Run VLC to MP4 converter on PC, and add VLC video files to it by clicking “Add video” icon.
On the main UI there is a big red button “Convert”, and click it to get down to converting VLC videos to MP4 format.
No matter which method you’d like to prefer, you’ll get MP4 videos compatible with a plenty of devices. Getting software to convert music and videos for free is easy, but usually comes with some drawbacks. Although the VLC app lacks bells and whistles when it comes to conversion, it gets the job done in a pinch.

The reason for this fondness is that VLC can hold and support a variety audio and video formats and DVDs. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, is able to transcode various sources including DVDs, Blu-rays, and videos from different channels to almost any audio and video formats.
What's more, you can also use our program to convert MP4, iTunes M4V files or other incompatible file formats for playing on VLC media player.
When you try to install the freeware, several other applications may try to sneak in by disguising themselves as tools for your computer. If you use VLC frequently, there may be a lot of entertainment movies stored in the VLC library.

What about converting VLC files to common MP4 videos for free playback and maximum enjoyment on a mobile device anytime and anywhere?

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