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The post LIVE STREAM VIDEO=> Donald Trump Speaks to Huge Audience in Terre Haute, IN appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. After praising President Obama as the first black president, Wilmore closed with, Yo, Barry, you did it, my nigga.
The post Watch Leftists Go Nuts As Lone Trump Supporter WALKS THROUGH PROTEST (VIDEO) appeared first on Progressives Today. A huge fire has engulfed a Serbian Orthodox Church in downtown Manhattan, on the day that Orthodox Christians are celebrating the Holy Easter. According to the organizers of the first rally of its kind in the world, activists from the Unconditioned Basic Income (BGE) movement, claim that the main idea of an UBI is to secure the basic needs of human life unconditionally.

Guest post by Michael Strickland Young leftists and anarchists rioted in Seattle at the annual May Day march and rally.
The post Young Leftists Riot in Seattle=> Windows Smashed, Fireworks Lit Off, Police Injured (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit. Appearing on ABCs This Week with Martha Raddatz on Sunday, Cruz was asked if he had found any humor in this election or can you poke fun at yourself in any way to which the Texas senator replied, Oh, listen, you have to laugh.
Meme Exposes Fact That Convicted Sex Offender Is Behind “Gender Neutral” Bathroom Movement In N.C.
If Javascript is disabled browser, to place orders please visit the page where I sell my photos, powered by Fotomoto. Fox News's Chris Wallace just goes along with himThe post Donald Trump Says Mike Tyson Is Not A Rapist; Chris Wallace Goes Along With Him (VIDEO) appeared first on RedState.

A visitor to Yellowstone National Park may not have realized she was staring death in the face when she approached a bison lounging out on the grass over the weekend, and reached out to pet the giant animal.The woman walked away unhurt -- but she could still get hit with a fine, park officialstold KRTVon Tuesday.
They say the animals can attack without warning.Bison have killed three people in the park's history. At one point, the animal jerked up its head, hitting the woman in her hand as she stroked its fur.

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