A reader on one of my flashlight scam posts recently pointed out that I was serving up the same scam ads as I was warning against. Basically, most web sites like mine make what little they make to keep the site going from ads. But they do let site owners like me go through all the ads in the network, ad-by-ad, one at a time, and block the ones I don't want individually. What's worse, these scammers come out with literally dozens of new variations on those ads every day. The ads on my site barely cover the costs of keeping my blog afloat, so it's not really possible to turn them off completely. So, if you see a shady ad on my site, then feel free to drop me an email, and realize that I try my best for the 10 cents an hour blogging probably earns me. The message I want to give you today, is that many of you have the guts and effort to grow a website like this. Yes, I like anime and Naruto is one of the most famous animes and mangas in the world at this moment.
I checked some forums and many people love to argue about who is the best ninja and who would win in different fights. Most of the time I just publish images about different ninjas and who would win between a fight. Monitor your campaigns and watch how Facebook grows your likes on a targeted niche super fast. Keep in mind the number of fans will change a lot depending on the country you’re targeting and interests.
In this campaign, for the first 3-4 days, I was getting fans at the cost of $0.003 per like. Even if I got 8,980 fans with this campaign, I actually got around 10k fans because of the virality.
Finally, but not less important, I’ve reach 411k readers out of an audience of 1,7 million.
Just make sure you post at least 4-6 posts per day, so you can start grabbing some traction and getting likes, comments and shares so Facebook Edgerank (or whatever you call it now) loves you and your posts reach a good quantity of fans. I have spent a total around $75 at the moment, but you could spend a lot less if you can’t afford it. Hence, I publish my first post at 12pm, and then 5 more posts every 2 hours, with my last post at 10pm. And you can check the number of people talking about it (the real one, not the one that has been frozen on my page because of FaceBUG) here: Naruto Fanpage likes.
Again, the reach totally depends on the number of clicks, likes, shares and comments you get. Yes, that’s a growing trend, but I have lost a total of 20 fans after 10 days, while growing almost 20k fans.
Other than that, 3 or 4 of them are Genesis related (basic stuff), and there’s XML sitemaps to submit it to Google Webmaster tools, jetpack, quick adsense to put some ads, and W3 Total cache. So if they leave 30 comments on my link in the fanpage, the comments will automatically appear in the blog. You feel right and happy with yourself, and there’s nothing wrong on making some profit from time to time as long as you keep the experience.
In my case, I put some Adsense ads here and there, and finally, I signed up for some great affiliate offers related to the niche.
I still haven’t earned that money back, but I know I will after a week or so now that I started to monetize it (just started yesterday and made a few bucks).
So this is my guide to go from 0 to 1 thousand (OK, more like 941 hundred) visits PER DAY, in just 10 days after launching your niche site.
If you like it, please share it, tweet it, like it or whatever… or you can always sign up to my newsletter and get more content like this. I have received a lot of questions via email and i’d just rather answer publicly for everyone here instead of repeating the same answer again and again. Talk to you later! Filed Under: Featured, Pro-Blogging, Social Media Tagged With: facebook ads campaign, facebook ads niche site, niche site facebookLoved this article?
You have the fantastic gift of being able to explain complicated things in a really simple way, so thanks.
When you do ads, are you asking for likes or are you asking them to click to your site or both? FB likes can’t be related exactly to making a quantity of money because it depends a lot on your audience, your engagement and your niche.
When I do ads, I first build up likes and then I send traffic to my websites boosting posts and making ads for them. And on a separate, but similar topic, one thing that I always found confusing is that for instance viralnova has tons of FB posts, the vast majority are clickbait headlines with a static photo, but sometimes they are videos. I normally don’t start posting links to my website until I have at least 5,000 likes, if not 10,000 nowadays. Your passion for the stuff that you are writing really comes out through the quality of your posts, and the effort that you put in to reply to all the comments is infectious. Somewhere in the comment thread, you had mentioned that you had applied the same principles for an e-commerce site.
Coming back to the e-commerce part, I plan on having a niche product site which is why I mentioned about that. Hundreds of affiliates and page owners are using this business strategy to grow their audiences. I can test how many clicks on the links i posted i get but, the main way to test the result is to see how much money the ad units on that blog are generating.
So please rather than insulting my intelligence, as I can assure you i am one of the most highly educated people in this country, how about showing me what im doing wrong. And NO, Facebook has a pretty weird algorithm where you actually need to have a lot of people to actually reach them with good numbers.
Keep in mind it’s not the same strategy because I tend to go very broad in those articles to appeal the masses, contrary to this case study where I went very targeted in a micro niche (Naruto Fans), but the essentials of using Facebook Ads is always the same. Sorry for insulting your intelligence and saying your mindset is wrong, but if you come and test something with a few bucks and then calling BS where a lot of people are doing the same, you can’t expect more, no matter how highly educated you are. Also when you post 6 new posts to your fb page daily are these posts ALWAYS related to the niche?
