The good news is that there is still a huge market as video conferencing will continue to be one of the most relied upon forms of communication by businesses. No list of video conferencing services would be complete without Microsoft’s ubiquitous offering. Clients of StarLeaf include Dr Martens shoes, Mercedes Benz, and Carglass, all of who offer testimonials on their website. Zoom have 65,000 clients, including Texas A&M University, Drexel University, and DLA Piper. Polycom claim to have “the industry’s most interoperable, scalable, and secure UC platform”, which offers business-to-business collaboration that’s independent of application, system, or device. Along with Skype, Google Hangouts is the other ‘big hitter’, well-known to people around the world rather than solely in industry circles. Adobe® Connect™ is one of the most recognized name in web conferencing platform for web meetings, eLearning, and webinars. IVCi’s cloud video service can include traditional endpoints, multiple software clients, and an assortment of desktop and mobile devices. Author More ArticlesAbout Daniel PriceDaniel is a Manchester-born UK native who has abandoned cold and wet Northern Europe and currently lives on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. The Success Formula For Private Cloud DeploymentsOpenStack For Private Clouds On February 15th Tom Bittman of Gartner published a blog which asserted that 95% of Private Clouds are Failing. Cloud-Enabled Managed Hosting: 5 Things A Cloud Provider Should OfferCloud-Enabled Managed Hosting The IT industry moves at light speed fueled by constant change and advancement. Cloud Security: The Top 8 Risks According To ENISACloud Security Risks Does security in the cloud ever bother you? CloudTweaks is recognized as one of the leading influencers in cloud computing, infosec, big data and the internet of things (IoT) information. What it does is to enable our North American clients to call us free of charge at a cost to us lower than if I were to call my mother who lives 13 miles away. Thanks to the productivity and business continuity it provides, Unified Communications (UC) is becoming more and more vital to today’s businesses.
Recently, while speaking to industry analysts and reporters in San Francisco, Polycom’s CEO, Any Miller, spoke on the value of UC, saying that “it will move from ROI to business continuity and productivity. The fact is conferencing services (web conferencing in particular) provide a way for people to maintain a close relationship with their customers and colleagues, and has time and again proven to be an incredibly valuable asset to all types and sizes of businesses. To find out more about audio and web conferencing services and how they can enhance your business, give us a call today! ConferenceShopper is privately held by FastBlue where he loves to write on various topics related to Audio and Web Collaboration. Interoperability between V-CUBE Meeting (web conferencing) and Polycom HDX series (video conferencing) achieves interactive communication between the two with audio and video streaming.

V-CUBE Meeting can be used as a multipoint control unit (MCU) if users are subscribed to the option to connect with video conferences.
Combining the regular screen of Polycom clients and V-CUBE Meeting clients making it possible to conduct meetings without the feelings of discomfort.
Polycom client layout on V-CUBE Meeting interface will automatically adjust according to the number of participants. For Polycom devices outside of management domain, customers can issue an one-time temporary guest address to have meetings. Our Collaboration Services consist of Teleconferencing, Web Conferencing and Cloud Video Conferencing, all accessible with a unified single moderator code.
From the very beginning we’ve always been about delivering simplicity and peace of mind. This is mostly attributed to the impact of delayed customer buying decisions, lower-cost systems, more software-centric solutions, and the rise of cloud-based video services offerings for business. According to their website, 51 million people per month attend a WebEx meeting, there are 3 billion minutes of video conferencing a month on their service, and 93 percent of Fortune 100 companies use Cisco’s video collaborate services.
They were a ‘Top 10 Cloud Start-up’ in a recent feature by CIO Magazine, and have experienced more than 500 percent growth in the last two years. Due to the lack of necessary capital investment and technical expertise to set it up, it makes the service perfect for small start-ups.
A 12 month contract for 100 users costs $12,999 per year ($11 per employee, per month), while a large scale deployment for 500 people costs $27,999 per year. Their free plan, which is perfect for SMEs and start-ups, allows up to 25 users, unlimited 1-to-1 meetings, and an unlimited number of meetings – however, each meeting is limited to 40 minutes. LoopUp sells direct to the enterprise market and via major distribution partners including Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, BT, and Cable & Wireless Communications.
If your company uses Google’s other services such as Calendar, Keep, and Drive, the app with integrate with them flawlessly. Forrester Research, the well-known market analysis firm, uses it to connect 2,200 staff around the world, while CERN, the research lab in Switzerland, uses it to connect a massive 20,000 employees globally. It powers mission critical web conferencing solutions end-to-end, on virtually any device, and enables organizations from leading corporations to the U.S.
They also offer ‘virtual meeting rooms’ that will allow multiple participants to meet face-to-face, and interoperability with Microsoft Lync and WebRTC. The 14 day trial is free, and from there they offer three main plans; Omnijoin Lite for up to 8 users (but without file transfer) costs $15 per month, OmniJoin Main which costs $29 a month for up to 12 users and 1080p HD quality, and OmniJoin Pro for 20 users for $59 per month.
In fact, when comparing like software companies, Wall Street gives 2x higher valuations for businesses with successful recurring revenue models in place. Why Businesses Need Hybrid SolutionsWhy Businesses Need Hybrid Solutions Running a cloud server is no longer the novel trend it once was.

No area of IT has been affected more by this change than the hosting and managed service space. Transactional Email ServicesCloud Based Email Marketing Services Every business can benefit from successful implementation of email marketing strategies, but the variety of SaaS on the market can be a little overwhelming at times. Our goal is to continue to build our growing information portal by providing the best in-depth articles, interviews, event listings, whitepapers, infographics and much more.
With that said, as UC services, such as web conferencing, continue to grow, businesses will find other value in the technology as well. To be sure, in-person meetings are a crucial part to forming a strong relationship with your dispersed customers and employees, however as Miller also pointed out, conferencing services ensure your business is not interrupted by natural disasters (anyone remember that Icelandic volcanic ash cloud in 2010 or last year’s earthquake and tsunami in Japan?), infectious diseases (H1N1, etc.), and post-9-11 airport security. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) – the leading worldwide provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and events for the IT, telecom and consumer technology markets – the forecasted revenue from UC and collaboration technology is expected to grow at to $44 billion by 2015 for a compound annual growth rate of over 18 percent. FastBlue is able to resell the best of breed, specifically in the Audio, Web and Video conferencing services areas. Users are not tied down to a meeting room, as they can connect to the video conferencing system from wherever they are and even use smartphones or tablets to participate in the video conference.
This way, a conference can be held only between Polycom devices if no V-CUBE users enter the meeting room. Regardless of the meetings purpose, the number of participants, or the devices participants are joining from, your end users have the communication tools they need. That means your information stays on-shore, your data is protected and you get to experience the fastest online events in the market. With Redback, as long as you have Flash, you can connect.  No downloads means less support time and more collaborating time.
Best of all, our Customer Support Team is based in Sydney and you get to speak to a real person… every single time.
Pay as you go and cancel anytime.  All services are backed by our No Worries Guarantee – if you aren’t happy, you don’t pay – no questions asked!
The free account gives you three people per meeting, while up to 100 people costs ?49 per month. They’ve been in business for over 10 years and have a huge list of clients and options for both start-ups and Enterprise businesses. Now, the cloud is a necessary data tier that allows employees to access vital company data and maintain productivity from anywhere in the world. And with the ability to brand all services with your voice prompts and corporate logos what better way to connect with clients and stakeholders.

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