Whether you have employees across town, or across the globe, these apps will help you collaborate like everyone is in the same room. In the age of globalization, working with people from different parts of the world is common for many industries. To hold a web conference at your own office, you’ll need decent web conferencing software. OpenMeetings is an open source web conferencing application that allows you to instantly set up a conference on the web. Here’s another propriety yet feature-laden web conferencing tool that works on Linux.
Adobe Connect is Adobe’s web conferencing software that runs across almost all popular platforms.
Zoho Meeting is a web-conferencing service from Zoho, the company that develops popular cloud-based office solutions. If you conduct a virtual web meeting with a group of people, it is interesting to learn about different solutions for Video Conferencing. Free service with a simple and elegant design that allows us to conduct virtual web meetings (public and private) instantly, plus additional options which are very interesting and easy to use. Among its features are the ability to share screen, add effects to the webcam, view a YouTube video or a document from Google Docs or Slideshare with all participants in the room, and more. Hangout is totally free (with a limit of 10 people at a time) and any Google+ user can use it freely. I hope these 3 Web Solutions would be your choice whenever you want to hold Web Meetings or any Video Conferencing without Software Download. Web Conferencing software are very important tools to not only get in touch with the our friends, relatives, and dear ones, but these are also necessary for business.
Update (25-June-2014): This article has been totally re-written to include latest active services.
Another advantage in going with Google Hangout is that most of us are familiar with Google products and have at least one Google account (try Google Multi-Account Launcher Plus extension if you have more than one Google Account.).
Google Hangout appears on the top of the list of free software for web conferencing, not only for its ease of accessibility by being a Google product, but also for the features it has on offer. Best thing about this freeware is the that if you are organizing  (or hosting) a meeting, then you also gain the admin rights for delivering the presentations, and playing videos, etc. Its major drawback is that you can’t share the files with this software, still it manages to be on the list of best web conferencing software. All the members in the meeting need to have this software installed in their system, and must have an active account to use this tool. You can have a video call of up to 6 members at a time, and it scores well for control of quality of video.
Join.me is a free screen sharing software that gives the option to have instant chat and audio conference.
So, these are some great free web conferencing software that let you quickly have a web conference. Finally, I think the leadership of the working committees (both the main leader and the committee) needs to be thought about carefully.
Video conferencing software normally takes you anywhere you should go Whether you prefer to have a personal business conversing, a panel meeting, your sales interacting with or private chat, web training video conferencing may get you connected in the country, and everywhere. And quite a few are offering the assistance at unbelievably cheap rate points, even the small sum of $9 mobile agreement and, making a service to be found in multiple foreign language formats such as; English, Real Spanish, German, European and B rail Portuguese, and appealing more languages to return. Controlling the sourcing cost of travel has become the ways enterprise leaders are looking for to survive by carrying out a tough financial state, and training video conferencing will be fast staying the medium to store of this type. As it’s meant that should be for all people the online video software ought to be user-friendly and uncomplicated for you your participants with just one or two clicks belonging to the mouse in order to gain access it’s essential to broadcasting. Video conference calls are becoming more decentralized in business as more team members are located in different areas around the world, so 'Hubl.in' Video Conferencing Software is designed to make hosting and joining a meeting simple yet effective. While some conference apps require the video to be streamed through in-house servers before going to the recipient, 'Hubl.in' Video Conferencing Software decentralizes the data, so it's only ever seen by the sender and the recipient. Experience the flexibility to deliver content that engages students and promotes participation. Instructors can share their lecture notes on their SMART Board® interactive whiteboard or computer with the entire class. Bring guest lecturers or experts from anywhere in the world by setting up virtual presentations for your students.
Your campus can also expand professional development and training opportunities by hosting events with faculty from other colleges or universities. It's easy to engage students in a variety of learning environments – from lecture halls to labs – all you need is an Internet connection to set up a session. Remote collaborationStudents can connect remotely and participate with their classmates as if they were in the same room.
