If you are planning on creating an online directory, then WordPress is the perfect platform for your project.
Whether you want to list local businesses, tourist attractions, events, or classifieds adverts, these WordPress directory themes have got it covered. If you are not quite sure if a directory theme is the right choice for your project, there are some other related themes that might be a better fit. DirectoryEngine is an impressive directory theme from the EngineThemes team that follows in the footsteps of their other purpose-built app themes. As with other app themes from EngineThemes, a lot of effort has been put into making it as easy as possible to setup your website. To allow you to build your own custom page layouts which are tailored to your preferences and those of your community, the theme makes use of modular content blocks which can be dragged and dropped into place. For end users, submitting a listing to your directory is very straightforward thanks to the front end submissions forms. Each place that is added to the directory gets its own page which can be used to showcase that listing. When it comes to browsing the site, this directory theme for WordPress makes it very easy for visitors to view the listings, with related listings being continually displayed without any page reloads for a smooth user experience. The listings can be browsed by exploring the map, searching the directory, or filtering them using the categories. To sum up, DirectoryEngine makes it easy to create your own page layouts thanks to its drag and drop modular content blocks, and comes with all the other features you would expect from a modern directory theme, including a great looking design. Whether you want to build a community website to highlight the local attractions in your area, or you’d rather create an income generating commercial directory site, this theme gives you the option. This then allows your visitors to signup and start adding their listings to your directory, in exchange for a fee of your choosing.
Depending on how you configure this theme, your directory could feature a search form on the homepage that makes it easy for your visitors to search your listings as soon as they arrive.
When it comes to adding the listings to your directory, you as the site owner or administrator, can add them via both the back-end or through the front-end forms. One particularly nice feature of Listable is that additional functionality is made available via plugins, rather than automatically being bundled into the theme.
Listable combines a professional looking design with some great monetization options to help you build a profitable directory website with WordPress.
The Directory app theme gives users plenty of options for browsing the listings, such as using the integrated Google Maps, filtering by categories and subcategories, searching, and viewing all listings for a particular city. Although the optional Geo-tracker works on all devices, it makes any site built using Directory extra convenient for mobile users as they can instantly see the nearest listings to them without having to enter their current location.
When it comes to monetising your directory, you can charge on a per listing basis, or setup subscriptions packages.
PayPal is supported out of the box, and many additional payment gateways can be added via the Directory addons. Listings can be submitted by visitors using forms created with the custom form builder, or through the admin interface on an individual basis. Vantage was recently updated to include the handling of recurring payments, which makes it great for collecting payments on auto-pilot. With Vantage you can also create ‘claimable listings’ for businesses in your local area which can then be claimed for a fee by the featured organisation. Listify combines good looks with all the features you need to build a directory listings website that functions in the way you want. By focusing on great design and the ability to integrate with some of the best directory-focussed WordPress plugins out there, the developers of Listify have done a good job of ensuring you get the best of both worlds in terms of terms of appearance and features.
Some of these integration options include Open Table, Resurva, Guestful, and WooCommerce Bookings, allowing you to offer your visitors the chance to make reservations with the businesses listed in your directory – a great selling point to use to attract advertisers to your website. To ensure your listings stand out in the search engines, before your visitors even reach your website, the Listify theme includes support for rich snippets. Having the option to display full width background videos on the homepage of your website means that by choosing Listify, there is no reason your listings website has to look like the countless other online directories out there. However, with the arrival of the Directory child theme for Vantage, the developers have provided another option for how your site will look, while still letting you harness the power and features of Vantage.
Although there are few child themes for Vantage already available, Directory makes a great case for being crowned the best of the bunch.
The Directory child theme is also very easy to customize via its theme options control panel, giving you lots of opportunity to personalize your directory and listings website. For those who desire more control, other customization options include a colour picker for changing the appearance of many aspects of the theme, and a choice of a grid or list layout for displaying the individual listings.  You can even now add custom CSS from the site’s admin panel, for making changes to the appearance of the site that won’t be lost when the theme is updated. The developers of this Vantage child theme have also included a handy weather forecast sidebar widget for displaying a multi-day weather update for the city of your choice. If you want the features and possibilities of the Vantage theme, but prefer a different design and appearance for your site, which is also responsive, then this child theme is the perfect choice. PayPal is integrated with Business Finder and recurring payments are also accepted, allowing to you bill listing owners on an on-going basis without any extra work on your part.
With Business Finder, each listing can also include links to the relevant social profiles, as well as having its own image gallery to better showcase the offerings. SpotFinder has been created by the Templatic team who have a lot of experience of creating directory themes as well as other app-style themes.
The design of this theme has been modelled on the style made popular by pioneers of the sharing economy Airbnb.
While the style of this theme is well suited to listing properties, whether for sale, rent, or as short term holiday lets, this is definitely a versatile theme that can easily be put to good use listing the services of businesses from any sector. As the design of the theme makes heavy use of an integrated Google Map, your visitors will find it very straightforward to hone in on the area of their choice and view all the listings on offer.
Other notable features of this theme include a full width layout for maximum screen coverage, a mobile ready responsive design, user profile pages for members, and a good selection of options for monetising your site, whether through adverts or paid listings. This child theme is available on its own for $39 or in a package with the required Directory theme for $129, which includes lifetime usage with one year of updates and support. When configuring Glocal you can choose from a fullscreen layout to take advantage of the widest screens, or opt for a more contained boxed layout.
There are plenty of options for monetising your site as you can create multiple pricing plans and make use of recurring payments from PayPal based on a number of intervals such as weekly, monthly, or yearly. Javo is a great looking directory WordPress theme that includes a very impressive and eye catching homepage layout.
Javo makes good use of Google Maps and allows your visitors to navigate the maps and then click on the markers to find more about each of your listings.
This directory theme comes with the premium Visual Composer plugin pre-installed which means you get access to a drag and drop page builder. The premium Slider Revolution plugin is also incorporated into the Javo theme giving you the option of adding professional and dynamic content and image sliders into any of your posts and pages as needed. The developers of this theme have created a series of video tutorials to accompany Javo which include a walkthrough on setting up the theme and installing the demo content.
