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While Mobile RTB is still in its infancy, the below ecosystem map clearly shows how quickly this particular portion of our industry has grown in the last couple of quarters.
1.)          In 24 months from now, the majority of all impressions will come from mobile operating systems.
So while this map is getting crowded, we are still at the very beginning of the mobile advertising revolution. Please note: Clearly my mobile ecosystem slide was inspired by my friends at Progress Partners, who have been creating ecosystem maps since  2006, and of course by Terence Kawaja at Luma Partners, who made them famous.
B?n co nh? l?n cu?i cung b?n mua ve may bay thong qua d?i ly c?a VietnamAirlines, d?t phong khach s?n thong qua di?n tho?i ho?c qua cac d?i ly du l?ch? Hay tu?ng tu?ng d?n m?t luc nao do b?n ch? c?n thong qua m?t platform va ch?y mu?t ma m?i qu?ng cao do. N?u b?n v?n hanh tr?c ti?p DSP ho?c thong qua DSP, b?n s? gi?m du?c m?t kh?i lu?ng kh?ng l? cong vi?c lien h? v?i nhi?u ben: Ad Exchange, SSP, Ad network, Publisher.
Brian Lesser, global CEO of Xaxis thu?c WPP nh?n xet: "Di?u b?n th?y khong ch? la m?t s? thay d?i cach mua media m?t cach can b?n ma con la cach nha qu?ng cao tuong tac v?i ngu?i tieu dung hi?u qu? hon". Tuy nhien khong ph?i c? th? gi?i d?u chuy?n sang programmactic, do ch? la m?t ph?n c?a qu?ng cao tr?c tuy?n (online-display advertising).
Thu?t ng? nay bao g?m m?t lo?t cac cong ngh? giup cho vi?c t? d?ng mua inventory, xu?t hi?n qu?ng cao (placement), t?i uu hi?u qu? thay cho con ngu?i nhu g?i di?n, fax, g?p g?.. Demand Side Platforms s? giup agency ho?c nha qu?ng cao mua inventory t? nhi?u ngu?n bao g?m ad exchanges, ad networks ho?c cac n?n t?ng ban qu?ng cao noi chung (sell side platforms). Trong hinh v? tren, b?n s? th?y agency ho?c advertiser ch? c?n thong DSP, cac ph?n con l?i khong c?n quan tam. M?t trong s? cac DSP d?u tien la MicroAd, v?i DSP mang ten BLADE kh?i d?ng v?i vi?c b?t tay Ambient, m?t trong cac Adnetwork l?n t?i Vi?t Nam. Day la m?t l?i th? r?t l?n ban d?u cho MicroAd, vi cac Publisher dang ban inventory v?i gia cao chot vot trong th? tru?ng nhu Vnexpress khong d? gi tham gia vao th? tru?ng t? do m?t s?m m?t chi?u. M?t trong cac tru?ng h?p nhan ti?n la Zing,  tr? khi b?t kh? khang, cac d?i tac s? mua thong qua Google b?ng CPC, mo hinh co l?i hon so v?i CPD ho?c CPM. M?t trong nh?ng d?i tu?ng d?u tien hao h?ng dung th? DSP chinh la cac b?n ecommerce vi m?t s? DSP mang l?i m?t mo hinh CPA, phu h?p v?i cac b?n lam thuong m?i di?n t? hon so v?i CPD, CPC thong thu?ng. Hi?n t?i, cac b?n DSP l?n tren th? tru?ng qu?c t? cung d?n co m?t va c?nh tranh quy?t li?t v?i nhau. Khi nh?n xet, vui long dung Ten rieng ho?c Nickname, khong ch?p nh?n Ten mi?n, Thuong hi?u, T? khoa. Susan Borst is a Director of Industry Initiatives at the IAB focusing on Social Media, B2B, Games, Content Marketing and Native Advertising. The range of topics discussed at SXSW Interactive is vast and it can be daunting to map out all the sessions you want to see based on your areas of interest. If you want to know what some of the hottest topics in the interactive industry are, a good place to look is where C-Suite speakers are focusing their time. Below is a link to the full panel description and three key questions the panel will address as found in their original SXSW Panel Picker description. Note: All sessions listed will require a SXSW Interactive, Gold or Platinum badge to attend. Congratulations to all IAB speakers whose panels were chosen for SXSW Interactive. To view all IAB member companies speaking at SXSW click here. Today’s focus is on SXSW panels related to Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence (AI).
