System is a group of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a complex whole. There are some powerful forces in our Universe that lead systems to more complex organization – from elementary particles to molecules, from space dust to stars and planets, from chemical elements to biological organisms and from early tribes to advanced civilization.
System evolution is the constant fight between order (or more complex organization) and entropy (or degradation) of the systems.
Both these levels intervene and affect each other to deliver desired result – a working software system. Favor what is most effective for the human way of thinking and working: Simplicity, Self-Organization, Abstraction (for many people Concrete approach is more effective). Favor what keeps more options open for evolution and better fit for changes in environment: Adaptation, Feedback, Diversity. Taming complex systems is difficult – it needs constant skillful effort to avoid Entropy and keep Order. The art and mystery of the software creation is how the system of interacting imperfect people can build useful, reliable and complex software systems in time and within budget. Question: Is it possible that computer systems will evolve in the future without human intervention?
All we are doing is looking at the time line from the moment the customer give us an order to the point when we collect the cash. The only thing that adds value in software development is transformation of information and code into what customer wants. Problems, needs and ideas are translated into units of development – functionality, user experience (interface, interactions, usability) and system qualities (performance, reliability, security, etc). The ultimate goal of Toyota Way is to eliminate non-value-added activities while keeping the best quality of the product. The most effective flow is one-piece flow – a customer need is immediately converted into a delivered software solution. Toyota uses two additional principles to overcome challenges of one-piece flow: pull systems and leveling out the workload.
Kanban is effective way to synchronize people and teams work without bringing them into continuous flow, where they should be always ready for the next unit of work. In software development workload could be leveled and scheduled when people could make reliable guess for what is expected.
If some problem occurs in one-piece flow manufacturing then the whole production line stops.
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The Elements of Pragmatic Programming Style is the collection of rules for pragmatic programmers. Anyone familiar with the idea of point and click, drag and drop music creation will have heard of MAGIX Music Maker.
While there is a great deal that can be done in the field of computer music, it is hard to replace real instruments.
With support for projects that include up to 99 tracks, there is great scope to produce something very impressive.
There is also a Premium version of the program available which includes a number of extra tools and features.
Please read and then click the "I have tested the trial and am happy with the terms" in the yellow box before continuing.
Lets start with the brain – the most important organ for software development work (I would be surprised if you have even more important organ for this job). I think I know – you want to have between ears obedient powerful and reliable machine like the shiny new computer on your desk that crunches tasks with the highest performance without taking breaks, emotional drops and losses of attention.
Unfortunately, our brain reminds more an old computer that barely runs your development activities competing with other processes for limited memory and processing resources on the top of overloaded unstable Brain OS. Yes, writing software is not easy and not the most important biological mission for your busy brain.
Dissipated Time – absence of dedicated committed time for the task opens rich possibilities to avoid hard work and procrastinate.
Brain overload – complex, dull or voluminous information inhibits your brain operational abilities.
Keep backlog for all stuff that you should do later to free your brain from worries about forgetting and let it focus on immediate tasks. In short, be pragmatic to be fast and furious – work on important stuff and avoid working on tasks which are not ready, big, uncertain, mismatch your abilities and can be delayed or avoided. Poincaré … worked regularly from 10 to 12 in the morning and from 5 till 7 in the late afternoon. Commit to the task and sprint time and nothing else – don’t give chances for your social curious easy-to-distract brain to engage in any unrelated but tempting activities. Recognize and remove distraction early – internal (dreams, stress) and external (interruptions). Entice yourself – bribe yourself or adjust perspective to make tasks appear interesting, exciting and alluring.
Scare yourself – start adrenaline rush (with reasonable level of stress or fear) – why the task is important and threatening if not finished.
Keep focus on core problems – identify what is out of scope, too difficult or not ready for processing to avoid wasting your brain energy.
Work with simple concepts – your mind will operate better if you reduce complex ideas to just few simple. Controlling your powerful, but unruly brain and simultaneously managing external world demands is really hard.
Is there any development process that can really increase chances of the software system market success in this uncertain world? Traditionally Project Managers make decisions for the horde of software developers what features should be attacked in the long release. Agile fixes these problems with three important practices – The Whole Team, Small Releases and User Stories. The Customer accepts the User Stories at the end of frequent iterations, provides feedback and change future User Stories based on experience with this real working system.
However, one big problem remains – everything depends on the customer’s ability to get brilliant ideas, correctly read the market and envision what set of features will succeed.
The main architecture goal is to strengthen and align system ideas, muscles and structures in areas most impacted by stress, changes and expansion. Let’s consider several architecture challenges that a software team faces during system development.