With front end forms for user submissions, a 100% responsive layout, and an upgraded search tool, the modern design of Javo is definitely worth taking for a test drive. EventBuilder aims to make it as easy as possible to build a fully functioning events portal website with WordPress.
When setting up your website with this theme, you get five homepage layouts to choose from. Most of the events and directory functionality of this theme are provided via the purpose built Event Builder plugin. Once you’ve set up your website, you can choose whether to charge your visitors a fee for listing their events in your directory, and if so, how much.
The listings can divided up into categories and sub-categories, allowing you to easily display a wide range of attractions, businesses, or events on your website, while making them easy to manage and browse. The Google Maps integration means your visitors will find it easy to physically locate the listings they are interested in, while the attractive photo galleries give those listing their organisations on your site a great opportunity to show off their facilities.
As well as its impressive set of directory specific features, the Diamond theme from WP Zoom has also been built to integrate seamlessly with the WooCommerce shop builder plugin. As WooCommerce can sell physical and digital products, not to mention manage an affiliate or drop shipping store, it provides a whole new realm of possibilities for monetising your directory website. Other useful features worth mentioning include multiple homepage templates, a parallax slider, a responsive layout, and lots of customisation options. If you have lots of photogenic listings in your directory then the Diamond theme gives you plenty of opportunities to showcase that imagery in an easy to use format.
The homepage is easily customisable thanks to the drag and drop tool which allows you to rearrange the on page elements.
With YellowPages you also get a very easy way to customise the colouring of the theme if yellow isn’t your colour. If you want to create a powerful business listings website based on one of the best directory platforms around then YellowPages is a great choice.
The homepage of this theme can be configured very easily to display a large Google Map which contains markers for each of the entries in your listings database. When it comes to monetising your listings directory site you can either use the built-in spaces for advertising, such as those from banner ads or Google AdSense, or charge for each listing submitted to your site. Expedition is not your typical directory theme and it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to build a city guide website, highlighting the best attractions their city has to offer.
This theme from WPZoom has been designed to appeal to travel agencies and those creating destination or city guides. Through the content management features of this theme, it’s very easy to cover many types of businesses and attractions in the city or location you are writing about.
As well as all the location and city guide related features of this theme, Expedition isn’t missing any of the premium features and functionality that you would expect to find in the best WordPress themes. The Expedition directory theme even comes bundled with a dynamic homepage builder which allows you to easily determine which content and features are displayed on your homepage – simply by dragging and dropping the corresponding widgets into place. If you don’t need all the features of a full-blown WordPress directory theme, such as payment gateway integrations, frontend submission forms, and membership areas, and you just want an easy to use and nicely presented way of highlighting the best attractions a city or area has to offer, then Expedition is a great choice. The Navigator features a frontend submission form for making it very easy for visitors to submit their listings to your directory. Unlike some of the other directory and listings themes, this one is also strongly focused on publishing blog posts for bloggers who want to publish regular content alongside their listings.
DirectoryS makes it very easy to list all of your directory entries on your home page, complete with an interactive Google Map.
Depending on how you configure this theme, each listing in your directory can have its own custom marker that is displayed on the map. The DirectoryS theme makes it easy to categorize your listings on the map, simply by assigning them a custom icon or map marker.
The individual listings page for DirectoryS includes all the essential information about the business or attraction, as well as the ability to accept user generated content in the form of reviews. When it comes to letting your visitors submit their listings and user feedback, the theme adds a full set of front end submissions forms to your site. To help you get up and running as quickly as possible, the developers of this theme have published a series of documentation videos that will walk you through the entire process.
Metrodir takes the ubiquitous metro style design made popular by Windows 8 and applies it to a great set of directory features to come up with this winning combination of form and function. Managing the individual listings is easy thanks to an intuitive use of custom post types, categories and sub-categories.
Each listing can have its own marker on the map for easy identification, and the Metrodir theme also includes a number of payment collection options, including recurring payments via PayPal.
If you want to create a highly versatile directory listing that can not only list basic details about the listings, but also a whole range of other information, then this theme might be the right one for your project.
Directory aims to be as flexible as possible, in order to help you create any type of listings or directory website. As well as being very easy to set up from an administrative perspective, Directory also aims to be very easy to use from the end user perspective.
Creating listings with expiry dates is also possible, making Directory a good choice for publishing event details. To help make your website stand out from the crowd, this theme includes the premium Revolution Slider plugin. With a responsive design and plenty of customisation and personalization options, it should be easy to build the directory website you need, with this theme. With Emblem not only do you get a great new look for your listings site but you can also make use of all the powerful features of the Directory app-theme from Templatic.
If you like the power of Directory but want a different took for your site, such as a large image slider for the homepage header then Emblem is just what you need.
If you are organising your listings around cities then GeoPlaces will fit right in with your directory structure.
Users can create their own listings for your directory through the frontend submission forms that come with Listings.
The homepage of your site is also very configurable when using this theme and can feature a slider or grid layout depending on your preferences.
When installed on your site, the Cuisine theme gives you two options for your homepage: either with or without a large Google Map showing the locations of your listings. Each individual listing can contain lots of important information about each entity, including the standard details such as opening hours and contact information.
With claimable listings and a range of options for charging business owners to list their establishment on your directory, there is no shortage of ways of generating revenue from your website. If you like the look of this food focused directory theme, then the great features of the Directory theme make this a winning combination for listing the best eateries and dining destinations in a town, city, and even countries.
There is an iOS app available for GeoTheme which allows you to create a mobile app for your site.
GeoTheme also includes ‘claimable listings’ allowing you to add entries to your directory which can then be taken over by the corresponding business at a later date.
As eList is from Elegant Themes, it’s a part of their excellent value club and can be yours, along with over 80 themes for less than the price of some of the other single themes on this page.
