In this year alone, the amount of money spent on marketing analytics is expected to increase by at least 60%, according to a survey conducted by CMO. Matthew goes on to say that “The outcome we are looking for is greater sales year-on-year but with an advertising budget that stays static. One of the problems which many businesses encounter is that they aren’t paying attention to current trends in marketing and so rely on what had worked for them in the past. In the end, without market analysis giving direction, advertising budgets are all over the map. To help you understand how advertising contributes to top-line revenues on a dollar for dollar basis, Forum utilizes advanced, multi-dimensional regression analysis across every strata of your advertising platform today such as TV, radio, newspaper, and internet. Advertising effectiveness modeling ensures your advertising is working efficiently to grow your brand, deliver increased revenues, and achieve the best possible ROI for your business.
Fast food chains utilize advertising effectiveness modeling to identify the dollar for dollar lift from their local media buys. Mobile Advertising Watch is a leading technology media property dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving world of mobile advertising, reviewing new solutions, giving reliable and actionable tips and breaking important technology news.

The partnership is designed to allow Publicis Groupe agencies and their clients to leverage Ghostery’s privacy and analytics solutions across online display, social, mobile, and video ad channels. The partnership, we’re told, expands upon the companies’ existing deployment of Ghostery’s Privacy Governance solutions by introducing its Marketing Cloud Management and Competitive Intelligence to VivaKi agencies.
In a sense, the deal underscores the need for more controls over online privacy and transparency as digital advertising enjoys explosive growth hounded by the proliferation of thousands of tracking technologies.
Not only is this a reflection on the predominant optimism that the recession is finally over, but new tools and refined methods of market analysis are making it possible to more easily identify and target very specific segments within the market.
This isn’t a good strategy because current trends may be far afield from those that were effective in the past year, or even within the last half or quarter year. Current trends indicate that customers want to choose the content they receive and in direct marketing, this is what happens. To get the most for your money it is vital that you know what’s trending and analytics provide that insight. The results are tabulated to provide you a clearer understanding of return on investment, allowing you to better allocate advertising to the areas with the biggest bang for the buck, and the highest customer engagement value for your business.

This coupling helps VivaKi better support and manage their clients’ digital relationships for greater transparency, risk management, and marketing performance. Here, Visionary Advertising, being true visionaries, explain how marketing analytics have a positive impact on business growth. Market analytics make it possible to choose from a number of options that work in today’s market.
Products and services are showcased at events which enable consumers to engage in what is being shown them. Without market analysis to show that this is the current trend in consumer preferences, many companies would forego one of the most effective marketing strategies for today’s market.

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