The Local Online Advertising Conference was presented by Borrell Associates this week in New York.
As in years past, the rapid change of the media landscape, technology, and consumption of content dominates the conversation from the presentations to the hallways.
Marketers can determine where you are and can send content to you that is location-relevant. The takeaway is that video is clearly the new frontier in capturing attention in your marketing. Radio is positioned perfectly to execute events that can drive huge profits for the station and cluster. Nancy Lane, President of the Local Media Association, says one of the primary reasons local media companies should consider doing events is PROFIT. The takeaway is that radio has the "voice" in the market and can drive the success of events.
Price says that by using these three strengths, radio companies can position themselves in the marketplace to be the integrated marketing solutions provider for local advertisers. There is no shortage of excitement with respect to the power of local media companies and the power of radio as the driving force as a comprehensive, integrated marketing solutions provider for helping businesses grow. AboutGlobal Marketing Communications and Advertising is a one year, intensive Masters of Arts program at Emerson College in Boston, MA.

IC AAF member, Conor Harrington, designed and submitted a poster idea for the 2010 Career Conference. The 1st Cardiovascular CT Conference Dear Colleagues The first Cardiovascular CT Conference Held at Liverpool has happened.
It is considered to be the premier new business conference for advertising agencies, marketing, public relations and digital agencies. Khan, Founder and President of the Location Based Marketing Association, noted that 85% of all data today has a location element to it.
The event provides a unique peek behind the curtain for what successful companies are doing today, and equally important, offers a "crystal ball" look into the future of the media business.
We work as a cohort through a structured sequence of courses emphasizing cross-cultural communication and cultural diversity in world markets, blending theory with hands-on application. After rigorous review by their committee, his was chosen from all of those submitted from around the country. That includes the pictures you take with your cellphone, the messages you send, your tweets, etc. And once we’re done, we’ll be able to meet the marketing communication needs of a growing global community and economy.
Last year's winning Career Conference poster design was submitted by our former AAF president, Joann Delanoy. Way to go Conor and Joann!

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43% win rate on new business – IMI researchExecs are most concerned with agencies understanding of their biz and industry. Since 2007, Michael has helped pioneer the use of social media, inbound and content marketing strategies specifically for agency new business. CT Angiography and 3D Imaging Conference Dear Colleagues The 2nd CT Angiography and 3D Imaging Conference was held at Bondi Beach Hotel. The Conference had an overwhelming response with a course attendance of 280 people from all over USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Essentials in Imaging - MDCT and MRI The first Essentials Imaging Conference was held at Shangri-la Hotel was SOLD OUT with in two months of advertising.  This conference has no gone international with more than 650 attendees. It has been ranked among the top 100 marketing blogs in the world, according to Advertising Age’s, The Power 150.

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