We’ve curated some VR, IoT and AR-focused sessions featuring IAB member company speakers from Advertising Age, Annalect, Facebook, Fast Company, Fortune, Google, Samsung, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.
The IAB Social Media Committee’s main focus in 2015 was working with the MRC on the preparation of the MRC Social Media Measurement Guidelines along with members from the 4As and WOMMA. The guidelines include definitions for key aspects of social media measurement.  It is important that the industry – both buy and sell side – use the same definitions to avoid confusion. For more information about the IAB Social Media Committee, contact Susan Borst ([email protected]). The verdict is in: 2016 will be the year that B2B marketers ramp up digital advertising efforts based on marketplace advances and greater understanding about areas such as programmatic, mobile and more. AdTech innovation will lead the industry away from Assault Advertising to Consensual Advertising. B2B Marketing as a wider discipline will be positioned by at least one leading Marketing Cloud software vendor, improving B2B’s overall air cover. B2B marketers will embrace the account-based marketing model, effectively building it into their 2016 strategy. 2016 will be the year that buying addressable TV through a programmatic platform becomes real and opens up broadcast TV to B2B brands at scale.
B2B ad dollars will continue to shift to digital, although the majority of spend will not yet be through programmatic buying. Many programmatic platforms are now offering CPVM (cost-per-viewable-impression), demonstrating the industry’s desire to ensure quality results, which is becoming increasingly important in the age of content blindness, ad blocking and ad fraud.

Expect cross-platform measurement to move toward becoming the standard for campaigns, unifying mobile and desktop.
2016 will see more C-level executives taking on the role of brand ambassador, not just in the boardroom, but also in social media. The outlook is Cloudy, with a capital “C.” In the past several years we’ve seen an immense amount of VC and private equity money flood cloud-based solutions.
B2B Marketers will continue working with select premium Publishers through direct sales channels because mindset and contextual relevance are valuable attributes that still cannot be purchased effectively through programmatic buying. With more targeting options and a steady shift to all things digital, B2B marketers should loosen their purse strings to target decision-makers at the right time, right place, and right price point. I think there will be a push from advertisers buying sponsored content from publishers to have that content be part of a distribution strategy - either the publishers' or their own.
As the IAB lead for the B2B Committee, it is clear that while the digital advertising gap for B2B vs. Since its inception in 2013, the Native Advertising Task Force, along with its sister Content Marketing Task Force, have worked together to produce significant market-making documents. The Native Advertising Playbook, published in December, 2013, continues to this day to be the most quoted piece on native advertising. Two other working groups have been formed to prepare deep dives on two other types of native ad formats: Promoted Listings (aka Product Ads) and Recommendation Widgets. We were encouraged to see that these publishers appear to be paying attention to helping consumers understand when they are viewing in-feed ads, using language and other visual disclosure cues to distinguish between surrounding publisher editorial content. Additionally, the Native Task Force partnered with the IAB B2B Committee for Town Hall held at the IAB AdLab in June. We bid adieu to Frannie Danzinger as co-chair as she moved onto 6sense, an IAB Associate member, as Head of Market Development (co-chairs must be General members per IAB by-laws).
I like the framework he used especially since the ecosystem is complex and to a great degree still evolving.
