Harbour Publications offers a fantastic opportunity to all businesses, organisations, charities and more. We offer a cost effective way for all markets to be recognised throughout our distribution areas.
Advertisements can be sent on CD, flash drives etc or through email (5mb max) using JPG, TIF, EPS or PDF MICROSOFT WORD formats . In the event of not receiving a hard copy, we cannot be held responsible for any errors incurred in the reproduction of all or part of the document. We offer comprehensive advertising and promotion services including product features, banner advertising, product and service listing and site sponsorship dependent on requirements. NW Business Insider had a wonderful piece on the dog advertising concept in their current feature on guerrilla marketing. I originally came up with this concept after selling in the story of a certain dog called Dante in to the South Manchester Reporter. It seemed obvious that there was original and possibly effective advertising mileage to be had and so I teamed up with Mick Greer and Phil Howells, well- seasoned advertising pros. It is some fun but also when there is so much competition to grab our attention it is a little different and attention grabbing.
Using Images for SEO and online search marketing by delivering it through PR should be a key consideration for public relations professionals and their tactics.

Learning Channel would like copyright permission to use the dog advert (dog advertising) in one of our DVDs for matric pupils studying English in South Africa. Why hide in a cave being chased by us marines in afghanistan when we’ve the best football league & for the mrs Oxford st? Advertising opportunities within downloaded and streaming content viewed on portable consumer devices such an iPod, Zune, iPhone and other portable devices. Looking for a customized solution to reach your branda€™s demographic and behavioral target audience?
To further refine targeting, Wizzard develops customized campaigns around specific show clusters.
Todaya€™s podcast shows spawn vibrant communities from which our advertisers will benefit. Wizzard production staff identifies appropriate show break points to insert your ad spots.
Nielsena€™s SiteCensus program tracks every podcast download served by the Wizzard network, utilizing the most stringent download criteria.
Our advertising options include recruitment, property, motoring, special features and all other general advertising. We thrive on giving our clients the best service possible by including weekly and monthly rates as well as fantastic long term advertising packages for both new and existing clients.

Drawing from a lineup of over 700 audio and video podcast shows, Wizzard has developed a set of 22 primary audience categories, everything from Technology to Comedy, Education to Fitness, Mena€™s and Womena€™s interest and much more. Other custom opportunities include individual show sponsorships where advertisers can be incorporated into future episodes, as well as the showa€™s promotional, community-building marketing efforts.
Many of the shows foster active websites, blogs, community forums, and email newsletter databases. When your campaign completes, your spots are automatically removed, ensuring your ad creative only appears where and when you need it to.
We are able to offer a tailor made package of advertising suitable for all budgets that gives clients the maximum opportunity for the response they desire. Show-based sponsorships are extended into these environments to ensure your brand message is integrated wherever fans interact with the show.

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