Ultimate Directory gives you the tools you need to build a directory website where visitors can sign up and add the details of their business through front end submission forms. With this theme installed you can create multiple membership plans for your visitors to choose from when signing up, including free and premium options, while the PayPal integration makes collecting payments a hands-off process. The organisational structure of a site using this theme allows you to publish listings from a range of locations, whether they are international, countrywide, or on a more local scale. With users able to submit reviews for the items listed in the directory, Facebook login, and a responsive design, the Ultimate Directory theme gives you lots of control over how your site looks and functions. This means you can use any theme you like to build your directory listings website, but still get access to all the great features that are included in most of these themes.
This means you can get your WordPress directory website up and running for free, and then add in the additional premium features as and when you need them.
The features available include all you would expect from a directory solution including multiple payment plans, claimable listings, event listings, multiple locations, and much more. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution, or already have a theme in mind for your website, then the GeoDirectory plugin and optional theme are a great choice. If you want to use one of the most powerful and feature rich directory solutions for WordPress, but have found the appearance and design of the theme doesn’t quite meet your needs, then Explore could be just what you are looking for. Any listings with a nightlife theme, such as restaurants, bars, and events, would be very well suited to this Directory child theme. GeoDirectory Framework has been designed to work alongside the free GeoDirectory plugin featured earlier, although this isn’t mandatory. This directory framework includes support for the WordPress Customizer tool which allows you to modify many aspects of the theme including colours, fonts, images, and more, all through a visual interface with a live preview. When this theme is used with the GeoDirectory plugin, the features your directory website can make use of include six customisable front end templates, 12 widgets for creating your page layouts through a drag and drop interface, and front end registration and submission forms for your visitors to use to add their listings to your directory. With a range of free and premium add-ons available, including one for listings events on your website, the GeoDirectory tools are a great choice for anyone looking to build a feature rich directory website where they can pick and choose from the available add-on modules. When using Atlas, visitors to your site can submit their listings without ever having to access the WordPress admin area. Users can also manage their listings once they’ve crated them through the frontend, allowing them to keep them up-to-date and make changes without your involvement.
Vantage WordPress Theme is specially created for social networking plus business directory theme from AppThemes. Adventure - Clean & Simple HTML 5 Themeforest TemplateHome Star - HTML Real Estate & Blog Themeforest TemplateJA Mendozite June 2012 template for Joomla!
Good, quality promotion is crucial for the success of any business, but this especially stands for musicians of any kind. In this article I will introduce 28 various themes that are perfect for musicians and singers. Event was created by ElegantThemes and it represents a very versatile theme with the help of which you can transform your blog into a full featured events website. Harmony is a beautiful looking theme developed by ElegantThemes and it is perfect for bands and all sorts of musicians. Starlight from AlohaThemes features a wide slider across the very top of the homepage and this is where you can add your own photos, promote your band or link any page or website.
Reverb Music is also created by AlohaThemes, and it comes with a funky style and lively colors, with a wide slider across the homepage where you can post whatever you want. Red Leather makes a perfectly lovely vintage looking theme that was created to fit any musician’s needs when it comes to a website. Klang music theme comes with an impressive design clearly created for anyone who is in the music business.
The Artist of the Year theme comes with amazing modern design with many details included specifically for musicians.
IndieFest Band Theme is perfect for indie rock bands, folk artists, outdoor music festivals etc. Setlist is designed for music bands with its cutting edge design style and many useful features. Wayne is a feature rich theme with a responsive layout, designed for anyone who’s in the music industry.
Brooklyn is easily manageable allowing you to easily install the theme and start posting articles right away.
Acoustic supports WooCommerce that makes it perfect for selling your goodies to your fans without trouble. Pendulum has a modern template that lets you create a super attractive portfolio for your music. Muse is an attractive theme for bands, solo musicians or any other artists in the music industry. Iron Band is perfect for any music type, but especially for rock and metal musicians thanks to the specific looking layout with many interesting details.
Bandzone is a WordPress theme made by musicians so you instantly know it features everything a musician could ever need. No matter if you’re a DJ, a singer or a band, or if you own a nightclub that needs online presence, with the right theme you will be able to make wonders and collect a great number of new fans and visitors. Hernan from CSSIgniter is a responsive WordPress theme with a pretty layout and many custom options. StereoSquared from CSSIgniter comes with a responsive layout and several custom options for promoting your work in the best possible way.
Dionysus from CSSIgniter features a gorgeous, colorful layout and it lets you show your new releases, and let your fans have a great time browsing through your website. Continuous Player from Aloha Themes lets you keep your video or audio playing continuously just like the previously mentioned theme. Hula from Aloha Themes is a remarkable theme that looks out of the books and comes with do-it-yourself design. Disc Jockey created by Aloha Themes makes it very easy to manage your own website without the help of professionals. The DJ from Aloha Themes is an attractive looking theme that is also very easily manageable. Stylico comes with a bunch of handy shortcodes, custom post types (three of them), and custom pages for gigs and releases. Now that we’ve gone through these magnificent themes for DJs, let’s check out the themes that are perfect for nightclubs!
The Nightclub is a professionally designed nightclub theme with a hot homepage image slider and over 14 transition variations to choose from.
Party Night has a responsive, modern design and it features many options you are going to find very useful for your nightclub, such as event management, news management, blog management etc. StereoClub is fully responsive and it comes with a beautiful dark layout with an unlimited color scheme picker. Cafemio features a fully responsive modern and unique design and a very easy to use custom admin panel.

