Advertising opportunities within downloaded and streaming content viewed on portable consumer devices such an iPod, Zune, iPhone and other portable devices.
Looking for a customized solution to reach your branda€™s demographic and behavioral target audience? To further refine targeting, Wizzard develops customized campaigns around specific show clusters. Todaya€™s podcast shows spawn vibrant communities from which our advertisers will benefit. Wizzard production staff identifies appropriate show break points to insert your ad spots. Nielsena€™s SiteCensus program tracks every podcast download served by the Wizzard network, utilizing the most stringent download criteria. When working for you our process includes demographic research on your target market, and detailed analytical data on all launched campaigns to ensure the effectiveness of all marketing ventures.
Shuford Technology, Lexington's Advertising Agency has multiple avenues to market your business offline.
Our advertising agencies research department studies the ranking behavior of all popular search engines. We work with business owners in Lexington, Nicholasville, Winchester, and surrounding areas.

Welcome to Shuford Technology, a full service interactive marketing and development agency. Whether you are looking to stand out from your competition with a custom website, mobile app, or you are looking to have a custom desktop application built to fit your customer relations business needs.
A lot has changed since the early days of advertising and marketing research, but we continue to grow and evolve with the changes. Receive breaking news news to your email account about branding, marketing and custom development in mobile, desktop, television, Internet, radio, and print from Lexington's most talented Advertising Agency.
We've launched an all-new version of Coloribus.It's a brand new set of tools for the perfect workflow. Drawing from a lineup of over 700 audio and video podcast shows, Wizzard has developed a set of 22 primary audience categories, everything from Technology to Comedy, Education to Fitness, Mena€™s and Womena€™s interest and much more. Other custom opportunities include individual show sponsorships where advertisers can be incorporated into future episodes, as well as the showa€™s promotional, community-building marketing efforts.
Many of the shows foster active websites, blogs, community forums, and email newsletter databases. When your campaign completes, your spots are automatically removed, ensuring your ad creative only appears where and when you need it to. We can develop a commercial for your business and have it play on targeted television networks.

After a detailed analysis of your website, and your competitors, we give you the best chance of ranking at the top of organic search results. Advertising Agency & Custom Web, Mobile, Desktop Software Developers - Located in Lexington, KY. Shuford Technology uses Advanced Techniques and Technology to help you succeed in your competitive market.
If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Show-based sponsorships are extended into these environments to ensure your brand message is integrated wherever fans interact with the show.
As an advertising agency with multiple connections, we can have your business listed in the center fold of popular magazines, and even distribute coupons through multiple publications. We can help select the media required to place your business in front of the right people at the right time.

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