There's a Plus version with extended features: ability to burn Data DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, create and record ISO images and support for many more file formats when recording audio CD. Express Burn is a quick and easy-to-use video and data DVDs burner that also support data Blu-ray disks.
When looking for the best free software program for either CD (Compact Disc) or DVD (Digitally Versatile Disc) I think it is worth the effort to consider your exact requirements. Keep in mind that CD & DVD burning programs are designed for you to author CDs and DVDs for music, photos, movies, games, data or other digital files that will hopefully stimulate your creativity. With new free software, don't be afraid to experiment and try a few different options before you decide on the right one for you. Regarding ImgBurn and Opencandy the solution is simple Download the installer and use 7zip to extract it to a folder. That's never been a problem to me; there are'nt all that many hurdles to overcome before you get a clean download of ImgBurn. There doesn't seem to be much freeware available these days without embedded ads or offers of useless addons to get rid off before you can download the real thing. Same thing for BurnAware: clcik on "free version without OpenCandy" at the bottom of download page. No, there is no version of ImgBurn without OpenCandy but you can usually avoid unwanted extras by paying attention and choosing "Custom" install whenever you have that option. As of May 2015, the latest version of ImgBurn installer will include the OpenCandy with no available option to opt out! There is absolutely no indication in the installer of OpenCandy being installed along with ImgBurn except in the bottom half of the 'Terms & Conditions' document! You should update this list to reflect the developer's ridiculous policy of selling out his users.

Its simply a temporary plug-in that offers other products during install of your software and it's lifetime is only during the installer process. I think out of 10,000 people, only one might turn out to need one of the advanced edit features that ImgBurn has to offer.
And don't forget, everyone, it is better to burn discs at lower speeds (I would recommend half the speed advertised on the disc), especially with discs of whose quality you are unsure of. I recently tried out the latest 2 versions of these free burning softwares and wanted to share my results. I'd been using BurnAware Free 7.5, reliably burning data discs at 10x for a while and loved using the quick-verify feature it has to data-check after compilation burn completion. It's a simple case of drag and drop to click and burn. Although speed is the key attraction here, what's even more useful is that Express Burn can convert files into another format if required - excellent if you're recording music data that's not in MP3. As well as CD and DVD burning software, this category also includes Lightscribe software which enables you to produce laser-etched labels with text or graphics, as opposed to stick-on labels and printable discs.
The trick is to reject all offers you are forced to handle before getting to the download 'button'. Had a bunch of really junky-looking crap to uncheck, not liking the looks of all that but continued as I've used this software in the past and it's been very decent. You must be very careful to chose custom installation in all screens and to then deselect the additional software installation attempts. The more the sensitivity of the data (the more you care about it), the slower the speed you should choose.
Although the process of preparing a CD to burn is very quick, the burning process will depend on your hardware but Express Burn supports high speed drives. Express Burn also includes Video DVD authoring, Data DVD burning and even HDDVD disks and Bluray. You can now run the program straight from the folder or move the folder and make a shortcut to ImgBurn.exe This is one of the few programs that does not actually require installation.

Looks like it highjacked my browser's homepage with a yahoo clone & installed a handful of malware threats inside the OS.
Be very careful as the "express versus "custom" option will appear several times in an attempt to install the crapware. I also like that it has a direct folder tree available and you don't need to have a separate Windows Explorer window open like for BurnAware Free. Data disks are also catered for, and the program offers you the ability to create ISO images and a wide range of other data file types. Express Burn is a compact, fast program that offers you the ability to burn a great amount of different media and file formats. You can also copy the appropiate files over the old ones to upgrade a already installed version. Unfortunately, it's blighted by features that look like part of the program, but when you click, you realize they're actually other pieces of software that you must download separately. We don't mind downloading add-ons, but it would be nice if the program was a little more upfront about it. Express Burn is a great piece of burning software that can handle a huge number of formats. Burn ISO compliant data DVDs and Blue-ray discs (DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BD-RE DL).
Includes command line operation for automation and integration with other programs.Supports multisession recording.

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