Creating a online company profile is a simple, no-cost way to tell others about your company, products and services and team. With a WorkingPoint Company Profile, you can share your bio, background, and expertise as well as your products and services.
If you don’t have a website, an online company profile is a painless and economical way to get your company online.
If your company profile is public, it will appear in the WorkingPoint Company Directory under the industry category of your choosing. WorkingPoint tracks the number of visitors that view your online company profile, so you can see how many people from inside and outside the WorkingPoint community have viewed your profile. We're adding new features to WorkingPoint all the time and want to know what our users want us to work on next. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. A Short HistoryPromolab (Pty) Limited was founded by Paul Queisser and started trading as SEPARATIONS on the 1stSeptember 1989 to serve South African scientists with a highly focused, innovative and synergistic line ofchromatographic supplies. Corporate CultureWe are committed to develop the full potential of all corporate team players and pledge to respect their rights tosuccess and self esteem.
The SEPARATIONS BiopharmTechniques Division renders products and services to Pharmaceutical,Biotechnology and Cosmetic Manufacturing facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Supplier Directory? Flexible film, available in several different lengths and widths for sealing and protecting flasks and cuvettes.
Supplier Directory? Custom manufacturing of any certified reference material for Ion Chromatography, ICP, ICP-MS, atomic absorption, wet chemistry and QC applications? Manufacturer of life science reagents such as nucleotide analogs, PCR products, protein crystallization accessories, recombinant proteins and the LEXSY,. Supplier Description? Water and Liquid Filters? Air and Gas Filters? Sheet Filters? Membrane Disc Filters? Manifold and Funnels for Membrane Disc Filters Vacuum Pumps? Housings (Stainless Steel and Plastic) (Single and Multi-round)? Custom Designed Systems and large scale production, concentrating and dia-filtering? Filter Integrity Testing Instruments? Homogenizers? Vortex Mixers? Laboratory Rockers and Orbital Shakers? Radleys is the ultimate specialist in supplying innovative tools for chemical synthesis, process development, work-up and purification. LinkedIn Company Pages Best Practices for HotelsPosted on May 24, 2011 by Are Morch What are Company Pages?
Company Pages is where you will showcase your Hotels Brand profile to millions of professionals on LinkedIn. Make your Company Page accessible for potential job seekers to see the Human side of your brand. Arrival area of your Company Page – the Overview Tab provides a friendly introduction to your brand.
As an administrator of your Company Page you will have access to valuable LinkedIn analytics for your brand. You want to encourage your employees to connect their personal profiles to your company profile.

This will provide your Hotel Brands network (up to 2 degrees of separation) with a list of employees currently working at your Hotel.
Another great practice is to encourage new hires to indicate on their LinkedIn profile that they been hired by your Hotel Brand. Is similar to New Hires and show employees who have indicated in their profile that they’ve recently changed positions at your Hotel. VenueTech Management Group is a full service consulting and management firm involved in the planning, capital development and management of community-based organizations and public assembly facilities. We are licensed fundraising counsel and assist communities with the challenge of generating the financial resources to develop and operate facilities. Since 1989, we have been involved in consultation and management of numerous performing arts venues. Our executive personnel bring decades of experience to the management of our projects and this expertise is integrated into the collective strengths of the entire VenueTech team. Familiarize your audience with your company or organization through this innovative Company Profile PowerPoint template.
Your profile can even act as a social media hub by allowing you to add your Yelp rating, tweets, and blog RSS feeds. By sharing your profile with the world, you will start appearing in search engines, like Google and Yahoo!, so people can find you online. Select as many categories as you feel represent your company and visitors looking for you or someone in your field will see your listing. You can choose to keep your profile private, share it only with other WorkingPoint companies, or make it public, so it’s visible to the world. Get ready to delight in Spectacular Customer Care when itcomes to your specific requirements!
Our conduct will always be guided by these principles:? Everyone’s work in our organization is worthwhile!
Filtration Technology is theabsolute core of the division and Separations are proud to be the exclusive distributors for PALLBiopharmaceutical Filtration Products.Whether starting small scale with research and development in the laboratory, or manufacturing on anIndustrial Scale, BiopharmTechniques has a wide range of filters, related consumables and equipmentto cater to your needs, always ensuring compliance to regulatory requirements. When a member visits this tab, they see everyone in their network who works at your company, your company’s blog posts and Twitter feeds.
And give them the opportunity to explore the many opportunities and career choices available through your Hotels Career tab. LinkedIn allows your Hotel to add eye catching images and highlight products or services that are relevant to your target audience.
Use this to understand the composition of your base of followers – who they are, what they do and which other companies they follow.

LinkedIn Company Pages unique key statistics bring the value of networking and champion advocates to new dimension. We focus on the development of arts venues, the restoration of historic structures and the use of entertainment, cultural arts and recreation venues as a catalyst for economic development. We specialize in the development of creative financing concepts, including community-based capital campaigns and the creation of partnerships between the nonprofit and government sectors.
Like all successful enterprises, the success of these projects requires the integration of market analysis, business and strategic planning, creative vision, financial analysis and relationship building within the community.
To provide these services, we have a diverse staff of management personnel with extensive experience in such areas as theatre management, concert production, talent buying, performing arts, marketing, fundraising, organizational development, historic preservation, technical and equipment design and other disciplines important to the facility management industry. An open and inviting system of communication encourages this as our employees work closely on all phases of each venue operation. Highlight capabilities of your company, its objectives and goals. All facets of your organization can be represented with this slide set, ranging from the history of your company to financial transactions and management structure. Like Facebook, you can share your status and keep your visitors up-to-date with your company’s latest news and happenings.
During your initial company profile set-up – or anytime after – you can quickly send your contacts a message letting them know where to view your free company profile so they can stay connected with your business. We aim to motivate and explain why everyone working for Separations is a positive contributor to the organization as well as to our society as a whole.? Every individual is in control of achieving their goals! When a member visits this page, they will see how many of their network connections recommend your product as well as their recommendations. In addition, this team is augmented with joint venture relationships with an impressive group of professional firms specializing in architecture, engineering, sound reinforcement, lighting design, event production, and marketing.
Weserve South Africa (completely), Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria,Tanzania, Mauritius and the DRC. Through training and sharing of responsibilities Separations creates an environment, in which each individual has all the tools and training to fully achieve and exceed their goals.? We work as a team and motivate each other! All team players cheer each other on and compliment sincere efforts, thus motivating each other to reach our worthy mutual goals.Directors and Managers work for their teams to achieve great results together and grow the rewards for allemployees and stake holders in an enthusiastic environment. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals.

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