The music industry might be overwhelmed, and we all know there are tons of DJs and nightclubs out there, but is you choose to use a quality, awesome looking theme that works and functions perfectly, you can easily distinguish yourself from your competitors and give your visitors a brilliant experience when they open up your website. If you want your wedding to be unforgettable in all ways, creating a website to honor your special day, or creating a beautiful online wedding invitation is going to help you accomplish this. WeddingShots is a photo album inspired theme that can be used for various wedding related businesses. Wedding is a responsive theme with a pretty layout and many useful features you are going to like. Ever After lets you create a website where you can place a whole lot of content and share every detail about your wedding with your friends and family. Forever looks romantic and it allows you to present your best wedding photos and videos in an appealing way all of your friends and family are going to like. Love WP features a romantic layout with a color picker included so you can choose out of various colors, textures and pictures for your website. The Wedding Rings looks very appealing with an elegant layout design and a jQuery slider included for presenting the most beautiful photos of your wedding.
Pink Bride is a personal wedding theme with an elegant pink design, and a few useful custom widgets where you can show photos from your Flickr account.
Wedding Bliss comes with a cute layout and interesting patterns for presenting your wedding day with class. Surely you can see now that creating a wedding website doesn’t have to be expensive; it can actually be completely free. When people in the automotive and car business decide to create website, they know this site should feature special kind of layouts and certain options necessary for their company to function properly online.
I’ve prepared a collection of 17 automotive and car WordPress themes aimed at various businesses related to the niche.
Adding listings to your directory is very easy with the VIN Decoder, all you need to do is add your vehicle VIN number and all the data will pre-fill the listing information right away. Another theme called Automotive, this one is created by Templatic makes a fine choice for anyone who wants to start a car portal. Your car classifieds website can be up and running in no time and you can even use it as a proper web store because it is compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. The Automotive Ace theme is a responsive car dealership theme featured at Mojo-Themes with many animations, page and post transitions, sliders and carousels. The Autos Pro theme features an attractive homepage and many custom page templates suitable for a wide range of uses.
Vehicle search is also included and it is fully customizable so you can add or remove fields easily. The AutoTrader theme from Themefuse is a gorgeous WordPress theme and one of the best automotive themes we’ve came across, suitable for online car marketplaces, automotive magazines and blogs. The theme is packed with all the crucial features needed for such a website, such as suitable pages and options, splendid search fields and many filters you can setup to have your website function better than you’ve even imagined. The Car Dealer theme from Gorilla Themes is aimed at dealerships with Craigslist integration. You can add videos to your listings, and with a blog module included you can post as much as you want. BizzThemes’ Car Hire theme has an integrated booking system created for rent-a-car agencies. Your customers will automatically be emailed and informed about their booking and you don’t have to worry about double bookings because a booked car doesn’t appear as available on already booked dates. You can feature various reviews, recent posts and latest posts on the homepage as well and all of your content can be placed in a wide range of categories for easy navigation.
You can edit this home page using our free, drag and drop Page Builder, or simply disable it to fall back to a standard blog.
Building your pages using a drag and drop page builder is a great experience that will save you time. As this collection demonstrates, there are plenty of great themes on offer that include all the features you need to build a professional online directory. Some of the common features found in these themes include Google Maps integration, front end submission forms for accepting user generated content, and plenty of monetization options. The integrated quick start walkthrough guide will have your site up and running in no time at all, allowing you to get a good overview of the different features and settings before you start adding content. These blocks include content modules such as featured places, hot and latest places, reviews, services, testimonials, reviews, and categories. The whole process is seamlessly integrated with the rest of your website and doesn’t even require any additional page loads thanks to the use of Ajax in their construction. These individual pages can include maps, large photos, and videos, as well as all the relevant details about the business.
By using the location fields, users can filter results within a certain radius to find a business that is nearby. This ensures that those looking for a business or place of interest can just as easily make use of your directory, no matter whether they are at home, work, or on the go. So if you are in the process of building a listings website with WordPress then this could be the theme for you. Through the theme settings you can create multiple payment plans, including a free entry level option. If you do create multiple pricing plans, Listable will auto-generate a pricing table to make it easy for your visitors to compare the different options available to them. Furthermore, you can also easily add category icons to the homepage, which again, makes it easy for your audience to filter the listings by type of business or attraction.
Your registered users on the hand can only add their content through the custom built front-end submission forms. This means you only need to enable the features you plan on using, preventing your WordPress installation becoming bloated with unnecessary features and code. The theme also includes a Geo-tracker which uses the visitors IP address to show the listings in the city nearest to them. You can also set additional fees for listings submitted under specific categories, giving you plenty of options for making money from your site.
Listings can also be bulk imported via a CSV file saving your time when creating the directory. The structure and organisation of your directory, as well as the contents of the individual listings are all highly customisable, thanks to the use of the included custom post type builder. While PayPal is supported out of the box, there are a number of extensions available which allow you to increase the number of payment gateways you can use.
Unlike the Directory theme from Templatic, the listings in Vantage are not tied into cities, allowing you to create a directory that covers larger geographical areas such as states or entire countries, without the listings being divided up by city. With the ability to display adverts, charge users for adding a listing, claiming a listing, and even viewing listings and accessing the website, however you decide to setup your fee structure, you get plenty of flexibility with this theme.
While the Vantage theme is considered by many to be the most powerful directory theme for WordPress, its looks and appearance aren’t to everyone’s tastes.
This is thanks not only to its modern and attractive design, but also its support for mobile devices due to its responsive layout. This makes it a useful tool for helping your visitors choose the right activities or events from your listings to match the forthcoming weather conditions over the following days. This directory theme for WordPress features a geo-locator tool so that when a visitors lands on your site, they will automatically be shown the nearest listing to their current location. As it’s a child theme for the Directory framework, it means you get access to all the great features of that product, combined with a fresh new look for your website.
This means that by choosing SpotFinder for your directory and listings website you will be in good company. In fact SpotFinder would work equally well as a theme for creating a website listing top attractions, from tourist hotspots, to nightlife destinations, and child-friendly amenities. As each listing can have its own custom marker on the map, your visitors can see at a glance which facilities are located in their area of interest, before zooming in and clicking through to the individual listings for more details. The built-in colour picker also makes it very easy to change the appearance of your site to suit your preferences.
You can also easily insert banner ads or AdSense code into the theme using the control panel.