Find technical information on this product, including details such as operating system requirements.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Employees often have to travel long distances, which are not only hectic, but also costly for the company. This browser-based tool lets you use your webcam and microphone to hold meetings over the Internet. FastViewer Confered offers great features like web collaboration, online training sessions, encrypted communication, mobile device support and more. Despite being entirely Flash-based, Adobe Connect comes with an impressive set of features, which include: unlimited and customizable meeting rooms, breakout sessions within a meeting, VoIP, polling, notes, business video conferencing, chat and whiteboard.

The open source web application runs on any Java-based computer and transfers data encrypted by HTTPS. The application allows participants to see the screen of the presenter by using ActiveX, Flash or Java.
Software download solution is passe when you can conduct web meetings right from browser using these 3 Video conferencing without software download. Unique Link is generated automatically, which will be shared so that other users from accessing the video instantly. It offers the possibility of maintaining virtual meetings with our social network contacts with our circles or even openly.
Here, we can create video meeting rooms with a simple registration from our Facebook account, Twitter or Google. Discussing business plans, providing support to customers, and there could be many more reasons for which you might need a free web conferencing software. To help you out, we are listing 5 best free web conferencing software with their important features. So, we do not need to create a special account for it, and the interface will not make you feel like an alien.
Only limitation with this application is that all the members participating in the conference must have an active Google Account.
You can create a free account with AnyMeeting and use it for organizing online meetings with other users. However, if you want to use the video conferencing service, then it will require you to install a plugin to gain access to the camera in the system. It is a very simple application that provides the options for video conferencing with audio, IM chatting, screen sharing, recording, and some more similar options. The reason for that is an amazing feature of sharing a particular window during screen sharing.
Best feature of this free service is that you can use to have a video conference even with non-ooVoo users. It combines web conferencing and social network to create a live place for knowledge exchange. The choice of who is in the leadership committees can’t be entirely self-appointed, and it needs to to have the appearance of not being self-appointed at all. I would recommend deploying on premise web conferencing or online meeting appliance such as RHUB appliances in order to conduct webinar, web conferences, online meetings, online presentations etc. Business trips and long distance calls are far too time-consuming and expensive: nobody has the time to sit in ten-hour flights just for a three-hour meeting. The benefits associated with leveraging videos conferencing products are self evident: quicker reasonable decisions, superior business continuity, geographical compliance, of course reduced go costs.
When your attendees really have to dial for or endure too countless steps to look at your videos broadcast subsequently it turns into too challenging or time-consuming where they won’t take some time. The open-source nature of 'Hubl.in' Video Conferencing Software allows users to react or contribute to the code for a more enhanced, interactive and personal experience. Bridgit conferencing software enables both local and remote students to collaborate on projects, share notes and contribute ideas – it's as if everyone was in the same room. They can collaborate with these experts and gain a deeper understanding of a concept or research.
Students can work individually, collaborate in small groups in class or connect remotely from miles away. Thanks to the fantastic state of the current economy, companies can no longer afford to spend extra money on travel expenses and accommodation. Other features include the ability to share documents on a whiteboard as well as screen sharing. During installation, the client applet which is about 75 to 175 KB makes sure that it takes almost no space at all. A unique thing about Zoho Meeting is its Embed feature that allows corporate users to embed meetings into their webpage. Among its other features, we can share screen, add notes, share files or even have a conversation from the chat room. Also it allows to broadcast the live video conferencing via YouTube, a really nice feature if, for example, doing an interview with someone popular. Even with the official Google+ app for iOS and Android can conduct Hangouts as if we were from the browser. By creating the room, we will have a custom binding, which we will share with our contacts so they can join (up to 10 people). Once inside the room, we can take action together with all other users, such as watching a YouTube video or even watch TV channels. It lets you select the particular program window for sharing it with other users on the conference.
Other features of this software include sharing screen, play YouTube videos, sharing file sharing, etc. Even better if there is a community process for appointing the committees, or at least some room for (private) community input.
It’s not only costly and exhausting, it’s also unproductive; you could have done more tasks with the time spent traveling.
With folks spending fewer amounts of time in transit and better time focused entirely on their main competencies, it naturally triggers improved final results. Whether you find attractive video conferencing programs for company or in which to stay touch with the family, it is far from hard to see a cost-effective movie conferencing programs solution that is definitely right for your needs.