Many of the traditional mobile networks have created bidders, new Mobile DSP have entered the stage, and many of the desktop DSPs are now buying mobile impressions. RTB is only efficient way to match buyers to sellers in this exponentially growing universe. Finding the right users at the right time, while they are walking into a geo-fence can only be accomplished through RTB.
Ngoai cac tay to toan c?u nhu Agoda, Expedia, hang lo?t cac cong ty trong nu?c nhu MyTour, iVivu, Chudu24, Yesgo..
Ch? c?n thong qua m?t n?n t?ng, qu?ng cao c?a b?n s? xu?t hi?n tren GDN, Facebook (thong qua FBX), cac Ad Network.
R?t nhi?u ngu?i nh?m l?n v?i vi?c mua qu?ng cao thong qua d?u gia b?ng may tinh thu?ng du?c g?i la RTB (real-time bidding) nhung day ch? la m?t cach d? mua qu?ng cao t? d?ng (programmatic). Don gi?n la vi khi h? tham gia vao s? d?a tren d?u th?u va no co th? th?p hon gia hi?n t?i. We’ve curated an impressive list of SXSW Interactive panel discussions featuring IAB member C-Suite speakers from Acquia, Bazaarvoice, GoDaddy, Mashable, Pandora, Refinery29, StubHub, The Washington Post, and WWE. From healthcare to refrigerators, to storytelling and psychology, these panels are sure to get you excited about the current and future use of these innovations. As you will see, the topics covered under social are wide ranging from reporting and personal branding, to visual content marketing, social customer service and more. These guidelines establish definitions and baseline metrics for original content Authorship, subsequent Engagement and resultant Reach. For ease of reference, the IAB Social Media Committee compiled the definitions into a separate guide. Marketers want to coordinate their messaging across channels whether that be through targeted ads or triggered emails.
The winners will make ads relevant and useful at the place and time of consumer desire, and the cost per validated view will rise AT LEAST 10x. Separately, Account Based Marketing will be one of the highest growth trends within B2B because attributing marketing campaigns to large closed deals just makes great business sense. This will impact how they buy media and target users, the events they will attend and host, and most importantly be reflected in messaging. Paid video on social, mobile and data-driven tactics to track true ROI will be of high importance in 2016. The natural next step in this process is to start providing inventory that is guaranteed to actually be seen, as opposed to just viewable in the user’s line of sight. Whether through blogging, or just active sharing on distribution networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, being the figurehead of your organization, and building a set of Sr. However, the demand for data-driven solutions from advertisers will drive publishers to create new ad products that leverage publishers’ first party data along with second and third party data more aggressively and insightfully to meet client objectives. The B2B data floodgates have now opened up, giving marketers more targeting options including a wide array of firmographic data combined with a broad range of intent data.
Those who are not doing Data Science, Machine Learning and the OpenRTB will be left behind.
B2C is narrowing, there is still a good deal of education needed on key areas such as programmatic and mobile.
The Task Force has been busy preparing deep dive documents into the various types of native ad formats to provide more industry guidance. We* focused exclusively on the in-feed ad format for ComScore Top 100 publishers that had in-feed ads on desktop and evaluated language used, placement and other visual cues.

Over 220 members registered for the event to hear topics ranging from benchmarks, programmatic, use of DMPs and more. We thank Frannie for her dedication, thought leadership and enthusiasm as co-chair over the past two years and we look forward to her taking on other leadership roles within the committee moving forward. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. At that time, yield management was still the dominant method to monetize remnant impressions on desktop and mobile. If I have missed a particular company, just send me a tweet at #theermann and I will update the slide.
Khi con lam vi?c t?i Carat, digital team ph?i lam vi?c v?i hang lo?t cac Publisher nhu 24h, Vnexpress, OtoSaigon, Otofun, Zing.. Khi du?c h?i, Amex tr? l?i: "day la m?t suy nghi chi?n lu?c v? m?t ly thuy?t" (theoretical strategic thought). Thong qua cac cong ngh? t? d?ng, nha qu?ng cao co th? mua qu?ng cao theo cach h? mua hang tren Amazon hay d?u gia tren eBay.
