If Got Milk is a good milk ad and a good ad for other advertising, why is the US dairy industry dropping the Got Milk ad? Most of the US dairy industry (excluding California) is part of the Dairy Checkoff, which takes a certain percentage of a dairy farmer's milk check and uses it for promotional things, such as Got Milk? Back around 1995 or 1996, here in the USA there was a particular radio spot for the "Got Milk?" ad campaign, which was positively hilarious, and I've been unable to find it online.
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But have you seen what else Got Milk?and other promoters of our calcium intake are capable of, on top of our favorite milk mustache?

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This campaign has been around for twelve years, when they began placing the now infamous milk mustache on Billy Ray Cyrus, Christie Brinkley, Michael Jordan and Larry King.And with a 90% consumer recall rate, why not keep going with it? From the Rugrats to Steven Tyler to Kelly Clarkston, then there was Sarena Williams, Lord of the Rings and Meredith Vieira.What do you think of the milk mustache ads?
So, instead of spending most of the Checkoff dollars for Got Milk?, there are newer campaigns such as 3-A-Day Dairy and the most recent campaign, People Behind the Product.

If you want to download the Luxury Commercial Office Interior Design Ideas pictures, just click the save button on your mouse and save on your computer or laptop. PBP helps consumers realize where their product comes from and shows them that dairy producers do care about providing a wholesome product. I know I seem to be rambling but I just happen to run across this article and thought I would for lack of better words, set the record straight.
Feel free to contact me if you like more info about the Dairy Checkoff or other facts about the dairy industry.

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