The large full width background image slider on the homepage does an excellent job of showcasing the best listings from the directory in order to encourage visitors to explore the rest of your site. The individual listings pages will appeal to businesses as they get a good opportunity to provide lots of useful information and photos about their listing, while visitors can leave user reviews to share their feedback with the community.
This allows you to create custom page layouts with ease, and then insert countless page elements into those layouts, all though a visual editor. If you need further assistance, they also offer a free installation service to help you get up and running with your new directory website in no time at all.
Depending on which one you pick, the front page of your website could feature a clickable map that displays the upcoming events listed in your directory, a large content slider, a user-friendly set of search fields, or a simple list of pending events. This helps keep the design aspects of EventBuilder separate from the functionality that is required to run such an interactive directory website. EventBuilder supports card payments via Stripe and PayPal so you shouldn’t have to turn any potential users away due to lack of payment options. Themes-Dojo has created many other high quality WordPress themes, which means you can buy with confidence from this developer. The theme’s eye-catching full width layout and full screen background images will ensure your directory listings website stands out from the competition and makes a positive first impression on your visitors.
This makes Diamond a great choice for anyone who wants to offer items for sale from their website, alongside their directory listings. Promoting or selling products related to the content of your directory such as maps, branded goods, or guides means you will never be short of ways to generate income from your directory.
When it comes to making money from a directory site, this theme has plenty of options to help you out. There is also a designer tool for making it very simple to change the colours used on the site. However, it’s more than just a child theme that changes the appearance of a site; it also adds a new way of working with your listings.
As this child theme is based on the Directory theme, it comes preloaded with over 200 countries to help you get started with your listing structure, as well as being powered by Google Maps. Each type of listing can have its own marker for quickly conveying to visitors what type of business or organisation it is.
With the latter approach you can create multiple pricing plains, and accept recurring payments which are collected automatically via PayPal.
Anyone who wants a clean and functional design that lets their content do the talking will appreciate the appearance of this theme. This allows you to organise the different types of posts effectively, which in turn makes it easier for your visitors to find the reviews they are looking for, such as the best places to eat, stay, or visit.
This includes a responsive layout built on the WPZoom framework, an optional homepage post content slider, and easy to use controls for changing the colours and fonts used on your site. The theme has been recently updated to now be fully responsive for use on mobile devices, as well as also now being retina ready to take advantage of the next generation of high resolution screens. If you want to take a content marketing approach to increasing the number of visitors who find their way to your site then the strong blogging features of The Navigator theme will appeal to you. Now your visitors can zoom in, scroll around, and find businesses in the area they are most interested in, all through the familiar interface of the Google Maps service.
This then makes it easier for your visitors to find exactly what they are looking for at a glance. This removes the need for your visitors to negotiate the admin pages of WordPress, helping to simplify the whole process of publishing a listing. You also get access to the Visual Composer plugin to help you customize your website and make it your own. There is also the option of displaying a full width background image on the homepage, which can be used to great effect to show off some of the best images from your directory listings. This also makes it easy for visitors to browse the directory and find exactly what they are looking for. Whether you want to list businesses, classified ads, automobiles, or employment opportunities, Directory can easily be tweaked to meet your needs. The use of front end submission forms helps create a uniform experience throughout your site, while the location based searches make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for in their local area.
These features include a geo-locator to instantly display the most localised results to your visitors, recurring payments for collecting fees via PayPal, and many more excellent features.
The theme supports WPML so making a multilingual site is a straightforward process thanks to the integration with the best multi-language WordPress plugin available. You can also use the form builder to add your own fields to the listings in order to ensure you can capture the right kind of data for the items you want to include in your directory. Browsing and searching the listings is very easy too thanks to the search widget which contains multiple search fields for really drilling down into the listings. If you want to harness the power and long list of useful features of the Directory theme, but use them to create a more food focused directory listings website then Cuisine could be the theme for you.
Each of the different listings category pages, such as restaurant type or location can also feature a Google Map complete with markers, which your visitors can then click on to find out more about your listed establishments and eateries.
They can also each include a high impact image gallery for showcasing the premises and the great food that awaits the viewer.
When any of the members of your directory use the app they can view your listings and receive push notification, helping to bring them back to the site when something new of interest is added. Listings and events can also be bulk uploaded, allowing you to get your directory up and running as quickly as possible. The Ultimate Directory theme also includes a series of email notification triggers and templates to keep you and your members in the loop as they sign up and start adding content to your website. The category system also makes it easy to organise your listings by dividing them up into groups such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, and parks. This is due to the fact that the directory features are available as a plugin, rather than integrated into the theme. However, if you are looking for a suitable theme for your site, then there is also a GeoDirectory theme which is an ideal partner for this plugin. The demo version of Explore has been setup to present music event listings such as concerts, but the theme could be used to list any type of event or place that would suit a more muted colour scheme. Through the theme option settings you can modify other aspects of GeoDirectory, including choosing either a fluid layout or fixed width, and customising the header, body, and footer styles. The theme makes use of frontend submissions forms which are perfect for allowing even the most non-technical of users to submit their listings to your directory. As you can setup recurring subscription payments, Atlas has everything you need to create a self-service and fully monetised directory portal. Vantage Theme is a powerful social networking business directory and can be used for Local Search, Community and Events. Being talented and dedicated to your music career usually isn’t enough and people in the music industry have to keep thinking of new ways to make their music heard by the masses and attract people who appreciate their work.
Apart from the super easy one-click install system, this theme offers many useful features. It looks very pretty and it allows you to manage past and future events like gig invitations or reports with ease right from the WP dashboard. This theme works perfectly fine with any music player so you can play not one song, but a full list of your songs. It works with almost any video player and you can create a playlist out of your songs here for all your fans to be able to hear right there on your website.