Di?m khac bi?t gi?a DSP va Ad Network la DSP khong cung c?p d?ch v? qu?n ly campaign, cung c?p d?ch v? cho publisher ho?c co m?i quan h? tr?c ti?p v?i cac publisher.
DSP s? d?a tren cookies d? quy?t d?nh ai la audience phu h?p d? qu?ng cao va ch?n gia th?u nao la t?t nh?t.
Khi b?t d?u v?i m?t Adnetwork co d? ph? hon 90% theo s? li?u Comscore, do la m?t l?i th? l?n d? cac khach hang tin tu?ng vao cong ngh? va kh? nang ti?p c?n khach hang. On the gaming front, IAB members will be speaking about international gaming expansion and also about how all brands can with game advertising which is presented by the IAB Game Committee. Additionally, they provide guidance for social media coverage and projection, measurement within applications and outside them, measurement of User Generated Content (UGC), collection and use of aggregated social media platform data, filtration, reporting and audit guidelines.
The open marketing and ad tech ecosystems will need to work together to solve interoperability problems and ushers in the MADtech era. In addition to driving direct sales, B2B marketers are looking to own their audience through digital content, rather than rent it.
We will see B2B Marketers & Advertisers really focused on understanding who truly has the best content, actionable and real 1st party data, who can provide relevant and valuable business insights that help inform strategy and measure results. In 2016, we'll see more platforms offering measurement (for example eye tracking studies) in this area. However, fraud will remain a big issue as it continues to get more sophisticated, not only feeding off of viewability KPIs but also mimicking new engagement tracking metrics. Now that the right tools and data points are available, next year, more B2B markers should take advantage and execute full funnel marketing, giving each stage of the decision making process the proper consideration and budget allocation.
I believe that Data combined with the strong user-experiences will bring new ad formats into live.
The committee will be meeting on February 17 to set the 2016 strategic agenda with the goal of producing documents and hosting events designed to help publishers, SMB and enterprise businesses navigate the rapidly evolving B2B digital space. This year, the IAB Deep Dive on In-Feed Ad Units was released*. The In-Feed Deep Dive received coverage in TechCrunch, MSN News, Mobile Advertising Watch, Marketing Dive, and more.
Student of marketing (I am always learning something new especially in the digital advertising space).
Today it is clear that RTB provides such strong advantages for both the supply and the demand side of the ecosystem, that it will become the dominant way to monetize unsold inventory.
Hi?n t?i, media agency c?a Amex la Mindshare, n?u vi?c chuy?n d?i thanh cong, m?i quan h? c?a h? s? khac di. Sports focused panels cover a wide range of topics from diversity, conduct, technology, VR and more. If you have been built for the mobile age, have high quality content and real 1st party data, 2016 will be a great year.
We're talking about going way beyond the current expectations - a Twitter account, a LinkedIn profile, etc. Like the self-hosted technologies before it, cloud-based solution providers will need demonstrate the benefits of the technology and generate awareness if they’re too succeed. We're going to see more organizations harnessing content from employees and leaders to fuel salesforces, connect future talent to hiring managers, and shift brand perception amongst consumer audiences. They will need firmly establish their brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors and prove ROI if they are to succeed.
By the end of the year a lot of Media Buying won’t be done by people, and will be replaced by the machines with strong focus on ROI and KPIs.
Nh?ng cong vi?c n?ng n? v? s? li?u s? du?c gi?i phong, con ngu?i s? t?p trung vao cong vi?c sang t?o.
This will definitely have ramifications not only in the realm of B2B content marketing, but also across the war for talent and employee advocacy. Search for: Follow Us!Most Recent Infographics The Twitter Breakdown Web Hosting Guide For Beginners 101 Ways The World Could Change or End Total Cost of Ownership of Barcode Equipment Why is Branding Important?

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