At Motion By Mystique, we want to help you get the word out about your business with a business video card. Our digital business cards measure 50mm x 90mm and contain an integrated 2.4" screen with built-in speakers that come to life when the card is opened. The card lasts for nine hours as well, so there will be plenty of games to play while you contemplate giving whoever gave you this card a call.
October 4, 2005 About the size of a credit card and not much thicker, the introduction of the US$25 rCard is quite an important step in the evolution of disposable, giveaway and promotional items. Of course multimedia give-aways aren’t new – in recent times we’ve seen first mover marketers using USB thumb-drive and business card CD-ROMs, but the major difference with the the rCard is that it isn’t just the storage device but a complete interactive information vehicle that doesn't require a computer to access it or technological skill to use. Interestingly, Mobile PC Magazine described a device quite similar to the rCard in its January 2005 issue in an article entitled "The Technologies of Tomorrow" (pgs 80-81) and forecast the coming of the device but not for many years yet – requiring much more maturity of the storage, display and battery markets . Its state-of-the-art battery is the thickness of a postage stamp, measuring the same dimensions as the rCard itself.
The rCard functions can be customized to a company's exact specifications before leaving the manufacturer. Like the standard video brochures, these cards can be charged using a standard UBS to mini USB cable and can be opened from the side or top.

In years gone by Mystique has solely been known as a printing company, however with the introduction of creative services & marketing expertise, Mystique has diversified into a full service print-marketing company.
Businessmen and other people that you give your cards to will never forget you when you hand them this card. The Arduboy video game business card is not even two millimeters thick so it operates exactly as how a normal card would and fits perfectly in the pocket or wallet.
Streaming video and audio are just the start – it can be password protected, can release time-sensitive data and it can be fully interactive as in addition to the screen and speakers, there’s a navigational button. The rCard's content is accessed by a thumb-controlled navigation button and unlike many business card CD-ROMs which never get used, the fully portable rCard is easy to transport and share information with others and at least until they become very commonplace, has enough wow-factor to ensure it will get quite a bit of “hey, check out this cool Gizmo I was given” peer-to-peer personal marketing. The rCard can be loaded with up to 1 gigabyte of information at the factory and loaded with data via a USB port that plugs into any standard computer.
Function options include the colour and design of the rCard case, content on the device, battery type and more. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. There are a variety of games available on the platform but the main one right now is Tetris, a fan favorite.

So while we’ve used the video business card as an example in the heading, the rCard offers much more – it is cheap enough and powerful enough to justify distributing to a qualified prospects of high-ticket items and innovative enough to ensure it will be watched again and again. There is also an option to load the card with a rechargeable battery, which could then be charged via a docking device. Emphatically, our products  have met the standards of RoHS, NON PHTHALATE, EN62115, EN71, EN60825. And the scope for innovative competitions, sweepstakes, membership sales tools, best customer reactivation ad infinitum is almost endless – almost every industry has an application for the this disposable technology - travel, automotive, hospitality, promotional, financial, health, biomedical, gaming, and fitness. The device can be programmed to power off when not in use for a pre-set amount of time, preserving battery life for up to seven years.

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