Troy Oz Coversion Tool Converts and Computes and gives the complet breakdown of Troy ounces in Kilos, Oz, Dwt, grams, and grains. You Can Also Have A Custom Name Engraved Or Diamonds Added To The Home Button And Volume & Power Button. All buttons and bezels are hand-polished to a mirror finish then plated in a Multi layer process topped off with 24KT gold to ensure end-to-end coverage and worry-free durability.
Each of our gold-plated products is carefully custom-built with a focus on quality, durability, and precision. When gold-plating a product, we use a generous amount to ensure complete coverage and a polished mirror finish. All devices are manufactured in our ISO 9001 facilities and subject to a 19 point Quality Control check before they are then finally ready to go to their lucky owner.

We can supply you with an instant no obligation quotation in advance of placing your orders. For example, to fi nd out how much a Sterling Silver article of 5.00gms would weigh in 9ct Yellow Gold, follow along the "from SS" row until it intersects the "to 9Y" column.
While some of our competitors may use thin pen plating to cut costs, we settle for nothing less than the best, multi layer gold plating in our ISO 9001 approved facility. Because we apply multiple layers of gold, our durable surfaces are ten times thicker than other companies. For a no obligation quote, please call our Precious Metal Services Team with the relevant information ready and you will be supplied with the price for that day and an expected delivery date specific to your order. There are no factory locks on our devices, which means they can be used anywhere in the world.

From the T304 aircraft grade stainless steel for rear housings to the 24-karat-gold used in our plating’s. Each product undergoes an extensive quality assurance inspection before being released to the market.

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