The slider featured on the homepage lets you present your most important content in an elegant, creative way and you can also add a music player (optional). You will get an old radio, guitars and an overall look and feel of a great looking music club so your visitors are going to feel they’ve come to a fun place to check out their favorite musicians. A photo carousel slider is included for featured articles, and event calendar is also featured and it displays any kind of events with a very simple module for adding or editing the events. It looks incredibly pretty and it comes with a flexible layout that is going to make your theme look awesome no matter what device it is seen from. Continuous auto play while navigating through different pages is featured so your fans can listen to your music while browsing your website.
It is completely WooCommerce ready so you can use your website for selling your merchandise as well as promoting your music.
It looks very fun and compact, and it features several various page templates so you can make your website look super interesting and unique.
With the simple drag & drop system you can add your widgets quickly, give your modules and categories a name and start posting instantly. It installs very easily and quickly and you can drag & drop your widgets to make the website creation even faster. It features a lively layout and a bunch of custom post types so you can create your posts and pages and make them unique.
It is very easy to use and customize and it features options not to be found in most other themes. This theme allows you to display your tour dates, manage and present your discography, add various videos and images and you can even sell your merchandise through your website. Its unique and modern design will amaze you, along with special music sections and an awesome event manager. No matter what your music genre is, surely you can find one of these fitting your style perfectly. I have great news for nightclubs and DJ’s, I’ve gathered a nice list of incredible WordPress themes that can transfer your website into an attractive place all your fans and visitors are going to enjoy browsing through. A custom audio player is included and you can let your audience listen to your music hits while checking out your website. Soundcloud integration lets you present your hits and allows your visitors to listen to your music on your website. The custom homepage features a highly customizable slider and six content areas you can play around with to make everything more appealing.
Your website’s content can easily be manageable and smart theme options allow you to run and maintain it very easily and quickly.
There are four skins included currently and you can choose the one you like most, but you also have unlimited customization options so you can be sure you can make this theme look perfect and fit your needs. Six custom post types are included for presenting your discography, photo galleries, events and artists in a cool, stylish way.
You will be able to promote and sell your music while not having to worry how your website looks on various devices, because it is going to look pixel perfect on any of them. It features a wide slider for showcasing the most important content you have, and you can add any music player that works continuously as you switch from page to page without interruption, pauses or starting over. Six custom widgets are included and there are seven widgetized areas, let’s not forget to mention 2 custom menu areas and 7 custom pages.
A powerful music player is included with a playlist you can create so all your visitors can listen to your music right there on your website. Quick and easy set up and customization are provided through a simple WordPress custom menu tool. Customization is dead easy, letting you upload your own logo within seconds, besides that you can change almost any color within the theme very easily, upload images and assign links for the homepage slider with just few clicks.
It has a responsive mobile layout, a cutting edge, modern design and awesome visuals built in. It features a video and audio player compatible with all popular players available, and you can add any of them to your website, all you need to do is past the code and you’re done. You can post video, photo and audio content on your website, and there is an audio player available as well so you can have music playing on your site at all times.
An audio player with a playlist is included and there are 5 custom post types for creating unique, attractive posts.
Now, we all know that good things don’t come free, and surely you’re thinking that such a website costs a fortune, but it doesn’t have to be so. Its classy, elegant design is enjoyable for browsing through, with nice color combinations and subtle patterns.
A traditional blog layout is featured and there are several features added to make the best out of new advantages the newest WP platform offers. With multi-language support, easy to use options page, customizable blog layout, a catchy image slider included and many more options, this theme will surely satisfy your needs. This responsive theme features a one-column layout, which is perfect for presenting your photos and videos, and it is decorated with cute textures and details that enhance the whole theme and give it a soft, romantic feel.
You will be able to tell your love story through many blog posts and give everyone a clean insight of your romantic fairy tale and all its important dates. With pretty fonts, light pastels and beautiful graphics this theme is going to present your wedding day in a fresh yet romantic way. It includes a homepage and 4 other pages you can fill with your content and create multiple posts which can be nicely categorized so everything looks clean and clear.

Many interesting details are included for enhancing the theme and making it look very glamorous and sparkly.
A pretty slider is featured for posting your most beautiful photos, and there is enough content space for you to post all about your wedding and all of its elements.
While these themes do actually offer a lot of great features, if you want higher quality and customer support included and you’re able to invest a bit in your website you should check out the largest premium WordPress wedding themes collection online, with the best possible wedding themes presented. Recognizing the right theme for your website is crucial, because the right theme has all the important qualities wrapped up and packed into a perfect product for your needs.
This includes not only car dealers, but also automotive magazines, vehicle marketplaces, blogs, car rentals, etc. It features a responsive layout, Craigslist integration, batch XML and CSV importing of vehicle listings, VIN Decoder and many more handy options.
A full blog module is integrated and you can allow your customers to add their own vehicles for appraisal, which you can integrate in the inventory, approve or delete it as you please.
A front end submission form is included so you can choose whether you want the directory to be user driven or you want to manage it all by yourself. With tons of shortcodes, a powerful admin panel, quick setup time and numerous variations for creating a unique website, Automotive Ace justifies the “Ace” in its name. You can showcase your vehicle collection in a showroom and allow your visitors to choose views (grid or list).
WordPress’s custom menus are supported with a possibility of adding and editing many areas. This theme fits the automotive businesses all the way, as it comes with 6 different color schemes, 3 different sliders, animated backgrounds, tabs on the front-page, lightbox mouse-over effects for photos and videos, Cufon headlines, many unique custom jQuery plugins, and much more.
You can also choose whether you want your visitors to add their own vehicles to your website or you can choose it to be run by you (the admin) only.
A slideshow for the hottest info is added to the top of the homepage, and the sidebars are reserved for the top 10 cars of your choice as well as various featured articles and posts. The modules can also be added to any of the sidebar areas as widgets, giving you lots of flexibility for building your home and internal page layouts.
Users can also add listings to their favourites for quick access on return visits to your site. Visitors to the site can create user profiles and receive email notifications about their listings. This all makes the theme ideal for almost any type of listings, and a great choice for building a premium directory. As well as accepting regular business listings, Vantage also has a separate event listing which can be used for listing events that take place on a specific day or over multiple days, such as festival, or exhibitions.
