Oxfordshire Duplication Centre are the leading specialists supporting Oxfordshire corporate and private clients to produce professional video and audio duplication, digitilisation, printing and editing services in and around Oxfordshire and the UK.
From corporate DVD Duplication and USB Duplication to musician CD Duplication, old cine film and slide transfers to video and audio editing, we are highly experienced in preparing digital media that needs to be created, viewed, distributed, modified or preserved on computers.
Test pilot Cliff (Billy Campbell) and his mechanic Peevy (Arkin) stumble upon a jet-pack developed by Howard Hughes (Terry O'Quinn) for the military as a response to a Nazi plot to create an army of jet-packed ubermenschen. Please note that "RECENT POSTS" also lists archival content that's just been imported from the old site.
Stunning professional and affordable CD and DVD duplication with waterproof, scratchproof, UV protected thermal discs printed to your requirements.
We offer CD and DVD printing services from 1 unit upwards, using top quality discs that are on par with Taiyo Yuden to ensure optimum performance.A We can work from your artwork or utilise our in-house design team who can work from your ideas.
Most other companies who offer a cassette to digital service have automated machines that capture aone-size-fits-all result.
Convert your old DAT tapes to CD or computer files such as WAV, AIFF or MP3 before they wear out! DAT tapes are between 15 and 180 minutes in length, a 120-minute tape being 60 meters in length. Our post production staff can piece together your video and audio projects ready for marketing.
DVD created from footage, auto play, no menu, audio chapters every 10 minutes unless specified.
Our dedicated and expert team at Oxford Duplication have years of experience in producing marketing and family memorable videos for DVD Blu-Ray or editable formats.
Oxford Duplication Centre specialise in providing a complete audio restoration, enhancement and recovery service for audio that is inaudible or requiring restoration.

From providing quality sound restoration and audio enhancement, to professional editing and mastering services. From duplicated discs to branded discs with your corporate or family memories, we can produce professional CDs that will give the image you require. Denon's development dated from its work with Japan's NHK Broadcasting; NHK developed the first high-fidelity PCM audio recorder in the late 1960s.
DAT tapes longer than 60 meters tend to be problematic in DAT recorders due to the thinner media. We support our clients in creating and delivering digital media support and experiences through creative processes to bring together the best out of your footage. Whatever your requirement in film video and audio we are confident in being able to support you with all your media requirements.
If you require a more enhanced service then our criminal evidence audio restoration service is perfect for extracting even the most inaudible sounds for evidence in court. The process of discovery as Cliff and Peevy, as a test, strap the doodad to a statue of Charles Lindbergh is exactly the right kind of cheesy--and a lovely analogy, besides, for the film as a whole. Then again, I don't think this movie was ever more than a slightly soft evocation of faded watercolours on old newsprint.
Denon continued development of their PCM recorders that used professional video machines as the storage medium, eventually building 8-track units used for, among other productions, a series of jazz records made in New York in the late 1970s.
A sequence on a film set as bad guy Neville Sinclair (Timothy Dalton, chewing scenery like a champ) shoots a period swashbuckler is subversive not only for the way that it reflects the vehicle in which it finds itself, but also for suggesting that the Golden Age of Hollywood was, as we suspected all along, rife with miscreants and foreign agents. Even the nature of the doodad itself is a celebration of American ingenuity (a celebration of capitalism, even: the sort of ascension into the strata that Art Deco as a movement intimated) as opposed to supernatural or extraterrestrial intervention. It allows for a greater connection to our working-class heroes, as well as the comparison the movie makes now again of The Rocketeer to Chuck Yeager.

The Rocketeer is too much in love with being American to suffer the idea that Old Glory didn't represent the wellspring of archetype in the modern age. The 5.1 DTS-HD MA track is less impressive, showcasing a pre-digital mix without much imagination going on in the rear channels. The wonderful, delightful irony of it is that the nostalgia now is for the first time I saw this movie, back in 1991. DVcam to DVD, Duplication versus Replication Oxfordshire Oxford, Disc Printing Services, Disc Replication, DAT Audio Tape to CD, CINE Tape Transfer Oxford, Cine Super 8 with sound, Cine Calculator, Cine and Video Tape Movies to DVD, Cine Film Oxford 9.5mm, Old CINE Film 16mm Film Video to DVD USB MPEG2 MPEG4 AVI MOV Editable Computer Files, Christmas Ideas. All stock is printed on the latest Morgana digital print finishing technology guaranteeing you a superb quality product for all your marketing requirements. OXFORDSHIRE VINYL, LPS, ALBUMS, VOICE O GRAPH, AUDIO REEL TO REELS, AUDIO CASSETTES, MICRO CASSETTES TO CD SERVICE, Audio Recording, Audio Editing, Audio Restoration and Audio Mastering Suite.
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