Instructors can quickly connect students to each other no matter where they are, and to guest lecturers anywhere in the world.

The SMART Bridgit conferencing software app for iPad allows students to see everything that's being shared – they can even write over the content to highlight information or exchange ideas.
Instructors can share their desktop screen or SMART Board interactive whiteboard, in real-time, and everyone will see and interact with the same the applications, documents and websites. Up to four students can connect with video simultaneously.Instant messagingStudents can use instant messaging to chat privately with each other or with groups of students who are connected to a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Furthermore, since travel often involves shifting between different timezones, employees are jet lagged and they aren’t able to perform at their fullest potential. Thanks to the marvelous advancement in modern computing, people from different parts of the world can now communicate without even leaving their own office.
Don’t worry though, read on as we cover the best web conferencing software out there for Linux.
One advantage that FastViewer has over other web conferencing software is that it allows AES 256-bit coded encrypted communication. You can have instant message chatting, video conference, share and collaborate on Google Drive documents, share screen, get remote access, and a lot more. But if you want to use video conferencing, remote access, drive sharing, and some similar features, you need to install a browser plugin that will be offered when you launch video call for the first time on your browser.
For the online meetings, it gives you options for chatting, audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, delivering presentations, playing YouTube video, and a lot more.
Another interesting feature of the tool is “Share mood” during the presentation, where you can tell if you are enjoying the conference, feeling bored, etc.
You can have up to 25 members and a meeting can run for a maximum of 40 minutes continuously. Real-time discussionsRemote students can let the instructor or other students know that they want to ask a question or make a comment without disrupting the flow of the lecture by clicking on the Raise Hand button. And finally, there’s the environmental crisis, which is forcing more and more companies to go green and to cut out any unnecessary activities that may affect the environment, which obviously involves travel too. With a conveniently low set of requirements, WebHuddle makes it easy and economical for small businesses to carry out web conferencing. Though Zoho Meeting works on Linux, its only limitation is that the presenter should be using a Windows computer.
All this makes it very useful and effective to hold all types of online business meetings as well as fun sessions with friends. Video conferencing.Video conferencing has truly revolutionized the way we work and interact with loved ones. Web conferencing allows you to hold meetings, seminars (called webinars), annotate whiteboards, training events, lectures and more using the power of the Internet. Once out of beta, the company might charge for the service, though the model still remains open source. Invitations sent to participants will include connection instructions and the start and end times of your meeting. However, Skype does not have the features of other softwares designed specifically for web meetings like file collaboration. Large scale corporate meeting or webinars will benefit from its features ranging from simple text chat to full-scale meeting with up to 99 attendees. It’s got a very similar feel to Skype, but also allows you to send recorded messages to your contacts. You can record meetings, share your desktop, attach an agenda and upload files conveniently. Files are archived online and you get to choose which files you’d like to retrieve, saving space. Its clean control panel has areas for chat and audio controls and supports up to six video streams, all in HD. What’s more, screen sharing and commenting options allow you to make annotation marks on any shared window or desktop item and not just on the whiteboard. You download an executable file and it provides the URL to where other participants can join the video conference. You can start meetings easily and share your desktop and various contents with other attendees. Its premium version starts from $18 per month and has the typical videoconferencing and screen-sharing tools (ad-free).
What’s good with anymeeting is that it allows you to organize paid webinars: its PayPal module allows participants to purchase e-tickets for enrolment and be added to the participants list. It’s free!Still the best choice for small work groups, Google+ hangouts is totally easy to use – anybody with a Google+ account and a webcam can join in the video conference. Share your screen with participants, edit documents from Google drive in real-time and broadcast your live video meeting. However, take note that text chats are not saved in the chat history of your Gmail, so you might want to log those conversations manually.Your TurnDo you know other free or premium video conferencing software that are worth recommending?
Share your thoughts on the comment section below.There are a lot of  good software that are useful which are good as to save time and to work professionally.
SkypeSession Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communication protocol used to control multimedia communication sessions over IP. The best part is it uses floating licenses and has no limitation on the number of users joining the meeting. Log in to ReplyLeave a ReplyClick here to cancel reply.You must be logged in to post a comment.Spotlight Where Is Video Conferencing Being Used?

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