There are also a number of child themes available for changing the appearance of your site. The theme includes five different headers which can be used on any page including a Google Map, a Revolution slider, or a static image. The use of icons for browsing the categories makes navigating the listings very intuitive and user friendly. The benefit of this approach is that you have a bit more flexibility than you would otherwise, should you decide to switch themes in the future. Other interactive features of this theme include user reviews of the listings in your directory and the ability for event owners to claim any listings you’ve created.
These include banner advertising and AdSense space, membership packages, fees for one off listings, and the ability to set an additional fee for each category a listing is submitted to. The theme even comes with over 30 free child themes to allow you to change the appearance of your listings website. YellowPages totally reorganizes and restructures the homepage of the Directory theme giving you plenty of options for how you present your listings to visitors.
It’s also available as a package with the Directory app-them, allowing you to save money compared to purchasing the two products separately. Features include: user registration, PayPal integration, premium packages, geolocation, Ajax search, wide and narrow layout options, advertising spaces, premium Slider Revolution plugin included (worth $15), responsive design, useful shortcodes and demo XML content. Every page on the site can feature a choice of five headers including a Google Map, a Revolution slider, or a static image.
If you have lots of great photos for showcasing the city or destination you are writing about, then Expedition could be just the theme you are looking for. As well as the bespoke map icon, each custom marker also includes a brief description about the entity being covered in the listing.
Thanks to the use of tabs, this information is easy to view, and can even include its own blog for the business or person, and list products. Each of these demo websites can be installed in just one click, giving you a solid base to work from when creating your website. To help your listings site get started you can make use of ‘claimable listings’ which can be transferred over to businesses once they discover your site.
The app can also determine the user’s location, showing them the listings which are closest and of most interest to them. That's not all - Vantage is fully responsive which means it scales perfectly on mobile devices.
If you decide to do this by creating a website for your music business, starting off with WordPress is a wonderful idea because there are many themes specifically created for musicians, singers, bands and DJ’s.
It lets you play a background track on your website, but it also lets you add videos, calendars, a nice looking guestbook, and it also comes with a pretty looking slider where you can announce upcoming shows and events. You will be able to play songs, easily handle events, create attractive photo galleries and sell your merchandise to your fans.
A wide slider is featured for presenting your most remarkable content and featuring it on your homepage. The theme works with most of the known music players so you can choose the one you personally like most. There are nine backgrounds you can choose from, each with different goodies, each of them very attractive.
Discography management is included as well as a Twitter feed, a full width slider that can feature videos and photos, a conversation box and much more.
You can make a cheerful, laid back, ominous website for your band without breaking a sweat.
All popular audio players are supported by the theme, and you can manage your own banner ads or add your own likebox for your Facebook account, along with your Twitter stream. The theme uses basic WordPress options so you will have no trouble finding your way around it. Pages get loaded through PushState, and if the browser doesn’t support it, they load normally. A beautiful slideshow is featured on the homepage along with an audio-video player module that is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android devices so you can post your tracks and not worry about them sounding messy regardless of the device used for viewing the website. You can choose between a content slider or an image slider for your website, they both look pretty. Six custom widgets are included allowing you to announce upcoming tour dates, present your latest albums and pictures, latest videos etc.
All major, important features are included in the theme so you can have events and gigs organized and presented, but you can also add an audio player, YouTube videos, news, create your discography, biography and attractive looking photo album.
There are two theme styles you can choose from and with color actions included you can make the theme look exactly as you want it to. You don’t need to hire a professional to handle your website for you, you can do it all by yourself even if you have no special skills. Your tour schedule can be presented in detail on a Google Map and you can specify anything you need to about each gig and share it with your visitors.
Your tour schedule can be displayed along with Google Maps for exact destinations and details for each gig.
You can add your own logo, background images, header image, fonts, menu colors, heading and text colors and much more. A slider is included as well for presenting your important stuff through it and making them look even more attractive. There are endless customization possibilities with this theme, as it comes with 24 skins, 8 color pickers and 2 templates.
You will be able to easily manage your website without having to hire professionals and pay extra cash. There are five widget friendly zones and if you purchase this theme you will get the Shortcode Kid plugin as a bonus. You can upload the music you want and even add a video player, without having to install any extra plugins, everything is ready to go the second you install the theme.
There are three different color variations you can choose from, and many customization possibilities for each.
This is a collection of 13 completely free WordPress wedding themes you can use no matter if you are in some wedding-related business, or a couple who wants a gorgeous website for their special day. It features several important options such as tag cloud widgets, a contact form, shortcodes, a beautiful image slider, drop down menu, thumbnails with hover effects, footer widgets, etc.
An auto play slideshow effect is featured on the homepage so you can present photos from your album in a quite interesting way. It has 9 custom widgets included, and it features social media, Adsense and WordPress custom menu support. You can post as much as you want and talk about all the details of your wedding, set each important date and hour right so all of your guests know what to expect. CSS text effects are featured, Favicon as well, and it is completely Gravatar, RSS and social ready. You can feature your most important posts on the homepage, which can be enhanced with a pretty, wide photo at the very top.
The homepage has a spot for a big, remarkable photo at the top and you can feature various posts here as well.
With these themes, creating and maintaining your website comes down to simple installations, allowing you to run your business properly even if you aren’t a skilled coder. VIN number decoder is included, the easiest possible way of adding listings to your directory. Managing multiple office locations is also possible, as well as easily categorizing cars and creating groups of different car types. The listings can also be viewed via the large homepage Google Map, by searching, or using the category dropdown filters.
You can also add a link that will take the visitor to the full listings page on your website, for more information. Visitors can leave feedback on the entries, thanks to the inclusion of a star rating feature and user comment forms. This tools should give you added flexibility, when it comes to creating your pages and their layouts.