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the likes you get in a Facebook likes campaign are mostly fake likes from click farms. Sorry to burst your Bubble, but if you know how to launch real campaigns on Facebook you won’t get fake Facebook likes.
That video went viral and made a lot of people believe Facebook likes were fake, but they aren’t. Now my page have 10k Likes and get around 10-15 likes on every post, when i boost them around 200Likes+ but no interaction with links.
What I meant is most people don’t ever launch a campaign but they share the viral video of ads not working. Ads For My Website - Where, why and how to get ads to put on your website to generate revenue.
Depending on the subject of your website, advertising can potentially undermine your credibility. Even if all the above works with your publishing plans, the overall income you may receive from ad revenue may not be worth it in the long run.
Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your online goals, so think long and hard about when and if you want to advertise on your website. Social media participation is also very important for building awareness to your valuable content.
If your website is about products or services that are available to a specific local geography, it’s also important to make sure that you are listed in local business directories like the Yellow Pages and Google My Business (formerly called Google Places). Finally, if you have an advertising budget, you might want to consider small targeted advertising campaigns using Facebook Ads or Google AdWords. Maybe I will try median net in the future, but for now I am fairly happy with my AdSense advertising. When the Internet first began, ads were simply images or text links that website publishers (website owner) installed for a fee and then linked visitors to the advertiser’s website or landing page. And likewise, if a visitor with a profile more interested in Advertiser D’s goods or services arrives, and ad will be shown from Advertiser D.
If you have questions about showing video ads please leave them in the comments section of our website. If you followed the instructions from the last post, you now have the Google AdSense plug-in listed in your installed plugins dashboard and it is activated. The first thing you do is click on this settings link within the plug-in dashboard listing. Google analyzes the page and places dummy ad green placeholders in recommended page locations for ads.

You can also adjust what type of ad you want to see by hitting the little black gear in the bottom right-hand corner.
Google AdSense is one of the easiest and most popular ways to add advertisements to your website.
Assuming you have an approved Google AdSense account (sign up here if you don’t), it is simple to add the code directly from inside WordPress using your browser. Back in the days when Google claimed to not be evil, advertising was more contextual — focusing on the range of content or commerce a given online consumer was interested in. I guess the point is that the online advertising industry as a whole has made it easier for you, the website owner, to place ads on your website that might actually get clicked on — meaning you have a better chance of making money. Google recently announced the availability of two new ad size formats for its AdSense advertisers. Many publishers will want to place this new ad format in the header area of their blog or website. People always ask, how busy does my website need to be to to put revenue-generating ads on it?
Google will determine the type of content on your site but, often more importantly, they may have relevant information related to any given visitor to your site that helps them determine the best ad to show. So I am new to this site, but not at all to collecting airliner models, and driving commercial aircraft.
In the last photo, the one with the huge UAL 744, it looks as if the Alaska Airlines model is an A320. If you have an pacmin md11 already in Olympic colors but it needs to be restored contact pacmin they restore models too.
View my Lufthansa model-collection at To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. My apologies for that, but it's hard not to run a web site without some of that stuff slipping through.
This means that every day I have to go through all the new adds, looking at them one at a time in order to block the shady and scam ads. The people behind this scam can make new scam ads and scam variations of their product faster than I can block it. By using the low cost resources we have on hand to achieve it in a few weeks, or even days.
As you can see, after 10 days it’s receiving almost 800 visitors and they day is still going.
It’s really important for you and your audience that you choose a niche you really like and love). Have a look at the next articles or simply opt into my list (you’ll find the opt in box after the post or in the sidebar) and download my guide with all the steps to create a niche site. Make the fanpage name interesting, even if it doesn’t match the name of your website. Sometimes I publish cool images and from time to time, I publish a link to my blog, where they can watch the anime or read the manga. And you create a new fanpage from scratch with good activity, traffic is even cheaper than paying for it on Facebook. Facebook likes can be cheap with proper targeting, but it can be really expensive if your audience is too broad and your CTR is low because of YOUR FAULT. As you can see in the next graph on WordPress, you can still get some decent traffic with just 1-3k fans. So you don’t need 10k fans or more to get some decent traffic running to your niche site. So if you published a link like this, in a fanpage as big as mine, but you had only 5 likes, 1 comment and no shares, your reach would probably be below 5%.
If you buy those fiverr gigs with 1,000 or even 10,000 fans for each dollar, you had already killed your page. In fact, even without SEO, the website is starting to rank for some keywords and from time to time I receive visits from Google, Yahoo or some other weird search engines. Doing a niche site on something that you love, and grow it in 10 days to something that maybe only authority sites get is just fabulous.
