As posted hours ago by yours truly, that the Jerry-Gates ads were NOT canceled but the campaign moved into phase 2. Microsoft signaled the next phase of the Windows brand campaign with full-page newspaper ads carrying the headline: “Windows vs. Can the public really expect coming from Microsoft, that by using paid Microsoft employees, there would be an impartial unobtrusive unbiased testimony when financial generating income is at stake? Looks like the first ad series was designed in such a way, that looking at that crap, these ads look good.
Reading as a hobby is an answer to only make me sound cool (and this can be attributed to the academic books that I have been subjected to). I cover Indian IT for ZDNet, write about technology for Techie Buzz and irregularly do a podcast called Microsoft Talk. If Got Milk is a good milk ad and a good ad for other advertising, why is the US dairy industry dropping the Got Milk ad?
Most of the US dairy industry (excluding California) is part of the Dairy Checkoff, which takes a certain percentage of a dairy farmer's milk check and uses it for promotional things, such as Got Milk? Back around 1995 or 1996, here in the USA there was a particular radio spot for the "Got Milk?" ad campaign, which was positively hilarious, and I've been unable to find it online.
Thats a great ad, I love typography, good typography is one of the most important principles of design on a communication stand point. Tickles me pink to see type modified in such a simple way to achieve such an effective result.
I think good typography and using type as design and not just content is one of the most chanllenging aspects of good design. Oop, how embarrassing, Cameron…I thought I was getting your point, but I completely missed it.

Amusingly, this is a point I always try to remember when I work on interface mockups - that people skim over articles - and I completely skimmed this one. Authentic Boredom is the platitudinous web home of Cameron Moll, freelance new media designer, author, and speaker.
CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standard Solutions A solid round-up of indispensable CSS design techniques by Andy Budd, Simon Collison, and Cameron Moll. The first print ad that explains the focus of Microsoft is my favorite, the image looks simply slick and the text is inspirational too.
What Microsoft paid employee is going to be able to speak their own free thoughts without being censored by Microsoft?
But have you seen what else Got Milk?and other promoters of our calcium intake are capable of, on top of our favorite milk mustache? Seems too 70’s, and the kerning is too loose for my taste (though I do love it in the dyson logo). The copy in the ads lays out the driving philosophy behind the new Windows marketing approach. And even though these ads have been very successful the Checkoff is trying to keep up with the trends of life today. Image: WWFWhile Sharks Aren't Really 'Horrifying', a World Without Them Sure IsThe World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is known for its ads (which are sometimes pretty surreal and strange, like the Fish Head ad reproduced below for your viewing pleasure). When the text is transformed from a way to say something into a way to experience something, a richer user experience ensues; in this case, literally seeing the difference in suction. Print advertising is still one of the sectors of the design industry (here in the UK at least) where typographers are partnered with copywriters. Veghte says: “At the core, Windows is about enabling each one of us, as individuals, to live our lives without walls … I want to work when I want to work, I want to play when I want to play.

This campaign has been around for twelve years, when they began placing the now infamous milk mustache on Billy Ray Cyrus, Christie Brinkley, Michael Jordan and Larry King.And with a 90% consumer recall rate, why not keep going with it?
From the Rugrats to Steven Tyler to Kelly Clarkston, then there was Sarena Williams, Lord of the Rings and Meredith Vieira.What do you think of the milk mustache ads? So, instead of spending most of the Checkoff dollars for Got Milk?, there are newer campaigns such as 3-A-Day Dairy and the most recent campaign, People Behind the Product.
I don't really find sharks anything close to 'horrifying', in fact, I'd say that I find them really fascinating.
As a result, good print advertising continues to be the showcase for clever, well executed typographic design - not only in the craft sense, but like you point out here Cameron, a communication sense too.
PBP helps consumers realize where their product comes from and shows them that dairy producers do care about providing a wholesome product.
But I understand what they were going for with the ad, and why they needed to write that to make the concept work. I know I seem to be rambling but I just happen to run across this article and thought I would for lack of better words, set the record straight.
Feel free to contact me if you like more info about the Dairy Checkoff or other facts about the dairy industry.

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