Idealism (assumed known knowns) – mostly theoretical views, lack of practical experience, illusions. Uncertainty (unknown unknowns) – low predictability of the future in technology, business and Universe.
Over-complication – over-engineering for domain problems because of over-thinking, misunderstanding, lack of information or technical enthusiasm. Complexity – complex structures, unpredictable behavior and states that turn a system into the Ball of Mud. Inconsistency – dissonance of the system approaches and parts; fragmented and incomplete knowledge in heads. Inertia– difficulties to introduce disruptive changes (for business, users, operations). Uncontrollable growth, race for features and engineering wonders sometimes give rise to a monster – a software system bloated with useless features, over-engineered internals and erratic behavior. Usually your customer wants to know a simple thing – when your team will deliver working software based on agreed requirements. The customer wants reliable McDonalds experience, but with a little tweak – they want to hand in their own exclusive menu, often created by people who don’t have any idea how to cook. In short, the customer requires creative flexibility of Cooking Master Chef fortified by ability to predictably deliver hamburgers as McDonalds. But, is it possible in our development reality to chase two opposing goals – Predictability and Flexibility in the same time?
Over the time I have learnt how to return to a productive state and even finish difficult tasks. Now, you know what to do but don’t know how and intellectually overwhelmed by this too big to bite piece! I noticed that three spirits are fighting in the soul of a software developer – Great Artist, Reliable Worker and Selfish Pragmatist.

If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.
The first spirit is a Great Artist who pushes our fellow programmer to work on challenging tasks, invent new approaches and seek for self realization. Welcome to the messy world of complex systems that encompass your life and compose our Universe. Seasoned project managers will tell that delivery of software is result of many trade offs.
While it is possible to create orderly step-by-step process for increasing productivity of software teams, it will never be ideal – too many variations and situations will hinder it usefulness. There are several strategies that lead to increase in productivity – how many units of scope software team can produce within fixed time.
What is the best strategy for an effective developer – innovation, imitation or integration? The manager tells that we are brilliant programmers, work very hard and create cool software solutions. Many people, who see programmers as extensions of their computer systems, will be surprised to discover that programmers are amazing individuals too.
I offer in this post a simple theory about Three Dimensions of a Software Programmer that could help to put relations with these individuals on some rational basis. If you want to become an expert, it is not enough to follow your work assignments or occasionally play with interesting stuff at home.
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Traceline changes scanned or imported bitmap images to editable outlines (line art) that can be exported or pasted to other programs. Even more powerful forces lead systems to destruction or degradation back to primitive forms or complete mess. These levels are different – people systems are the product of biological, social and economic forces. Simplicity – what should be a degree of internal complexity which enables complex behavior while maintaining consistency and integrity in the system. Concrete – what should be the levels of abstraction in the system to allow most effective perspectives on structure, interactions and relations. Similarity – how different should be elements to allow rich behavior while avoiding conflicts and maintaining the same direction and progress.
Stability – how to balance adaptation to the new unexpected changes and stability to sustain disturbances and keep working what is good. Isolation – what should be a level of feedback to enable system self-correction and adaptation and avoid information overflow, noise and destabilization. We are not building the same thing over and over again, but solve new problems, address increasing demands and use perpetually changing technologies.
I bet they don’t want to be at mercy how cards are shuffled in their talented development team. Toyota evolved from a small looming equipment shop to the largest car manufacturing company.
Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit  (by Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck) is an excellent book that review Lean practices and principles in details. A software development team transforms these pieces of requirements into a computer system using value-added and many not-so-value-added actions. In the same time this is the most demanding flow: a customer, designers, developers, testers and system administrators should be dedicated to the project, immediately available and work as one team together until the need is implemented in a live system. A team pulls new user stories every time-boxed iteration from the backlog to design, implement, test and deploy within the same iteration. An original idea would be to pull small batches of user stories for development after a team has finished a current batch (not at the end of fixed time iteration). It is different from Kanban that works as just-in-time system adapting to the current workload.
The best process for your projects will emerge as result of evolution, problem solving and eliminating waste.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. We offer full customer support with our products so please contact us if you need any help before leaving feedback, star ratings or using Resolve a Problem option. If you fancy the idea of creating your own music, it does not necessarily matter whether you can play an instrument or not. If you would like to inject a little life into your creations you can use the ultra-realistic Vita Solo Instruments that are included in the program. MAGIX software has always been easy to get into, but the 2013 incarnation of Music Maker includes a new interface that is flexible and easy to use. If you choose to go for this version of the program, youa€™ll gain access to an extra selection of sounds, loops, instruments and special effects. As part of the MAGIX anniversary, we're now giving you MAGIX Music Studio free of charge with every MAGIX Music Maker 2013 order. This biological tool, composed from 100 billion of neurons and many legacy structures inherited from worms, reptiles, mammals and other animals, is not really perfect for programming tasks.