There’s one affiliate that allows you to watch the whole series with a minimum monthly subscription (similar to netflix, but for anime). Your niche site is waiting for you and your fans to get some tractions, and if you’re waiting for search engines (without knowing SEO) and organic traffic, you could be one of the 90% that just fail after some time.
Their algorithm knows that when somebody shares something it must be something funny or important that you really believe is worth sharing. The videos you can watch without clicking through to their site, how are they monetizing that? When you have some great posts, it’s good to boost them with ads and get even more traffic. Videos on FB only can’t be monetized as of yet ?? But yes, they also get some viral likes and that helps at the end.
In the case of the e commerce site it was a wide niche for women from certain age, but it wasn’t too broad so the results were good and it lasted for 6 months before we exhausted the audience and moved into something else. Spending 22 GBP is nothing compared to the thousands that are spent every single day in Facebook. The mindset is wrong by believing it’s not going to work (and calling BS) after spending $40 bucks on a business. For example, if you don’t have clicks in your ads, this has almost nothing to do with this strategy. There are things you could skip initially to test, like having a blogger blog instead of paying for a domain and a host. It you pick a very passionated audience and specifically audiences that aren’t that high priced on Facebook it will be easier to build a fast audience. It can be images (google, pinterest and other networks are great sources to find hundreds of images enough to post for weeks), quotes, links to blogs, games, videos on Youtube, etc. I have friends doing 6 figures per month and the claims that video makes are so weak that only people who have no experience or haven’t launched campaigns believed it.
Many people blog or create a website as a creative activity–not necessarily as a money making project. You may never develop a large scale following if you introduce advertising early in the life of your website. For example, if you are representing some kind of a nonprofit activity or subject, say… saving animals or helping the homeless, for-profit advertising can cause unnatural bounce rates went web visitors arrive. You may have spent hours and hours crafting just the right minimalist effect… just the right balance of text and images to make people feel comfortable… and now a bunch of foreign images and words that you cannot always control will potentially be uncontrollably injected into your pages. Ad servers create extra processes involved for loading ads that can cause your pages to load slower. If your web visitors are measured in the hundreds, instead of thousands per week, it may not be worth it. So you pick an advertising platform, often Google AdSense, and you wait for the money to roll in. Many website publishers are impatient and don’t understand the gradual, constant content trickle that is necessary to build a true set of loyal web visitors. You can potentially publish articles on other sites that drive traffic, and more importantly, links back to your site which will help with your search engine optimization.
Letting your friends on Facebook know about your website or building a specific Facebook fan page for your website is a good way of building new visitors. The hope is that the recipients of the ads may be converted into loyal readers and may also share your content with others. I have to admit, I have never used them because I don’t feel like my site would probably qualify based on their entry level criteria. Now there is an entire ecosystem designed to provide advertising media to both small and large website providers who want to monetize their content.
If you write a blog about digital cameras, you might know a handful of digital camera advertisers (advertisers A, B, C, and D) who you could call and ask if they would like to sponsor ads on your website. Now, rather than YOU trying to figure out what your web visitor audience might be interested in purchasing, there is a bunch of technology that can be applied to figuring that out. Video advertising media has never been more available as a monetizing option for website owners. Anywhere Google puts a little red marker in each location where an alternative ad can be shown.
If you would like a different ad in a different page location, remove one of the 3 green placeholders by clicking the black x in the upper right-hand corner. After you click the gear button in a dialog box appears allowing you to choose the ad format and read type you would like to insert. When your site visitors click on the ads (or sometimes when the ad is simply displayed, depending on the type of ad) you make money. If you are good with programming and WordPress, you can manually create html div areas or text widget containers to place the code in.

The website builder believes that they somehow have to participate in this targeting process.
Companies who sell dog food are interested in showing their advertisements to online segments of dog owners who buy dog food. For example, if you were on Amazon shopping for a new pair of running shoes last night, chances are an ad for that same pair of running shoes will show up on your Facebook page by the next morning. All of the millisecond-based transactions happen in the background and all you need to do is place the advertising code on your website. Both new ads increase the square area available for advertising media — text, image or rich media. When using these new ad formats, you are allowed to place one per page, as opposed to three per page using the standard smaller formats.
There are some online ad providers who will not accept you if you don’t have a certain minimum number of visitors per day.
Google may know that one of your visitors has recently been looking at new cars and they will automatically show an advertisement for the car that the visitor was looking at 30 minutes ago. Mostly they are hoping that people who don't understand LED flashlights will fall for the scams. And I know the feeling that comes a few days after when it received close to no visits and no comments.