Quit messing around with other directory themes that only cause headaches and hours of troubleshooting and maintenance. The theme is extremely customizable, you can change the color schemes as you wish and make the whole theme fit your own style. Five unique color schemes are included so you can choose the one that suits your style best.
Huge, eye catchy background images are features and they give the whole theme a bold look which is going to make your website look unique. Social integration is also included and this way you can easily connect your website to some of the most popular social networks and get yourself awesome sharing possibilities.
Social integration is included, allowing you to instantly go social and share your music on all popular social networks. Adding videos from YouTube or almost any other video player is also possible, and let’s not forget to mention the social integration featured on this theme, making sure your sharing possibilities go beyond your website alone, and straight to the most popular social networks. Videos are also supported so you can freely add videos from gigs or any past event you might want to share with your fans.
Several important social media buttons are included but so is a Facebook Like box so people can like your website directly from their Facebook account. There are four background variations you can choose from and you can also custom choose your main and accent colors. Several custom post types are presented and there is a theme options page for detailed customization. The theme is retina ready and it has a music player integrated along with a simple event manager. Adding a video or audio player is easy; all you need to do is paste a code and you’re done. Facebook and Twitter widgets are included so you can connect your website to these popular social networks. You can also add videos from various websites and you can create beautiful photo galleries as well. You can also add sliders, YouTube and Vimeo videos to every page of your website so each page and posts looks different and unique. With a Facebook fan page included you can promote your music on Facebook as well, with a pretty page that matches your website. You will be able to add all needed data t your website, including photos, videos, events, galleries, etc. Custom post types allow you to create various posts and present everything about your work in an original, interesting way. SoundCloud integration lets your showcase your music on your website so everyone can hear it. You can add your own logo and background image and you can also change all the menu links to meet your own needs via the custom menu tool. Your own background image and logo can be added, and the theme works well with other plugins. The theme comes in dark and light design so you can choose the one that fits your style more.
The latest news and information about your nightclub and all the events will be showcased on the homepage. A pretty slideshow and event calendar are included in this dynamic framework so you can announce all the upcoming goodies you plan for your visitors, and you can do it with style. A gorgeous slider is included for promoting the newest and most important things about your nightclub, and there is also an event calendar for displaying upcoming events. Very easily manageable theme options and customization possibilities make this theme very easy to manage. Featured thumbnails for displaying your posts and images are included, and your visitors can comment on them if they want to. The theme design is fresh and clean, there are multiple widgetized sections included, a photo gallery and simple menu management. A simple page editor is included and it will allow you to pick out of various colors, textures and pictures.
A calendar with your company’s events can be also displayed on the homepage, and Google Maps integration places a small map with your address marked on it. 361 various icons are featured for loading images and many different homepage designs you can choose from.
Vehicle details and specifications with a financing calculator and contact form are featured and they can be activated on any page. Several compact theme templates are included and with a bunch of shortcodes along with easily manageable theme options, you will be able to run your website all by yourself.
All the popular social networks can be connected to this theme, and you will see pretty looking buttons leading to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
You can add many handy plugins to the theme; it is completely compatible with all popular WordPress plugins. You can choose out of 8 backgrounds, 17 main colors and 15 accent colors and the best thing is you can mix and match all of them.
A header slider and Revolution slider are included for showcasing your most important content. Gigs and other events can be displayed in a lovely manner; your whole tour schedule can be presented with a Google map and details of each gig. The homepage is completely widgetized so you can built it any way you want to and make it look perfect. Easy theme options and many shortcodes make this theme very customizable and simple to run.
Pre-sliced PSD files that come with the theme can be customized and you don’t have to be an expert to do it. The theme is responsive and mobile friendly so you already know your website is going to look great on all devices. Add video or media to your website with ease, and use the awesome looking slider to showcase your most remarkable work. Nine custom widgets are included and you will get 3 different homepage layout options to choose from. The theme comes with a homepage slider, the perfect spot for placing the most important aspects of your current work. The theme is social media friendly so you can connect your website to popular social networks and get endless sharing possibilities. Social network integration widgets are provided, all you need to do is input your Facebook and Twitter id and your stream will appear on your website, as well as your homepage. The blog layout is easily customizable and you will be able to run your own website all by yourself with no problems at all. If you think you’re going to create the next Craigslist, please take a seat and reconsider.
In case you are planning to buy this theme, check out these Themefuse coupon codes for some discount! Several post types are included so you can showcase your discography, photo galleries, albums, videos, artist all in various ways to make everything look even more interesting. Social media can be added to your website as well, so you can connect it to all the social networks you use for promoting your work. A funky looking slider on the homepage is included for featuring the most important and most recent news about your work. Your own logo and background image can be added so the whole theme matches the style of your nightclub. Prior to launching your directory you should niche down, and then niche down again before settling on a desired category.
Some of the backgrounds include multiple elements that move dynamically depending on the size of your browser window. Multiple playlists can be created along with detailed discography, tour dates, video gallery etc. You can add various media to your website and present artists, parties, or any kind of event you might have in mind. A nice looking slider is featured on the homepage for attracting your visitor’s attention to the most important things.
Below you’ll find twenty unique WordPress themes that might be the perfect fit for you. You can place your logo in a big visual display area front, or you can simply choose a pretty looking slider to present all your important stuff through, all up to you.
You’re able to easily set up an online directory portal listing categorized items of any type – companies, shops, websites and so on. Featuring customizable search fields you are able to create custom forms and fields and use SpotFinder to list virtually anything.
Theme has built in spaces for advertising, you can easily include your Google Adsense or any other ads.
Your users will never have access to the WordPress dashboard, everything is done on the front-end. You can, register, login, edit your profile, submit listings, change your membership and so much more from the front-end without having to visit the WordPress dashboard.
This directory-based theme utilizes Google maps to display exact locations and provide users the ability to interact with the location.
Realia supports dsIDXpress WordPress plugin and new WP Theme customization API, which allows you to make design changes in real time!
Also you can choose from 20 colors variations, 10 background patterns, 3 header setups and boxed or full width version.

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