It is difficult to achieve top mental performance for your tasks, especially, if you are just doing your daily job and not writing the next Facebook in your basement.
Your performance and reputation (and quality of life in general) ultimately depends on tasks you chose. Break down goals to small and tangible tasks that have clear outcome and can be done in less than 30 minutes.
Avoid bottlenecks or waiting – have all information and tools ready, otherwise postpone an unready task and prepare ground for subsequent triumphal completion.
Have enough dedicated time to accomplish something meaningful, but keep sprints short to avoid running out of energy and interest. His two-hour work sessions must have been sprints, working with an intensity that could not be sustained much longer. Be serious about your time – don’t let others and yourself to spoil, skip or delay your committed time. Turn off phone, Internet, Facebook, Twitter, news – cut your connections to the World, friends and colleagues (exception is Pair Programming). Brain has the limit on the number of concepts it can hold and manipulate in working memory (3-4). Interact with information, do not store – overcome mental and processing limitations.Turn on your right brain intuition, visual and parallel processing capabilities. Yes, this approach frees busy developers brains from the mind boggling task of thinking about the business.
Customers and developers are one team that frequently discuss features face-to-face and create User Stories together. Developers work closely with business providing speed, accurate interpretation of requirements and intellectual contribution (surprise!) in translating business vision and needs into the concrete software system. In short, the customer steers the direction of the project instead of being a hostage of the unruly slow development machine.
Development teams produce incoherent system without coordination of ideas and implementation.
People and established processes resist changes and have inertia that is difficult to overcome. Building a software system without considering business vision, existing IT landscape is the path to disaster. Excited developers with creative minds and feature obsessed marketers consistently add the fuel to this fire of software creation.
They naively want to safely bet on highly uncertain future outcome – delivery of the complex never created before system that completely fulfil their dreams. I know this because I found myself fiddling around, giving advises to other people, searching for food, drinking coffee or working on low priority stuff. The spirit gives power and desire to create state of art solutions and move forward with learning and practice. You can be the master of your life if you can understand and influence systems involved in your challenges.
That is why many people stuck without career growth, cannot achieve their top level or stop pursuing big goals.
The main trade off is between Time (when project will finish) and Scope (how much will be done).
Should you introduce new creative solutions, adapt other people ideas or just integrate existing components? It is easy to start innovating – come up with new ideas and quickly submerge into their implementation. Our old customers complain about many bugs and bad performance, new customers complain about delays and lack of dedication. We know what is wrong: our team is short of people, we have too many commitments, our code is becoming a big mess, new technology and our new software version makes something bad with servers. Become a dictator, make own decisions including hiring external consultants to recommend what to do or even replace us.

Give to team the full power to fix a problems and make own decisions in hope that smart people, motivation and technical expertise will do magic.
It focuses on eliminating waste, solving problems at root cause and making right decisions. Programmers exhibit similar to other people behavior, they have different personalities and need individual approach. They have qualities that allow them to consistently make good decisions and show high level of performance under different circumstances without any rules. This post will be not interesting for people who are satisfied with their current performance and not interested to be the best. To satisfy your programming instincts and curiosity, you will probably select what you enjoy to do and eager to try. With powerful bitmap-to-vector tracing, helpful new learning tools, and enhanced illustration, page layout, and photo editing features, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 delivers a combination of superior design capabilities, speed, ease of use, and affordability. It can make the professional logos, buttons, banners, headers, icons and signatures in clicks for website, blog, forum or Email. Features of LogoSmartz Lite logo designer- You can choose from 700 available logo templates and customize it according to your needs.
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Compare collaboration software: simplicity and elegance of Basecamp and complexity and power of Sharepoint. Compare multi-layer perspective on enterprise Java system with the flat PHP solution containing all the logic in template files. Compare diverse team with different skills, backgrounds and opinions with single-minded and compliant team. Compare changing existing system for the new requirements with the need to stabilize it for reliability and safety.
The answer is in establishing a process that increases chances of success and aligned with present nature of software development (unpredictable, empirical and heavily dependent on people).
The main foundation of successful growth is the system of few core principles that enables best quality, high productivity, lowest cost, shortest time and long-term success. This post focuses more on philosophy and the system of practices as a whole that can turn software development team into a smart reliable machine.