Stream SEO is finally receiving a thousand visits per day (YAY!) and it earns at least $1k in revenue each month.
My new year’s resolution is to create more posts with less words, but keep it to the point and practical.
I created 5 posts instead, with no more than 200 words (because of the niche) and I was good to go. Again, I won’t discuss that here because the article is focused on how to grow your traffic quickly, not on how to create a blog. Of course big is better, but if you have at least $5-20 USD then you’re already good to go. People love to read the manga and the anime, but there are many websites and fanpages publishing that. So I’m offering a different value for my fans, but at the same time, covering the basic needs by sending traffic to my website. The only different thing on Facebook now is that they allow you to upload up to 6 images for each campaign. I say ignores because no matter how many days you wait, Facebook won’t give more impressions to the rest of the images and it will assume the images are bad. You want the audience to LIKE YOUR PAGE, and even if the Ad is created just for that, you need to remember them to do it. If by error you decide to pause it and it was good, create a new campaign with the same image and kill your old campaign.
But because you’ll have a new targeted fanpage with targeted fans, you should be able to keep it up. I know Aweber will cost me a good chunk because of the number of subscribers I’ll get. However, it seems to have the problem where it won’t import the replies of the comments.
Without SEO, just because I post 3 times a week, receive real comments and a lot of likes in the posts. So for Facebook shares always have more value and reach than comments, and comments have more reach than likes. But when you have a large fan page with tons of likes, you can do click to website ads targeted to your fans and it’s cheaper that way. If you think a business is BS after spending that quantity what’s wrong is your mindset, not the strategies. I talk about the real reason behind the people who make it work or not and how to measure results in order to make it work in the second article. I usually recommend $1,000 just to start testing and fine tuning your ads before you see a profit. Less competition from people who think something doesn’t work at the ends means more money for the people who work and test a lot of things and put some work to make things happen. As for the ads, the key is to get a good CTR and you have to split test banners, sizes, colors, etc. You may be better off waiting months or years to introduce an ad network and focus more on keeping your web visitors happy and returning to your site. This can negatively impact whatever aesthetic experience goal you have set out for your audience and cause them to stop visiting.
If you have a sub-standard web hosting company or if you are not cashing your webpages with a CDN (content delivery network), slower response rates for page loading can cause visitors to leave prematurely and can negatively impact your search engine optimization statistics.
In addition, posting on other social media platforms like Twitter and Pinterest can help spread awareness. I have applied in the past and been rejected because I do not have the daily volume of visitors necessary to qualify for their program. Many people seem to apply to the Yahoo program after they have been either rejected by Google AdSense or kicked out of Google AdSense. Monetizing is simply the process of figuring out how you can get paid for all the work that goes into creating content and publishing a website. The advertisers may be interested because the audience you attract to your site is a profile similar to the people who buy their digital camera related products. Ad networks are online buyer-seller matchmakers, connecting companies selling products or services with the audience who is most likely to buy them. Or if you have your AdSense parameters set up a certain way, you may already be doing that and not even know it. A recent study by Google compared and contrasted video ad response rates to display ad response rates. If you are using AdSense to monetize your content, make sure your ad units are set to show text and image ads. AdSense is a service created by Google that automatically inserts image, text, and video ads which are targeted based on your site content or by your audience’s interest.
If you’re not as picky about exact placement or not as skilled with a keyboard, there are number of WordPress plugins that make the job quite simple. You will then see the following screen where you must click Activate Plugin to enable it to work. The most common starting place for small publishers is an online ad provider like Google AdSense.
I’m going to start this by saying that this is my first post in 2014 (aside from a guest post) here at Stream SEO and I want to take a different point of view from now and forward.
For a new niche blog, that’s pretty normal, and your traffic will grow with time, promotion and SEO. A few months ago they would only allow 1 image per campaign, which made split testing more difficult.
In fact, if possible, create multiple campaigns with $5 budget instead of only one campaign with a $20 budget.
This is the main reason i told you it’s very important to choose a niche you like and love. They just decided to leave, which is fine for me and for my Fanpage’s Edgerank score. However don’t forget to interact with your fans from time to time, answer questions, like their comments and hear their recommendations. In your case it’s not a problem because the most expensive thing (dedicated server) is something you already have. Monetizing is not something I consider in the first phase of any website until it’s got some steady traffic.
You can provide services or products as a result of building a strong following and fanbase.
Many still fall into lapses of content production that cause their audience to slow or even stop completely. But that involves calling and developing relationships and signing contracts for banner ad sponsorships with each separate organization. In fact, a recent study by BIA intelligence and the inter-net advertising board shows aggregate video revenue doubling between this year, 2015, and the year 2020.
Like many of you guys, I’ve been fighting and struggling to build an audience in different niches.

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