then leave it alone. Don’t ask for your Facebook followers or Twitter followers to up-vote your content on Reddit. The content you submit to reddit needs to stand on its own merits.Close XWant Social Media Today updates in your inbox?

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