If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Please do not select Resolve a Problem or Return Item as this will setup a case in the Resolution Centre on eBay. There is a free shipping option for UK buyers and we do have a download service if you need your item quickly. Rather it concentrates on fundamentals: how any programmer can build better software for the customer. Using MAGIX Music Maker, you can take advantage of music samples, loops, and special effects to creation something incredibly impressive with very little effort. Depending on your level of music ability or familiarity with music software you may want access to different options. To help you to get more creative, you can also use the BeatBox 2 Plus drum machine and Revolta 2 analog synthesizer to come up with some truly unique sounds. MAGIX describe Music Studio as everything you need to get a great start in the world of music production, whether for recording, MIDI compositions, editing or mixing.
Make wise choice – you can work hard long time and achieve little or get amazing results in the short time. Avoid working on big uncertain scary tasks that cause fear, disorientation and stomach upset.
Multitasking seriously reduce your IQ and performance as brain can work only in the serial mode. In addition, you need high level of arousal and pull to achieve the top mental performance.
But developers no longer get business context – why features should be done and what is important for the business. Business geniuses (except Steve Jobs), smart analysts or even consumers themselves cannot reliably predict how people would react, what they really need and will like next. You definitely will be unproductive if you don’t have clear understanding of your task. The Great Artist spirit is behind the best software; it makes the developer to think out of box, strive for beautiful code and forget everything outside the problem. You can choose various approaches – react on problems as they come, appeal to supernatural forces or seek for advise. And, top management considers our department financially unsustainable and wants to deeply cut expenses.
A snowball of different problems makes us stressed, distracted and incapable of productive work.
What is most exciting – all people are completely different in their attitudes and behavior.
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Logo Smartz Logo Maker Features - Logo Smartz is an innovative feature packed logo creation software. Get easy recognition of your name, image, symbol, icon or trademark using the flexible design tools of Logo Design Studio Pro to quickly produce thousands of unique results.
Get easy recognition of your name, image, symbol, icon or trademark using the flexible design tools of Logo Design Shop to quickly produce thousands of unique results. AAA Logo comes with huge library of more then 2000 easily customizable logo objects and clipart. Logo Smartz Mac Logo Maker Features - Logo Smartz Mac is an innovative feature packed logo creation software. FontTwister has a simple, streamlined interface while still maintaining a good deal of flexibility and customization. Software development process can only support and compliment these people, but it cannot guarantee success alone and make the factor of people negligible. So team members have to think, and through thinking team members grow and become better team members and people. This will affect our ratings and make it more difficult to resolve any issues that can easily be fixed with a simple message to us instead. UK Next Day delivery should arrive the next working day but can take up to a maximum of 2 working days. Some of the rules are obvious, but, surprisingly, many programmers don’t even think about them. Compared to previous versions of the program, there are more loops and samples than ever before a€“ over 1500 sounds have been added to the collection.
The program is very flexible and you are able to create your own custom workflow to suit your style. In addition, long releases detach developers from the product market results and inhibit learning and adaptation to the customer needs.
Often a user story is broken into programming tasks which describe specific implementation steps. And developers can contribute more to the market discovery and quality of business decisions.
After I notice this unfortunate state, I talk with myself seriously – calling to conscience, sense of duty and pride of a man who never fails his mission and the team. It is powerful spirit but dangerous for ordinary business – there is no predictability and assurance that developer will remember what client really needs. I consider as innovation building of any non-trivial solution that is not directly stemmed from Google search results, development resources or available examples. But this comes with price – it is difficult to understand people and even more difficult to find the best way to deal with them.
However, your growth will be constrained by company needs, timelines, work assignments and acceptable methods. Simply adjust the colors, fonts, shapes and effects in each logo template to match your own unique look. While you can simply type in your text, you also have the option of adjusting opacity, kerning, leading, baseline shift and rotation of the letters. Compare large centralized development of Windows with the effort of independent developers to build open-source Linux. With the Vita 2 sample player, ita€™s possible to create unique sounds but there enhanced search tool makes it easier than ever to find the samples youa€™re looking for. The developer driven by this spirit tend to reject mediocre, but good enough solutions, will do stuff his own way and go far beyond what is necessary. Becoming an expert requires hard, sometimes unpleasant work, specifically designed to improve your performance and push you over comfort zone. I hope this post will inject a healthy dose of pragmatism into your programming style and make it a bit better . This developer has zero tolerance to poor code and will refactor most important pieces of code even night before important demo… after testers go home to sleep. But… is this the best way for you to become an expert, acquire new skills and gain knowledge?
To become an expert, you have to make many mistakes, learn from them, experiment with alternatives and work hard on your weaknesses.

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